I’m Looking For A Few Good Peeps

This is sort of a recruitment post, but not really.

I was shooting for the passive voice there. Did I hit the mark? Oh goodie!

I have been a member of the Band of Misfits, an Alliance guild on Azuremyst in the US.

I’ve mentioned the guild a few times here, mostly to mention in admiration how well they can be nice folks and at the same time accomodate multiple levels of raiding and achieving types of activity.

The guild is not strictly a raiding guild, people who are not raiders are certainly welcomed within it. And the talk on guild chat is not “raid raid raid” all the time. It’s always of a more personal nature, individual achievements and stuff.

Raiding progression is something folks take pride in, though. Bet your ass. 

Basically, if you are in the Band of Misfits, and you don’t want to raid, there’s no pressure to do it. I know for the longest time, when I didn’t raid, that I never had the feeling like I was an outsider or a lesser member of the guild. I just wasn’t on one of the raid teams, I was doing other stuff instead.

But the option to raid has been there, and after a while I took advantage of it. I joined one of the three raid teams.

There are three 10-person raid teams in Band of Misfits. They are completely seperate from each other.

Different raid leaders, different members. Sometimes when times were tight, some folks took part in two teams on two different characters, but for the most part it’s three separate groups.

There are Team Wanda, Team Teddybear, and Team Snuffleupagus.

Team Wanda and Team Teddybear are both full, well organized, and have their plans nailed down for this expansion. Heck, they’re already raiding! Well, I know Wanda is, I’m not sure about Teddybear. If they ain’t yet, it’ll be soon.

Team Snuffy is the team I am a part of, and we are still working things out. We’re short a couple peeps.

I want to be clear that I’m not the raid leader, I’m not a guild officer, I’m just this dude what likes to play a game. That being said, we’re trying to get the band back together, and I’m helping out the responsible folks.

That’s right, I just called Elo and Bari responsible. I’m ruining their hard-won reputations! 🙂

Team Snuffy has a plan. We’re going to raid on Saturday afternoons, from 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM Pacific time. That’s one day a week. We’re aiming for November 10th as being our first scheduled raid time.

Please don’t ask me to tell you what time that would be in another time zone. If you’re reading an internet blog and you can’t figure out how to look up time zone conversions on your own, you wouldn’t be a good fit among people who are responsible for being prepared and ready to go on their own.

What we’re looking for to help build the team is a single Paladin healer, and a leather-wearing DPS. It is possible we could use a leather-wearing healer as well, or instead, it’s kinda fluid at the moment, and things may change depending on who responds to us.

We’ve got two plate-wearing tanks, a Priest healer, a plate DPS and a Hunter, and there should be a few more folks too but I haven’t heard positive confirmation about them yet. So we’re trying to balance the team between range and melee, and make sure there’s a nice balance of people that can use each kind of drop. 

Here’s the biggest challenge. We’re not looking to fill a raid team by throwing warm bodies at it, we’re looking for people who would want to be part of the guild, full members who fit in well with the group and aren’t asshats and stuff, who will then also be part of the raid team.

It’s critical to get that point made. The guild is a pretty special place. Maybe there are flaming asshats in it, but if so they never open their mouths. It ain’t a bunch of prudes by any stretch, but the one thing that seems to characterize members is a sense of respect for other people as people, warts and all.

In the years I’ve been here, I’ve seen no trash talking, no belittling, and no venom.

People in the guild may mess with other people in a friendly way, but the normal asshat bullshit just doesn’t happen.

Two examples.

First, I swear the guild is almost evenly balanced between male and female members, including raiders. I mention this because I am tied into the blog/social media WoW network, and I see other people outside our guild bitch about how women in WoW are treated in game, in guilds and in raids, all the time.

I almost feel stupid mentioning it, because life in Band of Misfits has me sometimes wondering if people are exaggerating or something, because that shit just… it’s just not something in the guild.  I can’t even imagine that shit happening in the guild. Maybe I’m delusional, I’ve been in other guilds, I know it’s out there, maybe it’s even so common that it’s assumed to be a part of life, but… well, maybe the guild is just magic or something. I dunno. But it’s a thing I notice in the absence, because other people on Twitter or on blogs talk about the tough times they have in their guilds elsewhere, the demeaning, the condescending, the patronizing, and I’m just like… “but why would you put up with that shit when there are other places to go that aren’t like that? What, just to raid?”

That shit doesn’t happen in Band of Misfits, not that I have ever seen. And it’s not the other direction, either. It’s not aggressively anti-male. It’s just… again, maybe it’s respect. People don’t treat other people like shit in any direction.

The more I think about it, the more I’m wondering who these freaks are I’m guilded with. They don’t sound like real people. They might just be alien pod people.

The second thing is, the age of a player isn’t as important as maturity and skill. I’ve seen several people in the guild that are freaking insanely skilled… and they’re not 18 yet.

You might say “yeah, so?”, but I know of plenty of guilds that would never have given them a chance, based purely on age. But I see them play in groups when I’m lucky enough to be invited, and I wish that someday I could be as skilled as they are. 

Okay, or as mature.

You don’t get a raid team spot if you don’t have the skills and the mature attitude to take your responsibility seriously to show up, be ready, etc. But age isn’t an automatic block. If you can be 14 and have skills out the wazoo, AND be mature and responsible, well, so what? Go kick some butt.

Maybe it all comes down to respect.

I’m not an officer, I have no idea how they manage this magic. Maybe they just try people out, and if they’re all drama-prone, they boot ’em when I’m not looking, I dunno.

So, this isn’t a real recruitment post. I’m not looking for two raiders to join a raid team.

What I am saying is, Team Snuffy has at least two openings to our team, and if there are a few folks out there who would love to be a part of our guild and think it would be a good fit for you, AND wanted to be a part of the team and raid on Saturdays with us, then you can whisper me on Bigbearbutt or Beartrap at Azuremyst-US Alliance side.

I can make sure you get in touch with the right person from there.


Edited: Changed raid time from 11-3 to 12-4

10 thoughts on “I’m Looking For A Few Good Peeps

  1. If my Boomkin was 90, I’d think about it. But I am a cantankerous one, happy with my own little guild and our slow but steady way of beating down accomplishments. And yes, we’re all women. But this was supposed to be your recruiting post, not mine, huh?

    Good luck to you Bear…I hope you find some good fits.


  2. B3, you may not be working out everyone’s time zone, but I’m telling you that I won’t be raiding at 0530 Sunday morning.

    No sir, no way, no how.

    Good luck with your search. 😉


  3. Hordie here through and through, but I’m sorely tempted just to have a competent, decent set of folk to chat with while playing…


  4. This is one of those times I wish I were over on the US realms instead of EU. I’ve been reading your blog for AGES, and I would love the chance to see your butt in action 😛 Not only that, but Saturdays would suit me down to the ground – none of the guilds on my server (or any other EU server it seems) like raiding on weekends, except for LFR or PUGs :/

    Unfortunately, it’s not meant to be 😦


  5. Having just come back to the game and trying out new stuff – not sure yet what I’m going to do with my 80+’s (5 80+, 2 of which are 85s), I’m nowhere near what you’re looking for yet, BBB, but I would like to keep your guild in mind for looking for a place to hang my hat if I can get an Alliance character up to snuff. You make the guild sound like a pretty good place, with a great mix of people – raiders and non-raiders – and I’d like to find a group of good players to share my time with, especially if I can get back to the endgame.

    Who knows where the winds will take me, but perhaps I might actually get to meet you in Azeroth, Bear. Here’s hoping.

    My 2 yen,



  6. This almost makes me want to transfer my druid. (He’s the only toon I currently have at 90). I do have a holy paladin, and he’d be much less missed in my current guild, but he’s 86 – and I’m in the middle of moving, so won’t have significant time to level him for probably the rest of October.

    I’m still ever hopeful that my guild will come back in force and we can start raiding again. But man, being part of BoM… that’s like the stuff of dreams.


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