Should I upgrade to OpenRaid?

I’ve heard of OpenRaid on Twitter before, but it took posts by Thunderspank and Navimie to get me to look into it deeper.

OpenRaid has both a European and a US server setup, and from the account setup process, is as near to perfect as I can imagine. Whoever (or whomever) are the creators behind it have done an amazing job, and have my utmost respect.

I created an account there and setup my Alliance Hunter to see how it goes, and step by step it’s just so professional, it encourages you to feel that this will be a good experience.

I was a bit confused for all of two seconds as it said I could not see cross-server raids in the list, until I remembered, oh yes silly Bear, need to add the Battletag into the account. Ah, there we go!

Oh my, that is a lot of raid activity in there. So much to choose from, so many possibilities! And they even have Ventrilo support for official OpenRaid events for communication.

With such a powerful framework in place for organizing and recruiting for cross-server raids, the question arises, why am I trying to do it with scratch pads, duct tape and baling wire?

So I wonder, can anyone give me some pros and cons here.

Should I switch to using OpenRaid to setup my fun run Sunday raids? Or keep doing it all by the seat of my pants with personal invites to folks that set up battletags ahead of time?

I know one advantage. If I use OpenRaid, I’d be able to see, live and in color, who had signed up for a given night, on what characters/roles, and others could do the same.

The disadvantage to that same line item is, if you sign up with a specific character, you feel like you’re losing some of the flexibility that a more personal raid has to swap to whoever we need, or do multiple different raids in the same run (like our Sarth +3s, followed by ICC).

Give me you datas. What do you think, what has been your experience in OpenRaid to date, and what do you think the pros and cons of switching to that structure might be?

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  1. I’m very intrigued by Open Raid as my guild is a 10 man and we are frequently down 1-2 players for any given night. (Having a hard time finding the balance between people who want to play each week and people don’t mind sitting.) This seems like a perfect solution.

    Can anyone tell me if you will be able to use cross realm players to do CURRENT raiding? So…would I be able to grab those 1-2 players and go pop into or is this strictly for content behind current tier raiding?


  2. I would definitely recommend doing OpenRaid. I got my Ulduar 25m meta completed and hope to have my ICC 25m meta soon before MoP hits. But I think OpenRaid might slow down in the next couple of weeks, maybe months, as peeps will be busy grinding to 90 and getting profs maxed out.


  3. Thanks BBB, hadn’t heard of this, but it sounds perfect! Registered, but can’t confirm my character here at work… Looking forward to being able to raid all the time again. 🙂


  4. I can only recomment openraid.
    Im on eu. Playing on unusual time. And openraid is like my only solution to finish older raids!

    Have a few runs throught openraid. Really brulliabt idea!!

    Asshats are everywhere. But like prev comment said. The reputation and comment system does its job very well.

    You can also start a raid for friend only. The raid is not public for everyone. Und only those with the link to it, can see it.

    Wiithout doubt. Openraid will make such raid much much easier to organize.

    If you are using there vent server. Add the openraid link of your raid to your username. Because some mods may start kicking everyone. 🙂


  5. What scared me about Navi’s post was it felt like folks still wanted, nay demanded, (my words) “slick professional players.” I just want to try, learn, and have fun. If this turns out to be another path to be yelled at, no thanks. But if it’s you helping coordinate this, then count me in. It was Navi’s “it’s not for everyone” which made me think it was her impression that some folks might not fit in. (I didn’t take her comment personally, just my own context and projection of who I am as a player.) I think making raids as accessible to all players is the way to go. LFR became like a rat maze for me– I learned the fights, but no one else did over time, or trolled them unmercifully, so nothing got accomplished. I am not being hyperbolic when I report that my druid healer Momokawa has yet to finish the last platforms with over 50 group wipes.

    So — keep me posted! #12 Dewberry Lane, Elwynn Forest, Whisperwind -lol!


    • Matty, it depends on the group lead. The person leading the Uld25 I was in cleared DS 8/8 heroic in May. So a very progressed player. She was calling out clear instructions and the only expectation I saw from her was that people do what they’re asked to do. And if asked, explained further.

      Generally very friendly and there was no trolling. The rating system tends to weed out the asshats.


  6. Damn, I got a shoutout on BBB’s blog! 😀

    Early in the morning for me and I’ve not had coffee yet, being coherent will be challenging.

    The raid I went on had many people who’d been doing openraid’s with each other in the past so there was a lot of joking and camaraderie. And I’ve seen runs advertised that were doing EoE and OS3D both for mounts – I don’t think you’re restricted in what you can do with your raid once it forms. And you can put multiple raids in the description for your run.

    Some of the advantages I can think of for you resonate with what you’re already thinking and my thoughts are:

    1) Easy to track who signed up, the role they signed up for. Its easy for everyone else to see the current status too without you having to send people emails every time things change.

    2) You’re connected on Battletags so it should be easy enough for someone to swap to an alt. I have a feeling that openraid encourages sticking to the character you signed up on since you get ratings per toon and your completed raids are tracked on a per toon level. This isn’t a deal breaker for raids like yours where everyone pretty much knows each other outside of openraid but is still something to keep in mind.

    3) People also get to rate each other after a raid, so you and people doing your runs would have the added bonus of building some solid rep on for when anyone wants to pug something via openraid.

    4) You’re the final arbiter of who gets to come. So you can use openraid to get all your friends in first then pug the slots that are left over. A lot of people seem to sign up in the last few hours before a raid so if you’re seeing low signups leading up to the raid, don’t despair, you will still get some more people near raid time.

    5) You could meet some cool new people. I’ve been on just one openraid and I already have two battletag friends from that run. You get to run with someone in a group situation for a couple hours and you get a pretty good idea of the kind of person they are. For me thats a definite plus.

    One thing openraid doesn’t do automatically is tell someone if they’ve been bumped down from “confirmed” status via email. They have to check the openraid page to see if their status changed. That said, if you bump someone down you can always just email them yourself.

    I think openraid would help streamline things for you and make your Sunday runs simpler for all involved. Can’t really see a downside, if you find one, you can easily go back to how you’re doing things now!


  7. I set up OpenRaid and I think the idea is brilliant. I mostly play on low population servers at the moment and miss casual raiding a bit. And they organize older raid content via the site as well. And for Europe too, yay. The downside seems to be (I might not understand BattleTags very well at the moment, so if you know more than I please tell) you can only use BattleTag if you have Diablo3. As I don’t have the game and won’t for a very long time BattleTag isn’t an option at the moment, I couldn’t even add someone who friended me via the BattleTag system. I saw his request on my “Pending” Tab in World of Warcraft but when I clicked on “Accept” nothing happened. This may be a bug or I might not understand the system at all – but for me it seems it is only possible via RealID and frankly I don’t want to give my battlenet email to everyone.
    So the website is a great idea but Blizzards BattleTag system might not be for everyone. I keep hoping they will implement that system into WoW better and maybe with MoP I can do crossrealm raids too. I’ll keep an eye on that site though. 🙂


    • To reply to my own post:
      BattleTag does work! Even for people without Diablo3. It just takes some hours to be usable ingame. I made a battle tag on the account website and after about 5 hours when I logged in I can see it in my friendslist now and it says I can add friends via BattleTag as well. So all is good. 😉


  8. I LOVE Openraid. I’ve been using it for months now, I completed all my T11 metas with Openraid groups, got Shadowmourne on my warrior with Openraid groups, FL meta, TONS of transmog runs over my 12 85’s, geared an 80 rogue in 226 ilvl gear and got Herald of the Titans on there, I do as many ICC25 heroic runs and Ulduar 25 0-Light runs as I can find time for every week using Openraid (4-10 runs of each, still not even SEEN either mount drop but eh, if I don’t keep trying I never will) and even did some honor kill farming and whisked off a few pvp achievements on a couple alts before account-wide gave my mains to them all.
    It is (apart from BBB of course!) my favorite website ever!

    Now nothing in life is perfect..I have been in a couple of runs that had problems and seen a few people I can’t stand. The beauty of Openraid though is that once a raid is finished, you get to evaluate your group’s individual performances with a rating, which either gives or reduces their reputation, if someone is especially good (or bad!) you can post a note on their character page saying what you thought. Most old content raids are fairly relaxed and if you’re trying, listening and working with the group to succeed, they’re going to tell you what to do step by step and not be too fussed if it takes you a little learning. Those who don’t cooperate, aren’t willing to learn or deliberately try to sabotage groups however not only get kicked but generally end up with negative reputation, a slew of comments on their char page and since you can see all that when you look at whether to invite someone to your raid…they don’t get to go anywhere. ;p Conversely, if you do well, are helpful and follow the RL’s instructions, you end up with good rep, nice comments and a lot of invites!

    Pro’s:- You can see what people who want to come are geared and specced like, whether they’ve any experience of the raid you’re doing and what other people they’ve ran with thought of them.
    Assuming they’ve set their own time zones properly, your raid time is converted into each persons own time for them so no confusion over when it starts between different time zones/servers.
    You can put in the raid description exactly what you’re doing, what loot rules are, if anything is reserved, how the raid will be ran and generally most of the things you get asked about when forming most raids (will we do this boss on heroic? will we do this achievement? can i have this weapon if it drops?).
    Cons:- What cons?! Contrary to what you said, you don’t really lose that flexibility. Since you form the raid by adding people via real ID or battletags (if you don’t have a battletag btw, you’ll need to make one in order to add people who’re using them) then if they’re willing to switch to a different alt if needed it’s easy to do so. If the group wants to carry on and do multiple different raids you can do that too, in fact there’s many runs done that are specifically stated as doing multiple raids, like ‘all T11 raids for metas’, ‘Ony/EOE/OS3D mount runs’ ect.
    The only con I can think of is a recent problem which started with 5.04 due to battletags allowing those who’re nervous about releasing their Real ID information to join and DS becoming able to do cross-realm, this has according to the people running the site increased the site’s traffic exponentially and they’ve had to move to new servers in order to cope, more and more people are using Openraid every day and sometimes on weekends, the site is a bit slow to load or has problems. They’re dealing with this however and the almost 200% increase in accounts over the last couple of weeks has made even more raids available!

    The benefits don’t just come during actual Openraid runs either. I have around 20 people on my bnet friends list currently from various servers who I’ve ran with, got on well with or been impressed by, and added. I frequently get asked by them to do runs that I may not have seen posted on Openraid, or casual spur of the moment runs and I ask them too, you meet a lot of people and some of them end up being good friends or at least valuable resources you can call on if a run is short on numbers.


  9. It was my first one, Bear, and I had such a positive experience, I can only recommend it. As you saw for yourself, the website is highly organised, they have their own Vent so you can just use theirs if you organise it through their website, and you can kinda play anonymously, but usually, it’s serious. I went as an attender rather than an organiser, so I had to follow the rules of my raid, but if you make a raid yourself, you could make your own rules. The only downside, for me, is that I missed the social interaction of raiding with friends. The comraderie, the joking, the teasing, the noob pulls/deaths/DIAF that you can only do wiht friends. It was a good place to just “get stuff done” if that’s what you want to do, and sometimes, I just want to do that – I want to be that anonymous healer who just does their job and gets the kills. If you lead the raid, you DO have the flexibility of swapping characters around to what you need, and there is nothing in it that says you can’t have your friends joining and openraiders filling the gaps. I say go for it!


  10. As a gnome whom would someday hope to be apart of the madness I’m open to either. You already have my battletag & my email so if you need me let me know. OpenRaid does sound handy though.


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