Fighting Your Way into the Brawlers Guild

If you follow patch notes or news sources, then you have already heard about the Brawlers Guild coming in patch 5.1.

I’m not going to complain or bitch about it. I’ve got so much going on right now, and there is so much new stuff coming down (including more reputations!) in the patch, I had no intention of doing it for months and months and months, even before I heard how it was gated.

The short and sweet of it is, there will be a Brawlers Guild that you can get invited into, where you will fight solo against challenging NPCs, only one fight can happen at a time, and other players can watch from the stands.

Spectator blood sport, and you are Jean-Claude.

When I first heard about the Brawlers Guild, and how it would be by secret invitation like an underground, illegal death match, I made a few assumptions about how you’d get invited.

I was wrong. It turns out, the first invitations will be for sale on the Black Market Auction House. If you have an invite, you can invite someone else, although we don’t know how many such invites you’ll be able to make. A total of ten invites lifetime? One a day? One a week? Only one ever? No idea.

But to get started, there will be ten invites sold on the Black Market Auction House. Whoever has the most interest and the biggest bankroll when they go up gets access to the content first.

I wasn’t planning on doing it anyway, at least not for months and months. I still haven’t finished my beginning goals in Pet Battles, nor has any character of mine done a single quest in Krasarang or finished Four Winds (and yes, I do know how freaking awesome the final video for completing all the quests in both zones is, it’s why I’m waiting to savor the moment). My Panda Monk is only level 12.

I’m not exactly lacking for things to do.

I just wanted to throw this out there, though.

I can see something like an underground death match being joined through shady dealing, whispered word of mouth, and the Black Market. It does make a certain amount of sense.

I can also see the whole thing as being something that Garrosh AND Varian would love, and would be secretly (or not so secretly, in  the case of Garrosh) behind. Publicly pretending to take no notice because there are rules, you know, but behind the scenes keeping a close eye on the top fighters as people to watch… and make use of.

We’re talking Garrosh and Varian, who have the mentality of two pit bulls fighting over the same junkyard. If anything, I’d think they were both behind the idea, and would enter the fights under assumed names or identities to get the taste of blood in their mouth without arousing the disapproval of the stuffed shirts.

Still, I don’t like the high roller, big pockets gating of buying your invite when there seems to me to be a more elegant way to handle it.

The point of the Brawlers Guild, as far as I’m aware, is to give players a venue to fight powerful, challenging NPCs one-on-one, and show that they can take ’em down. All in front of a crowd.

Now, if we pretend for a moment that the Brawlers Guild existed before patch 5.1, then there would presumably be very powerful humanoids who had been invited to come take part.

Humanoid NPCs that may be out in the world. If they were invited to come to the brawlers Guild but hadn’t traveled there yet, wouldn’t that make them challenging, powerful, deadly opponents in possession of an invitation when looted?

Wouldn’t it seem to make sense that if you, the player, happened across one of these powerful foes, fought them and killed them, that you might find THEIR invitation among their belongings?

You take the invitation intended for them, and wouldn’t it be yours by right of conquest anyway? They were invited to come to the Brawlers Guild and prove who the strongest brawlers is, and if you took them down, didn’t you have the better right to come prove your worth?

I’m just saying. If they put the invitations on the existing rares, or on only a few of the existing rares in Pandaria (the ones considered the hardest), or made a handful of new, challenging NPCs out there that could drop an invitation when you take them down… that would just seem to be a sensible way to begin.

I’ll even go further. To prevent a group killing a rare so that one of the group can easily get an invitation, you could let the start of the chain be an item that drops from a rare… an item that then starts a quest that leads you to a phased or instanced cave where you only get in if you have the item, and within that cave you can face down a challenging NPC all on your own. Killing THAT NPC results in you looting an invitation.

Kinda like the old epic bow and quiver questline for Hunters, where you had to face down and win on your own, nobody else helping or healing you. If you can’t do it on your own with your own skill, you ain’t succeeding.

It would be easier to manage nowadays since you would be phased out of sight to other players while in the cave taking on your own personal opponent.

Right? Prove your worth in a solo fight, pry his invitation from his dead, broken fingers, and travel across the world to take part in the Brawlers Guild in his place.

It is the kernal to more martial arts movies and stories than I can think of, because it works. Other fighters were invited to the Brawlers Guild because of their reputation or who they know, but you’re the underdog, the warrior with a hidden agenda, the unknown factor. Did the leaders of the guild only invite those they thought would be entertaining, but not powerful enough to ultimately win? Now that you, the unknown quantity, are coming to fight, will you throw their plans into dissarray by being a stronger Brawler than they planned for?

Or did you not get invite because they really didn’t think you had what it takes, and now you will teach them a hard lesson for underestimating you?

For RP, it would work better as a framework, because seriously, HOW MANY fighting games are out there where every fighter has a different backstory for why they are coming to fight. There is always at least one character that is taking an enemies’ invitation and entering the fight in order to work their way through the other opponents to take their revenge on a nemesis that can’t be gotten to any other way. And of course someone that wants to be the best in the world, or to prove their fighting style is superior, or to try and prevent a loved one from risking their own life in the arena, and the only way to convince them is to fight your way through the arena yourself. As if that ever made sense, but okay.

It would give you a lot of different potential hooks to start with rather than “bought my invite”, is all I’m saying.

I like the idea of the Brawlers Guild, I think it will be very interesting to see how it all works out, and I’m looking forward to spending at least a little time in the stands cheering on a few guildies who get their invites, see how they do.

But this does feel like a glorious opportunity to give roleplayers something to build into their characters that is just going wasted.

Just my thoughts on the invitation thing. Take them for what they are.

5 thoughts on “Fighting Your Way into the Brawlers Guild

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  2. I was under the impression (and I’d be happy to be proven wrong) that the spectators were simply the other Brawlers waiting their turn at bat, so to speak.

    It’d be nifty if I could ‘walk of the street’ and enter the brawler hall and watch a fight – but that makes it less special and ‘fight club’ish than Blizz is making it sound. I mean, in a metagamey way, I know there’s a new feature, but my toons probably don’t. Unless I came across an invite on the BMAH or heard someone hawking invites in /trade.

    I Haven’t hit the PTR, so I haven’t tested it.


  3. In the real world, fighters need backers and promoters to put up prize money, pay for the show, and assure a big audience. The bigger the fighter, the more money put up, the bigger the challengers etc. Big money is a key ingredient in the process of creating champions.

    I think having to buy in with big money makes sense and assures that it isn’t just random people farming to get in. This is an opportunity to really build a name for yourself, as well as your guild. You better be good. Guilds know who their best people are, and this will likely take guild levels of cash.

    I’m quite interested in being a spectator (and would back a great player), and I think this system might produce some real opportunity for stars to emerge. Which could add some depth to the community.

    Or of course it could be a huge flop. But a guy can dream.


  4. Wow.

    This just blew my mind and makes so much sense at the same time.

    An invitation that can be bought could be suited for some gold-worshiping guild associated with goblins.
    But the idea of intercepting a powerful brawler and taking his place, feels epic and imbues the invitation with a more immersive experience than what gold could buy.
    Man, I don’t even have anything constructive to say.

    That idea is fun.


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