11 thoughts on “And Now, A Remembered Moment of Awesome

  1. I remember. There are still many scenes from B5 that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every single time I see them, even after all these years.

    Even the five-second clip of the White Star taking its suicide plunge at Z’ha’dum (at 4:00) does it. Even taken completely out of context, because apparently those neck hairs still remember the sheer horror of the thing that isn’t Sheridan’s wife walking down that corridor towards him…

    Awesome indeed.


    • i was born in 1966. i rember hiding under the blankets with my dad. watching. star trek. our tv had the dialy spiny things and i was the remote control. dad say turn it down or mom make you go to bed. i was out and on the dialy spiny thing faster then any remote today. then battle star galactica. i was 12 then. sat in chair next too dad. was still remote control. but no loger scared of rock thing beating up kirk.
      bab 5. was more of a call dad up did you see that kinda show.
      but you really sparked some memories on me here.
      i rember some great moments of awsome πŸ™‚ ty vm


  2. Season 1 had moments of greatness, seasons 2-4 were epic. Season 5 well season 5 is the stepchild. You see season 4 was really supposed to be seasons 4 and 5, but the network told im nope season 4 is the last season, so he combined them and jammed them together into season 4. It was so well recieved tat te network said okay you can ave a 5th season, and well that one just never did seem to ave wat te preceeding season had. At least thats my take on it. But Seasons 1-4 are well worth the time.


    • Hot dog damn! That was some awesome montage, thanks for sharing, BBB.

      The AV Club has a watch companion for B5 (http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/tvshow/babylon-5,355/), which has made it through season 1. So far, I think the reviewer is doing a good job pointing out what’s good, bad, or simply meh. And when you’re really ready to dive in, there remains the inestimable Lurker’s Guide (http://www.midwinter.com/lurk/).

      B5 is still my favorite TV show; not saying it didn’t have its downs, but quite a few of those were due to JMS’ reach exceeding his grasp, and I can much more easily forgive failures due to excessive ambition than to simply not trying. Then when B5 succeeded, well….yeah.


    • Vera, I believe you can netflix (if you subscribe) Babylon 5,
      Just my humble opinion, but best sci-fi series ever…period
      Well worth the time to watch.
      Be patient in the beginning.
      Takes a while for the story to build, and the character growth is awesome


      • My friends used to think I was crazy when I told them B5 was a MUCH better sci fi series than Star Trek. Eventually I forced em to sit through it and while not al agree that it’s the best, none of them think I’m crazy for thinking it anymore


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