Buckled Like a Cheap Belt

Sunday evening we entered the Sunwell Plateau!

And thirty minutes later we were done. Err…. blink and you’ll miss it. I think if we’re going to get a chance to actually SEE the raids in Burning Crusade, we’re gonna have to treat them like five person instances. I think we’ll hit Serpentshrine Cavern next Sunday, and then once that place is down we’ll see if there is time after to do Gruul and Magtheridon. Somehow, I bet there will be. Maybe we’ll do Tempest Keep instead!

They’ll all go down like a missed jump on the Aldor Rise lift regardless.

It wasn’t all that long ago I stood on my soapbox and proudly proclaimed that I would NOT do dailies! I would stand resolute, and do whatever I felt like!


So, I was doing my dailies last night, and I have to say I love the Klaxxi more every day.

What? Hey, sue me. I reserve my right to be wrong, make an ass of myself, and otherwise contradict myself whenever I feel like it. I don’t have to make sense, I’m a blogger.

Sidebar, do you ever notice how mainstream established media outlets sneer at something said on blogs or by bloggers? You’d think we were mouthbreathing letter-bombing troglodytes that could barely tie our own shoes, let alone form a cogent, coherent opinion about the shoelace industry. Oh, if only bloggers were as unbiased and trustworthy as traditional media sources!

Pay no attention to the organ grinder, just look at that monkey dance!

Anyway, I do love doing the Klaxxi dailies. The entire design of the faction storyline has been THE highlight of the expansion for me.

Tillers, Pandaren themselves, the beauty and grandeur of the mountains of the Kun-Lai Summit, Pet Battles, these are all good, but they ain’t Klaxxi, man. Amber IS the color of my energy, after all.

As far as scenery, my absolute favorite is the view of the snow-covered mountains, when you’re flying FROM the Shado-Pan Monastery area and the balloon towards the mountain slopes of the southeast. There is a point there where you leave the haze and enter crystal-clear air, and the slopes of the mountains are shimmering and clean and bright… they nailed it. I’ve been in real mountains, on foot and all other ways, and that moment has a powerful reaction from me because yes, they just nailed that transition. Gorgeous.

But for story and playing and fun, the structure of the Klaxxi have been the one element I have enjoyed the most, right from the beginning and stayed with me as the faction has continued to grow.

I like how, as you enter the zone, you get introduced to the Klaxxi. I have enjoyed how you as a player continuously build and expand the faction by seeking out each different Paragon and freeing them.

I love how each Paragon has a different Enhancement or Augmentation they can offer. Every one has a different zone-wide buff, and they are wild!

I love how the faction story does not STOP once you’ve done the initial quests. You continue to serve them with dailies, and after maybe a week (and Revered rep) you are rewarded with more story, more Paragons available to seek out and unlock, and more daily quests from thoseto do.

And above all… I love knowing that, once I reach Exalted, there is another new quest chain that is a capper to the story and to the faction, and it even results in an epic ring upgrade. There is an end… for now. A big reveal. Something beyond loot to reward reaching Exalted.

A feeling that yes, you ARE Exalted, and so you are now trusted with this secret of teh klaxxi. That is what Exalted reputations have always been lacking for me… that feeling of inclusion shown through story, not just loot.

The Klaxxi are a story arc that grows and lasts for the entire reputation grind. There is always something to look forward to, and it’s not just unlocking a new level of loot.

Pure win of design. And a part of that is how cool the Enhancements and Augmentations are, how many there are to play with.

On my Hunter, my favorites of the moment are Raining Blood (damn that blows the bad guys up FAST!) and the Speed King. Super speed panda power JUMP!!!!

The factions that I have seen are well designed for doing dailies, expanding the story of the faction as you go, increasing what is available, etc. It’s all good. Except Nat Pagle, I’ve heard bad things about that dirt little fisherman.

I think (for me) the Klaxxi were implemented better than the others.

I like getting a slew of quests all at once, going to that one geographic area that they all tend to be in, and just hanging out as I go through them. I queue for Heroics as I do them, and pop in and out of the zone at will.

The Golden Lotus, I’m simply not liking. I want to like them, if only to be a contrary pain in the ass, but I don’t. I am doing them so eventually I can have access to epic shoulders from Valor, and to unlock other factions. That’s it. The Golden Lotus could go piss up a rope if they weren’t holding my shoulders and locking Shado-Pan.

The dailies are a perfect way to have busy work while I’m queueing for heroics (or LFR). I love them for that.

I start with the Tillers and knock them out, and then linger lovingly over my insectoid family as I wait through queues. If there is still something I want to queue for when the Klaxxi are done… well, guess I do some of the Golden Lotus. I suppose.

I could Pet Battle, but I burned out on that. I have a lot of pets, and I’ll get back into them someday, but not today. And I do know I should keep doing some of the Golden lotus dailies. Shit ain’t gonna be done if I never get started.

There are drawbacks to the whole system from my point of view.

The reason I don’t like the Golden Lotus is the gating, of course. They give you one hub, and once that is done, you get another hub. Then another. Somehow it just doesn’t do it for me, even though the quests themselves are not only easy, they’re kinda fun.

The Klaxxi on the other hand, I am sick and tired of the Shackles quest, there are simply too few mobs and the drop rate sucks. And the Scorpions for the 3 brains, likewise, but nowhere near as bad.

But…. I still like the Klaxxi better. Maybe because it all feels more cohesive and  well-conceived to me.

I haven’t done any Celestials or Shado-Pan, haven’t done the dragon stuff, haven’t done any Nat Pagle. I’m not saying dailies are all awesome, or that any one faction is better or worse than all the others. 

What I do want to say is, I love how many of the factions in general, and the Klaxxi in particular, have gone beyond “wear a tabard and get rep to buy stuffs”, and become an entire expanding and growing storyline in and of themselves.

The point to the Klaxxi faction is to be a growing part of the story, and I really like that.

My one big worry right now is knowing that new factions, the war factions, are coming in the next patch.

Dailies take time, and while they’re fun to do, it’s all a bit much. Everyone is in a different situation, has more or less time available to play. I have been playing a LOT lately by my standards, and while I’m not exalted with anyone (except Tillers on my Druid), I’m doing my bit.

I just hope that I have time, playing my way and at my pace, to complete some of the current faction storylines before the new factions are released and added on to the current load.

How about you? How are your feelings on the different factions? Change of heart, or still the same as always?

17 thoughts on “Buckled Like a Cheap Belt

  1. Lorewalkers, Cloud Serpents, Tillers and Golden Lotus exalted. Golden Lotus was a frustrating grind, but I could get them done in 40 minutes early in the morning before work.

    Doing Klaxxi at the moment – and I agree, my favourite faction to grind rep with so far. I’m honoured with Shado-Pan, but their dailies are an unholy mess and seem to take far longer than the dailies from other factions.

    I need to pull my finger out with the August Celestials. I’m not even friendly with them yet.

    Anglers… that’s never going to happen. I hate fishing with a passion, always have, always will.


  2. I’ve got Lorewalkers exalted (really easy when you just do the achievement for finding all the lore points and Brewmasters and you’re there!), Tillers exalted (and all the individuals at Best Friend except for Old Hillpaw), Cloud Serpent exalted, Golden Lotus revered (a slog of a grind just to open up AC and SP, and the three-part quest at revered was easy, but gave a nice robe I no longer needed since I was wearing the crafted epic), The Black Prince honored, The Klaxxi honored (absolutely LOVED the cutscene in an “oh no you DIDN’T” way…makes you more determined to continue, I think! But the drop rate on the Dread Amber Shards is abysmal…I’m honored, and still don’t have 20 for a turn-in!), August Celestials friendly (can someone PLEASE tell me how to get that danged torch to the brazier at the top, PUHLEEEEEZE???), Shado-Pan friendly (did the speak-to quest after getting GL revered but haven’t done the dailies for them, yet), and The Anglers friendly (I only do these occasionally…meaning rarely).

    At first, I was (and still tend to be) “start with Tillers, move to CS, move to GL, move to Klaxxi, move to ??”. I usually run with my boyfriend, who burns out on dailies and much prefers running dungeons and scenarios. When I’m dragging him to the NEXT hub, he’ll now say to me…”What did BBB say, dear?”…which usually means he’s had enough dailies for the night! LOL


    • Yes well, I am the uber disc priest. I only have to smite the behemoth 5 billion times before it dies while trying to move and cast and oh wait, i’m a priest. Gotta stay still and let the poo hit to cast. So then its heal and cast, heal and cast. At least atonement keeps us alive most of the time. When I’m not trying to tank cuz I forgot i’m not on my DK.


  3. I had a hell of a time deciding to race change my precious hunter from its nelf origins five years ago to a more crit-prone worgen last year… Then about 2 weeks ago I found myself proclaiming that I’d race change to klaxxi if I could. They’re that good indeed, and their last quest is something like watching The Sixth Sense for the first time, lovely little piece of storytelling.
    Other quests hubs feel very mainstream, or maybe it’s because they’re simply pandadominated.

    Been following this blog (on and off) for a long time, you’re still doing a top job, grats!


  4. :

    Sidebar, do you ever notice how mainstream established media outlets sneer at something said on blogs or by bloggers? You’d think we were mouthbreathing letter-bombing troglodytes that could barely tie our own shoes, let alone form a cogent, coherent opinion about the shoelace industry. Oh, if only bloggers were as unbiased and trustworthy as traditional media sources!

    Ah the media…got to love it
    Media = plural of Medium
    Medium = individual who has close relationship with spirits
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    Therefore the Media is a number of individuals who have a close relationship with alcohol


  5. I hit revered with GL 3 weeks ago and i might have picked up 3k since then, most of it from the quest for a 463 blue that opens at that point.

    I have got into the habit of stocking up dailies so I can hit the ground running with 20+ to hand in post reset but i got pretty bad rng this week, Shado pan gave me a kill 24 x, kill 30+ dogs for 8 drops, kill 12 z and 3 easy elites. May worse by the fact I didn’t realise the dogs where also in the same areas other mobs so after i had my 8 drops I killed another 20 or just from aggro’ing respawns. Kill, kill, kill…..

    But overall klaxxi has to be the best done of the main reps. Working on Order of the serpent now as well as I figured their was no point in getting the exalted reward of a serpent for a mount I could not even ride.


  6. I feel the same way about the Klaxxi! Having gone into MoP blind (no research, spoilers, beta), they were the race I knew absolutely nothing about, and I was drawn into their story, the development and expansion of that story, and the… well I won’t spoil it for you. I like a lot about the expansion, but the Klaxxi are one of the highlights for me, personally.


  7. lol I have had 1 character hit 90, only just recently. I have barely even started dailies and for the most part, if I have time, I can only choose 1 or maybe two factions to work on. Ill still be working on these dailies for at least a couple of releases.


  8. Golden Lotus – 15 dailies at honored feels tedious per day and I’ve not touched them once since hitting revered. They’re just not that interesting either.

    Shado-pan – Reasonably quick (currently honored). More flavor and the companion is kinda cool I guess.

    August Celestials – Delightfully quick and mixing up the location is neat.

    Anglers – Did these once, I don’t really prioritize fishing though. Not bad.

    Tillers – Pretty quick, and I slacked for a while doing only harvesting / planting while I slogged through 3x GL quest hubs a day.

    Cloud Serpents – Have not done these even once. Not hugely motivated by cosmetic mounts, myself. I’ll probably grind it out once I have 8 or more skyshards.


  9. I love the Klaxxi so, so much. Another commenter somewhere else put it well: the Klaxxi don’t really like you, but you’re useful so they keep you around. And when you stop being useful they’d just as we’ll eat you. They’re refreshingly honest about their intentions, even if we don’t understand or like them.

    The Golden Lotus storyline is similar. Each step gives you more of the story, but Golden Lotus is definitely more grindy. I got them out of the way early, though, when there wasn’t much competition.

    But overall, I don’t grind more than one faction at a time. I’m nearly exalted wth Tillers by farming and doing the one time quests alone, and revered with everyone but the Shado-Pan. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no reason to burn yourself out doing ALL the dailies all the time. Even if you’re gearing for raiding, you can’t accumulate the VP fast enough to buy the gear if you do all the factions simultaneously. As the Pandaren say, Slow Down!


  10. “Dailies take time, and while they’re fun to do, it’s all a bit much. Everyone is in a different situation, has more or less time available to play. I have been playing a LOT lately by my standards, and while I’m not exalted with anyone (except Tillers on my Druid), I’m doing my bit.”

    That about perfectly sums it up for me.

    Also, I loved the Klaxxi as well for many of the same reasons you did.


  11. Agree that the Klaxxi are pretty cool, but I only do them 2 or 3 times a week. Muscled through Golden Lotus and the Shado-Pan and August dailies are pretty cool also. But they all are at first. I really like the “challenge this fighter in the ring” quests.

    The rep I was most looking forward too, and the most disappointed with, is Nat Pagle/Anglers. I had every fishing achievement except the horde rare fish going into MoP.

    The Anglers dailies are just dumb. One has you wrestling a shark, face rolling buttons till it abruptly says you’re done. Some literally take seconds. And the ones that require actual fishing may take 25 casts, although I really don’t have that big a problem with that. The raft is quite cool, be sure to read the tooltip to see how to make it go fast.

    Nat Pagle is the worst. He just comes off as an ass. No daily, the only way to build rep with him is to turn in rare (1%) catches. I’ve gotten 4 so far and I’m not out of the first stage. That was a huge disappointment to me. They gave Nat zero personality. He says nothing except stock NPC talk. The Anglers area is similarly flat. And the rewards are just lame, like 50 skill points for an alt. Clearly not designed by someone who understands why people like fishing.

    And now I hear that the combined server zones have borked the fishing tourneys and the are currently not running. Despite hopes, they failed badly with fishing.


    • “people like fishing.” I know those words, but when you put them together like that, they make no sense… I really wish they’d do something to make it less mind-numbingly boring… like make the Goblin Fishing Pole work. 😛


  12. It’s just one faction at a time for me; I’m almost exalted with the Tillers, and have also gotten a couple of alts to 86 and started farming in the minimum sized plot – veggies, so my main can grow motes of harmony. I’ve focused on the dailies there while finishing up questing in the zones that I didn’t do while levelling. I don’t think I could consistently do dailies for multiple factions and enjoy it – probably Klaxxi next for me.

    I have to echo (along with every other player on the planet) the frustration with quest mobs. With the tillers it’s the fatty goat steaks. There’s only a few herds, tank classes just pull a whole herd of them at once, and the drop rate isn’t anything to shout about. Which goats DON’T have fatty steaks? Can’t I just leave the skinny ones alone to graze until the next day?


  13. Like you, I knuckled down to check out all the factions. Like you, I’m only exalted with the Tillers on my druid. Like you, I’m working factions on a different toon (spriest, to be exact).

    I’m doing Klaxxi, Tillers, Anglers, Cloud Dragons and Golden Lotus. That’s… a lot of time. Typically, 2 hours a night, on just one guy. Tonight, I’ll finally have enough valor to buy the necklace from the Klaxxi to get me into LFR. So, there’s that on top of dailies.

    Cloud Dragons are probably my favorite for just doing dailies. They make sense. One lady gives the same quests every day: 4 quests, one for each secondary profession. Sadly, my archeology isn’t up to snuff, so I’m only doing 3 – but they’re great. Watching my personal mount grow like the ravesaur pet/mount from Un’Goro is pretty cool too.

    I’ve been enjoying the Klaxxi story, but the quests themselves are just basic ‘stack them up and knock them down’. Wish Blizz put a bit more thought than just ‘hunt these glowy things, kill x of these, fight off fellow players for mobs’. At least the Klaxxi, on SoE, anyway, isn’t crowded like GL. FUUUUUUUUU GL. The only good thing is there are plenty of people to take out the colossus. Then they disperse and grab 10 mobs and make me crazy. GL is definitely the gate (pun intended) to my Daily grind. But, like you said, it ain’t gonna get done if I don’t do it.

    I applaud Blizz for wanting to curb the grindy bit for alts. I just wish they’d gone all the way. Like flight. Yeah, I did the quests walking around, enjoying the sights seeing the new. I’d like the rest of my toons to be 90 now, can I just fly at 86, plox? Similarly, I ground out faction with you peeps on my priest, can’t his brother the druid be exalted with you too? I vouch for him, he’s a good kid.



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