What was the first thing you did?

Good morning!

Whether you took some time and are making a marathon of it, or just logged in long enough to go, “Yep, that’s a panda all right”, I hope everyone has had a chance to dip their furry toes in Pandaria.

I spent just about an hour and a half in before work, myself.

So, the big question.

All bullshit aside, what did you really do for your first hour in Mists of Pandaria?

I’m really interested.

Maybe you had big plans or not, maybe you thought you had plans and when you logged in you changed your mind at the last minute and did something else.

What did you do?

How did you spend your first hour in Mists of Pandaria?

Did you rush to level a profession for a server first, or make a new alt, or quest, or try your hand at the new instances?

I thought I had sort of a plan. I was going to go to Pandaria on my Druid and explore a bit. I didn’t do any of the level 85 – 90 content in the beta, it would be truly new content.

Instead, when I logged in this morning I found myself turning my name placeholders into real characters. So, I now have a Panda Monk named Bouncybutt, and a Panda Warrior named Baconbutt. Warriors are supposed to tease the bad guys. If I could wear special threat-enhancing bacon-scented armor to cause more aggro, I would. Oh yes I would.

And really, isn’t it about time we were able to use our Cooking skill to make threat enhancing scents to apply to our armor or shield? The very best chefs could create mouth-watering aromas that drove the critters wild… literally!

After making my new alts, I did log into my Druid… and the thought uppermost in my mind was Pet Battles.

I found the trainer in Stormwind, and then had to go fight a critter. With a pet.

I had to choose a pet to battle with.

Aw… well, shit. I knew I forgot something.

I never picked a team. Quick, who do I choose?

I scrolled through my pet list, and the first thing I noticed was, none of them have any rarity indicator. Still. They just are what they are, no common or rare or anything.

What can I say? I’m a jarhead at heart. Out comes Grunty the Murloc Marine, and I went to pit his automatic weapon against… a bunny wabbit.

It was a tough battle, but I emerged victorious! Err, Grunty did. Yeah, that’s what I mean.

By the time I finished doing pet battles quests, I had a level 3 Grunty, I’d picked the Phoenix as my 2nd battle pet just to have something in the slot, and I could and did capture a poor quality bunny, a poor quality squirrel, and a common Stormwind Rat.

Fine, off to Pandaria!

I won’t spoil anything about the Pandaria experience for those that may still be at work or who have yet to buy the CE version in stores.

What I will say is, when I arrived in the skies above Pandaria, I saw far below the paw print icon of a capturable critter. An Emerald Turtle!

My first Pandaria pet!

When I landed in Pandaria, the very first thing I did was ignore any quest giver, run past all foes, weave and dodge, and got to that Emerald Turtle.

I engaged it in furious pet battle… and it destroyed my pet team in two shots.

Turns out, Pandaria Emerald Turtles are level 24. Oops.

I did a few quests there after that, and then switched to my Panda Monk and got to level 3 while the area was pretty empty.

All that was beside the point. For me, the thing I apaprently really wanted to do was pet battles, and if it weren’t for the desire to level at least one character to max, I’d have stayed with pet battles all morning.

I hope that you enjoyed your first steps into Mists of Pandaria. I hope you’ll tell me how it went for you!

Oh, and if anyone knows how I go about finding out what rarity my existing pets are, I’d appreciate it.

Take care, and happy hunting!


PS, if you haven’t done pet battles yet, when you train the profession, critters you can fight or capture in cagtesd appear on your mini-map as little green paw prints. It is SUPER awesome, and will help those of us who want to fly around in low levels areas expanding our critter stable. I was wondering how you went about fidning new critters, and now I know! And knowing is half the battle.

32 thoughts on “What was the first thing you did?

  1. I haven’t purchased the expansion, but I did get in on the action with a new free trial account that ever-so-conveniently allows Pandaran characters (though no Monks). So, I made a Pandaran Rogue named Silveransom and just looked around and took screenshots.

    It’s… so… pretty…


  2. I am using Personal World Destroyer, the Pug, and Disgusting Oozling.. I needed to level the Oozling to beat up on Old McDonald. I am going to try and keep all the different types up to high levels.


  3. Came home during lunch to try to log in…again! The first time my computer froze up…hard.

    This time though, it worked! Went thru all of my 85s so they could get rested xp. I had one with completed dailies, so I turned those in. Finally, I got on my hunter (Zwingli) to explore Pandaria…and got sidetracked.

    I mean, I didn’t mean to. I fully meant to do the starting quest and everything…but, I flew right by the battle pet trainer instead. I remembered she sold a pet, so I thought I would pick it up. Well, she had a quest for me! Cool! Yes, please!

    I wake up an hour later with 4 pets at level 6, heading to Stranglethorn Vale looking for a Battle Pet Trainer to challenge… WHAT HAPPENED TO MY TIME?!

    I didn’t think that I would even participate in the pet battles. But, the inner huntard in me went a-hunting all over for critters to kill.

    Note: Pengu is NOT a good pet for critter killing!

    I’m currently using a Strandcrawler Crab, Spirit of Competition and Pebble as my three of choice. The three spiders in Duskwood was HARD!



  4. 18 hours later, level 90 druid. Realm Second :(. Still had a great time and my guildies got 5 Realm Firsts (Not including a second Realm First mage, we had two – handed in quests at the same time). Then I did the first legendary quest and then… SLEEP!
    I’m about to start the grind for heroic gear ready for next week and raids!
    Although I can’t wait to do some Pet Battles :D!


  5. The first thing I did was try to work on my Jewelcrafting. Then I discovered I needed the expansion for the 525-600. So, I took the time to finish getting Exalted with my Guild. After that I actually tried out Battle Pets (too fun), and then when my wife was home with her Collector’s Edition we rolled Pandas.


  6. so many things to do first thing I did before leaving for work in the morning was to create a panda and after watching the cutscenes and the first quest left for work but when I returned I sent my main to the panda zone and did a few quests .. in her rush she didnt train leatherworking or skinning so she has to get back to a capital city for that.

    after that guildies called me so I switched to my bear and we did plenty of pet battles while que qued for dungeons it seems with the guild buff bonus one earns more xp by doing dungeons than by questing.

    and on other stuff fried chicken with bacon crust!


  7. My first hour? In a word – PANDA!

    Rolled my Panda Monk, Aershen – then pushed him really hard towards level 10 so I can pick a faction (Horde) and finally mail him all those heirlooms I’ve been keeping for him.

    Then, Pokemons. I love it when I found out that your pet team is shared across all your toons, it makes it soooo much easier to switch toons and continuing to level your Pokem- I mean pets.

    Now, however, I’m focused on leveling my main through Pandaria. I’m taking the casual, scenic route which means not rushing to 90, instead stopping here and there to enjoy this new continent, laugh at some discovery and immersing myself in the adventure. My favorite quest so far is the storytelling questline by the hozen Riko and the Horde scout team.


  8. Unfortunately, I just moved and don’t have my gaming PC with me. I have spent all my time trying to get a spare PC cleaned, and up and running. Now Iam trying to get rid of all the Crappy Vista lag.


  9. Ok. Finally logged in.

    Started with Pet Battles. Got addicted somewhat. Leveled like 4 pets to level 6.. fought the first two trainers.. found some rare or uncommon grade pets.

    Then I went to Pandaria with my main DK.

    Sent back some greens to DE on my enchanter.

    Logged into my inscriptionist. Learned Glyph Of The Cheetah. Leveled my Inscription to 600 in like 5 seconds. Too bad I was not on earlier. :(. Made all the monk glyphs. Made the two new kite pets. Figured they were not selling high enough to be profitable.

    Went back to my main. Did a couple more quests. Went to sleep.

    Tomorrow I am going to get my miner and herbalist to Pandaria. Start a new Panda Monk, and level my main some more.


  10. I don’t have the expansion, so no levelling for me, but the moment MOP went live I dropped everything to go create my pandaran priest.
    I wasn’t in the beta so I’d never seen a pandaran in the flesh (so to speak) until the trainer NPCs appeared in starting zones last week. I didn’t like the idea of pandaran until then, but the one in the Deathknell Inn was just the most adorable thing I’d ever seen and changed my mind.
    Clearly, I wasn’t the only one with that thought, as the starting area had an elegant sufficiency of red female pandas. Being all plumptious and delightful and swishing their dear little tails.
    The only thing that bothers me about them is their sad lack of druidity.


  11. I was all prepared – quests at the ready on my druid and rogue (as I hadn’t fully decided). But in actual fact the first thing I did was create my panda monk… because I had shown my kids the trailer and my wife was out so I thought I’d treat them by letting them create my panda! We watched the trailer again, then logged in deleted my placeholder and create my panda. My son was disappointed he couldn’t just give his panda a hat or a sword straight up (he wasn’t excited by a staff). Not exactly what I was thinking it would look like, but good enough. However something about either pandas or the wander isles was crashing wow regularly for me (had to delete and recreate my panda to watch the intro movie again). Anyway came back to the login screen after a restart… and my son decides we need to create all the characters from the trailer – so disappeared off to another realm (and had to delete a couple of random low level characters) to then create Admiral Taylor and whoever the Horde character was. Then it was time for their bath and bed.

    Now – come to my real play time once they were in bed – I cycled through all my characters to ensure they were getting their rested xp, then logged my druid and turned in my 23 quests, picked up pet battles, killed a Stormwind rat (I didn’t even follow the quests) with my baby blizzard bear (was my default) before heading off to Pandaria (forgetting to train my professions – had to return later to do that). I then had fun, joining up with a guildy sun/moonfiring all the things as we quested together! I think the quests and the way that have been done (limited cutscenees, but lots of interesting chat going on during and after quests – its worth hanging around after you turn them in). I know they redid the Jade Forest and I did a little bit before in beta but the rewritten start is really really good!


  12. I took my scribe in first so I could get my hands on the new herbs and level up my inscription. Really enjoying it all. Forgot to level my professions BEFORE I went to pandaria. Oops! But all’s well. Played her for about 2 1/2 hours, then wanted to try my hunter out, had a lot of fun with her. But that’s all I have had time for so far. Can’t wait to make my panda monk–name reserved? Mahjong! Also have another name reserved, Wuddly, for any other panda I want to make. Loving it all so far.


  13. I played for about 40 minutes this morning – went straight to Pandaria. As Alliance, I loved the opening quests. When the captain shouted “For Theramore!”, I was like “hell yeah!”. Rocketing orcs from the air was great.


  14. Deleted a toon that was no longer wanted to make room for a panda hunter. The idea of a bear hunter, with a bear combat pet, and a bear vanity pet just makes me grin every time.

    Then I deleted my placeholder for my monk, a girl gnome gmonk, and I leveled her to 3rd level.

    Then I had to go back to work.


  15. I didn’t buy MoP until last night – wasn’t sure I wanted to with CRZs… then I read that the new stuff wouldn’t be CRZ for a while so…

    I woke up at 3:30 am to an apnea induced panic attack that included what I thought was blindness. Once I realized I could actually see, and that the clock was reading ‘3:30’ in bright red letters, I rubbed my eyes… big mistake. My left eye screamed in pain. So, I sat in bed for 15 minutes tenderly playing with my eye, trying to figure out what was wrong. After the pain decided not to subside, I went to the bathroom to check it out in the light.

    Red, watery, angry… I think there’s a sty in the corner – feels like a sty. I shrug, knowing the irritation will only subside with time, so I shuffle to my computer down the hall and sit. Panda… no panda… Panda!

    I grab my authenticator and log into battle.net and grab a copy.

    I log in. I’ve figured I’d level my priest, since he’s currently my favorite character. (He’s tailor/alchemy) I do the new quests up to where you get to the town and can port out. At one point, I get a quest for a new alchemy stone/trinket. But it needs Golden Lotus. Of course, the priest isn’t an herber… that’s my druid. I port to Org and look at the AH – no Golden Lotus. Lots of new cloth though… I buy some and level my tailoring up a bit.

    Then, log in my druid to go grab herbs. Do all the quests again (no alchemy stone quest drop – muy sadface) and even worse, no Golden Lotus herbs. Lots of tea and other things. Sigh. By now it’s nearing 5 in the morning and I have to make a decision – work or play.

    My eye is still bugging, but not enough to legitimately call in for – so I went back to bed in hopes of catching some zzz’s…

    I did convert my namesake to a monk too.

    I kinda wish I had called in though – my eye pain is spreading across my skull and down my neck. Not sure I’d of played more, but at least I wouldn’t be stuck at work sans painkillers.

    Oh well. Two hours to go, and then I can dive back out.

    I do think I’ll level up my gatherers some though – not having ore/leather/cloth/herbs when dealing with 5 max different professions and 4(!) alcheys… just hurts. I didn’t save up a ton of money to buy them from the AH – gotta farm them myself. Just means all my 85s I thought would languish are gonna slowly end up 90 organically.



  16. “Somewhere a shaman sits at her desk with her phone on her lunch break and thinks, me too, me too.”

    But…the first thing I did was get on a boat and swing some pickaxes at new ore nodes…and it felt great!


  17. Thankfully my re-install of WoW finished about 25 min before xpac release and I was able to log in. I had time to do a quick Theramore scenario with some guildies then I went and parked my butt at the pet battle trainer. I fiddled around with cleaning my pet list and doing a few of the starter quests for almost two hours before heading to bed. Today, I finished cleaning my pet list, posting some duplicate pets on AH and then went right back to doing pet battles. Let Cassie know that if she ever wants to do pet battles against other players she can give me a holler. I’m sure I will be very preoccupied with it…lol. I need to find out if our pets get better xp from fighting other players or critters in the wild.


  18. Poor Bear. My first captured pet was a Rare quality Little Frog. Later, when walking a frog loving guildie through the system so she could catch her own frog, I captured a second frog (my second pet capture) to see if you could have more than one of each type of pet…it was an uncommon. Two achieves right there.

    Grats to Cassie on the Rare Fawn. Wonder if Bambee could grow up to be a powerhouse.

    BTW, apparently my Silver Tabbie is a nuke tank. First pet I ever got years ago. Who knew?


  19. I also spent the first several hours leveling pets and doing pet battles! It was surprisingly fun! Pokemonesque….if you will. Then I decided to finally venture over to the Jade Forest and started questing. I love the environmental details! The Blizz artists did a great job! I leveled the rest of the night for about another 6 hours, collecting cloth, motes of harmony (boy those don’t drop very often! I only got three in 6 hours!), and leveling up mining as I went along! I took it very leisurely and really tried to enjoy the new expansion and not just rush through it as in expansions past. Overall it was a pretty fun night!


  20. Pet Battles. For like four hours. With one dungeon-on-my-bear break. (We did a couple dungeons, but all in one sitting). This afternoon I’ve been picking away at more pet battles and a few levels on my dk. More bearing after my afternoon break! And a monk baby! And pet battles!


    • Cassie tells me pet battles are super addicting, and she’s already captured a rare quality Fawn.

      Meanwhile, here I am at work.


  21. I have not purchased MoP, yet. Still waiting on my payday. Hopefully I will be dinging my main to 86 no later than Monday. *crosses fingers*

    Instead, to console myself, I rolled a couple of pandas to check out the starting area, because, you know, you can roll pandas even without MoP, just no monks. 😉 One went alliance, the other went horde. I have to say that I enjoyed the starting zone pretty well!

    Tonight, I check out pet battles!


  22. I dabbled with my main, did a few quests training all professions so they could level again. Did a few pet battles so all 3 slots would be open. Caught a few new pets, and then cleaned up my pet log, After all that I character hopped and trained professions for my toons. Then I made my Panda monk Pandaphobe and sat him down with out playing him. I will level him after my druid is 90.
    However my girlfriend went pet battle nuts, she spent the first 3 hours just on the pet battles and if se caught a pet tat wasnt uncommon or rare quality she quickly released it back into the wild. Yup she will only keep them uncommon and rare quality ones. She spent 45 mins just trying to get a black lamb pet. So she is hooked tere just like others will be i am sure.


      • Yeah Elwynn and my girlfriend agrss with Cassie super addicting she says, over 250 battles won so far for her………
        Dear blizz what have you done……


      • I’m not going to be able to get Mists until tomorrow, so I played around with the pet battles. Found my black lamb over by the Eastvale logging camp. Picked up a rare chicken over in Westfall where you used to do the old /chicken thing. I have no idea where that two and a half hours went…


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