Cross Server Raiding – Burning Crusade x2

Last Sunday, I was planning on Sunwell Plateau. It sounded like a fun time for an evening, that place was brutal back in the day, but we ought to have been able to get it done in two hours, right?


Thirty minutes into the raid night, and it’s all over.

Well, shoot.

Hey, hows about we go roflstomp through Black Temple?

Okay, that stretched the night out to an hour and a half.

It looks to me like Burning Crusade raids are now 5 mans, easy five mans. That is, if you want things to live long enough for a Warlock to have a chance to enslave something. Blink and you WILL miss the content if you go with more folks.

So, I vastly overestimated how long those would take.

I have a new plan.

Next Sunday… we’re going to plan on starting at Serpentshrine Cavern and then flying due North to Tempest Keep.

Dual Clear, and if time allows we’ve got Gruul’s Lair close by (which takes longer to reach than to run), and even Magtheridon’s Lair if somehow we have THAT much time left.

This time, I will NOT be… unprepared.

That phrase is so over used, I’m starting to expect a big stompy foot coming down when I write it, a la Monty Python.

It’s a fair cop.

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