So Much To Do, So Much Time!

Are you in a frantic race to get prepared to raid? Or are you kicking back and enjoying having too much to handle all at one time?

It doesn’t really matter how much time I’d have, there is still more stuff than there are hours in the day for me. That’s fine with me, I just have to prioritize what’s important to me, and do that, happy in the knowledge that there is stuff on the table I can look forward to for later.

You know… instead of just hoping I’ll get a content patch ‘soon’.

From some of the conversations I see on Twitter, I get the feeling having all of these blue exclamation points is a problem for some folks.

I’m just going to throw this thought out there – when there is more content available than can be done within a single 24 hour cycle, you might need to exercise some personal restraint to determine what to do, what not to do, and when to call it a day.

If you can’t stop yourself until you’ve done every single last possible daily in the game every day, please do me a big favor and don’t blame Blizzard for it.

Me, I like having tons of content to play through, and if you start bitching in public about having too much to do, I’m going to mentally punch you right square in the nuts.

That sudden burst of agony, fading away into a dull ache in the stomach? That was me, punching you in the metaphorical nuts.

If you weren’t born with them, have no fear, a long time ago in a D&D campaign I had a mage who researched a new spell that attacked a targets vulnerables, and if the target didn’t HAVE vulnerables, temporarily gave them some. Then it whacked ’em.

You may call it something innocuous like “Apply Vulnerability”, I called it “the Nuttifier 4000”. It got the job done.

Ahhh, so much content. The luxury of having a CHOICE.

It’s been glorious.

Who do I level? Do I level some more now and go questing? Do I queue for one of the new dungeons? Do I look for a cross-server Sha of Anger run?

Do I take a break and go Pet Battling? Maybe it’s raining in Jaguero Island and the Baby Ape is available to tame!

Or should I go do some Archeaology, or some fishing? Or plow my farm and plant some tasty carrots!

Or heck, maybe I’ll just wander around, looking for a real fighting challenge by taking on one of the many, many rares that can be found in Pandaria.

Or search for some of the hidden treasures.

Scenarios? Good lord, you mean there are even more things to do?

So much… just so much. Spoiled for choice.

I’ve tried to spread out my playing responsibily, a balance between having fun now and preparing for tomorrow.

When playing in Pandaria, I focused on questing with my Druid.

As soon as I reached level 90, I had to choose what I’d really like to do first.

I’m still 7 days away from upgrading my Ghost Tiger Staff to epic level with Inscription, so I chose Lorewalker rep and Archaeology. And yes, I did get the Spear of Xuen on the second day. 🙂

Getting the Lorewalkers to Exalted, and Archeaology to max was fun. While working towards maximum level Archy, I managed to get enough Sealed Artifact Crates to pile up the fragments for 5 Tol’vir solves… none of which were rares, but that’s okay. The system WORKS.

Blizzard, please make the Crates I get in exhange for your crated solves stackable? PLEASE?

Regardless of what I got, I know the process works. Just be solving Pandarian artifacts, I will eventually get my Tol’vir rares.

How do I know this?

Cassie did it last night, had 30 crates to turn in, and not only did she unlock the Crawling Claw pet I’ve tried to get for the last year, but she ALSO got the Vial of the Sands Alchemy recipe from her Canopic Jar! Woot!

So yes, you can get your rares, and even the Alchemy recipe. Eventually. 🙂

So much to do, so much to do.

I’m taking a pass right now on almost all other rep. I will do it all, eventually, but I just don’t want to burn through the whole game.

I’m excited to be doing the Tillers and expanding my farm, and doing a little cooking while I’m at it.

On the subject of farming, Alex saw Cassie and I doing OUR farms, and wanted in on the action.

I helped him get to Halfhill, showed him where to get the first quest, and let him loose.

Two days ago, as he harvested his plants, one of them coughed up a monstrous seed. “What does this do?” he asked. “No idea! plant it and we’ll see what grows tomorrow!”

So yesterday, he went and harvested his plants… and the monstrous seed had grown into a Terrible Turnip companion pet!

No shit, I don’t know who was more surprised, him or me. Really? You grew a pet? WOW!

He thinks it’s awesome, and so do I.

Now here is the “Ugh” part. I looked on our AH, and those things are being listed at 25,000 gold each. So, do we tell him he could sell it now and get some amazing gold and risk getting another one later? Or let him enjoy his awesome pet in innocent bliss of the opportunity for cash on the barrelhead he’s missing?

I think we’ll just let it be. It’s not like he’s needing any gold to save for anything.

Cassie and I will just push him to USE that pet, that’s all. 🙂

It’s worth noting that Alex was level 85 with a 4 plot trainer farm when he got that seed, and I think he got it from planting Carrots. So, rep doesn’t matter, level doesn’t matter, farm size doesn’t matter, anybody could get that lucky seed in their own crop and get the pet.

Now that my Druid is max level, I’m taking my Hunter into Pandaria to do all the areas I passed by the first time.

My Hunter, for whatever reason, feels massively more powerful than my Druid when it comes to killing quest mobs by the dozen. I am a Dino-wielding Sha Destroying Machine. Maybe it’ll change once I get into other zones.

One thing I am not doing is preparing to raid.

I’m not yet running instances, let alone heroics, and I’m not one of the folks worried about gearing up to raid.

The two other raid teams in our guild are in full swing preparing, with Team Wanda already successsful in downing the first two raid bosses. I hear Team Teddybear will start raiding in a month or so, maybe. If they can hold out that long. 🙂

The raid team I am part of is, sadly, in the procss of rebuilding for the expansion.

Our former raid leader has very, very recently announced he and his lovely and talented healing significant other will be retiring from the game, and enjoying some new adventures in real life.

We’re going to miss them as friends to play with, very much. That being said, as a crotchety old person it’s nice to see young people look forward to the future, and move on to other things to do.

Still means we need to figure out a whole new game plan for the team.

I’ll tell you, it feels like good news to me.

I know I’ll still get to play with Elo and Bari and the others when we do kick things off, but for now I know that it may be a month or two before we have a full ten person team put together.

That gives me all the time in the world to get prepared, FULLY prepared, in my own style. With lots of side quests and ooh look shinies along the way.

Heck, maybe there will be some raiding after all… just in Ulduar and Sunwell instead of the Vaults!

Best of all possible worlds. A great game full of new things to do, and no pressure to get it all done NOW.

I hope that, whether you are in a rush to raid or taking your own time, you’ve been having as much fun the last few weeks as I am.

God speed!

17 thoughts on “So Much To Do, So Much Time!

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  2. I hit 90 last night on my main, while also having levelled my Guardian druid to 86 (mostly to gather herbs/ore), and levelling a monk to 60. My son is playing now, so when he’s got computer time and I’m available the ‘main’ takes a back seat.

    I do have to say, I was overwhelmed with the amount of things to do at 90. Scenarios were cool, but when I went to get my flight training I /boggled at the amount of faction starting quests I gathered. I want to see all of the zones and their quest content before getting into a dailies ‘routine’, so it just seemed like way too much to think about right then. And where LFR was part of the weekly ‘things to do’ at 85, I don’t have any idea when I’ll get gear enough to bother thinking about it. Not to mention challenge dungeons, which I think may be the part of the expansion I was most excited about. I’m happy about that much to do, but it kind of hits you all at once when you ding 90.


  3. I’ve forced myself to only do 2 or 3 factions at a time. Otherwise, I WILL drive myself crazy doing all the dailies I can and ruin the fun for myself. I’m something of a complete-o-holic, I just have to remind myself that I don’t need to complete it all NOW. There’s plenty of time to get round to it.

    Right now, I’m focusing on doing Golden Lotus and the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies. My main is 90 and I’m still scrabbling for some JP and quests to upgrade my gear. I want to raid, but I’m not going to pout (too badly) if I’m not up to snuff for LFR yet. After all, my guild is still leveling mains to 90 and trying to recruit another for our 10 man team. I’ve got time. And I’ve been chipping away at it daily.

    And you’re right about hunters. It feels like I just have my 87 hunter blink and stuff dies!


  4. Wow.

    Two weeks (is it two weeks or three) and I still don’t have any of my toons at 90. The closest I have is 87.

    I guess not having the “gotta do raids, gotta do raids” mindset lets you relax and check out all the nifty stuff along the way.

    The only professions I have at max level is mining…


  5. Leveling and soloing on my Hm hunter was a lot of fun. But when I go into dungeons, my dps is crap.- I am usually last on rps when I used to be first. I’ve reforged,checked and practiced my rotation, but still need some gear. I don’t think it is a gear issue though. It’s frustrating.

    On a different note… I need to get that turnip.


  6. I am with you on the nut-punching, having made sure I found my own and decided it was time to prioritize with joy and balance. So many fun things to do, and feels very playful.


  7. Im stuck with doing dailies or leveling my other favourites. I even stated on a previous post that Im sick of dailies… but Im trying to power thorugh the various reps on my druid cause hes the one that will get all the reps and every mount I can. I havent figured out how to convert one pile of 90 minor luck coins into the bigger version yet though 😦

    I sort of feel my priest (Ive taken him shadow to level and holy to heal in dungeons) is stronger than my druid… shields heals and dots… Ive died a lot on my druid. Mainly due to jumping into a massive swarm of evil doers and realising they dont die with 2 swipes… yet the priest is face melting all the way to the bank.

    BUt I have others I need to level asap… the JC needs to level to get rep so I can make mounts. The blacksmith needs to level so i can make belt buckles. The paladin eeds to level so he can make shoulder chants – hang a sec hes already max level inscription and I havent left ogrimmar yet. So many choices.

    Then theres the problem of herbs and mining nodes and dirt and eggs. Evil all of them, I find myself having to mine and pick every herb every time. Then flying about the tillers I must hunt dirt! Not even real dirt with that dirt texture that feels sooo good now that summer is on its way. Then the eggs at the serpent area… brings back memories of the netherwing egg hunting… ugh!

    Oh well, i need to gear the druid up so i can kill mobs faster and hunt more dirt and…


  8. See, now, the very BEST thing about that Terrible Turnip pet? It’s got an attack that will never reduce the opponent to zero HP. PERFECT for capturing more pets!


    • I did not know that…. that makes the Turnip the perfect pet for people like me, that keep making more teams of pets of mixed levels because the ones I have in my lead team are too powerful to NOT one shot those damn rares.

      So if I take that Turnip and go to town, and get it to a super high level, I can still use it to go after level 1s? AWESOME!!!

      Thank you so much!


  9. I had to give myself a “Nuttifier 4000” just today. I’d take off two weeks to enjoy the xpac, but now that I’m back at work… way too damn much I wanted to do, and nowhere near enough time, and I was getting pretty upset with myself over it. Then I finally took a step back, realized I’m revered with Klaxxi and can stop; I can stop the cloud serpents; I can stop Anglers; I can stop Lorewalkers. I don’t NEED those dailies. I’ve got enough minor luck tokens for four friggin’ weeks already.

    I do feel strongly about farming, and I do want to get Golden Lotus to revered and start the other two factions. But the rest can wait. I don’t really need to freak out over it all.

    Oh, and BBB, a quick tip. When turning in crated artifacts, make yourself a tiny little macro that says: /use Crate of Archaeology Fragments

    Fill in with whatever type you’re buying/opening at the time. Pull it to a spare action button. Then you can buy/open/buy/open to your heart’s content.


      • Thanks sooo much! When I was cashing in my crates (I thought it sucked I only got 7 tolvir for one panda) I was having to quit out of the vendor to open my crate… now I will be unstoppable!!!


    • That is VERY fine advice! Gonna try that the next time get the Archeaology bug.

      last night, I started heading for the farm and spent a good hour just zooming around gathering herbs instead. No reason to, I have enough ink to last me forever in Inscription, and I can’t make cards until I have enough Scrolls of Wisdom for my weapon upgrade. Just… the novelty of herbing in Pandaria, I guess.

      I did get my second group of 4 farm slots for a total of 8, AND I got my sprinkler system, AND I got one of those Ominous Seeds that grew into a Terrible Turnip today!

      FYI, the market is already stabilizing. Turnip pets are already down to 6k on my server.


  10. See now I feel like hunters are pretty weak…at least our BM pets are. If I have two or more mobs on my pet, I have to “Mend Pet” every third or fourth shot. But, my hunter doesn’t feel as squishie as my Guardian Druid. Wow was I surprised to see how much damage he took. He might be waiting on the back burner to level. I think my next 90 (Sheeturself, one of my hunters, was my first 90) will either be my Blood DK or my Prot Pally. I’m leaning towards my pally because he’s the only one of my toons to have Archaeology high enough for Pandaria…and they have lots of new goodies to get. Regardless of who it is, it will be a cake walk compared to my hunter and druid. I’ve already started questing with them and it’s so nice taking on 6-8 mobs and never dropping below half health.

    I’m with you on the raid thing…I’m in no rush what-so-ever. I’ll get there when I get there. In the mean-time, I’m having a blast questing, farming/cooking and pet battling. That’s plenty to keep me busy.


    • Along the same lines as your Prot Pally, I’ve had my Arms Warrior out in pandaria at 85 gathering ore for JC, and it’s like you say, I pull 4 or 5 things, even 6 or 7 and there are no problems. Far different feel.

      One thing I know from years of playing is not to judge a class or spec on how they will perform in end game from how they feel at lower levels questing. Still, I can see how Prot paladins and Blood Death Knights might be feeling alright. 🙂


  11. Nope, your hunter will feel pretty invincible all the way through. Sure, you might die, but it’ll be on the 1221084 pull of the day with 4 on your pet and 2 on your and you forget Mend Pet. If I remember Mend Pet, I don’t die, unless i get swarmed and my pet already has many. Started leveling my dwarf mage through Panderia today, die die die die. 12 deaths before I got to the first Panda village. 5 more doing the Horde Keep ones. OMG Squishy! I may stick to druid/hunter from now one.

    I will say this, having leveled in both starting areas, I think the alliance got screwed. I think the mobs are more concentrated and that’s a bad thing when you can only take 1 or 2. My hunter or paladin would not have cared.

    I think there is a lot to do, it’s nice, but sometimes it’s just overwhelming.


  12. My guild, never a progression raiding one, but still enjoyed current raid content – is taking FOREVER to get back up. It doesn’t help that our primary tank is full on into GW2 and while he’s done a smattering of MoP, doesn’t enjoy it as much. Our secondary tank is the only other raider besides me to hit 90. We’ve been doing dungeons and scenarios together, but I don’t think either of us will have the ilevel ready for even LFR when it launches this week.

    I’ve been mostly working on Tiller rep. I found out only yesterday how easy the Lorewalker rep was to get, so I’ll finish that tonight. Other than occasionally getting some Legendary rep from time to time, and doing the three Angler quests each day, I don’t do much on my main.

    I agree, when I took my hunter out to Pandaria (in mostly 250+ gear – and 2 300+ level pieces), I felt more powerful than my druid. When I tamed a sha-infested tiger, my power went even higher. When I opened up the hozen base with the lad who sold i372 greens, I became pretty unstoppable. I hear they’re nerfing BMs though. Hopefully just a rumor. I like being powerful.

    Done a bit with priest – he’s 86 and I skipped the rest of JF when Four Winds opened up. Probably going to speed level him to 90 and actively get him ready for raiding – I enjoy every aspect other than flight with him more than the druid. (really, druids are just cheaty thieving crows at heart.)

    The rest of my toons, sadly, will just languish. Oh, except my monk. He’s only 37, but I LOVE healing as a monk. So much better than any of the other healing classes. I don’t play him very often due to dailies (ready for my nut punch, sir!)

    Then, there’s pet battles. I finally broke down and tried them. I don’t like them. They take too long and aren’t entertaining (to me). I can understand the appeal, but as you said, there’s too much to do. But then, since the rest of my raid team is leveling up their pets instead of their mains, it means I get more time to do what I want to do. /sigh Vicious cycle is vicious.

    Time, it is not my friend.


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