A Myriad of Amazing Gifts

Hey, I hear there was this patch thing?

Actually, the MMO Melting Pot keeps telling me that the only topic of discussion consuming the blogosphere is Guild Wars 2. I dunno, I guess I don’t read enough blogs. The whole time I was away, my feed was crammed with dozens of posts each day about the patch and World of Warcraft.

That’s not a knock, for as someone on Twitter said to me, “We’re too busy playing Guild Wars 2 to write about it. Now shhh, I’ve got hearts to fill.”

I don’t even know what that means, and I’m fine with that. Hooray! Multiple MMOs in the house, and they’re all good!

Whoopee! Now WoW will be peaceful and happy, with nobody in Trade talking about how bad the game is, right? They all left to have fun in GW2? Right?


We came back to town around midnight last Saturday, so we had, oh, the afternoon to install the patch and figure things out before the ICC achievement raid Sunday night.

Two out of three computers in our house patched and optimized and installed just fine. Can you guess who got the crash?

I started the process at midnight, went to bed, and when I got up 6 hours later, it was still stuck on Downloading Tools.

I made the big, terrifying life-draining decision – nuke the install from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

I went to Battle.net and installed the client clean through direct download.

Holy shit, people. A single 20 gig download client, fast playable install, no bugs, no worries, and the damn thing runs clean and fresh like a dawn raid on the Keep on the Borderlands.

Crap, the Mists patch I downloaded for my previous install was bigger than the whole full client download. Yay and stuff, and life goes on!

Fortunately, you’ve all been in the game enjoying the patch for almost a week now, so I don’t have to worry about dropping any spoilers. I get to post a first impressions roundup guilt free!

This has been a patch full of many unexpected gifts.


First, the obvious. Account-wide shared mounts did NOT work as advertised. They were better.

I didn’t have anything excluded that I was told would be. PvP mounts from Honor Points, and the mammoth drop from the Wintergrasp PvP raid? All shared. Every single one.

The X-53 rocket mount? Shared. The Swift Zhevra? Shared. The Zhevra! I specifically saw a comment that the mounts from recruit-a-friend weren’t going to be shared, yet there they are.

Now that I have all the mounts to compare, I can say with some surprise that my all time favorite is the Brewfest Kodo. Happy time, and isn’t it nice that even though the only character I have that ever won it was on another server and hasn’t been played in a year and a half, all of my characters can now enjoy it?


The pets, I knew what was coming, but it was still fun showing Alex that he can rename pets. Also, he was finally able to get the Creepy Crate shared on ALL his characters.

One surprise for me was to see pet collecting trends revealed in pet quantity.

For example, Cassie has done the Jousting quest in Mount Hyjal on all her characters. Without exception, every single one has chosen the more attractive Blue Mini Jouster pet over the Gold vulture-looking Mini Jouster. Without exception.

Having something like 12 Blue Mini Jousters and not one Gold? That’s hilarious. Errr, I mean, ouch! Gonna have to do some dailies, dear! Just ten more days!

Love you!

Of course, I wish I could cage them already and hand some of my duplicates over to Alex, but give it time. On the flip side… if I can’t actually train pet battles yet, take it the fuck off my trainable skill list, mmkay?

On the other other hand (or tentacle, pseudopod, whatever), you can now buy the pet from the special Mountain Dew promotional event, PLUS the red and blue robot battle fuel, from Jepetto Joybuzz in Dalaran. I have the pet already, on a lot of characters… and it’s nice to know I can stop hoarding the 20 red and 20 blue fuel… on every character. Every. Character. You can just go in the store and buy it now. Go figure.

Hey, as long as we’re adding old stuff long gone from the game, how about adding the secret vampire boss (Prince Tenris Mirkblood) back to Karazhan this Halloween so people can have a shot at the guitar axe and Vampiric Batling? Go for the hat trick of awesomeness.

Me love you long time, Blizzard. LONG TIME.


This one… this one is a mixed bag of blessings.

Six digs per dig site? Twice as many artifacts for the same amount of travel time, right?

Feels a bit like too much time in one spot… because I have nothing but Night Elf dig sites in Kalimdor. Screw Night Elves, can I please get some Tolvir love? Grrr.

On the even less gifty side, please stop asking me if I’m really super sure honest and for true sure every single time I want to solve an Archy puzzle. Yes, I know I am at max skill, stop asking me if I want to go to a trainer first when there aren’t any upgrade trainers yet, you twit!

On the other hand, if I were to forgo the immediate gratification of knowing what I got… I could stack up fragments now for a series of future solves, for faster leveling. Right?

At least, I could if I had the ‘put off til tomorrow what I may be prevented from enjoying because of the car that hit me today’ gene.

Eat dessert FIRST. Geez, people, think about it. We could get hit by a meteor and join the dinosaurs tomorrow, I want to get that level NOW.

After all, when I die, Saint Peter will ask me what level I reached on my Druid, and if I have to say I didn’t fully complete my rare Archy solves in Cataclysm, TO HELL I GO!

Class Changes

Ahh, the big one.

I’ve been playing my Hunter in the ICC raid, so while I checked out my Guardian Druid first, I couldn’t linger. I had to be pr… no, screw that, I ain’t sayin’ it.

I had to be ready to rock.

So on to my Hunter I went for the real firsties.

Huntery Stuffs

Not reading about changes beforehand is a dual-edged sword. On the positive side, things are fresh and new and filled with wonder.

On the down side, I have to rely on having a brain to figure this shit out cold. Whoops! And I also need to find some alternatives to up sides, down sides, other hands and inner paws. Willing to buy a vocabulary, STAT!

For my Beastmaster Hunter, I had a good time choosing talents. Even the choosing was fun. They all sounded so… tasty.

I looked over my choices, and all I could think was, gee, they took all the neat toys the other two specs used to get, and let me cherry-pick whatever I wanted. And I get to keep MY special exotic pets! Are you shitting me?

I get a spell interrupt! Just, WTF is up with that!

Did I reforge into mixed Expertise and Hit? No, no I did not. It was ICC, I didn’t reforge shit. But I did choose my Talents, without guidance, based entirely on what sounded cool.

I specced a Hunter, and I liked it!

I chose Posthaste, because I use Disengage all the time as a fast positioning tool, and having a boost of run speed is all win in my book. I’m always positioning myself, like on the boat in Dragon Soul, to be ready to Disengage laterally out of a bad AoE. I used my Disengage A LOT on Festergut and Putricide, and damn, was it fun!

I took Silencing Shot, so no longer will I be looking stupid when it comes time to ask, “Who can interrupt the Queen?” The answer is now, “ME! BOOYAH!”

I took Aspect of the Iron Hawk, because, well, lazy. One less cooldown or GCD sounds pretty nice about now.

Thrill of the Hunt would almost sound like another lazy choice, except I had a hunch about that one. I mentally did the math on how a 30% proc chance from abilities that use Focus would translate into 3 super-fast cheap Multi-Shots, and snatched it fast. I’m a Beastmaster, I pop Kill Command and Arcane Shot all the dame time.

It paid off in spades in ICC. I was proccing those three extra cheap Multi-Shots and Arcane Shots constantly. Including off of Multi-Shot. At one point, Cassie whispered me to ask me what it was like to do over 40k DPS. I said I wouldn’t know, I didn’t have Recount installed. πŸ™‚

And finally, I chose Blink Strike. Oh my. Oh, my my my.

It’s Sunday, I’m in love.

Instantly teleport my BM pet behind the target to do a big nasty CHOMP out of it’s butt?

Oh, hell yes.

Now, I haven’t tested it yet for variables. The tooltip for Blink Strike says the chomp is 600% normal damage. By normal, I can assume that means damage unaffected by current Bestial Wrath status.

But I’m willing to find out. For Science!

For the Glyphs, nothing really sexy, not like there was for Death Knights or Druids. Best I could come up with for fun was Marked for Death, so I automagically put Hunters mark on whatever I’m shooting at in the moment. That was nice, removed a /petattack macro with that one.

Still, the feel of the BM Hunter in the raid was unchanged. It felt exactly as BM did before the patch to play… ONLY BETTER! Enhanced! The way it should be, and with no minimum range!

I’m in danger of switching mains.

I kid, I kid.

Guardian Druid

I had a rocky first tank run on my Druid today in Heroic End Time. But that is for another story, and you have to start somewhere, right?

Oh, and it helps to have a healer who actually heals, instead of stays in DPS gear and shadow spec.

I knew it wasn’t going to go well, when I zoned in to Ruby, said “hi, I need a sec” because after the first pull I saw my Tidy Plates had me set to DPS mode so it was reversed on threat tells, and the healer pulled the boss for me while the addon pages were covering my screen.

Let’s just say that after he flat out told us he refused to heal me on Murozond because I was in kitty tier gear(!) and we booted him from the party in the first minute of the fight, we STILL managed to win it while 4-manning it, without a healer, with Alex and Cassie in the team, and an awesome Shadow Priest named Sutralas – Blade’s Edge, who I swear was still DPSing while throwing me heals, AND popping the Hourglass. Although everyone was handling the HG when they could.

Let’s also add that it’s nice to have a ton of defensive cooldowns and Heroism ready to go after every Hourglass activation, hmm? Still, we did win… with a healer that had the shittiest attitude I’ve seen in a while booted from the run before the first HG click. πŸ™‚

Yes, I know he got his same chance at loot after being kicked, but it must have pissed him off to blame me for being in kitty gear and unhealable, and yet we didn’t wipe after booting him. We somehow managed without any healer at all. Burn? Perhaps a teeny bit, yes.

Idiot, I warned the group up front I needed a few seconds to adjust on the fly, it’s not like we had any trouble at all on the first two bosses. Despite having the healer pull for me. Grumble, grumble.

That Sutralas, what a nice person. And it was so funny and cute, they told me before we dropped group that I shouldn’t take the criticism from the healer seriously, I was a good tank! Very nice person, and it was so cool to see another player offering encouragement and kind words to someone who had just had to deal with… well, idjits.

Anyway, the Druid is a story all it’s own. Gonna need more time to fine tune things like button positioning.

Sure wish I had a Druid blog to write it up on, huh?


Death Knight

My Death Knight was the most unexpected gift, of all of the changes.

The last time I logged into my Death Knight pre-patch, I had about 40% XP left to go before dinging 85.

When I logged in this morning, I had exactly 1 XP left before dinging. ONE.

I just kinda looked at it, shook my head, assumed it was a typo, killed one trash mob and ding. WTF?

So from there, surprise! Guess, I have a new 85… that will sit until AFTER the expansion comes out to gear up. πŸ™‚

In the meantime, my Druid is a max level Scribe, what goodies does the DK need?

Holy crap, you can get a Glyph to make your Army of the Dead summon a wide variety of random undead! Wait, let me check it out… and yes, yes they look SWEET! Oh no, they didn’t… a Glyph to stop the Army from TAUNTING?!?!

Okay, all straight DPS Death Knights, from now on if you group with me and I’m tanking, you BETTER have that fucking Glyph active when you pop Army or I boot your ass from the run. Be told.

OOH! And a Glyph to make my Unholy perma-pet look like a Leaper!


And then… the rush left me.

What to do now?

Oh, I know… let’s make an alt. We’ve got our eleventh character slot, fill that baby up!

But what to make…


Warlock?!?Β Can’t make a Monk, can’t make any Pandapeoples… so what about I make the one class I don’t have that a Panda can’t ever be?

This time… this time it’ll be different! You’ll see! This time I’ll make a Warlock, and take it right to the top! And it’ll be a Gnome!


And didn’t I hear the Succubus was supposed to be a guy if you had a female Warlock? Let’s try that out! So a female Gnome!

Yeah! Do it!

What was that definition of insanity? When you do the same thing over and over, and expect to get a different result?

And I have just the name! Blackrack! ‘Cause her heart is all black and evil, pumping behind her, well, that, you know… her rack.

Yeah, whatever, I’m running out of name ideas. Β Bite me.

Shit, that reminds me, I have to try and reserve OldDirtyBear. Β Yeah ODB yeah you know me!

So, a female Gnome Warlock.

I said bite me.

I started it up, I had my Heirlooms as usual… and you know what, this wasn’t so bad.

The DPS was pretty powerful, in fact.

And is the Imp actually HELPING? Wow, it almost feels like the Imp is putting out some damage, that’s fucking new.

Okay, ding level 10, let’s see, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS DEMONOLOGY ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?

I don’t know what the hell they were smoking, but at level 10 as Demonology, I got Metamorphosis. And auto-attack is ranged chaos bolt thingies. And you get a resource that, like, refills as you KILL SHIT.

Alex looked over at what I was doing, and about had a cow right there.

So, I deleted my level 10 female Gnome Warlock (I said bite me, Gnomer) and we both made brand new Worgen Warlocks, or as Alex calls them, WWs.

Then he asked about my gear, so I showed him where to buy cloth heirlooms from the Guild Vendor, and that is when I tanked a heroic on my Druid to get him the JP he needed to buy the chest heirloom from the JP vendor.

He got Cloak, Helm and Chest. Not bad in one day. Off we went, blasting stuff together as WWs.

It’s crazy. Blueberry at level 8? Drain Life Drain Life Drain Life…

Alex loves Drain Life. He loves the idea that at level 15, he’ll be able to get an AoE Drain Life replacement.

At level 10, he became enamored of Metamorphosis, and can I just say, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never killed shit in the Worgen starter area that fast in my life.

We did encounter a small amount of confusion with terminology.

I had to inform Alex that it is not, in fact, entirely appropriate for a nine year old to be saying he enjoyed, sigh, “sucking that guy”.

No, rephrasing it to “sucking the life out of that guy” is not much better, thank you.

In fact, and this is a sort of testament to how sheltered the language in our house can be in certain ways, he was unaware that the term “suck” could have negative connotations… meanings other than those normally associated with Hoover vacuum cleaners.

I had to let him know that he is never to say that he sucks anything, or sucks AT anything, because suck can be slang for ‘loser’, and if he were to say that he, oh I dunno, “sucked a guy so hard last night”, well, the other kids may start laughing at him and saying he admitted he was a massive loser, and we all know where that heads. I break out the baseball bat and go visit other kids dads for a ‘chat’.

Or the police come to have a little chat with ME, and rightfully so.

Oh, the baseball bat? Don’t beat the kids, beat their parents, I always say. I believe in the trickle-down theory. Shit trickles downhill.

Yes, I avoided mentioning to him what else suck can be used to describe. I’m not stupid.

While I don’t think there is anything wrong with it from anyone of the appropriate age TO anyone of the appropriate age, regardless of gender so long as both are into it, call me a prude all you like, he’s nine. He can wait on that discussion for a bit while he enjoys his Pop Tarts, Phineas and Ferb, and Legos.

And yes, sigh, “sucking the life out of that dude”.

At least I had him reflexively saying “draining” instead of sucking by the end of the night.

We were both also level 14 and almost through the entire Worgen starter area. Still feels ridiculously overpowered, and some of the neatest class toys at low levels I have ever seen.

It makes me wonder. Is this what all the classes now feel like to start at 1st after the patch? Ridiculously overpowered, full of neat toys, lots of the ‘good stuff’ right up front?

I know that I’ve tried Warlocks many times before, and I’ve never seen anything this… well, neat in the game before at level 10.

It almost felt as cool as the first time I ever played the game, on my very first character, and I had to travel to Moonglade and approach the Great Bear Spirit to try and learn how to be a Bear.


I know, right?

Shit, I’m serious, I was wondering what I was going to do for fun until the expansion came out, but this is just amazing.

So… anyone else having unexpected good times?

37 thoughts on “A Myriad of Amazing Gifts

  1. Yes… give in to your demonic wrath… So powerful…

    Previously I could push and not be able to get to 5 instances per hour for Baron mount runs. Now I can do it in 45 minutes and wander away.

    Demonolgy: It’s every caster you wish you could be.


  2. Oh and on the bad side.. Some of my classes I find unplayable. My druid for one. I just can not get used to PVP with him anymore.. I am sure it will come once I play more. My DK and Mage hardly changed. Have not tried out every class yet either.


  3. You had 1 exp point till level 85 because Blizzard purposefully did not want you to ding without knowing about it. So when the shrunk the exp levels in Cata you all of a sudden had enough to be an 85.. so they subtracted one exp so you could actually see the *ding*.

    I really like my hunter. In garbage and some cata greens he does some serious damage. I would love to see what he does all tuned up.


    • Unreforged, so no expertise, I still did 28k – 30k in Dragon Soul normal last night. Which is about 1k higher on the average as BM than before. So if I actually reforged, I’m likely to hit higher numbers.

      Which doesn’t matter, the important thing to me was, it’s fun!


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  5. You are probably already aware but for those like me (I just noticed today) savage defense is no longer passive. You have to activate it and it costs 55 rage. Rage cost isn’t a problem though with the talent that makes mangle generate 2 extra rage. I have noticed that no matter what I do, I am never rage starved like pre-patch.


    • Yeah… welcome to “squishy til you hit da button” world.

      Here is something I shouldn’t admit yet, but… I’m experimenting with… Stam stacking to carry through the 3 seconds without SD.

      Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

      But if it turns out the best way to maintain survivability over long fights is to stack stam, I’m gonna slap Blizzard. Do you have any idea how many people are going to point at me and scream “See? We told you!” over that?


      • That’s actually not a bad idea. I’m never below 2nd place on the meters while tanking. A tank doesn’t need to be doing 16-19k DPS so if I were to drop some agi for stam. . . hmmmmmm. Good thing I’m a JC.


    • I noticed that I take more beating in Wrath 5 man heroics than I did before. of course I do more damage but still. Even with 50% dodge I shouldn’t have to take the beating.
      About AOE looting I dunno sometimes I think it’s bugged


      • I’know what you mean about the beating.

        I know things are tuned for level 90 now, and we were all set for the last round of raiding, but I think for the interim until the hotfix is implemented from the blue post, stacking more stam, and prioritizing Dodge and Mastery over Agi will have more benefit until the expansion comes.

        The Dodge boost from our active mitigation is great, as long as we keep that up, we’re all right, it’s the 3 second gap that hurts. But with our powers based off base health, if we stam stack a lot more, we’ll have a higher cushion to deal with blows until we dodge again, and our abilities will be more powerful. So… sigh. The interim hurts, that’s all there is to it.


  6. Blink Strike is a lot of fun on Yor’sahj. I know it’s a DPS loss to pull my pet off the boss, but c’mon! *BAMF* *CHOMP* on the ooze, then *BAMF* *CHOMP* back on the boss.


  7. Also, as I had to explain to my guildies a few times over the week – grab a lot of Dust of Disappearance. Don’t stress over your talent choices – they’re fluid for a reason. You can grab stuff that helps in solo work, or stuff that’s needed in raids – all on the fly.

    I had one guildy nearly go catatonic over choices for his druid – I just handed him a stack of DoD and said ‘go to town’.

    Being able to swap out one talent at a time is priceless. (ok it’s like 9 gold, but who’s counting?)


  8. Blink strike does scale with Bestial Wrath.

    For more fun try bestial wrath+blink strike while using a prowling spirit beast(20% bonus on the 1st attack from stealth) Seen 40k hits while not in a party πŸ™‚

    Never liked Metamorphosis. IMO it is now so-so up from lame.


  9. I am so glad you are liking the all the new patch goodies…BUT…and yes, that is a big but Bear (lol)…I am highly disappointed that you deleted your gnome lock. C’mon! Nothing screams “evil goodness” (oxymoron excluded) like a female gnome warlock…especially if she has pigtails! My first ever WoW toon was a female lock w/pigtails just for that reason. I will, however, give you kudos for creating another warlock and enjoying it.

    I didn’t do a whole lot of testing of all the new stuff this past week. I have 7 85s that I had to peruse through to set talents and glyphs for. Not to mention logging in on 20+ toons to make sure mounts and pets got shared. But, I have been pleasantly surprised with what I have tested. Especially my lock. I was just mashing buttons and averaging 14k dps on the testing dummies while in Destro spec (Demo spec I was only doing like 6k…lmao). Granted, it was the non-raid dummy, but still…I have never achieved that kind of unbuffed dps on my lock…ever! On a side note, has anyone noticed they “miss” a lot on the raid dummies? All the toons I tested are at, or are above, the hit/expertise rates needed and I was missing on tons of stuff. I’m thinking they upped the raid dummies to MoP boss levels.

    I’m tempted to take the “Thrill of the Hunt” talent you mentioned to see how that works (I took “Dire Beast”). But, after that ICC run, I’m not sure. I was quite surprised to see that I actually did over 100k dps on one of the pulls. It was when Laia (I think it was her) said something like “whoever can pull 100k dps first wins” and then pulled that entire room of trash. I cast two multi-shots off the bat, used all my focus, then I just kept casting cobra shot and multi-shot while tab targeting. I don’t even think I sent my pet in to help…lol. At one point I looked at recount and I was at 104k dps…Laia was at 109k and beating me. *pout* But, damn, 104k dps with an average ilvl of only 376 and no “Thrill of the Hunt” talent. That floored me!

    AoE loot is nice, but takes a little getting used to…and it seems to have a pretty good range. First time I killed more than one thing at once, and looted one of them, I was like “wtf? that other mob has no loot for me?”. At one point I had killed a few things before looting, and the bodies were about 15-20 yards apart, and when I looted one body it collected them all.

    I still need to test out my druid, mage, spriest and shaman, but am loving the hunter, DK and warlock changes so far.


  10. Every druid should have Glyph of the Stag, no exceptions. It gets silly as hell. But not as silly as what I discovered yesterday: you can mount without dropping moonkin form.

    Someone else in guild was playing a mage and used the Illusion glyph spell. He got a druid’s stag form, and then popped Mirror Image.


  11. I, too, recently discovered how fun it is to burn your enemies in unholy fire. One piece of commentary that stuck in my mind regarding Cataclysm was that warlocks ended up being one of the hardest and least rewarding classes to play. Every spec was difficult to master and got you middling DPS if you did everything right. And they just weren’t that much fun. I have a warlock whose been languishing in Outlands for about the last three years. After dabbling with Demonology and then settling on Destruction, I had a blast running instances this weekend along with my wife’s mage (she’s a big fan of frozen orb).

    The system for Destruction is actually pretty simple without being boring. You have a dot (Immolate), a short CD instant (Conflagrate), and your baseline “cast this last” (Incinerate). They gave Conflagrate two charges on a 12 second CD, which gives you some flexibility on when you use it. I try to keep it at one charge, and use up the second charge if I need to fill a gap where Incinerate would take too long. Casting Incinerate builds up burning embers, and burning embers give you Chaos Bolts, which look amazing and just annihilate the enemy in autocrit goodness. So that’s your fourth nuke button. Seems to take 5-6 incinerates to build up a single burning ember.

    AoE is good destructive fun as well. Instant-cast, unchanneled Rain of Fire? Yes, please. The damage isn’t outstanding by itself, but you can cast other spells while it runs. It’s like an AoE DoT. Spend a burning ember and you can turn any one of the three primary nukes into an AoE attack that does 100% damage to one mob and about half that to everyone else around. Finally, you get a CD that causes your next three attacks to hit a second mob of your choosing. Still trying to get the hang of that last one.

    I’ve been a healer since BC, and I’m intending to take the plunge and level a Monk as tank/heals when MoP hits, but I’m giving serious consideration to my warlock as my DPS alt instead of my mage.


  12. I started a warlock yesterday… got to 17 – and aoe life drain is amazing! It’s like Mind Sear on Acid Crack Doom happy – green beams going off in all sorts of directions, and blueberry can hold aggro!!! I was quite happy. Alex will LOVE it.

    I also love aoe looting.

    Oh, and the gathering items (skinning knife, mining pick and herbing spade (new)) all have +10 to their appropriate skill – no more waiting forever to pick earthroot! I was quite happy to see that.

    Hunter pets can be any spec – took my silithid to Halls of Lightning to kill Slags for Darkmoon kill quest. Made him tenacity and went to town. My hunter is only 81, and half with WotLK gear – and HoL is level 80 – so it was a lot of killing and feinting through the first section… but I was getting full XP for the kills… which was weird – but anyway, I got to the slags and it was easy sauce. Sent my pet into the middle of the room and laid down a frost trap, which aggroed between 3 and 6 slags. Mulitshot them down, rinse and repeat. Even with 10 stacks of the armor debuff, my pet never dropped under 16k health. And, unlike normal kills, if I didn’t get a hit on a Slag and the pet killed it, I still got the prize.

    A ton of fun.

    Still love my shadow priest most though. Just wish the MoP glyphs were available… want my angelic cloud while levitating πŸ™‚


  13. I was deflated to discover that all of my toons were suddenly Battlemasters…

    … but I must say, the shared mounts has touched me in a way that I don’t believe is legal.

    To be able to get rid of that horrible shared mount and replace it with any of a wide selection… plus the Mountain of Mounts reward has made it worth taking my characters out of the inn for more than 5 minutes.

    And yes… the Gnome has bitten…


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  15. I’ve been loving the hunter changes.

    Why yes, I do have a Fen Strider! Yes, they are that awesome!

    However, what I’ve enjoyed the most is tanking with my kitteh!!! I’m a Nelf hunter at heart, and that just screams BIG RED KITTEH! Now that we can modify our pets from ferocity, to tenacity, to cunning; I’m running with a Tenacity Kitty Cat.

    It has been great.

    Oh, and the continuous proccing of the Arcane Shot, Kill Command and Multi-Shot??? I’M IN HEAVEN!!!

    I’ve spent copious amounts of time in Deepholm, round up dragons (MDing them to my pet) and then AoE looting incredible amounts of stuff. I also have a skinning-fest in the downtime.

    I can’t begin to say how much fun its been. I’m loving my hunter more than I can say.



  16. 4k HPS in bear form, just from Frenzied Regen. I have Mangle macro set so [mod:shift] = FR & [mod:alt] = Savage Defense. Pop, pop, pop goes all the little heals. Or, leave it build up rage & boom, self heal like a pro.
    I have heard the glyph to up “heals taken” is the way to go, but that relies on the healer actually being there, and as your story tells, they aren’t always.
    I’ve been testing my self-heals on the Crucible of Carnage (or Caravan of Courage, as my fury little friends call it). I didn’t do the quest while leveling on my latest bear, and it is a fun solo test (not finished it yet, but still fun to see improvements).


  17. AOE looting has been one of my favorite additions to the game.

    But my mind was blown when I discovered you no longer need a fishing pole to fish.
    To which I decided the best response was “dammit blizz caterin’ to the casuals. Fishing used to be so hardcore”


    • What. No fishing pool. Means I can’t use the excuse that I was fishing when someone ask me why I am tanking with the pole. Last time it happened we were just before the last boss before the healer asked me to change to a proper weapon.
      Then again, being a bear, I should be able to fish with my claws

      Cheers, Erex


      • Heh. I once tanked Black Morass on my druid up through the first boss while dual wielding that year’s Brewfest mug and the Dark Iron Ale Mug you could only get that year. πŸ˜€

        HAAAATE the changes to shaman healing, with the fury of a thousand sons, and several hundred dottirs.


  18. The best thing for me so far has been the account wide pets. I had a shaman a long time ago that had earned the Spirit of Competition and Vampiric Batling. There had been some drama with that character, so one day I had stripped her down and deleted her to get rid of the negativity from that drama. Blizzard was kind enough to restore her, so now I have access to 2 unobtainable pets from back in the day, even though she’s on another server!

    Also, shadow priests feel very powerful, just from killing things while doing archeology. (as a side note, if you are using the Archy add on, you can remove the prompt that pops up when you go to solve things in the add on options.) I switched from Disc to Holy for healing, and on some fights I feel like it’s harder to keep people alive. Murazond was two shotting my husband ‘s tank when we had no problems with any other boss or mob. Hoping it’s just a bug, because I didn’t really want to be Disc in the first place, and I don’t want to feel like i have to switch back to it again.


  19. AOE looting. ‘nuf said.

    That stuff is huge for me. all the rest is nice to have but that is a real dealbreaker.
    Granted im a rogue so not much has chenged in specs and stuf. I mean talents where somewhat mandatory already so they cleaned house nicely.
    But again AOE Looting!


  20. I wouldn’t say that Guild Wars 2 was the only topic of discussion right now, but yeah, our feed reader had something like 200 Guild Wars 2 posts from over the weekend πŸ™‚

    Interesting post! Whilst I’ve seen a few – and we did one roundup of them last week – there have been less people writing big, comprehensive posts about 5.04 than I’d normally expect for a patch. That’s a pity, because I like finding out what everyone thought of the changes to the game. I can see why, though – it’s an unusual patch at a slightly strange time, and of course there’s the Other MMO too…

    Of course, in a month all we’ll be able to see will be Pandas. πŸ™‚


  21. Hahaha, out of the mouth of babes…

    As cool as taunt-less Army of the Dead is (and tauntless Death Grip!! YOINK, you’re over here, but you still want to kill the tank way over there…) I’ve actually kept my taunting version, but that’s because the only time I use it in a dungeon (not a raid, where they don’t taunt) is when a pull has gone horribly wrong and I WANT them to be taunting and taking hits, to maybe save the day. I know that’s not what you meant though. πŸ˜‰

    It really is exciting, all this post-patch glitz. So many new things to try! Also, did you know you can now tame Water Striders as a BM Hunter? (those walker-type insects in Zangarmarsh). And they’re GOOD, too – they can buff the Hunter with Water Walking, and provide a passive spellpower AND crit buff!


  22. So refreshing to read the exploits of someone else who is still taking genuine pleasure from Warcraft. A nice change from all the folks who are ironically both bored with the game AND outraged that things have changed.


  23. I’m feeling… like I want to play it again. Does that count as warm fuzzies? I think so. I love the mount sharing part, even though I’m usually just flying around as a Druid in Flight Form.

    Oh, and tangentially, I *really* wish they would have made the Survival Hunter tree a melee-heavy one instead of nuking all Hunter melee. I’d have loved a Hunter spec where I could go all D&D Ranger-like with a big pet by my side.


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