Sunday Night Fights – ICC Makeup Night!

I know that the first expansion raid is now live, and there is just a ton of stuff to do in the game right now.

Despite that, I’d like to get back to doing Sunday night cross-server fun stuff for those who are interested.

Before we leap into something like Ulduar or Sunwell, there is one thing that I want to do first.

I’d like to get an Icecrown Citadel makeup night done.

While many of us who were taking part of the last Icecrown Citadel raid completed the runs and got our Drake mounts, not everyone could or did. They didn’t abandon us, folks had real life stuff that came up, missed an achieve or two.

This weekend, I’m going to plan for a night of ICC 25 person Heroic mode and Achievement makeup raiding.

For those who are willing to join me, we’ll do our damnedest to get folks the Achievements they are missing for the 25 person drake mount.

This makeup run is for the benefit of folks that were taking part and weren’t able to complete it because of vacations or schedule conflicts, but there were only, at most five folks in that situation.

Let me tell you, EVERYONE is welcome to come, including folks who never went before.

I know we won’t get everything done in one night from scratch, but if you’d like to go, you would be very welcome.

The more the merrier!

I am sure some of the folks that were part of our last team and completed the achievements won’t be wanting to come. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’d think there will be openings. It would be one thing if we were all bored, but with all the tasty new candy in the game to devour? I expect there to be many openings. My real concern will be not having enough folks to get the Heroic versions done.

The day and time will be Sunday October 7th, forming the group at 10 minutes prior to 7:00 PM Central time. I’ll be on before that of course, but once 7 PM rolls around we’re lighting some undead dudes UP.

The only requirement? Be Alliance side on a US server, and either be a Battletag friend of mine or be the Battletag friend of someone who is coming.

If you are not my Battletag friend yet but you’d like to go, make sure you send me a friend request before the end of the day Saturday at BigBearButt#1737.

If you wait until Sunday and there is a problem, it’s a little too late then to really work through it back and forth. If you’re gonna try and go, do it before Saturday night.

Word of warning, I have found one bug with Battletags. Sometimes people send me an invite, and I don’t get it account-wide… it gets sent to only one character, and which one can be random. Yeah, no shit. I actually flipped to a different server to look at an alt and found a friend request on one there. From like weeks before, too. So, if you send one, and I don’t respond within a day, it is NOT because I don’t like you, it is because i didn’t get it. Send me an email at to give me a heads up to hunt ‘er down.

Thank you, and I hope to see you this Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Night Fights – ICC Makeup Night!

  1. now that I have my char ready – count me in 🙂
    though I’m not sure I’ll be 90 by Sunday, but I hope 89 will do :))

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  2. Count me in! I’ve completed the chievos with the group already, but it’s a fun group and I’d be glad to help others get it done. Also looking forward to moving to the next raid, whatever it is.


    • Ditto… though I’m transferring an 85 rogue, thinking of making it a panda – might be tempted to make it Alliance… if I do, I’ll send a BT request. If not, well, have a ton of fun 🙂


      • This is me also wishing I was Alliance. Maybe if there’s enough of us, we could do this Horde side as well? Only have 1 90 at the moment, but I’ve got a veritable army of 85s.


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