Hunter Pandamonium!

I felt I owed you a glimpse at how Beartrap be rockin’ the fashion world.

I’d say he looks pretty happy, wouldn’t you?


13 thoughts on “Hunter Pandamonium!

  1. Well! Even though you’re not a Big Bear Butt tanking druid, you’re still a Big Bear Butt Hunter!

    I love the Transmog btw! Nicely done!


  2. Beartrap is the best name for a Pandaren Hunter ever! His name alone just makes me smile 🙂 I think Pandaren in general are a pretty cheerful race.


  3. What are the parts of this set? I tend to throw color themes on my characters, and my hunter’s color is orange, but finding an orange mail set has proven surprisingly difficult for me.


    • That is the set that drops in the Firelands. You can probably buy some pieces of it with Justice Points I think.


      • That might explain it. I never considered ‘current’ tier gear because there was no way I was able to get my hunter into raiding in Cata for shoulders. Thanks!


      • It is indeed the hunter tier from Firelands, along with some crafted pieces like the boots that match the set, and let me tell you, those boots cost a shitload to make at the time, and they weren’t even an upgrade. I made em to match the set…

        And here is the funniest bit. I love the set even more on my Panda hunter, AND it matches my Dinosaur, AND it also color coordinates with my favorite ground mount for my Panda… the brewfest kodo!

        I should take some screenies of the team and put ’em up.


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