Kitty Clawing All The Things

I know I said I was going to level as Bear, but turns out, I lied.

I’ve been focusing my questing efforts playing my Druid, and from the moment I set foot in Pandaria I’ve been running as a Cat.

The single biggest reason is simple curiosity. I haven’t really played as a cat since, like, Burning Crusade.

In fact, I remember in BC doing a blog post just reminding people there was more to Cat DPS while questing than Mangle Mangle Mangle next. Was that my last time talking about Kitty DPS? Might have been.

Amazing how much things change, right?

I’ve been all about being a Bear for so long, I really didn’t even know how cats had been changed. Or what they had for synergy.

I just haven’t been paying attention, but that’s all changed in Mists. I’m being a Kitty and I like it. So many tools!

I’ve been playing the Feral Kitty now, and building my DPS rotation has felt a little like a build-your-own-sandwich buffet.

There are a lot of abilities to choose from, and they all taste good, but space is limited and some of them taste better together than others. And some clash.

Also, you can’t just throw everything together taking as much time as you’d like, because lunch time is short. One thing that irritates me is when you just get cooking on a good rotation, and the damn bad guy dies before you get to use your fun stuff on it. I love boss fights, it gives me time to use everything plus the kitchen sink.

Boss fights let me show that I can do so much more now than “mangle mangle mangle next”.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that have since long mastered the Cat DPS, and know all the ways it works.

Those folks, God bless them, will probably think the things I’m going to describe are so elementary that it’s funny, and it’s entirely true. But everyone has to start somewhere… and at least I do have something like 5 years experience eating faces off.

Past experience on the resume is great, but before I break out the beard and suspenders and talk about those halcyon days of face chewing youth, what faces have I chewed off lately?

I can’t help but notice the system I learned and mastered has been replaced. I’ll miss the Trash-80, but I guess it’s time to look into these fancy new Tablet thingies.

For those of you who, like me, are used to being more Bear than Cat, there are a few things I’ve come across that felt kind of surprising, and I wanted to share them with you.

And if it turns out I’m the last Druid in Pandaria to put this stuff together, well, it’ll give you a healthy laugh, right?

First thing I noticed is the Healing talent tier sounded good but was deceiving.

You’ve got Nature’s Swiftness on there, which hearkens back to the old days of Vanilla WoW, popping out of form for a quick NS+Healing Touch insta-heal then back to Bear bidness. Old school happy memories.

I strongly recommend you don’t take Natures’ Swiftness!

I took Renewal, the instant-cast 30% max health Heal spell instead.

The reason I suggest you avoid Natures Swiftness is that you already have it built into Cat Form.

It’s a passive effect called “Predatory Swiftness”, and what it does is give you a 20% chance per point in a Finishing Move of making your next spell, from a group including Healing Touch, instant cast, cast in all forms, and free. JUST like Nature’s Swiftness does.

So, you get Natures Swiftness already if you’re Feral. Why not take one of the other two choices instead?

Let me give you an example of how I’ve been working the Predatory Swiftness into my current soloing rotation against, say, an 86 elite.

Oh, and just as an FYI, I’ve soloed Urobi the Walker over 8 times now. Not a single leather pant or staff drop. Not one. Nor did I get a bag. Same with Salyin Warscout. Lesson learned, go have fun. Camping random rares is boring, even if they are on a 45 minute to 1 hour respawn timer.

So, sorry, how I’ve been doing rotations while soloing elites as Feral.

I hit Faerie Swarm to apply the Weakened Armor debuff.

I open with Mangle, get in a Rake, and then a few more Mangles to 5 points.

I do that because I have trained myself to hit Mangle first to apply a Bleed debuff before Raking… BUT MANGLE NO LONGER APPLIES BLEEDS, it just does the Infected Wounds that slows targets. I just can’t seem to break myself of that habit. I’m working on it.

Anyway, I run out of energy with this burst at about the same time I hit 5 points on the target, so I pop Savage Roar as my first Finishing Move, getting a 30% DPS boost for the next 48 seconds and then I pop a free Healing Touch for a big self heal.

Next I activate Tiger’s Fury, giving me another 15% DPS boost for 6 seconds, but more importantly I instantly get 60 more energy AND my Shred can be cast even though I’m facing the front of the target, for as long as Tiger’s Fury lasts.

So for 6 seconds after I hit Tiger’s Fury, I spam Shred, then switch back to Mangle, quickly building back to 5 points on the target and hit the Rip Finishing Move for a nice powerful DoT… and hit another instant free Healing Touch.

Now I can pop Berserk, giving myself an increased energy regen for 15 seconds. So, more Mangles, renew Rake, and build up to a Ferocious Bite or Maim, and get another free Healing Touch out of it. 

I mean, one fight and I generally have two, maybe three different opportunities to cast a free instant 30k heal. And it doesn’t have to be cast on me, either, if I have a focus target set up like, oh, on my friend I’m questing with, and they’re wearing cloth. Or on the healer to help in AoE moments.

And that’s not even counting Renewal as a self-only instant cast Heal that gives you 30% of your max health RIGHT NOW.

The only times I’m having trouble is when I’m fighting swarms of little things that die so fast I can’t get 5 points built up on ’em, and, well, Bear.

Speaking of AoE, I don’t work Thrash into my rotation. Not unless there are more than one target on me. it does damage and yes, it does add a DoT, and it also reduces the damage the bad guys do by 10%, but on single targets I go for fast DPS and multiple Healing Touches rather than worry about reducing damage by 10%.

I also love being an Herbalist. I’ve been getting Life Spirits everywhere from herbs, I’ve already got over 80 of the damn things, they’re like super-hot pots. I use them all the time.

Tiger’s Fury is on a short enough cooldown that, on long fights, by the time Berserk is over I can hit a second one for another surge of DPS.

One thing that I’ve had to work around is, when Predatory Swiftness activates, the Healing Touch icon does NOT light up like other procced abilities can. I suppose it’s because you’ve got choices to make, it’s not automatically assumed you’re going to use Healing Touch. Predatory Swiftness also makes your Rebirth instant cast IN FORMS.

Since the icon doesn’t light up, I’ve set up my Scrolling Battle Text to give me an announcement in my notification window saying it’s procced.

If you use Power Auras or Weak Auras, it’s probably already enabled, and you see it no problem. I don’t know, I haven’t been using them for a long time now. Maybe I should.

It’s important to have some way of knowing if it really went off, though, because in the heat of battle let me tell you, if you hit a Finishing Move and it didn’t go off because you missed, hitting Healing Touch immediately afterwards and popping into humanoid form? BAD THING.

I’ve still got alot to explore.

I have questions.

I haven’t messed around with training dummies, so I have nagging questions like, is there a better DPS boost in the short term hitting Rip on the first Finisher and getting Savage Roar on the second, or is it better the way I’ve been doing it, getting Savage Roar in early?

And Thrash, IS it a DPS boost to replace one of your early Mangles with a Thrash to get the DoT cooking and reduce incoming damage? The few times I’ve tried, the HUGE energy cost feels like it sucks the guts right out of my rotation.

And Ravage. If you have Incarnation, as I do, besides looking really cool with armor and stuff, it lets you instantly activate Prowl if you want, it lets you use your prowl-only abilities like getting off a Pounce stun, and use Ravage ignoring positioning requirement for the entire 30 seconds.

So, how much more of a DPS boost is getting 30 seconds of Ravages off? Am I supposed to use Incarnation as a PvP ability, Pouncing on opponents to stun them? For straight PvE fights, how does Ravage compare to Shred?

It’s an interesting question, and I look forward to doing some playing around with it.

I don’t PvP, and I’m a Night Elf anyway. When I want to vanish I don’t need Incarnation/Prowl, I just hit my Night Elf racial to vanish while stationary, and that drops aggro and let’s me enter Prowl. I do that all the time.

So, if the DPS boost from Ravage isn’t that high, maybe it might be more valuable in terms of DPS to go with Soul of the Forest, giving me an additional 20 energy every time I pop off one of my 5 point Finishing Moves. 20 extra energy goes straight to the DPS bottom line.

And Pounce, well, stuns are nice but I took Mighty Bash to supplement my Headbonk interrupt, and I like it.

So, yeah it’s a new experience. A lot that’s familiar from the times I did Kitty DPS in Dragon Soul, but other stuff that feels like it’s more streamlined, cut closer to the bone in terms of timing.

What do you think? Are you having fun with it? Are you feeling uber epic powerful like I am, or is it feeling squishy to you?

I can hardly wait to get into Heroics and Scenarios, and try out both Bear tanking AND Feral Cat as my two specs.

Now if only I didn’t need to reforge and re-enchant every damn time I wanted to switch.

26 thoughts on “Kitty Clawing All The Things

  1. Hi BBB

    Loving Cat myself. I have done a few things different to yourself. In regards to Natures Swiftness, I took it because it does a nice big free heal and most importantly it only has a minute cool down, which is half the cool down on renewal and still does a pretty big heal. Obviously as we start to get more and more life, Renewal gets a bit more attractive.
    My other difference is that I took Typhoon as I found that once I had popped a 5 point bleed on the mob, I could typhoon them away, start on another mob and the first mob would be dead by the time they got back to me. Not to every ones taste I imagine but it makes me smile.


  2. Yeah, I also expected to level as bear, and am finding a lot of joy in Kitty mode. If I can open from Stealth, I use Pounce, then Rake, then Shred (while they’re still stunned), than a Mangle. By that time I’m out of energy and pop Tiger’s Fury, and then Savage Roar to get it up (with only 2 points). I then Mangle to 5 points, and either Rip or Bite, depending on how much life they have left. I hadn’t realized until you pointed it out that Tiger’s Fury will let you use Shred… that’ll change things…

    Anyway, I’m also loving it my kitty.


  3. I love cat. I mean, there is so much fun about the game. I like the other druid specs. I like my DKs. I’m looking forward to trying a Monk. But, man, I always come back to playing my cat.

    I’ve got to admit, I find myself hitting Mangle before starting into Shreds, too, even when running with a group, with all the baddies facing the tank and their backs to me. Habits do die hard. I’ve started overcoming it by consciously reminding myself before every fight, that Shred now benefits from bleeds instead of a Mangle debuff. Sometimes that’s enough to help me replace that priming Mangle with a Rake.

    I actually like Nature’s Swiftness. I have found often enough, especially when I was running the Theramore scenario with non-healers, that I wanted a quick heal (for me or them) and didn’t have a Predatory Swiftness proc. I certainly don’t think NS a must-have talent. But I like it.

    I’ll second (third? fourth?) that with Glyph of Savage Roar, Ravage is always (at least in PvE) the best opening move. Good enough that you don’t want to open with a stealth breaking Faerie Fire. Ravage does over 750% base damage man! 975% with Savage Roar up! With +40% crit chance! It’s a big, big deal.

    Another reason I like the Glyph of Savage Roar is that when you hit those first five combo points, if you use them on a Savage Roar, (1) it means you applied five combo points without the Roar buff up and (2) you’ve effectively delayed how quickly you get off a damaging finishing move. Just fighting solo dudes in the wild, putting those first five combo points into a Ferocious Bite (all with a 30% Roar buff, thanks to the glyph) usually means the fight is over just like that. Starting with a 0-point Roar, 12 seconds is enough to get 5 combo points, Rip or Bite and either hit another 0-point Roar or sometimes even get another combo point or three and Roar again, depending on how many extra combo points I procced off crits. The only time we need a five point Roar is on boss fights.

    What that does mean is that I’ve deprioritized Faerie Fire to the point that it’s almost an afterthought. Other than boss fights, things die faster than I can get it applied. Which, I know, not applying the armor reduction debuff makes me sound bad. But dudes are already dead man! Sometimes doing all the cool things just slows you down.

    I also think we need to change a little bit how we think as cats. The conventional wisdom is to get 5 combo points so you can Rip, right? We really should be trying to reach 5 combo points so we can Ferocious Bite. Then we Rip when (1) Rip isn’t already active and (2) the target has the health pool to support it. As long as you keep (1) in mind, the result is the same as conventional wisdom suggests it should be . . . but (2) means that by consciously trying to Bite we won’t waste combo points as often on targets where a Ferocious Bite would actually end the fight. Especially good to keep in mind now that Ferocious Bite renews Rip duration on targets under 25% health.

    That thought process also makes us adjust how we prioritize stats. Conventional wisdom says Mastery > Crit. Which makes sense if the point is to apply Rip. However, if the point is to Ferocious Bite, then more Crit means faster combo points means more opportunities to Bite. That mechanic, crits = combo points = extra Bites, makes it harder to math out just how valuable crit is, but I’ve always been happy with it.


  4. I’ve been levelling as feral apart from tanking…. and in general I love it.
    Mainly – my travel form is as fast as a normal mount – I’m taking feral swiftness, have the pvp 4 piece and boot speed enchant. (As a side note I’ve been running that in BGs as I level too… I’ve not been missing wild charge much because I move so quick… and the quick flag caps achievements in WSG and Twin Peaks have said hello to me too without using any of the speed boost buffs). So I just shift and go (and herb on the run). Oh and I end up with 135% speed in stealth, so I’m not feeling crippled by kitty stealth (I’ve been playing my rogue too much and kitty before these changes just felt slow!)

    I run Nature’s Swiftness because I pvp with it, and at 85 it was generally healing more than renewal but I’m not sure it’s scaling as well. But for PvP it is more useful because I can use it for instance CC as well. I’ve had Predatory Swiftness for an age (because it was always great in PvP), but having both is a great plus. But yes – I need my Weak Aura for it because there isn’t any indicator apart from the buff in your list of buffs. Mine comes up with a big green ‘POWER’ … although it has now evolved into a POWER that fades as the buff duration runs out.

    Basically I try and take down one thing at a time, so my ‘rotation’ as such is Stealth -> Glyph of Savage Roar -> Ravage -> FFF -> Rake -> Mangle x times -> Rip/FB. Basically half the time against a single mob I’ll just FB because it’ll die before I get there. The one thing I’m not liking about feral these days is it is feeling a lot slower that it used to. Admittedly in my PvP gear I don’t have a lot of haste, and I’m still learning to ‘savage roar before anything’

    If I have a couple of mobs then I’ll usually FFF -> Rake -> Rip on the first then go to town on the second. Although I started out levelling as Boomkin and killing multimobs was so much better, just dot and run and run and run. But I found I couldn’t gather up enough mobs – I don’t think I’d have the problem now I’m over in the Steppes as there are lots of mobs about, and not so many players.


  5. Hi, Bear!

    “I haven’t messed around with training dummies, so I have nagging questions like, is there a better DPS boost in the short term hitting Rip on the first Finisher and getting Savage Roar on the second, or is it better the way I’ve been doing it, getting Savage Roar in early?”
    -> Glyph SR (it’s not optional at all for kitties!). The 30% boost to all damage is so important it’s the first thing you hit asap.

    “And Thrash, IS it a DPS boost to replace one of your early Mangles with a Thrash to get the DoT cooking and reduce incoming damage? The few times I’ve tried, the HUGE energy cost feels like it sucks the guts right out of my rotation.”
    Cat thrash is a dps boost on single target if you use it during a clearcast. It’s a dps boost on aoe if the mobs will live 9 seconds or longer.

    “And Ravage. If you have Incarnation, as I do, besides looking really cool with armor and stuff, it lets you instantly activate Prowl if you want, it lets you use your prowl-only abilities like getting off a Pounce stun, and use Ravage ignoring positioning requirement for the entire 30 seconds. So, how much more of a DPS boost is getting 30 seconds of Ravages off? Am I supposed to use Incarnation as a PvP ability, Pouncing on opponents to stun them? For straight PvE fights, how does Ravage compare to Shred?”
    Ravage > shred whenever you can. It does higher dps than shred, with only 5% more energy cost.

    Come to the fluid druid forums (run by Alaron)! The cat community is awesome and has taught me so much 🙂


  6. I read your post and thought “what’s he going about Natures Swiftness is Awesome!!!”… I then went and attacked a few things and checked out this predatory thing that you were talking about and I was “You have got to be kidding me!”… OMGWTFBBQ!

    So now I need to find one of these tome of the clear mind so I can change my cats spec…

    My cat rotation is pretty much the same as yours except I always forget to get Savage Roar up… in longer fights I do but the shorter ones ugh! I can never get it up.

    I just have to gear up and get ready for heroics and also get ready for tanking…


  7. Those pants dropped the first time I killed the mob. I then proceeded to lose them somehow. Not sure where they went.. which is a shame because I wanted to sell them on the AH…. I might have vendored them by accident… Sorry Bear!!


  8. Hey, Bear, quick tip on the NEW Nature’s Swiftness. While you have the Nature’s Swiftness buff active, you can cast the instant spell without leaving shapeshift forms. So a Cat can cast that heal without shifting, or (and this is where it gets really good) your Bear tank can battle rez that dead healer while tanking.


    • Yep, that’s true. But in Feral Cat, it is also true of the Predatory Swiftness, and in Cat that makes NS redundant.

      Now, for a Bear tank, NS for that Rebirth in forms or the HT self-heal is pretty damn cool.


  9. I’m levelling a druid in Guardian spec and it’s working just fine in the first zone at least. I’m trying to get comfortable with using mitigation/healing cooldowns since that part of the spec changed so much. The problem is even pulling multiple mobs I’m not needing to use them.


    • That is working as intended, taht is. And if you pull great big heaping mobs your DPS should skyrocket, due to the Vengeance cap removal.


  10. Yeah – things did get more spread out until dread wastes, where quest zoned intersect with level 90 flyers doing dailies for rep with the only faction introduced with the dailies while leveling. A minor gripe, but I found it overwhelming to hit 90 and suddenly have all these quests available with only marginally mentioned factions.

    Pro Tip 1: pvp gear itemization doesn’t include the pvp stats in their itemization budget, so the ilvl 450 crafted “starter” pvp blues are an affordable way to legitimately qualify for the heroic ilvl 440 average requirement.

    Pro Tip 2: if you don’t have a decent weapon while questing toward the end like I didn’t, the quest hub in the northwest of dread wastes (the one with Pandaren) should lead to an ilvl 437 option. That’s the highest I’ve found from questing (I did all of JF, 4Winds, K-L, and DW).

    Observation: I was actually a little sad when I became able to fly again.


    • For questing, I’ll be sad for flying. For farming herbs, as a tauren druid – I will rejoice. Stealing herbs from under the jaws of angry mobs and flying away is pure joy.


      • With the Glyph giving me full speed stealth, I have to say, I spend most of my time stealthing around. I don’t even mount anymore, I just prowl everywhere.



  11. I actually have feral Druid questions!

    My Druid has traditionally been the kitchen sink toon for my guild – tanking and healing – but I think I won’t be able to get around questing for leveling, and I just do not see myself doing that as guardian. If I hang onto the guardian spec, what should I do about the dodge reforges? Will they slow me down a lot while questing? Conversely, if I drop them all, will it hurt me a lot if I choose to tank in unreforged “cat” gear?

    I just finished leveling an affliction lock to 90. I don’t think it will be easy going back to melee leveling after the wonder that is Soulburn: Soul Swap x 4 plus blueberry! Those mobs in the Dread Wastes do take a while to die for a level 89 toon though, however many of them you can survive aggroing. It sounds like you’re using self-healing a lot, BBB. I’ll be interested to see how the experience compares with a multi-DoTting Horror with her own blue tank. 🙂


    • I would think questing as cat spec and using bear guardian gear will be fine. The quest rewards (which, depending on how well geared you currently are) aren’t particularly itemized one way or the other – lots of crit and mastery, not much dodge, for instance. I assume the normal dungeons are tuned for people who are leveling up with the items available (rather than maxing out a crafting profession and heading into dungeons in 425+ gear). The dungeons I did weren’t particularly hard to heal, they’re more mechanically challenging than simply surviving whatever the trash/boss dishes out.

      Try it out… it’s not like there isn’t a metric ton of gold available to reforge into more dodge if needed.


      • Our Dodge is now big enough from abilities that you only need to worry about survivability during the cooldown. That said, isntead of reforging for dodge, while doing normals and leveling I really would shoot for unreforged upgrades. The Stam will benefit your “heal % of max health” better.

        Try it. From what I’m seeing, you should haqve no problem.


    • I’m in the same boat – guardian / resto spec right now, and trying to decide which to swap out for dps… man do I miss heroCat…. that said, I did level up in beta my pre-made monk in tank spec and it did pretty well – just pull pretty much everything you can see at a time is the only way it goes quickly. It’s just hard to do that in the leveling zone as there are so many others… once you get to valley of the four winds – people take different questing paths, which spreads people out more…


  12. Thrash is great, but I only use it with Omen of Clarity procs. While I do love the burst of Incarnation being used with other cooldowns, I went with Soul of the Forest just to make life simpler and keep another button off my bar. It’s equivalent to ~10-15% haste to you energy regeneration. And as Concordiat said, get the Savage Roar glyph and start all fights with it up.

    (I still hit Mangle first too…)


  13. FYI, you can glyph Savage Roar to let you cast it with no combo points. I think it lasts 8 or 12 seconds in that case. Might be worth doing to save yourself the initial 5-pt SR.


    • You know, that’s a good point, and I need to check my glyphs. Did I take that as a major in cat spec? I really can’t remember.

      time has passed. How hilarious! I already have the Glyph of Savagery, along with the Prowl that lets me run around all the time in stealth at normal running speed, and then the Glyph I referred to earlier that lets me Shred when Tiger’s Fury is active.

      Sigh. More testing, to see when it’s best to pop Savage Roar. Ah well, I’m sure it is better to blow a GCD on Savage Roar in before the Mangles and Rake, and use the first 5 pt on Rip, then pop Tiger’s Fury and build to the full 48 second SR. Burst DPS, gotta be about the burst DPS.


  14. Questing up from 85-90, I went balance, because I had all int gear from my healing days. I love being a druid, though I can’t wait to get my flying back. But I can’t count how many times I’ve had to prowl around to avoid aggroing all the things. Where I to do it all over again, I’d have respec’d feral, bought all the 372 green vendor armor which isn’t total crap and then quested as a cat.

    It’s not that balance is hard, it’s just slow. Cast times are long for the hard hitting spells and when you start getting to mobs with 300k+ hps, each fight is a drag… and having to kill 10+ for a quest… well, time flies.

    I was never good at cat dps, I stopped when a guildie told me to just delete my druid. I switched to healing at that point and rocked those meters (back in WotLK, that wasn’t hard) So, thinking about going cat still leaves a conflicted feeling… I ran Shando-Pan though, and was bottom DPS as balance… maybe I’m just don’t get DPS.

    No one cares about HPS, as long as everyone lives through the encounter… heh.


    • Would there be any benefit to my doing a quick FRAPS youtube video of my kitty-clawing a few mobs to death with my rotation and button placement? I click the buttons, so you’d have that to laugh at… still, after all these years.

      And when it comes to clicking on buttons on a bar… I sometimes wonder now, do I do it because I really do like it, or do I do it because I know someone, somewhere would be driven into a blind frothing rage to see me do it?

      No idea.


      • I’d be interested in that. I’m curious what other people do.

        I keyboard 1-5, but click everything else, and don’t hotkey anything. But with GCDs, I never really understood the need to – it’s not like I have to press sequentially really quickly, and the few times I do, (Nature’s Swiftness + Rebirth, as a classic example), I just macro it anyway.


      • I’d like to see that too.

        Me, I use the glyph of savage roar (only-costs-energy 0 combo point savage roar for 12 seconds), which works in stealth. Roar, pounce, faerie fire, mangle, rake, shred (Macroed to tiger’s fury, so if it’s up it goes off, letting me shred in any position) until 5 points then rip. Continue shredding until tiger’s fury wears off, and mangle. I have 4 pieces of the t13, the 2pc of which gives you ‘ferocious bite renews rip at 60% or less’ which is a HUGE bonus, and the reason I haven’t replaced any of my core gear yet, so every time I hit five points, or if rip is starting to wear off (I was stunned, or had to boogie out of an AOE / OwItHurts type move and didn’t get back in time) ferocious bite at whatever just to renew rip. I didn’t realize until yesterday that several of the previously bear/cat only things are now ‘in forms’, and I can use thrash. (If it was usable before, I r teh bad durid.)

        Power auras, at least the ‘temporary fix for 5.0.4’ one I have doesn’t come with any built in auras, but google makes with the predone ones pretty easily. I just set it up to show a red cross with a timer and do a sonar ding when predatory swiftness procs, because I tend to over-focus on the center of the screen and my button bars, and miss the relatively tiny buff icon. If anyone wants my aura export, feel free to ask, but it’s pretty easy to noodle out yourself.

        I beat down Urobi (And lawdy, a bunch of other ones… ) and plop goes the staff and some cloth pants. My guild is of the opinion that it’s the game mocking me because I refuse to go any sort of caster druid; almost all the leather drops I get are int/spirit, and while the staff is very, very nice… it replaces my beloved firekitteh staff that I worked my furry little behind off to get. It’s just too good to not use, and now I’m not a firecat, which I dearly loved. I am sadness.

        As to clicking on buttons, I use a combination. 1-6 are in easy reach of my left paw, near the movement keys, and those get the most used skills. Everything else I click on aside from the ‘ohcrap’ stuff, which is generally on ctrl-spacebar, and the slightly less important ‘ohpoop’ which is alt-spacebar. Those are relatively easy to hit left handed. The mouse has 15 buttons on it (The Steelseries Cataclysm mouse, which is very, very nice as well, if slightly expensive… expecting them to come out with a panda themed one shortly) but honestly, aside from healing I haven’t used most of them. Cat stuff moves so fast that I just can’t keep it up with the mouse as well as the keyboard.

        Sadly, I’ve neglected my bear side (I’m dual spec cat/bear (screw ‘feral’ and ‘guardian’. 😛 ) while leveling. I will remedy this as soon as possible… although I never get to use it. Our guild tanks are very happy being tanks, and I can out DPS our level 90 mage GM at 87, so… 😀


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