Supply Lines and Support Staff

A follow up to my Consumables post, a tangent that is obvious, but still amazing to contemplate.

In my last post, I ran down a situation from a raider’s point of view.

Given a need to prepare Flasks to last 10 raiders for 4 hours, you need Crystal Vials, various common Pandarian herbs, and 40 Golden Lotus.

One level 90 player exalted with Tillers and with 16 garden slots can make 33 Golden Lotus each week, regardless of gathering or crafting professions.


First thought that comes to mind, of course, is what happens if you’ve got two level 90s with 16 garden slots?

66 Golden Lotus. Each week.


At the very end of Cataclysm, I know a lot of people had leveled so many characters to max level, they NEEDED the new character slot that came with Patch 5.0, just to be able to make a Monk.

Can you picture it?

Can you see, off in the distance, the players who will level all of their characters to max, park them in Halfhill, and grind the Tiller rep to exalted to unlock their farms?

All those players, toiling away every night on 8 – 10 characters, harvesting, planting, mailing.

All those characters, sporting titles like “Defender of a Shattered World”, or ‘Kingslayer”, relegated to farmbots.

I can see one of those level 90s, in farming hat and coveralls, leaning on their shovel, gazing off towards the Golden Falls, saying to Farmer Yoon, “You know, I killed the Lich King. I was there, the day that Deathwing died. I have fought an elder god, and I have faced the celestial titans themselves to save our world from destruction.”

And Farmer Yoon looking back, and saying “Ayup. I’m gonna head in and take a nap. Mind you pull those weeds now, or that Songbell won’t grow tomorrow. And make sure you water the crops afore you leave for the day.”

You can see it, can’t you?

I know you can. Maybe not you, and maybe not me… but they WILL be out there. Even now, they are working on their third, and wondering when the patch to speed up alt rep leveling goes live.

To truly picture the full potential horror… imagine those multi-boxers, with multiple accounts and 20 or more level 85s, all looking at their character lists and calculating just how many Golden Lotus or whatever other materials purchasable by Spirits of Harmony they could accumulate, if they only spent x amount of time farming on each and every one, each and every. single. day.

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  2. That is… actually more or less exactly what I am doing – and I don’t even have an open slot for a monk because of my two druids *coughs*
    The druids are both 90 now, one of them is doing dailies in preparation for 5.1 and the rep change and all the other characters are in various stages of being leveled to 87 and parked at the farm… also for the rep change since you start getting rep in the Steppes and can skip Kun’lai Summit almost entirely (excluding the Tiger quest that opens the valley gate) if you are fully rested.
    It just… efficient. My poor alts 🙂


  3. Hi ho Hi Ho it’s off to farm we go…
    At the end of Cata I had 9 Lvl 85s, all geared out…As of today I have 1 90, 1 87, and 5 85s who have thier 4 plot farms churning out mats for my 90. 1 poor 85 is stuck in SW as the auction slave, and one is on her way to start farming tonight.
    So while I grind the rep on my main, so I can start growing motes for Lotus, I have an army of former raid toons relegated to farming, waiting thier turn to explore Pandaria.

    While I like having lots of new things to do, I am rather annoyed with all the rep grinding dailies you HAVE to do as a crafter to get access to the good patterns. Even on a good day grouped with a buddy it takes hours to do Tiller, Cloud, Bug, Lotus, Angler….and I have not even opened Shado Pan yet….


  4. I guess I’m the strange one right now…I’ve got one 90, an 89, and various others between there and 85. And whatever I can scrounge up in dungeon or quests is good enough for me right now. In the meanwhile, I’m making a killing off the two alchemists that I did put the effort into power leveling – both routinely proc extra living steel, and I laugh all the way to bank while the raiders run off to craft the epis they’ll replace in few months.

    Ah well, maybe I’m the weird one. All I know is I’m having fun, and that’s whats important to me.


  5. To truly picture the full potential horror… imagine those multi-boxers, with multiple accounts and 20 or more level 85s, all looking at their character lists and calculating just how many Golden Lotus or whatever other materials purchasable by Spirits of Harmony they could accumulate, if they only spent x amount of time farming on each and every one, each and every. single. day.

    DAMN! My secret plan for world domination discovered already?!?!?!?!?


  6. Oh BBB. This gave me a giggle this morning hehe. It is almost like real life. My family has a farm about 1.5 hours where I live and it will be passed to my brother and I someday. I love to garden there, help out my dad and mom, go to church, see family, sit on the porch and talk, see the goats and chickens, etc. Once they retire (less than 5 years) they will be full time farmers. I’m 100% a farmer’s daughter. My boyfriend is a country boy too and his family has a ranch out near where my farm is (45 minutes between?). However, he now moonlights as a level 36 pandaren monk and loves it.

    So even though we are both full time city slickers with IT jobs (does a town of 100,000 count?), we like to sneak off on the weekends and go back to our country roots. Nobody looks at us and thinks “oh, you guys totally have a garden and a chair/beer in the country.” Except maybe our accents. That gives us away…


  7. I suppose my warrior and hunter are the only ones who figure that the best fertilizer for their gardens is the blood of their foes… *innocent whistle* 😉


  8. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Hands down best blog post (I’ve read) about MOP so far. My rogue, who retired at the end of BC, would say “you want me to… work? Hand me that shovel, so I can bash my head in with it. Fuck that. I’d rather be dead than weed your cow-flop chicken-scratch two-bit half-assed malformed pox-ridden gnome-loving drunken-simpleton-one-legged-beggar’s excuse for a ‘farm’. Me and my Warblades will be at the World’s End, backstage with the Chieftains, chatting up what’s left of some fine-ass undead groupies. If you have anything *interesting* for me, and I’m not too drunk to walk, *maybe* I’ll grant you the merest sliver of my eternal unlife.”

    He’s a right bastard, and a liar too – he’s never been anywhere near Illidan, let alone the Warblades of Azzinoth. Retired, and good riddance.


  9. that’s one reason why I retired my LK character….

    my current one does not claim any such titles and was a kitchen maid… until bitten by a rabid were wolf… and so has no real problems tilling the soil

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  10. ((enters RP mode))
    ::Seats th shovel down and looks at the out of breath messanger from the King::
    “Well son you see i was there for Illidian, and Kael. I helped shut down Maly, and discover Ulduar, Eventually helped stop the Lich King. Went on to Help clear up the twiligt cultists and then take down Rag, before helping stop Deathwing. I am done retired now. Done my time and farming to my last days. If an old god comes out of the woodwork maybe just maybe I will pick back up my gear and help stop them. But you come running out here because the Horde is starting trouble……”
    ::shakes head slowely and sadly::
    “You let Varian know that Garrosh will gets his in due time, but until something threatens to actually shatter the world again I am gonna just farm happy as can be. Also let him know that i am done baby sitting his kid. Tell him to man up and be a Dad for once now that he’s back. Now if ya dont mind you is standing right where this here scallion is gonna be planted.”


  11. “I’ve defeated Ragnaros twice. Illidan was not prepared for *me*. Onyxia has perished at my hand three times now! I was there when Malygos fell.”

    /swings shovel

    “…and now I grub in the dirt all day.”


    • So I’m not the only one who feels like I levelled like mad to get to 90 and…grub in the dirt! Even after having done my dirt-grubbing dailies…I catch myself grubbing in the dirt for gifts!


  12. Yes, I will be one of those, I have 2 accounts and at the end of Cata, 13 level 85s, with 3 others in the works, that will be 6 in the works with 2 monks and a 3rd druid. By end of MoP, I will have 18 90s with 16 slot farms. I have also been averaging between 1500 and 5000 gold a day from selling all of the vegies I farm across the 13 85+.


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