Icecrown Citadel: A Surprising Finale

Our merry little band went into ICC 25 person Sunday evening for the last official night of achievement runs. If a member had been fortunate enough to be able to go every week, then this would be the last run for the last achieve… before we do a makeup week, anyway.

As usual, we started a half hour early to pop off some Sartharion with all drakes up, and it started things off with a big surprise.

I was already at Wyrmrest Temple, and I began inviting to the raid group from within the sanctum, hovering just outside the portal to the raid instance.

As the invites went out, the airspace within the temple sanctum grew crowded with raid members.

Wait a minute…

Holy shit.


We formed a cross-server Alliance raid group, and while in the open world, as a member joined the group, they joined the real world environment we all shared.

The cross-server zones are active with patch 5.0.4, and one of the side effects is to allow cross-server raid groups to meet in the real world, not just in a raid instance!

You know what this meant?

We can use the summoning stones in a cross-server raid to summon people!

That was just… that blew me away.

Do you remember my one big complaint? That with the loss of “Have Group Will Travel”, cross-server raid groups like ours would be hosed, unless they put the summoning stone inside the instance?

Well, Blizzard went me one further, and let cross-server raid groups meet wherever the heck we want… as long as it ain’t in a capital city.

Any world zone that can be cross-server, is now effectively a shared zone for your raid.

Totally flabberghasted. Didn’t see that one coming!

At any rate, last Sunday a week ago we cleared all of ICC 25, up to the Dreamweaver, in preparation for tonight. A little over an hour later, and the Lich King lay dead (re-dead?) at our feet, and for many of us, the final achievement was finally won.

My thanks to all of those who came with us, who forged a group out of such wild, untamed creatures as us Hunters and Druids (with the token class here and there. We even had Thelandira on her Warlock last night!) and brought us to victory.

It was a long time in coming, but here they are, your Glorious Icecrown Raiders!

Once it was all over, someone had the brilliant idea of taking advantage of the new cross-server zone and raid thingie phenomena to go do a flying mount photo shoot outside the gates of Stormwind. Elwynn Forest was host to a lot of frozen chickens tonight!

Other players started getting in on it, which is fine, but we wanted just a few more with the team, so Laia, our long-suffering and masterful main tank (and Guardian Druid) found us a nice ledge just off to the side, and so there we perched… and I see someone managed to get a big frozen chicken butt in the picture. Sigh.


This marks the successful completion of the first ever BBB Cross-server Raid of Awesome People… or CRAP, for short.

This was so much fun, I think we’re going to keep doing these on Sunday evenings, for as long as folks are interested in showing up.

Next Sunday, we will be doing a one-shot, a blast into Ahn’Qiraj 40, to kill that bastard C’thun.

The week after, we will be doing a single makeup run of ICC 25 for a few of the achievements some folks are missing, such as Neck Deep in Vile.

Here is a new announcement for everyone!

If you have not been a part of this series of runs and would like to be involved in the future, simply send me a friend invite at my Battletag, BigBearButt#1737.

There is no obligation… but I do intend to do Ulduar 25 full achievement runs in the very near future, and after that and we’re all level 90, who knows? Do I see some Bastion of Twilight? Some Firelands?

Just not Heroic Spine. Dear god, no Heroic Spine.

Something old, something new, something not too tired, something quick to blow through?

Congratulations, my friends.

Tonight, we accomplished something that took effort, planning and persistence, and it really paid off. Thank you to everyone!

Hi ho, silver frozen chicken butt, and awaaaaay!

10 thoughts on “Icecrown Citadel: A Surprising Finale

  1. Agree’d the runs have been alot of fun! What a fun group, hard to beleive that such a large group was formed that is solely about having fun. Looking forward to making as many more runs as limited time allows. =)


  2. I’d love to get in on another set of runs… And once the servers are back up (Darn you Tuesday maintenance!) I’ll bug you with a gamer tag invite. 🙂


  3. congratulations on the achievement

    The new server infrastructure allows some interesting things – my new guild “The Pack” (all Worgen) joined a cross server event and helped defending Theramore from the Horde. Now if Blizz takes this even further, this could really be a nice solution to some of the problems of low pop servers

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  4. Grats, sounds like a lot of fun!

    Alex must be thrilled with such an awesome mount for his DK.

    And yes, cross-realm-zones are awesome. Been using them to visit friend’s realms. Hope to get some world PvP action on a PvP realm through this someday soon!


  5. Thank you Bear for starting this adventure with all of us those many weeks ago. It has been nothing but fun the entire time. You can count on me to help out with whomever still needs ‘chieves. Maybe I’ll surprise you with some of my other toons for the upcoming adventures. God knows I have many to bring out to play. :o)

    Too bad the toons we have been bringing to ICC are not guildless. I’d love for us to have a guild named “CRAP” just for these Sun night runs…lol. I wonder if Blizz will eventually implement cross-server guilds. Although, that probably wouldn’t work. Wouldn’t be able to utilize guild bank and stuff.

    In this case the cross-server activities have been nice. But, after the run I went to SMV to work on Netherwing dailies and it was just horrible out there. Before the patch I could find 4-5 eggs. Tonight I only got one. *pout* I did run into a rather funny glitch though. I’ll post about it, and a few others I’ve found over the years, on my shiny, new blog. :o) If you visit it, don’t be too critical. I’m sure my writing is bad. I’ve never written for the public. I’m sure I have lots to learn.



  6. Cross-server raiding was a nightmare for those doing the Darkmoon Faire Rabbit achievement this week. Our group was one of many server hopping (heehee) to find the bunny! And once we did find a bunny, then it was a grabbing/aggro/bug battle as groups invited in other groups. After 4-ish hours, we finally got That Rabbit’s Dynamite. I didn’t even know how many we were in that raid nor the server we were in.

    (Oh, what also blew me away was all-mounts-access. Awesomesauce for a level 20, and the mount animation for 100% speed is just smoothly right.)


  7. 4theHorde created a group and we did 10 man ICC, with some help from the great guildy folks from Shadow Rising. Lots of us got achievements and I tanked it. We then did 10 man Sarth and I won the drake mount. We tried 25 and just didn’t quite have the dps. Funny thing is Shadow Rising is in our battlegroup so they were sharing our zones too, really cool feature I think.


  8. I am sorry I wasn’t there in pixel form, but sometimes home and hearth has to be tended to – 🙂 Thank you so much to you for getting this together – your calm Bear voice and your kind manner heartens me! Yes, please count me in on the occasional Sunday evenings, please!

    Things achieved together are always sweeter – congratulations!


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