Game Called on Account of Epic Fail

As of the time of my writing this, I (and most other folks) are unable to log into the game due to problems with the Authentication Servers since the rolling restarts earlier today.

Maybe they’ll be up by 7 PM Central time tonight, maybe they won’t.

What I can say for sure is that, based on this and some other things going on, I’m going to postpone the ICC makeup until NEXT Sunday.

I know one of the few folks that needed the makeup from our team wasn’t going to be able to be there, so perhaps this is a fortunate coincidence.

If servers come back up, I have it on good authority that Cassie has dailies to do. Many, many dailies.

Me? I might see if my Pet Battle team can acquire the Darkshore Cub.

It’s a Bear Tank pet, you know. Cuter than all get out!

Apparently, Hibernate makes ’em a real pain to tame, though.

6 thoughts on “Game Called on Account of Epic Fail

  1. Bad ideas! I was just about to go and do something productive when I read the bit about your battle pet team and then I was loading up Wow and you know what I am now doing? Im thinking that a Darkshore cub maybe withing the realms of the level limit of my team… grrrrr!

    Talking about dailies… Im already sick of doing them – thats all I seem to be doing. One good thing about dailies, the timezone differences and daylight savings has put the daily reset time right smack on midnight for me. I have all day to do my dailies. YAY! But there are sooo many… Klaxxi, Serpent, Golden Lotus, Shadow Pan, Anglers, and Tillers and the worst thing about Tillers is I find myself farming the are for dirt. Digital dirt. Not even real dirt which is more satisfying. Its like Im hunting for Netherwing eggs again (Im already doing that at the Serpents)…ugh!

    OK back to work (lol – as soon as that thought entered my mind I re-thought “hmmm that cub…”)


  2. Yeah, I just posted to the yahoo group about probably missing tonight due to the server issues. Have you been to the wow insider site? All kinds of hate and discontent going on right now. Speculation about fallout from a major hack, dogs and cats living together, you name it. Oh well, next week should work ok, also.


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