What are your plans for the expansion?

I was chatting a little with the Godmother, asking her about her plans for the expansion, and it got me to wondering… what the heck are my plans?

Do I have plans? Shit, I don’t even know.

No really, it’s almost here. I’ll be installing a new expansion. Then I’ll have to do something when I log in.

What am I going to do? Log in and stare at a character list and whistle?

There will be a new class and a new race in the expansion. A new area to start up in, and a new land for max level characters to explore.

And there will be new instances, raids, group content, etc.

New profession caps and recipes!

What to do, what to do? Crap!

Well, what’ve I got cooking?

I have a max level character of every class… except Monk, Warlock and Shaman.

Shh. My 85 Shaman is on another server. She doesn’t count. Or wait, does she?


I want a panda. I’m not sure I want a monk, but I want a panda. They’re bears, damnit, and klook hilarious. I mean awesome. Awesomely hilarious.

Fear my leet bamboo sichuan kung fu!

So, how about this?

I can create a new panda monk to play through the new starter zone, and really get immersed in the total awesome experience. From what little I let myself see in beta, it looked freaking great.

If I end up not liking the panda monk, I can let it stall out wherever, probably in the Badlands quest levels. Grrr. Ooh, or should I be a Horde Monk? I could slap the busy out of Garrosh!

Didn’t Horde players used to hate Blood Elves for bringing a ‘cute’ race to the Horde? Good lord, are we gonna see fury at panda furries?

I think I’ve got some popcorn. Oh, if only there was some true outrage to watch. But I think folks have lost their Horde ugly/Alliance purtypassion a long time ago.

I can save up some money, server transfer/race change my Shaman to become a panda… and I get the best of all worlds. A class I was liking with full maxed professions, on the server I play on, on a race that looks cool. Without the leveling grind from 1 to 85!

Except Cassie says they are screwing with Enhance Shammies, and the whole totem thing (without doing research, I’ll admit) sounds too much like micromanaging bullshit to me. I just wanna hit stuff with twin flaming axes, you know?

What, like, ever. That would be a few months down the road, but doable.

So, I got the plan down for a new character, Bouncybutt the panda monk. I saved the name over a year ago, haha suckers!

I got a plan for further down the road to bring my Shaman back to life. Maybe. Probably not.

But what about who to level for the 85 – 90 content, to run groups, instances, raid, level professions, etc?

My Druid. Definitely.

My Druid is a max level Herbalist and Scribe.

I am very excited about Scribes being able to make polearms, upgradeable polearms, and have the new Glyphs for my friends and guild, and I want to level my herbalism and feed myself, my Alchemist, and Cassie’s Alchemist as well. The professions are a good match.

My Druid is also the only character I have that is a max level Archeologist, and the main pet collector. So, spiritually I am poised to be able to get the most out of that content in the expansion on my main, too.

My Druid is going to level solely as Guardian, and I’m going to be doing the group runs, tanking and getting short queues for our family, so it’s a great fit for what I like to do solo and also be there to get the family the quicker queues.

And at max level, I might be able to tank for the raiding, so I’ll be ready and gearing as early as possible to get prepared for that!

Beyond that… what to do? There are so many factions, grinds, dailies and stuff, I’m not just overwhelmed but feeling that it is impossible to continue playing and enjoying multiple alts with so much out there to do, when reputation gains are NOT shared across accounts.

Sure, achievements are shared, but just as with Archeology, whatever reputations and daily quests you do on one character doesn’t carry over to anyone else… and there are just too many rep grinds and factions for me to split things up and make my focus shallow and wide.

I will need one character to be doing the daily quests and rep grinds for rewards, and the others will just have to be played for shits and grins occasionally.

The only thing I’m going into this expansion worried about is the way recipes are being distributed among the factions, and the BOP nature of drops.

With my Druid being played the most, that is good for Scribing, but my Engineers certainly aren’t going to be getting the mats for any of those nifty rides anytime soon.

Let’s mention for a moment, as one example, that I liked being able to provide my family and all of our characters belt buckles when needed. It is, honestly, the ONLY thing I got out of having a max level blacksmith, aside from making a few of the iLevel 365 weapons before the Firelands raid went active. And those ilevel 365 weapons were a long time ago.

Now, if I want to be able to make the onlylong-term guaranteed useful thing on my blacksmith… I’ll have to grind The Klaxxi to Honored. It’s not bad, Honored is not bad at all, but I’m still going to have to find the time to play the character high enough level to be able to do the stuff neded to get there. I’m not giong to be able to just my blacksmith ore to level and get the recipe. it’s something to keep in mind. Time takes time. 

No worries, but it’s good as always right before the expansion to remember… one character cannot possibly benefit or make use of everything that will be in the expansion, all at the same time, and for alts to do things useful, they’re gonna have to get played… sooner or later.

I guess what it comes down to is, despite how much I love my Hunter, and how neat the new trackable tameable combat pet content seems to be, and how cool the new tameable  combat pets look, I think I’m going to be walking into the expansion abandoning the “all the alts, all the time, bring what you need” approach in favor of maximising one and only one character for at least a few months, maybe longer.

It seems silly to think about these things so far in advance. But it’s coming, and this is the first time I really stopped to think, “What will I do after it’s installed?”

I haven’t farmed any herbs to stock up ahead of time. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to level my Scribe off of old world mats at all to get started. Should I be farming herbs? Is it already too late?

I don’t care about the cash. I know some folks are really prepared, and have sotckpiled gold to be able to buy a Yak mount or other wonderful things right away, but that’s not my thing. I’m not into wealth, I’m into the things wealth can buy you to have fun with. And at the start, I’ll have my Travelers Tundra Mammoth, my Dragon Form, flight form, and over 100 mounts shared across accounts for the achieve. How many mounts do I really need?

A good polearm never goes out of style. Plus, you know… Stag. Because I guess every Druid feels a little horny, now and then.

Or are antlers made out of something other than horn? Digression is diverting.

It’s going to be fun, and I think I’ve got a good mix of things I’ll be able to do on game day. I’ll be broke as hell, my herb cupboards will be bare, and my hard earned purps will be tossed out in favor of early zone greens, but that’s all good.

It’s a new expansion. Sounds to me like business as usual.

And, hey, bonus! I get to wear my “Green is the new purple” shirt again!

From talking to the Godmother, I know that her plans are nowhere near as aimless and, err, shiftless as mine. She’s got things nailed down so well (love her series of preparedness posts, it’s fascinating to see people who know what they’re doing), so I know everyone is heading into this different.

How about you? Are my readers more the prepared and ready type, or the /kermitflail type like me?

16 thoughts on “What are your plans for the expansion?

  1. First leveling my rogue, then my bear, and then maybe my priest that I refuse to play disc on … but I digress.

    Hopefully my rogue will have at least 1 maxed secondary profession by then, and when I finish maybe the ore farming hordes will have passed and I can get some JC leveling done on my bear as he’s leveling.


  2. I am prepared to embrace not being fully prepared …

    Let me phrase that differently. I’m currently spending most of my wow time in the beta, and enjoying every moment of it. I know already a lot of what to expect. But I also know things will change still. Making a detailed plan now of what exactly to do upon launch is a bit of a folly, such plans tend to get thwarted by harsh realities in one way or another. Instead I’m going to do whatever I feel like doing upon launch. What that is I don’t know yet, but I do know I’ll be having fun 🙂

    It probably centers around tradeskills, and therefore leveling some gatherer characters is going to be a key – but I have many of those. And to assist my miners and herbalists, it seems http://mop.wowhead.com/item=87213 is probably going to be important – so leveling an engineer early on may be a good plan too.

    As far as classes and spec go, I found a Blood DK to provide smoothest sailing while questing and leveling. It doesn’t provide top dps, but at least it hit stuff quite a bit harder than the guardian druid I tried, and provides similar or better survivability.

    My ultimate goal for the expansion I do have planned already though, but will take some time to get: get at least one character of each class to the maximum level, get at least one character of each race to the maximum level, and get each tradeskill to the maximum level on at least one character.


  3. Well my original plan was to amass as much gold as I could for release. Low server populations have had a negative affect on that. :o( Plus, the fact that I’ve bought two Traveler’s Tundra Mammoths (for two accounts), a Sandstone Drake and a chopper hasn’t helped…lol.

    I have absolutely no clue as to what I’m going to do upon Mists’ release. My druid and shaman are out of the picture. They are on my girlfriend’s account and she isn’t sure she wants to buy Mists. She hasn’t played in almost two years and has only kept her account active for the toons I have on it…which ended up being my raiding toons during WotLK and Cata. On my account I have two max hunters, a max DK (tank), a warlock and a paladin (tank)…the rest of my 10 slots are bankers. I don’t know who I want to level first. As far as creating a Pandaren…yea….I don’t think I can level another toon from level 1….at least not right off the bat. I’ll probably…eventually…get around to leveling one though.

    Either of my tanks will probably be easiest to level. But I tend to have more fun leveling on my hunter…and Sheeturself looks sooooooo good…it’d be a waste to have her just sitting around collecting dust. hahahahaha

    We have lost a lot of our guilds core raiders and I’m not sure who will be coming back for Mists. My decision on who to level first could end up depending on what other guild members level to see what role I’ll need to fill…we have tons of dps usually so I’ll probably end up leveling one of my tanks…or make my pally go heals and level him.


  4. Wait – what is happening to enhancement shamans?! WHAT?! Where do I find this? What? Where?

    This is the same damn theme that is affecting me at work, too – everyone else is getting the “memo” and I’m left holding the empty doughnut box.


  5. I’ve just been trying to max out the professions I have on my characters, and make sure I’m pretty much ready to go with my druid (moonkin ftw!) into Pandaria.
    I want to get her maxed level and geared for raiding as soon as possible, but it’s going to depend on how much time I’ll have to play. Two kids, a puppy a cat and a kitten (and me!) in the one house means a fair amount of work to keep things ticking over – not to mention having pesky friends who come over regularly! 😉


  6. Well, I already got my expansion plan for Mists and it goes something like this:-

    1) Roll a male Panda monk (God knows I have too many female toons >_< ) just to book the name.

    2) Level my main Pally alt to 90, so I can do Scenarios, dailies and eventually RF.

    3) Level my alt Pally to 90 for the dailies – he'll be the income generator for my other lowbies.

    After all that, I can either level the monk or my other alts (DK, Druid, Hunter) or do instances with my level 90s.

    At this time, I'm just doing dailies for the gold or running RFs for off-spec tier or leveling my bank alt to 80 (another 8 levels to go). I'm basically just waiting for Mists to come I guess =)


  7. Plans… hmm I know I’ll be levelling my Drujd first as guardian. My plan was to do it mostly through running dungeons, but with the changes to valour and requiring reputation to buy stuff… and there being no tabards, well I’m thinking I’ll need to do some questing instead.

    The lack of rewards for running dungeons really annoyed me – I’m happy to run the quests once, but after that I really don’t want to after that on my alts. It annoyed me until I realised that was really how it was at the start of Cata (and Wrath too) – I focused on one character pretty much exclusively. Last time that was my pally, this time it is my druid! The other thing I’ve realised is that largely my value in alts is in playing them in PvP… and well that isn’t affected by the reputation grinds… except for the profession reasons. My druid is herb/alchemy and my main money maker has been Blacksmithing (my pally), with a side of Alchemy, so the BoP spirit of harmony is annoying too.

    So really I expect to spend a lot of time on my druid, and then I’ll work out what to level next. Rogue and Pally are the most likely candidates … although I’ve been having great fun on my frost dk recently too (DK gets a bump too because its my scribe and those polearms look great!)… But there is time for that.

    Preparation though – not planning too much – partly because I’ll be sharing time with Guild Wars 2, but three things I want to do:
    1. Redo my UI – waiting for the pre-patch to do this
    2. Clean out my bank/bags – I have too many sets having played resto and boomkin at times too and that’s one thing I found from my playing on Beta – that I have no bag space!
    3. Load up on completed 25 daily quests ready to jump out the gate.

    And now you’ve got me thinking I should see what herbs I can gather to get a jump on Alchemy too.

    Hmm I should also dig around and find my BoA helm and cloak for that xp boost to level 86 too.


  8. I am planning on leveling a monk right away. I will have 78 levels of RAF grant able levels ready to go as soon as the expansion hits. (I have 39 now and am just waiting for the patch with AE looting before leveling another pair of characters.

    My current restore shaman main will become an alt to have fun with after my monk is leveled and raiding. That is along with my other 10 or so 85s. (I finally got my rogue to 85 and it was the most painful to level of all the classes for me.)


  9. Oh I’ll be flailing it up a LOT!

    For the most part I will jump into leveling my main first — my priesty. Pride and Joy.

    Then I will definitely jump into the Tillers while leveling the herbalist druid.

    This will be my first expansion with a collector’s edition, so I have to wait to install anyway. I’ll be in full-swing in a new project at work so I am not sure how I feel about taking time off just yet.

    This will also be my first expansion with a full-time job as a post-grad so I’m just not too much in a hurry to level for a few days straight. I’ll come home on the 25th, install, play a little bit, then get in bed and look at my art book while listening to my music! OFC I will load it on my phone to listen to the next day. 🙂


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  11. I’m flailing – big time. I don’t even know what I want to level to 90 anymore.

    I messed around with an 85 shaman on beta last night, to go over the changes. Totems… what a chore – it’s like Vanilla all over again… and there are fewer! Depending on your spec will determine what totems you get. My shaman I can mark off… he’s a gatherer anyway (herb/ore) so less important to level him quickly.

    I tried my druid in the expansion, going balance. Yuck. Oh, the spells are soooo pretty. But the casting is soooo slow, it was like fighting in cream cheese. More haste! Eh, not interested. I’ll heal instances, kthx. Just get me a tabard. Wait, they still have tabards for faction, right?

    My spriest played mostly the same. I slightly different rotation as devouring plague and SW: Pain /Death all work a little differently. The new shadow orb mechanic is a ton better than Cata though (plus there’s a minor glyph that turns them into ravens, like the Scarlet Crusade folk… nothing says o.O. like an undead walking around in Scarlet Crusade shadow form ravens!) So, pretty excited about continuing on with him…

    I haven’t even looked into Inscription. My Inker is a DK, maxed out – even checking each patch for new glyphs, as sometimes they just change. I don’t know how many new items I’m going to learn, or the mechanic for doing so… new books? Just training? Learned on the fly while making other glyphs? hrm. FLAILING!!!

    Yeah. I know I won’t be leveling my paladin or rogue until I’m done with everyone else… so, I guess Priest/Druid paired up… thank god I don’t care a whit about ‘realm first’ crap. I’d be seriously vapor-locked.

    Finally, I have no idea if my guild is coming back. If they don’t, anyone have room for a resto-druid or Spriest? I’m willing to faction change, if necessary.


  12. I’m going to /flail all over the place.

    I. Am. Not. Prepared!

    To be honest, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have at least 4 max level toons spread out over 3 servers. I have one alt in an rp guild that I could really get into if I tried. Yet, I’m really not that invested in him.

    I’m thinking that I might level one of my hunters, since he/they have been my main(s) from day one. But, I am really enjoying my Tankadin at the moment. Oh, and of course I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT ROLLING A PANDAREN!!!!! WAHOO!

    Ultimately, the questions is: Where do I want to be? My schedule doesn’t sink with the guilds I’m in, so I’m feeling a bit alone. I’m tempted to roll a pandaren monk, try to get my tank on, and see what happens. Maybe go solo, or try to join a larger guild that has active people playing at all times. That is the worse part for me. I enjoy the /gchat to much to play for 2-3 hours with it being silent. Again, this is because of my own schedule, not because the guilds are actually empty.

    I just don’t know.



  13. The only “preparing” I’ve done was set aside a little nest egg of gold for the expansion. Now that I’ve reached my goal on that, I’ve been letting myself do what I want, in what little free time I’ve got. Usually, that winds up consisting of leveling up my new-ish DK. Up to 83 so far! 🙂

    I have something that can be called a plan only in the most generous of senses. That is to level the warrior to 90, first. After that, we’ll see what I want or need the most. I’ve purposely not looked into the beta, because I want the content to be fresh and new when I finally get to play it on live. There will be plenty of time to worry and fret later. Now is the time for resting and checking off a few things from my “bucket list.”


  14. I’ve been playing this past week on a Scroll of Resurrection, and while I won’t officially make my decision until Friday, right now I’m leaning toward reactiving my subscription.

    I’m going back to my Paladin, Honorshammer. I’ll level him as Protection Paladin (or we Guardian Paladins?). I don’t know, just point me to a mob that needs some aggro. I’m gonna tank.

    I’ll level him to 90, grind up JC and mining. Then it will depend on what’s going on with the guild. If my SoR friend’s guild has a spot for me, I’ll raid with them. Otherwise, I’ll have to find someplace to raid. Tank spots are alwasy tough to come by.

    Then it will be a matter of deciding what do with the rest of the team. I have a max level Warrior, Druid, Shaman, and Hunter. I’d like to get them all on the same server, just as soon as I figure out what server that will be. Or does that even matter now since I can group with Real Id people?

    If I end up staying on Nessingwary, all the better.

    I’ll wait until the rush is over to level my Monk, but the new zone looks really cool.


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