It Takes a Keen Eye

Alex was running around gathering pots in the Dalaran Sewers, and he noticed a spot of instruction going on.

There was this rat… and he seemed to be teaching a class, with four little turtles eagerly listening to every squeak.

I wonder… is he preparing his pupils for the coming of Pet Battles?

Are these turtles of teenage years busy honing their ninja skills?


Sorry, stuck my finger. I have to go pull this Splinter out… be back soon!

7 thoughts on “It Takes a Keen Eye

  1. Oh yes I remember them, Saw them the first day i explored Dal and fell over laughing at the prop to my old school days. Now can I train each of them in different weapons and get them as combat pets……..


  2. (giggles) I came across them a long time ago, and had to ask WTH it was. Someone pointed out they’re in a sewer… and there’s a lot of toxic (magic) waste around.


    • No, and no. It annoyed me too.

      “Remember the words of your teacher, your master:
      Evil moves fast but good moves faster
      than light
      shining for your illumination
      good vs evil equals confrontation
      so when you’re in trouble don’t give in and go sour
      try to rely on your TURTLE POWER.”


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