The Fall of Theramore – Alone in the Crowd

Last night, in World of Warcraft, the first new content was released for the game in about ten months. It was released just a bit more than one week in advance of a new $40 expansion.

I recap that because I do have friends who come here who don’t play WoW anymore, haven’t in years, and probably couldn’t care less about it. It’s good to provide some general perspective before launching into discussion, right?

In the short time the scenario has been out, I have seen dozens of blog posts, hundreds of tweets, and some pretty incendiary flaming directed at it.

A lot of folks are upset.

Scenarios are a new addition to the game, and I’ve read that we will see a bunch more of them in the new expansion aimed at level 90 players.

Whats the big deal?

In the current game of World of Warcraft, there is the questing content for solo players (and lately we’ve seen just about all of the old group quests nerfed down to be soloable), there are dungeons designed for groups of five players that must incoporate a tank, a healer and three damage dealers, and then there are raids, content for groups of from ten to twenty-five players that again are designed to require some of the players be designated tanks and healers to succeed. Or to be pretty damn crafty and overgeared for the raid. Druids and Death knights and Paladins, I’m looking at you.

Scenarios, on the other hand, are a very new concept for World of Warcraft.

Scenarios are designed for groups of three players, they are supposed to be of shorter duration than a traditional dungeon instance, and most importantly, they are designed to allow groups of any composition, so long as most can do damage, to succeed. I’m sure groups formed of three healers will be… interesting to watch. I can’t wait to see videos spring up on Youtube of groups of unlikley combinations having fun.

Scenarios can still grant nice loot rewards, but they seem to be meant to be little mini-stories. True scenarios, where you are presented with a beginning situation, and work through the events towards a conclusion. more than a quest, less than a big dungeon full of complicated boss mechanics.

From a bald description of scenarios, you’d be left to wonder why so many folks are upset, right?

The answer to that is tied up in player expectations and story shit that has nothing to do with scenarios.

There have been quite a few expansions for the game now, and for each of the previous expansions, there was a special event within the game starting a week prior to the expansions release.

The events really only last a week or two, and typically end the night before the expansion is live.

Having done these cool little one-time-only events so many times before, there was an expectation in the game that we’d see the same thing this time; something coming out that was special a week or two before the expansion landed on store shelves.

So far, there is only one week remaining, and what we have is this one short ten minute scenario.

The next issue a lot of people have is that the Fall of Theramore is an act of aggression by the Horde against the Alliance, serving as the single most visible catalyst for the eruption of full scale war between the factions going into the expansion.

There was a book, The Tides of War, that deals with all of this story development and the buildup of these events, but within the game, everyone expected to see some kind of playable event or even quests or content that would allow us to take part in and feel involved in this huge whopping change that was about to take place.

Basically, we all expected to be playing something that would involve us in events and allow us to become more emotionally invested in going to war.

Again, instead of any cutscenes, quests, or outward manifestation of what led to the moment, within the game we got… a 10 minute scenario.

Many players are a mite upset at this. And I do get that.

What I question is whether it is right to heap all that anger on the scenario.

I’m not looking at all the lore stuff, and I’m not judging the scenario based on my expecations for an in game event. I didn’t really expect it to be taken as one, but maybe I’m crazy.

I expected the scenario to be exactly what it was; a tease of the kind of new content I’m going to be able to play in Mists. And based on that expectation, I really enjoyed it. I loved it. It made me very, very happy. I can foresee many happy evenings with my family doing scenarios on whatever bloody character we’d like to bring.

The scenario is really two completely different scenarios, one from the Horde/aggressor point of view, and the other from the Alliance/defender point of view.

I like that, and for the first time I really, really wish I had at least one Horde character at level 85 to be able to experience it. My bad. I will next time, my Panda Warrior will be Horde all the way.

From the point of view of the Alliance side, my first expectation was met. I was able to group, on whichever character I chose, with Cassie and Alex and enter the scenario. I did not know if there was a quest or just to queue like you do with world holiday events, so I checked, and there were scenarios listed under the Dungeon Finder. The three of us queued, and in we went immediately.

The event itself spawned quests that flowed naturally from one to another. We did not try to ‘zerg’ it, or beat the clock, but instead took part as if we were in the story. We read the chat, followed the quest clues, and took part in the retaking and defense of Theramore Isle and Jaina. Alex felt pressure to avoid wandering level 85 elite wolf patrols, and loved being able to engulf each of the ships in flames. Cassie had to remind him to please let us get OFF the ships before he set them on fire. I’m totally going to use that in a book someday.

Each part of the scenario story flowed naturally into the next. At one point Cassie was irritated because she was taking considerable damage without time to heal between waves, but that’s what Natures Swiftness/Healing Touch is for. It’s back, baby! I feel like a real hybrid Druid again. Mangle Swipe Thrash BIG HEAL Mangle Mangle…

The scenario did exactly what I hoped it would do. It showed me a new type of content where three people will be able to play together in an interesting fastpaced storyline without taking the length of time of a full instance, and without the normal worry over having one of each necessary role or making sure each person was stopping and healing/holding aggro, etc.

It is indisputably selfish, but now Cassie, Alex and I will have current things we can do when we’d like together without needing to make sure we’ve got a tank, a healer, and two other people who may or may not be asshats. And I freaking love it.

For what I expected, it rocked.

I think it’s damn unfortunate that it was released to stand all alone a week before expansion, pushed out the door to be devoured by a crowd starving for new content.

I picture the scenario almost like a comedian being tossed out on stage to do a quick bit of standup to chill out a crowd that has been waiting five hours for Axl Rose to appear for a GNR concert. Poor scenario. Poor, poor scenario. Nobody deserves that fate.

I’m just not ranting or raving this time around. My expectations… were met.

I already did the pissy thing about the age-old question of how much of the game do we get to play as the main characters, and how much as the spectators. I ranted about it back when Cataclysm came out and the world just… switched over without my having any involvement whatsoever. When the cataclysm came, I apparently watched the waves roll in while drinking rum shots with little umbrellas in ’em.

I said it all then, I’m over it.

After the great Cataclysm world flip, I no longer had the expectation that I would be seeing or taking part in any of that story or lore that tranforms a world. I am a spectator, and as was pointed out to me then, the game world exists in it’s own time, an ever-fixed ‘now’.

As a critical piece of lore, standing alone to usher us from a world at peace in the aftermath of the defeat of Deathwing into a world where Horde and Alliance strive for conquest and domination, the scenario would be pretty sad. Maybe it’s just the tip of the iceberg this week, I dunno.

As an introduction to a brand new style of WoW gameplay,my expectations are met, and all I gots to say is, HELL YES!

Bring them on, the more the merrier I says.

24 thoughts on “The Fall of Theramore – Alone in the Crowd

  1. I played it through as an Alliance mage and a Horde hunter, and didn’t realise until I read this post quite why I felt so disappointed.

    Thing is — it wouldn’t have been hard to make it better. They wouldn’t even have had to add much.

    Horde side: A breadcrumb quest to lead you to Garrosh, who orders you, as an experienced adventurer, to head to Dustwallow Marsh and assist with the new all-out on the Alliance. Arrive in Dustwallow, where your contact tells you that their spy has been captured and asks you to retrieve him. Enter scenario.

    Alliance side: Breadcrumb quest summons you to Varian, who either tells you that a spy in the Horde ranks has turned up something worrying, or tells you that they recieved an urgent, cut-off message from a mage in Theramore, and asks you to investigate. Sail to Dustwallow, and as soon as you arrive, the cutscene happens. The ship’s captain cries out that you must assist any survivors. Enter scenario.

    If you wanted to make it even more all-out? Put an NPC into each of the Horde cities making speeches about the need for war, and add a few ranks of soldiers outside Orgrimmar. Maybe have Garrosh talking to the other Horde leaders. Put Jaina into Stormwind’s throne room talking about her change of heart. Add a few Theramore refugees.

    Dungeon Finder has accustomed us to just stepping into dungeons without going there first, but having context leading up to it always makes it better. The scenario was fine, but felt disconnected.

    Hopefully entering Mists will be better than this.


  2. I LOVED the scenario.. or at least the potential of it. I want to see things more like Well of Eternity Dungeons in scenarios.. where we meet some lore character and do some cool stuff with them. I think there is a lot of potential. It was fun. I ran it with many compositions. I ran 3-DPS with my lock. That was a little painful because one guy did nothing. The rest of my runs were good. I ran it 2-tank 1-DPS, which was easy. Ran it 2-DPS and me healing. Which worked out fine. I really think 3 healers could run it easily especially now with the damage output so high on healers.

    I will probably not run the same scenerio too many time.. might run it a few more times on my really low gear toons though. Hey it’s rough keeping 10 toons geared up.


  3. I like that you can do it with 3 players of any inclination BBB but there is so much scope for more given that it is fully instanced.

    You’re right, this scenario as scenario #4 of 11 would be perfectly fine.

    But as the first bit of new content in a year, launched when the pre-launch event would have been underway and as a new medium for telling the biggest “current” story in the game, it was overwhelmingly underwhelming.

    It just sucked all the excitement out for Mists out of me in one prolonged ten minute “When does the action start? The hell! It’s over?” moment.


  4. I’ve only played it Horde side, but it makes no sense. (I haven’t (nor will I) read the book either).

    I don’t even know how the Alliance side plays out, or what you’re supposed to do, other than watch Theramore get nuked.

    But yeah, no sense. After we blew up the boats, and go walking into Theramore proper, we were just killing patrols and stuff on the way from the tanks to the barracks, and I ran up the hill to the tower. And there’s Jaina with her 26 million hps, just kicking it like three horde members are nothing and her soldiers will take care of us, eventually.

    I backed away from her slowly, until I realized she’s not attackable. wtf.

    So, you have arguably one of the most powerful leaders of the Alliance just sitting back watching her little seaside community get wtfpwned by three moderately equipped Horde secret soldiers, and she doesn’t do anything.

    Most retarded shit ever. No wonder Alliance always loses and Thrall had to take the lead on saving Azeroth.

    I hope, somewhere deep in the Lore that I won’t read, is an explanation. But to us very casual players, it really, honestly, makes not a whit of sense.

    Thanks for the free fireworks though – that was epic. Reminded me of dinging 80 all over again.


  5. The only problem I have that there is NO event before Pandaria, you simply cannot call a SCENARIO for lvl85 players an event that, well, cuts off all those below the level cap or people who won’t group for anything. So that there is no event this time, is a bit disappointing and to leave out all of the lore and base something in the game on a book is, well, a bit strange. More so that is will come out in Germany in Oktober… so no luck there to read it in advance and stuff.

    It is just totally gone wrong ( for an event), it is less than the opening of the Dark Portal and maybe Blizzard just is tired to never get as good again as the zombie event. MoP needs to be so much better than anything I expect to make up for it again. (and I doubt it will be)


  6. When I ran it for the first time, I felt underwhelmed. There was no lead-in, so I felt lost. I didn’t take the portal at the end, so I didn’t see the cutscene of the bomb being dropped (horde side), and the only thing I got in the Spoils box was fireworks. The second time I did it I realized you could get rewards, as one of my guildies got an epic staff and I got JP, and there was a conclusion in the form of the cutscene.

    After my initial reaction was over, I thought a lot about how I felt about this scenario. These are supposed to fill the gap left by the removal of group quests in the world. You’re not expected to fill a certain role, just to play smart, like avoiding avoidable damage and use snares and utility abilities that aren’t always used in raids. I liked running through it the second time, and I think they did a good job when viewing it from this expectation.

    I think a simple intro quest or even intro story page as it loads up would help, just to set the scene, like you would have gotten with old group quests. Ideally the rewards would be more consistent, instead of randomly nothing one time and epic with JP and gold the next. I don’t expect to be geared out in the highest gear level from scenarios, but even a consistent small amount of Jp would make me feel better then the chance to get nothing. Even the old group quests had nice rewards to look forward to when you completed them.

    I am reserving final judgement though, as I know the level 90 scenarios could be different. They could have these small tweaks that would make the experience more enjoyable. It is unfair to the scenario that it is the stand alone new thing to do before Mists hits.


  7. I was mostly just confused for the whole time I was in there. I’ve never felt more useless in my entire WoW career. I play a resto druid (Tauren) and I was trying to keep up with a retribution paladin (also Tauren) wearing Raid Finder gear who’d just come back to the game that day after six months away. There was almost nothing for me to do. I have no idea if there was even any quest text to read, I certainly didn’t see anyone to talk to. The pally didn’t need more than token healing, he did all the DPS, I maybe got a few moonfires in before everything just… fell over. I finally switched to AoEing every single pack that came along and ignoring the fact that they were hitting me instead of my friend. The DPS shaman that was with us got even less face time with the mobs than I did. I suspect the paladin could have soloed the whole thing if he’d avoided pulling multiple packs. I ran the whole thing twice through, I got fireworks both times, I checked the list of rewards and decided I wasn’t all that interested in any of them. That was it.

    Lore issues aside (I can’t afford the books I WANT to buy, let alone the apparently required reading for the game I already pay for), I just hope the difficulty issue was due to the fact that it’s a level 90 scenario nerfed to 85 for this week only. Otherwise, I’ll probably just hit the dungeon finder instead. Trying to keep bad PUGs alive is at least a situation where I feel like I’m useful!


  8. I’m excited by the concept of scenarios, as short run segments without the dependency on the trinity model is a good idea. You’re spot on in that players wanted a transition event for MoP and thought this was the one. Frankly Blizzard should have done something to control that expectation early and perhaps it would have been better now.
    That said, I’m a bit surprised by the queue times for random pugs as it took 20 minutes for me to wait today, and I had to logout. Having a 45 minute window for play it seemed reasonable to do the scenario once. I guess pre-made is the way to go for quick queue times, as per usual. I expect that the volume of players doing this repeatedly must be higher than Blizzard thought, but again: what did they think was going to happen?


  9. I think I may have written my thoughts too early in the morning. The scenario aspect is very welcome: I would love much more content like this and have written about this wish several times. I gave never been part of a big world event others were lamenting so I have no frame of reference; it still doesn’t mean blizzard can’t be critiqued and reflect in what was right and where they can improve. I wanted to be swept away, not swept under the carpet.


  10. You definitely have a point. I have absolutely no issue with the mechanics of the scenario (and it was fun to play!). It’s just very frustrating to see another money grab (want to know what actually happened? BUY THE BOOK!) for a game I’m paying for. If this wants to just be an MMOG that’s fine, but last I checked, the acronym was MMORPG, and it is lazy/bad storytelling to put all your actual lore content into another medium and expect people who already shell out $15 a month to shell out another $25 for the tie in. I am not against tie in novels, either. But they should be tie ins, not the main vehicle for storytelling.

    I didn’t play the Mists beta, so I can’t attest to all the excited people telling me why mists has hugely compelling and flavor filled story to be part of. But this event as any kind of lore (which, given that you phase into a newly destroyed theramore afterwards, it IS a lore event of some kind) utterly fails. It succeeds as a demonstration of mechanics beautifully, but does not even remotely give me any reason why I, as an Alliance player, should really give a shit.

    This is why I am almost entirely a RPer these days. The content we create for ourselves (especially the stuff we’re doing for the start of Mists) is better than the stuff Blizzard is making. And when that goes away, it’ll take a lot to keep me Playing.


  11. Sounds like my only complaint is that pesky level 85/ilevel 353 requirement. Then again, I’ve long been annoyed that they hide the story finales in raids. if the story is important, everyone needs to get to see it. They should have made characters autoscale to be playable in the Theramore incident, no matter the level.

    Still… I love the “scenario” design of letting any three player tackle things. That’s been sorely lacking in the game.


    • But level 85 FOR A SCENARIO is fine, and an ilevel entry is fine.

      It is when those things are for the only pre-expansion world event content that everyone starts going WTF.

      Also, I bet if you dropped the coin on all the PvP crafteds, you could hit 353 in one night. Trust me, I have just to go straight to iLevel 378 Twilight heroics. Repeatedly.


      • Right, I certainly don’t mind some endgame gated stuff, that’s just an effective way to make the level cap interesting through gear progression. (I still think sticking important stories there isn’t the best idea, though.) I *have* argued for raids being more liberally sprinkled through the leveling curve, so I’d be all for scenarios throughout the curve, too. Even so, having some reserved for the level cap is cool.

        So yes, when it’s supposed to be a world event that gets everyone fired up for the next expansion… more people need to be able to get in. That is, if they care about everyone knowing the story. Maybe that’s really not much of a priority.

        I guess I should look at that crafted gear. I don’t even know how much coin I have at the moment, though. 🙂 Thanks!


  12. “a tease of the kind of new content I’m going to be able to play in Mists”

    That’s exactly what I got out of it and I’m excited! I also got to do some druidy stuff… innervate OTHER casters, call down hurricanes upon them evil orcsies, call upon the roots of trees from miles away to hold them orcsies in place, and moonfire spam! More scenarios please!

    I do have an 85 Horde, but not with the required item level gear. 😦 I could spend this week gearing her for it…


  13. I think that had there even been a short quest lead up to the scenario, people would’ve been less disappointed. Heck, as Horde you wouldn’t even need a reason, just something like Call to Arms: Soldiers for Theramore with a giant “Garrosh wants YOU to be a Soldier of the Horde” poster or something, then off you go to do your thing. For Alliance, it could’ve been a distress signal or something, anything to get players even the tiniest bit emotionally invested. Heck, even some of the holiday dungeons have a better emotional tie!

    Mists is supposed to somehow revert the Horde and Alliance from “Hey there’s dragon aspects and stuff going crazy, let’s focus on that instead of fighting each other” to essentially an “EFF YOU, RED IS DEAD DIIIIIIIIE SCUM” mentality… and players have no reason to invest in this mindset. None. Because it’s all in a series of novels that less of the players read than Blizzard seems to think, and the scenario only barely tugged at the heartstrings, Alliance-side. (And Horde side? Nothing at all.) It felt like a very blatant money grab, as attempted by someone that is both transparent and awful at doing said money grab. (Books as cash shops… want lore? Buy our new book!)

    Lore-aside, I enjoyed the scenario. It reminded me somewhat of chronicles in Rift, in a good way. Hopefully other scenarios will feel better planned and give a more in-depth tie to lore/game investment, but I like the instanced group quest feel and the way the objectives roll smoothly from A to B to C and beyond.


    • I really hate ‘expanded universe’ being treated as part of the thing it’s expanding… whether it’s WoW or the ten billion Star Wars books with hundreds of ‘even more powerful than the death star’ lost weapons and Mary Sue characters (Boba Fett, the most useless bounty hunter in the universe, I’m looking at you…)

      It’s a game. If the story is affecting the game, then it needs to be in the game. Expand on things in the official fanfiction if you want, but don’t just suddenly ‘lol different’. I had no idea for quite a while that Cataclysm has like an 8 year timeskip since the end of WOLTK.

      That being said, the scenario was ok. A little more detail might have been nice, and Jaina has a huge character derailment ‘suddenly she’s the KKK’ moment… But it was fun-ish, and filled a little of the story.


  14. I was just…disappointed. They hyped it up so hard, and then it was like…”it’s over? really?” … I didn’t care about the loot or any of the other stuff, but the way they played this out just seemed so short and unfulfilling. And this is coming from someone who hasn’t raided since LK.

    Side note re: group composition … I had me (on my then resto-spec’d Shaman), a Disc Priest, and an Arms Warrior. I swapped to Enhance, and away we went. That seems to be what I’m noticing happening the most often – someone picks up the tanking, someone else picks up the healing, and it’s a quaint little party of 3.


  15. Hey BBB,

    I’m not so much blaming Blizzard for how the Scenario turned out and how people reacted to it, so much as I am asking them “What did you think would happen?!”

    I understand what you and others have rightfully said, about how it wasn’t sold to us as being a pre-release event or anything that serious. But I also understand that some people have been running the same content over and over for almost a year now and have had nothing to really look forward to up until now. People need a reason to hang around. People need something to be excited about. And for many people this was it.

    I don’t see how this could have gone any other way. If I had to say one bad thing about Blizzard, it’s that they constantly underestimate their fan base. They never expect us to be as passionate as we are, or to consume content the way that we do, or anything of the sort. Whenever something like this happens, be it server crashes on release day or a poor reception to something they may not put a lot of thought into, they always slap on this look of surprise like Taylor Swift at an award show.

    At some point Blizzard has to realize that they have 10 million (yes, MILLION) extremely dedicated subscribers out there who live and breathe for the content that they put out. They cannot be surprised when things like the reception to Theramore happen the way that they do. You just can’t. And yet Blizzard somehow manages to fall back on the shock and awe every single time. I don’t know how they do it, but they do, and it really needs to stop.

    Modesty is great and all, but it’s about time that Blizzard clues into the fact that they are one of the bigger fish in the sea (if not the biggest) and starts treating themselves and their fan base like it, too.


    • “… like Taylor Swift at an awards show.” Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

      Oh, I agree with you, and with any others disappointed in the way this transition is being handled. I really am.

      I just blew all my passion out on screaming about it when they did this exact same thing for the Cataclysm event. Same shit. A book that had all the story in it, and a release where we had very, VERY little of consequence to do. And very little in the game itself to tie the former world order into the new one.

      I agree with you 100% in all of that.

      But the scenario, the structure and how it works… this was new to me, I didn’t do it or anything else in Beta, so seeing it, playing it, and seeing how we can expect them to work in the future? I am very happy about that.

      And that is what I’m focusing on, because in 6 months, launch events will be a blurry haze, and the week before launch will be dimly remembered, but scenarios will be part of our daily existence, and if the raw gameplay sucked NOW in how they work, it would bode poorly for my gaming future.

      I also hold out hope that, due to the short nature of scenarios, the trigger questing and the lack of specific role balancing, scenarios may be a feature Blizz can add more of, just keep pumping them out over time as something new to do.

      I can tell you, if Blizzard thinks they can ever get away with ten months of no content again with me, they’re high. They flat out promised more frequent content updates last time before Cata went live, and every comment I’ve seen in the last six months says they saw nothing wrong, in any way, with such a huge drought of shit to do. And that screams more to me of their disconnect than anything else.

      I agree with you, they do seem to be out of touch with the passion of the players, but they also seem to be living with their heads stuck in the sand unaware that other MMO companies are actually creating new content at a much faster rate, releasing it, and it’s GOOD. The myth that it takes a year to create a single raid is busted wide open… if they put any resources on it. If they just have a few guys working on stuff in WoW and everyone else is on their new MMO project, then sure, we can understand why it takes a year to see anything new come out.

      I’ll grant you, MoP looks like it WILL have a ton of new stuff. I get that, and I am happy with it, and really looking forward to it. But to simply claim that you do not have the resources to do more in the live game is a lie. That they do not CHOOSE to allocate those resources is the truth, and I can accept it, but I also expect them to be honest about it. Don’t piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining. We know the deal.

      I for one am not interested in playing a game that never changes and never sees new content while the monthly fee and other cash I give Blizz for pets and mounts and books is redirected to fund a completely different project. Some of it needs to be reinvested in my core interest… WoW.

      And a teeny bit of that reinvestment is in making sure I don’t go ten months without new content, planning on it in advance, and bribing me to stay a paying customer through it by promising me Starcraft III, beta access and a pony if I commit to a year the next time you feel like it.

      If scenarios are one way they can continue to pump out new content with a minimum of effort on their part, good. I’m willing to work with them. I’ll meet them halfway. Give me new stuff now and then, doesn’t have to be a whole new raid, and I’m good.


  16. You know, it’s not about the scenario itself, but people thought it would be like a pre-expansion world event, when in reality it was only a scenario. Maybe a “preview” scenario, but still a scenario.


      • LOL!

        Sorry about that! I was at work and someone came to my desk and I ended up hitting submit and forgot to come back to finish my comment!

        But … now I can’t remember what I wanted to say!

        Won’t happen again, I promise!


  17. Hi Bear — long time reader, first time poster :).

    I’ve got to say I generally agree with you. Part of the reason may be my family dynamic somewhat mirrors your own. I tend to play a well-geared-without-grouping DK, my wife is a formerly top-tier rading holy priest until she burned out trying Cata heroics when they came out, and our son is a feral druid who pvp’s –albeit considerably older than your son. We like the idea of being able to three-man things; we’ve done a couple of Level 85 normal cata dungeons. Scenarios seemed right up our alley, and we did generally enjoy it. However, there are a couple of common criticisms that do resonate with me:

    – There’s no lore. I mean, really, we were just dumped into something with no warning and had to just follow the quest pointers. There was also no spoiler alrert in that once you finished, Theramore would be phased as destroyed for you — that upset my son, who is a bit of a completionist and hadn’t done the Theramore quests yet.

    – The ending was “meh”. I said “huh? it’s over?” after killing the final boss. Seems like it should have felt more special somehow, but again, that’s partially due to having to fill the role of “world event” instead of just a scenario.

    – Loot. My wife and I got fireworks…apparently to celebrate Theramore’s destruction? My son got nothing but a “there’s no loot” message. And the green drops…well, given that you had to be iLvl 353 or something to queue, you couldn’t possibly use any of the drops.

    But it was really cool to be able to queue for something and just do it on our own. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the scenarios as a 90, and hopefully being able to use them as an alternate path to gearing up. And my wife and I each have 3 other 85s, so we’ll be doing it again.


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