Reminder – Icecrown Citadel cross-server TOMORROW NIGHT

Tomorrow night, planning on going into ICC for a pure heroic-mode blowout.

Speed kills, my friends. Just how fast speed kills remains to be seen.

What I’d like to do is change the start time to one hour earlier than normal, from 7 PM to 6 PM, Central time.

I say again, start time for ICC heroic destruction is 6 PM Central time.

The reason is simple; if we go at 7, Alex can’t finish the run. Selfish, I know, but he was really unhappy he wasn’t allowed to stay up to kill the Lich King on our last one. Sunday night is a school night, and we’ve got a regular schedule for school nights, so he is done playing by 8 PM.

So, if you’d like to do ICC heroic with us Sunday night, be on and ready to rock at 6 PM Central, and of course already be on my friends list.. or friends with someone who is.

Oh, and as a reminder to the folks from last time… all we were missing was Been Waiting a Long Time on the Lich King kill, so let’s see if we can knock that out for the few folks that still needed it.

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Reminder – Icecrown Citadel cross-server TOMORROW NIGHT

  1. hug thanks my freind. and all who were there.
    i was watching cinamatics. when grp broke. i waited long time to see them.
    big thanks too all


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