BBB Cross Realm Raid – We’re Gonna Try it Again!

I hope you’ll join us this Sunday at 6PM Central time, as we try once again to clear Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep: The Eye.

What are the odds that we’ll all get sick again? Anyone?

By the way, on that topic, does anyone know a reputable company that provides earthquake, fire, flood, black hole and meteor insurance coverage? No reason, just asking.


The truth is, Alex was feeling a little better on Monday (while I was starting to go down with the ship), and wanted to run SSC and the Eye. So I hustled together a quick group of whoever was on in my friends list and a few nice guildies, and we cleared them both. Took very little time. Alex managed to get every piece of the Warlock Vanquished Hero Tier except the helm from Lady Vashj and the belt from the Lurker Below. (The belt isn’t tier, it’s just the piece that matches the set).

Pretty crazy. He’s hoping to finish the set, or at least see a helm drop from the Lady, but you never can tell with that crazy RNG. He says he likes that Warlock Tier look better than any other. I think he’s crazy, the Tier from Black Temple and Battle for Mount Hyjal is awesome. He doesn’t like the tauren sized horns on the hat, though.

Side note, what is your favorite Tier for your favorite class? And why? I’d really like to know… the why more than the what, the reasons people have for liking something can be quite convincing once you know the background story.

I’m thinking there will definitely be enough time after The Eye to ROFLStomp Gruuls Lair, and probably even Magtheridon’s for the finish.

Maybe next week… Ulduar 25 achievements?

9 thoughts on “BBB Cross Realm Raid – We’re Gonna Try it Again!

  1. I personally prefer the Tier 10 Druid set. My first reason, is that it is the first set I ever completed while the content was current. My other reason is because aesthetically, to me, it feels like it comes together better than any of the druid set. I couldn’t stand that every other helm seemed to just be a crappy pointed hood that represented a bird. The viney helm and shoulders are my favorite aspects of this set.


  2. Hahaha…. he is learning why blizzard always gives more “umph” to the warlock armor sets (because we can be outright evil) as opposed to other classes sets.

    Personally there’s several sets in my mind that sand out

    Warlock Tier 2 (Nemesis) has the traditional Oogy Boogy look of a warlock
    Tier 5 (which alex is going after) is what I like to refer to as the “Richard the Warlock” set from LookingForGroup
    Tier 8 (Deathbringer) is almost a straight look alike of former Grand Appothecary Putress. He epitimized evil, but the look can go wrong if you have a worgen snout
    and finally the Tier 13 look (with tentacles) conjures up the eldrich horrors of Cth^D^D^D C’thun, Yogg-saron, and the old god corruption that happened to Deathwing.


  3. For my druid, definitely the Thunderheart tier set. Why? Druids are nature-based fighters, shifting to various animal forms for ground travel, flight and combat. It only seemed obvious to me that they also revere natural things, finding guardian and life spirits in plants and animals similar to the Native Americans and the Inuit. That made the look and feel of the very tribal, totem-like bird spirit set an absolutely perfect choice. I only wish, instead of the moonkin, balance druids could fight in a more bird-like form…but that’s a subject for another time. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • …however, this expansion, my main is my fire mage. I haven’t found the perfect set for her, yet. Maybe something watery, to keep her from self-combusting? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I finally have a character on US realms! What time do you do these runs BBB? And would a 72 paladin be able to tag along? ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. “Side note, what is your favorite Tier for your favorite class? And why?”
    For me, the what is easy – Paladin Tier 2 – Judgment Armor.
    The why is much more difficult. Go look at all of the Paladin tier armor side-by-side. Heck, look at all armor sets side-by-side. Judgment stands out. The shoulders are’s ridiculously huge, they turn down and they have the gorgeous blades down the side. The mask that covers the face. Maybe most important for me is the color set – all-black with some orange and red. It occurs to me that the colors really make the set b/c the purple re-color doesn’t really do anything for me.
    The firelands tier that was almost a knock-off of tier 2 was interesting, but nothing, to me, beats that tier set. I remember the day the last piece finally dropped for me from Rag (this was in Cataclsym, btw, I wasn’t even playing wow when this tier set was in play) and how excited I was – I transmogged both my tanking and DPS sets to look like that and kept it that way all of Cat.
    As a dorf pally, I was always a little disappointed that it looks so… scrunched. I promised myself I would race change to human if I ever completed the set, but I can’t bring myself to pay $25 just for an armor set. But man, it looks WAY better on a human than anyone else!


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