Pandas Are Cool. Deal With It.

Ever since BlizzCon, when the expansion and the playable race were revealed, I’ve read a lot about Kung Fu Pandas.

I’ve never felt the desire to comment about Pandas before now, but there seems to be a rising narrative that I want to rebut and rebuke before it simply becomes “what everyone thinks” from inertia and a lack of pushback.

It feels stupid to even acknowledge the ignorance, but what the hell. It’s annoying me, I’m not seeing anyone address it, and whether you feel what I say about it is appropriate or accurate or not, I’ll feel better for having said it.

The playable race is Pandas. Pandas are cool. Deal with it.

I’ve seen people talk about how they hate the pandas, the idea of pandas, how stupid pandas are, multiple references to Kung Fu Panda, and my personal favorite, repeated statements that nobody out there wants to play a panda as a heroic character because they’re fat and stupid and uncool and, like, whatever.


First off, and my biggest point.

Speak for yourself. Don’t speak to what “everyone” thinks, or “everyone” wants, because you just come across sounding like what that shit is: stupid or ignorant or both.

All you can speak towards is what YOU think. You’ve got no idea what other people think. All you know is what you think in your head, and what you’ve seen people publicly say in the locations you go to.

If you surround yourself with alcoholics, and then ask if drinking is the best thing ever, you’re going to get a certain point of view. It’ll likely be damn close to unanimous in favor of the awesomeness of booze. Ask that same question at an AA meeting, and you’ll likely get a different answer.

So just shut up about telling us what “everyone” thinks based on what you think coupled with the opinions you’ve read in the places you frequent. Or, as I like to put it, stop giving us your knowledge learned in the school of “What some guy said in a pub.”

I’m saying you’re full of shit, in case I’m being too vague. You not only don’t speak for everyone, you CAN’T speak for everyone. Nor can you speak for a majority of people, about ANYTHING.

What, you did a Rasmussen poll? Who did you contact? Where? The forums? Oh yeah, that’s representative of the playerbase as a whole. Some blog? Your college dorm friends? What is your sampling size? What backgrounds and demographics are represented?

This goes for every damn thing out there. I don’t care what the topic is. Shit, even if we’re talking cannibalism. You can assume that nobody in the entire world is in favor of cannibalism, but you don’t KNOW. All you really know is what you think and what you feel inside your own head, and sometimes you don’t even know that.

Haven’t you ever heard of repressed feelings, and living in denial?

Maybe eveyone in the world secretly wonders what people taste like, but nobody dares to mention it for fear of being thought a freak. You don’t really know? Do you? 

If you want to say something about what you think, say what you think. Don’t try to bolster your argument by acting like everyone else thinks the same as you, if you disagree you’re not cool. Outsider, unclean, conform, conform.

Bullshit. Yes, speak your mind. If you think pandas suck, fine. Say so, loud and long, based on YOUR thoughts and feelings.

But don’t tell me that “everyone else thinks they suck, too”. Red flag, BULLSHIT ALERT. BULLSHIT ALERT.

Let’s move on to more Panda-specific ranting, on the race and on role playing in general.

People say Pandas aren’t cool. Aren’t neat. Are stupid as a playable race.

Here is where tastes divurge.

I think Pandas in general look pretty cool. When I see them hugging a tree, or eating a piece of sugarcane, I go “d’awww.” So cute! For all I know they might be mean little buggers in real life, with nasty claws and a bad temper. No idea.

More specifically, I think the Pandaran race in World of Warcraft looks very cool. When you see them in motion, there is a graceful flow to them that is very nice. I made a male Panda Warrior, and the two handed sword combat looks super-cool. It brings back fond memories of watching old Kung Fu movies when I was a child.

They are very graceful, without being explosions of macho muscle. They seem deadly like a keen edge, not a battering ram. And yet, the males Pandaren are physically huge, without being aggressively muscular.

So, you don’t think they’re cool? I do. I’ve given some reasons already, and I’ll have more further down. If your reason for why they’re not cool is to say, “Well, duh, ’cause they’re pandas” I say, not good enough. Back it up.

Now, I’m going to really delve into my own personal opinion on role playing games, playing, and what I think is at the heart of all the panda hate as a race.

Total speculation, my opinion, based on my own personal experiences playing pen and paper role playing games for many years, both in High School and for eight years with Marines that also played.

I know some people play role playing games to live vicariously through the lives of their characters.

I have known people I’ve played with who heavily invested themselves in the character they created. They played their character to feel things and do things, and act in ways through their character that they either could not or would not in the real world.

These were characters, yes, but they were also surrogate selves. They were the people my friends wished they were, or were like, instead of the reality.

Some of them, yes, played their character to feel powerful and badass. Some of them were Marines I’ve known. It may surprise you, but Marines can feel powerless and ineffective in the real world too. They played to feel some control, some power, some feeling of success.

I’m not just guessing. Some of my good friends and I would bullshit about this stuff all the time, they knew they did it, and copped to it. In some cases, freely admitted that they did it as a stress relief. Work may have really sucked and the Sergeant has been giving them a ration of shit lately, by damn let’s get this game going, I want to blow some shit up.

I say, good. Whatever you do that helps you feel better, and doesn’t involve hurting other people is just fine with me.

I’d much rather someone feel powerful by playing a badass in an RPG than that they get out on the open road in a 2 ton car and decide that by God they were going to make people fear them today and touch someone else’s life whether they like it or not.

It’s not just about feelings of power or control, either.

I’ve also known people that had a public face, professional, restrained, even proper, but when playing a role-playing game felt safe enough or free enough to act completely different than they ‘normally’ would. To be flirty or unrestrained, as one example, but also to act loud and brash, or argumentative and bullheaded instead of going along to get along, or other behaviors that they just didn’t feel right doing in real life.

Part of role playing is it’s not real. It’s a safe environment to let you do shit you yourself don’t do in the real world, because that’s not who you really are, but let’s pretend for a short time.

Sometimes, how you or someone else acts in the anonymity of the internet isn’t who you really are inside, it might be someone you are exploring being, a path not taken, someone you’ve never been, just to try it on where it’s ‘make-believe’. What else IS role playing, if not trying on something that ain’t really you?

They’re role-playing games. This is the whole point, doing things and experiencing things through a character that ain’t you. Sometimes you’re working out issues, sometimes, you’re just exploring the possibilities.

Hopefully, doing it inside a fictional storyline, being interactive and playing with friends makes it all one big fun time.

But, if you do play the your character in the game to feel like a powerful badass, then a character race or class that you identify with that feeds into a sense of personal power would be what you want, not some soft cuddly panda.

I get that.

In pen and paper role playing games, the races chosen by players seeking personal power would be the big gonzo things, the giants, half-giants, orcs, dragonkin, half-dragons, etc. Massive super-powerful, imposing, rippling muscles and ragged loincloths or big spiky armor. Honking big axes, flaming swords, that kind of thing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Damnit, it’s one of the things that I like best about role playing games, we’re adults, we can damn well play make believe in any way and for whatever reason that we want to. There isn’t a ‘right way’ to play a role playing game. 

But maybe that is why people say they don’t like the pandaren playable race, or think they’re not cool?

The person playing to be a powerful badass wishes they’d gotten something badass and powerful like dragons or dragonkin as a playable race, or something else large and imposing and covered in spikes or rippling muscles. Something that fits a different definition of ‘cool’. A definition that gets fed by the covers of video game magazines, muscle car magazines, and the Shooting Times.

I don’t know. I’m wondering, and yes I’m projecting, but I’m trying like hell to figure out where all the panda rage is coming from, and I’m drawing some blanks here.

In short, I’m wondering if most of the rage at Pandas as a playable race is coming from people who wanted a race to feed their power fantasies better.

If you don’t like pandas or are raging against them, if that’s your thing, go for it.

But don’t go out there and start talking about how everyone hates them and nobody would play one, or how stupid they are, and expect it to go unchallenged.

I love the panda characters, their style, their feel. They are very interesting as potential characters.

They cry out for stories, for adventures, for making their way in a fictional world, stumbling into trouble and trying to learn more about the outside they’ve never known before. And all of this with a positive, open, curious frame of mind.

The pandas to me are a playable race where, finally, we don’t have a legacy of war and patriotism and old feuds and fury. We’ve got a race that can wander out in the world, not to kill or dominate or impose their will on others, but to see, to explore, and to learn.

Pandas are the good stewards, looking to leave things as they find them, to learn from what they see, and to offer aid to those that need it regardless of who they are.

I for one am grateful to have a new race that is more open to having a different point of view, a more peaceful, reflective mood as a foundation to build on.

Oh shit. Wait, I just thought. Is peace not cool, either?

29 thoughts on “Pandas Are Cool. Deal With It.

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  2. I like seeing the pandas running around. They are cute and make me smile. While I haven’t got around to making one myself, I will probably create a male panda warrior and name him after my big fluffy man cat. I have tried to create a female panda, but can’t do it. I think it’s because only one face option is provided. Perhaps Blizz took a cue (heh, I originally typed queue) from players who create female trolls? Players inevitably choose the “pretty” face so there’s a bunch of different colored identical twin female trolls running around Azeroth. Why give them an option when 95% will inevitably choose the same face?

    And then their silly anime-esque giggle. That these things bother me makes me such a sad panda. But it’s ok, there’s plenty to do and not be sad about! I’m sure I’ll get over it in time and create a female panda eventually.

    There’s gotta be some weird psychology behind player preferences when creating characters. I’m not sure I’d want to know where I’d fit in that spectrum.


  3. I’m enjoying Mists of Pandaria very much. I haven’t rolled a pandaren yet, because I’m busy levelling all my 85s. But I will.

    I think a reason for the panda hate is – they’re FAT. Prejudice against fat people is the one big acceptable one left, in fact it’s encouraged more and more. The pandaren are fat, and what’s worse, they’re unabashedly fat, they’re HAPPY and fat. And from what I’ve seen, many people just can’t handle that. If you are fat, you’re supposed to be miserable, desperately trying to become thin, and hiding yourself at every opportunity. The pandaren are fat, and they’re perfectly fine with that, and they’re adorable, and they’re busily having their lives.

    I’m cheering for it.


  4. What I’ve been saying all along is, moonkin are much sillier and more ridiculous-looking than any panda could ever look. (I have one.) But they didn’t “ruin” WoW. So just el-oh-el at the people suddenly frothing out about pandas oh noes breaking WoW. Pandas got nothing on giant waddling chickens, and WoW has survived just fine.


  5. I had my reservations about pandas, but I’m having a blast with my Pandren monk. And making the kids hysterical with his jokes (have you tried his /silly emotes?) is a lot of fun. I always worry about these (my son is playing a troll but the ‘shrunken head’ jokes are going over his head so far) but the Panda ones are family friendly. It was a hoot as the kids realized what the “Wind is strong….” joke was about. 🙂


  6. I love Pandaria. Love love love. Possibly an extreme reaction, but I sat down to play it the day it came out, and four hours later I was going “YES!!”. I couldn’t say for sure exactly what it was, but it brought back a feeling I used to get, that I was ‘going to Azeroth’. It was incredibly beautiful, the storyline was immersive, and somehow it all fel very real — not in terms of real life, but that it was a place, not just a scene.

    Another thing — Pandaria and the Wandering Isle are very comforting places; you feel safe in them (or I do). It’s a nice feeling.


  7. If you make a list of the 5 baddest, meanest, fool-pitying characters ever to appear in Warcraft, Chen Stormstout makes that list, and easily hits top 3.

    Pandas kick ass. Deal with it.


  8. Heh… my favorite (which is to say ironic and just silly to my ears) arguement I keep hearing from people is

    “OMG The game has gone all Furry!!!”

    Cause, you know… Large cow people, people turning into bears and cats, large wolves, taming animal companions… that didn’t attract the furry community at all. (end sarcasim)

    Of course that’s more a discussion about people hating on the internet and people just needing to learn to calm to F*&K down and realize their lives aren’t affected by Furries… Bronies… Gays… Fantasy Football… Dungeons and Dragons… John Deer/International (are you red or green?)… Hipsters… Apple fan boys

    I now expect a bear wall about this topic 🙂

    P.S. Although the world IS still affected by Gnomes and Goblins, and we need to punt them as much as possible!


  9. Here is my problem with the whole “pandas suck” argument:
    This xpac is about so much more than pandas. The artwork is beautiful, the gameplay mechanics are just about spot on for the new instances. We all know about pet battles; ’nuff said on that subject. The account bound pets and mounts.
    This is like Blizzards “windows 7”. That is if you compare wrath to xp and then equate cata with windows vista. Wrath was great, cata had its good points but in general was a little below what they were touting and, with Pandaria, it just appears that they have taken the best from the previous and threw out what was left.


  10. I don’t like Pandaren.

    And it’s a damn shame, because I wanted to like Pandaren, especially the females, because it’s great that there’s a variety of body types and I don’t have to be a slender teen or someone who couldn’t walk upright in RL because the boobs would topple her over. And I do like their personal philosophy, which is not that far from mine.

    But they are so damn _cute_, and that is so very off-putting. I’m actually surprised how large my dislike for them is, but I kept seeing images of female pandaren again and again on WoWInsider posts, and they’re just … wrong (to me, I mean). I suspect that a proper neck on the women, and actual different faces in addition to just the weird fur patches would go a long way towards me being able to enjoy them, plus hair that does not look like she’s coming from an anime convention (there are so many Asian cultures that have awesome hair, but no, we get anime hair).

    The main design vibe I get from them is Disney-fied Anime.

    I’m also put off by the Asian theme. I enjoy a lot of aspects about Asian culture, I studied Japanese for 3 years, and I did spend some time being quite fond of anime and manga. But, personally, I just don’t think it fits into WoW, at all.

    I can, intellectually, understand what they’re trying to do with the story line, but every time I log in and hear the new music and see the Pandaren stuff, it hits me that emotionally, I hate what they’re doing.

    (mind you, that just means I’ve unsubbed and am walking away, no sense in throwing a tantrum. I’m actually pissed that I don’t like it – my best friend plays WoW, and we clocked a lot of time playing together. She will keep playing, which puts a huge wrinkle into our “spend fun times together” gig)


  11. I made a pandaren shaman. I like her and this is the first time ever I got a shammy over level 10. The casting animations are good, but what’s really great is their facial expression when casting. I went Horde with her first. Then Garrosh went all “My Horde this! My Horde that! Rawrawrawrwar!” and I remade her and went Alliance. That Gollum-wannabe can just sod off. I’m not going to spend an entire expansion under him.

    Plus I got to hit Varian and knock him on his butt.


  12. I personally don’t care for the pandas. Well I’m indifferent. I think they are a bit too cheesy. I play mostly horde right now and I don’t care for goblins for basically the same reason. I liked the old skins much more. If blizz didn’t change the skins I would probably have a high level goblin. I even disliked taurens for a long time, but I recently leveled one thru recruit a friend and he really grew on me.

    All that aside, the pandas did not stop me from buying the expansion and I am having a blast. Even if this ends up being some joke of an expansion (which i doubt) the zones are gorgeous. Pet battles are addicting. The rares are exciting and challenging. I like what they did with jewelcrafting since that is the profession I am currently working on. There are fun new mounts.

    I guess what I am trying to say is even if it is ‘kung fu panda’ there is sooo much more to it than that. I am not even 88 and I just feel like the expansion is so vast and exciting. We have barely scratched the surface. There may not be a brand new race that someone enjoys but there is an old race you enjoy that has the monk class.


    • From your comment, you kinda sound like one of the old time ‘The Horde are the ugly mongrel races that people who see past surface impressions play’ folks I love.

      I totally respect that. In the beginning, that was a very valid breakdown of the two sides.

      Since then, things have gotten a lot more… muddled. But I like it.


      • Maybe I am just getting grumpy. Lol! I am not even die hard horde, but I guess my dwarf looked like a mean mofo! To me the races and factions don’t matter. It’s about having fun with your friends. How is that for cheesy! Bleh! I need to go do something manly now.

        That reminds me. My friend also plays horde and he hates the undead. “They walk like a baby rhinoceros after it took a dump.” To each their own!


  13. I cant really put all of my thoughts about the negative side to the game forums together so I will just say that I have found them a negative experience in the past. I will also say that I really like the Pandas because I can relate to them somewhat on a personal level. The attitude of the pandas is close to my own in real life.
    The pandas and the new content is there for entertainment / fun and it shouldn’t be a detriment to anyone.
    If it completely breaks your immersion in a game with goblins, werewolves and talking cows and makes you angry, then maybe you should ask why. You have to learn to just ignore the things in the game that you don’t like, enjoy the things you do and when the experience stops being fun to move on.


    • me too 🙂

      On a personal level, I like the female pandas – they look remarkably like my niece. I think it’s great that a game as popular as WoW would finally bring a female body type that wasn’t super skinny (Belf/troll/undead) or gangly (tauren/goblin/orc) while still being sexy. Finally, the horde can look more realistic, like gnome and dwarf females!


  14. I wonder too if not having an alternative makes the “cute” haters more vocal. I mean, if you didn’t want to play a goblin, you could always play a worgen (even if they are stinky Alliance lol) and you’d have a new starting area to explore without having to worry about your machismo.

    That said, I haven’t noticed any lack of pandas (mostly monks) in lowbie dungeons. And I myself have played through the starting zone (it is gorgeous!). I don’t particularly have any hatred for pandas, though I haven’t seen the animated movie people keep talking about. I totally second Theodoxus’ comment about their attitudes.

    I do wish the females were a little less bubbly. But I have pretty much give up hope of ever seeing a truly cool female race in a video game. Wow females about as good as it gets I guess. (Though, the shots I’ve seen of Alpha trolls and Taurens are pretty amazing.) For me, “truly cool” for a female would be 0 on the “cute” scale and 0 on the “hot” scale. Or even better, flexibility to look like “myself as a panada” or “my ideal self as a panda” (which would NOT be hot) or “a hot panda.”

    Purely mechanically it annoys me to no end that I can’t send stuff to them ’til they pick a side. Logical, yes, but also GR!


  15. Pandas are cool. Especially the males. Any race that can look that cool, and humorous, and cute, and cuddly, simply lying down to go to sleep HAS to be cool 😛 Female pandas aren’t quite there – but the males look good.

    Add on top of that their attitude of “mess with me, I’ll mess right back atcha .. otherwise, here, have a beer” and the gorgeous new areas .. very impressive. I love that there feels like there is more of a story, more of a background, and I love that we get the feel that we’re not only interlopers in their normally harmonious world, but that we’ve completely messed with it, even by accident – and now we have to help fix it … I think you mentioned in a previous post about the place feeling “lived in” before we even got there, compared to a lot of older zones which simply felt like they were plonked there just so we had something to kill – this just said it all.

    I also think they’ve made a lot of effort with the wildlife (some of those tigers just look awesome) and the scenery … when you see a new view and you just want to stop and admire it, you know they’ve got it right.

    /gushing off


  16. Well its not called World of Peacecraft lol …, but regardless I do and don’t get all the Panda hate, I think they are a fitting race that has been apart of the warcraft lore for some time now and its about time that the Pandaren were introduced into the line up, kinda like waiting on centaur or ogre to join the mix. I think the main problem is the people who play WoW now a days only know WoW as a video game and do not understand or care about the lore associated with it. Many probably believe that the Pandaren are just some race that Blizz through together to give us an expansion and feel that there was no thought or consideration to race. The belief that the Pandaren came about by piggy backing off the success of Panda Express is not even outlandish if you were to be a person who was not apart of the WoW culture lore stuff.

    Plus that the fact that each expansion has been a step up in the series of bigger and greater things, and now its just like WTF, we just battle Deathwing the Destoryer, the Dragon Aspect. We were promised that Deathwing wasn’t even the true big bad of Cata, that there was some one bigger and badder working behind the seems. This would have led to a huge reveal and built up much anticipation going into the expansion. With MoP its just hey here some pandas have fun.

    There is no explination of why everyone in the panda land is either lvl 10 or 85+ why were they so high level? There was no idea that something grave and terrible is coming to the Panderia and its up to the forces of Azeroth to assist and be there for them.

    A great story line between an isolationist culture who has to accept the assistance of a culture it deems below them and raise together as one against a grave evil is far more appealing than “hey you ruined my garden with your petty sqaubble with those guys you have been fighting since the dawn of time now learn about peace and understand and lets all Lean on Me away hate” story line,

    Thats just me, I like the changes happy to have the Monk class finally,

    My biggest problem with the Pandas is the faact they do not have Druids apart of the class list, because I seriously wanted to be a giant Panda Bear Tank!!!!!!!????????!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


    • haha yes .. that’s something I was surprised to see .. no druid panda? They’re already bears, aren’t they? kinda? AND they’re more “one with nature” than trolls, I would imagine. *sigh* Perhaps in the future?


  17. Wow… good write up. To begin at the beginning, Warcraft for me was always Orcs and Humans. Since loading it up on my PowerMac in college (early 90s), I enjoyed the game a great deal. Same can be said for WC2, but I never tried WC3. I was playing Marathon, Myst, and a handful of other titles at the time, and didn’t like the zoomed in character-centric feel of WC3 when I played the trial. I never experienced a Pandaren, or a DK, or a Tauren for that matter.

    Fast forward to WoW, I quit playing D2LoD and started playing WoW with some D2 friends I had. The Tauren felt like part of the game, and didn’t seem out of place. Same for the DKs some years latter, they were distinctly Warcraft.

    Which brings us to Pandas… They felt out of place at the Blizzcon announcement, they feel out of place now. I don’t hate them, and if I chose to play WoW I’ll be forced to tolerate them, but it’s just not a direction I’d have gone in. Never have I seen anything so divisive in the game as the Pandas – almost as if Blizzard wanted to sabotage their own title by splitting it right down the middle.

    Let me go on to say that everyone in my gaming circle (group of 12 30-40 somethings) tried it and forcibly rejected it in unison. I hadn’t planned on purchasing it, but upon their vehement objection decided to try it out and was pleasantly surprised – it wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting and may even go back into my rotation as a derp game.

    This will hands down be the most important expansion World of Warcraft has ever seen – whether it’s for the best of the title remains to be seen.


  18. I love/loathe pandarans. I love that they’re cool and hip, they have the right attitude about life in general and a total zen feel of ‘I’m just here, but if you threaten me or my family or my floating turtle island, I’ll bring out the big guns and wtfpwn your ass so fast, you won’t realize you’re dead until sometime next week.’

    I loathe that I am built like a pandaran, but can’t move like one. It makes me kinda depressed that I’m not a big bouncy guy who can skip over the rocks and water and bound over small fences. I wish I too moved like I looked like I was 300 pounds, but it was all helium and I actually only weighed 50. That makes me a sadfaced panda-man.

    But as you said, it’s roleplay, right? I can pretend, for a few hours a day that I do move like I weighed 50 pounds, and it’s fun.


  19. I believe the rage/hate bandwagon occurs because there is little risk in being negative and cynical, and being wrong about it. But the risk of supporting something that just might turn into a warm and fluffy fiasco is huge. Especially with young men.

    Like you, I have detected little, if any, blogospherical admissions of being wrong about Pandas. But the commenter Panda love seems pretty overwhelming.

    Just the feel of Pandaria so far has hit just the right note with me. And I have no desire to hurry to the next level like I did in Cata. And fish people who aren’t Naga!


  20. I can finally have a “big race” Rogue. I’ve wanted a Tauren Rogue for a while now, and my Druid in Kitty form has been nice… but to finally have a huge Rogue to go kill stuff with… that makes me happy. There’s something delightfully *wrong* about a huge Panda sneaking up on stuff and going all stabbity on it.


  21. I think that part of it might be people that are burned out on Warcraft or MMOs in general, but feel they need something concrete to pin their disillusionment on. Pandas make an easy target. They can feel better about all the time and money they put into WoW or other MMOs and point to Pandas as their reason.


  22. Your point about people wanting to play the huge muscly badass is good, but one thing sprang to mind while reading it; I may be wrong, but I don’t remember much hate against Goblins when Cataclysm launched. Goblins are hardly badass, they’re kind of scrawny and shrimpy and only get by by cheating, which isn’t ‘cool’.

    On the other hand, it might be that Goblins aren’t badass, but Pandaren are anti-badass – they’re big and cuddly and fluffy, while Goblins are just kind of neutral.

    Personally, I think Pandaren are pretty cool. Then again, I’ve not actually seen any other than the trailer, so I could be wrong.


    • Two things: Goblins already had an established presence in the game — and some of them could be described as badasses, by a very Goblin definition — and that Goblins are, by most definitions I know of, Not Cute.

      Another thing — Goblins weren’t threatening to the image of the Horde as a whole. They were scrawny, but they’re also cynical money-grubbers in love with explosions — they fit in with the ‘grittier’ feel of the Horde. Pandaren kind of… don’t. They give the Horde as a whole a softer edge, and some players might find that threatening. I guess. Pure speculation.


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