Pre-Mists Madness!

Well, not so much madness, as mild meandering.

Tonight, we are going to bring a completely fresh, unspoiled perspective into Karazhan.

Yes, that’s right, Cassie and I are going to be bringing Alex into Karazhan for the very first time.

Oh, yeah, and the reason we’re going is that Tesh has activated a 7 day “why don’t you come over and see me sometime” trial on his World of Warcraft account.

Tesh has a level 81 Dwarf something or other, and has never, ever stepped foot inside Karazhan before. So, we’re going in.

Two players can destroy the place, I know, my friend Melpo and I slammed through the first half in about half an hour just a few weeks ago. The point isn’t to see how fast you can go.

What I think the idea is, is to travel through with our eyes open, and take the time to see just how awesome and beautiful the place is, enjoy the ambience, and make that first visit really count.

Now, there will be four of us, all of us ridiculously overpowered for the content, and we’re going at 6:30 PM tonight (Central Time).

I bring this up, because if there were a few more people who would like to join us and play with Tesh of Tish Tosh Tesh infamy, I’d be open to having a few more folks join us… folks that understand we ain’t zerging, we’re respecting the gravitas of the past on the very eve of the future.

If you would like to join us, let me know via email to If you’re already my Battletag buddy, you’ve got first call, due to having responded to my call for people to join us weeks ago on runs. Just be advised, space is super limited.

Like, super.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Mists Madness!

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  2. Seconded for a Naked Kara run.. Mild exception for the Rogue to buy grey quality weapons to make certain abilities work. Hunters too for that fact. I planned it for my guild awhile back and it got rave reviews. Funny seeing people who are normally Ilvl 400 get all giddy over winning a 115 weapon again =)

    We did a full clear under two hours. Awesome fun.


  3. I would LOVE to join you, but sadly I can’t. *pout*

    I’ve been fighting with my laptop since last night (blue screen of death). To get it to work I had to do quite a few restores. I had it all working hunky-dory, but then today WoW decides to act up on me. I got caught in the ever infinite loop of “press PLAY on launcher – launcher goes away – launcher comes back – press PLAY on launcher” – rinse & repeat. I tried some of the troubleshooting tips…none of them worked. So, I am in the process of re-installing the whole game. Been at it for about 2.5 hours now and only 7.2% done.


    I’ll be lucky if it’s done in time for release of Mists at this rate.

    Oh, and Ivy, did you read my blog the other day? I mentioned that same exact thing (naked Kara) in one of my posts.


  4. I recommend NAKED KARA.
    Unequip all your gear (yup, all of it). You can only equip what drops in the instance.
    You’ll still overpower everything, but it slows you down a tiny bit and keeps you from pulling entire rooms solo.

    It’s hilarious.


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