That was intense!

Panda-man ALWAYS intense!

Gotta love Harry Dean Stanton.

Tonight, I completed the Hunter rite of passage.

I successfully tracked down and tamed one of the new Pandaren rares, Savage!

And Repo Man or not, that was freaking intense!

I did not do this on my own. My inspiration was Cymre (of Bubbles of Mischief fame) with her recent post about tracking him.

It wouldn’t have happened, though, without Euphyley’s awesome post (At WoW Rare Spawns) detailing the how, where and why of Savage, with maps and all. And of course for the reminder that right now, before 5.1 is released, tracks are still displayed backwards, so backtrack ’em. 🙂

I was inspired by Cymre to try my own search for this beautiful white jungle cat with the blueish-purple eyes. I have always loved tigers, and the look of this white tiger is simply stunning. Of all the rares, Savage was the one I hoped the most to be lucky enough to find someday.

I started at the western-most point of the Jade Forest on Euphyley’s map, just below the bridge to the Valley of the Four Winds.

I kept tabbing in and out, comparing where I was on the map to landmarks, trying to get oriented in my mind where to go next. “All right, so if I move to that grove of trees, then I can do a southeastern loop around that lake, then head up toward the mine entrance, staying to the left of the village.”

I stayed on my flying mount for the trip, not expecting much luck on this first excursion, walking slowly, criss-crossing where I thought the trail might be.

I went the entire route, all the way to the eastern coast, when suddenly I saw it! A dot that showed up as a Bloody Track!

I checked the orientation of the paw print, and it showed the claws pointing ahead of me… which meant he was actually heading back the way I came.

I whirled around, popped a flare… and nothing. Uh oh. Oh wait, there’s another track back the way I came!

And thus began a half hour stalking session.

That was intense. I had people whispering me, and I didn’t respond to anything. I couldn’t, I might miss a track or it would fade away!

I was fixed on the screen in front of me, analyzing every trace of land for the sign of the next Bloody Track.

It seemed like no matter how far I went, there were always more tracks in front of me.

It wasn’t until I was almost all the way back to where I started, at the southern shore of that lake south of the mine, that I felt I finally got ahead of the tracks. The southern part of the lake is bordered by a trail and mountains, so it’s a natural choke point. It became slightly easier to see the tracks, and to feel I was ahead of him. It also gave me a better feel that the flare might encompass where Savage would have to walk.

I popped that flare, and the thrill when I saw the giant, white-furred head push into view was amazing.

Seriously, if you are a Hunter, and you haven’t done this yet, please do yourself a favor and go on the hunt for one of these special rares.

Visit WoW Rare Spawns, look at the various rare Hunter pets in Pandaria, and set yourself on a safari.

Wow, what a rush!

Look ma, I’m a real Hunter now!

Thank you Cymre, and thank you ever so much Euphyley!

22 thoughts on “That was intense!

  1. I’ve played a hunter as my main since BC and I’m one of the few hunters I know who doesn’t bother taming rare pets. Somehow it just never worked out for me. The most different skin I have is the lightning wolf skin that is so common while doing the golden lotus dailies.

    The pictures of this cat has got me starting to plan to track her down. Wooo!


  2. huge gratz. and ty very much my gf . whos main hase been hunt since vanilla. did not know about that kitty.
    i showed her the pics on your blog she needed kitty 🙂
    she flew to a spot on map it walks. after about 20 minutes. she said ill try later got to make break fast.
    then a track spawned.
    2 flares and half an hour she had him. we didnt even know he existed till your blog.
    and breakfast was delicious. she was very happy.
    and i got lots of bacon 😀


    • Haha! Im back and I have 2 new pets. I started hunting the water strider as well but no luck then while hunting I discovered a giant worm pet as well, and now my log in screen for my hunter has this gigantic worm on it… Yehaa!

      It took almost half an hour to eventually hunt the pet down but the whole process is sooo cool. It actually feels like youre hunting and tracking a wild tiger. See those tracks… we’re close, ugh Ive lost those tracks, there they are again, we’re back on the trail… it was cool!

      Now its time to track them all down!


  3. Your very welcome BBB! I’m glad you found my post helpful – and Congrats on finding one of the prettiest (maybe THE prettiest) kitty in the game so far!

    I absolutely love the way we have to find these guys compared to previous expansions. The thrill of the hunt just makes them that much more special imo. =)


  4. If you want to see something freaky, go look Savage up on Wowhead, click on ‘view in 3d’, wait till it loads, then for the animation choose ‘work’. OH GHOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.

    Run and Walk are similarly strange…


  5. This is another thing Im going to have to go and do now. Grats… you have distracted me once again with something cooler than dailies.


  6. Haha .. Gratz! I just got that one on my level 85/86 hunter the other day after reading about it on a blog … I’d actually seen a similar looking cat doing the dailies around the Arboretum (bandaging the baby dragons, etc), and had noted it for when my hunter got to that level (89 I think) – but when I saw there was a rare that looked even better, at level 85, I had to have it!

    I went for the lazy option though. I saw that it took about 35 minutes to do a full traverse, so found a couple of “choke points” where it had to go through and I just “lurked” – mining the fast spawning ore nodes and killing off the mobs in the area – hit level 86 waiting for him. I was just about to give up when I saw a paw print – I nearly had a heart attack there and then! I just ended up not-breathing for a very long time and I was convinced it was going to get away from me before i remembered where I’d put my ice trap icon 😛 Didn’t need it in the end as I managed to complete the tame without it even seeming to notice me 🙂

    Gorgeous cat, and I really enjoyed the experience. I don’t have the space for all the new rares, but I’ve ear marked a couple of others I’d like, at later levels 😉


  7. I am semi-addicted to tracking these guys. My Golden Lotus dailies would always take at least 10-20 minutes longer than necessary because I would spot Portent tracks and need to go track him down to say hi (and see which color he had spawned in). So far I’ve tracked and tamed Savage, purple Portent, and Stompy, and I’ll be going after Bloodtooth and a different color of Portent once I start leveling one of my hunter alts. This is one of the best parts of the whole expansion, imo, and I love Blizzard for coming up with it.


  8. I read about the rares, I think Navi’s post about them not being killed. I tracked the turtle and tamed him. It is quite the rush to finally see the track appear and know you are close.


  9. Congratz on your tame Bear!!!!

    Weird as it is, and as much as I love my hunters, I haven’t gone in search of any of the new rares. But now I just might have to. That is a beautiful kitteh!!

    I do love hunting for pets, and if you read my story “Anything for the Tame” you know some of the goofy stuff I’ve put myself through just for a certain pet. I have to suggest a pet for you though. If you don’t already have him you should try to get Chromaggus from Blackwing Lair. I’m not overly crazy about core hound pets, but Chromaggus is not the norm. He is very cool looking. Plus, as an added bonus (at least for me), when you send him to attack it looks like he is farting fire as he runs to the mobs. Makes me giggle every time. Well worth the hassle of getting that far into BWL to get him.

    Congratz again on your new kitty!


  10. Yay! I has a white kitteh! Went right off and started looking for tracks, even ignored all the tasty ghost iron appearing.

    Note that the tracks ARE still backwards at the moment, and that Silverdragon and NPCScan do not alarm even if visible.


    • BTW, the tracks are also always level, and the ground tilts under them, so they might be partially buried. They don’t sparkle, but Savage’s are dark red against the green. Not the easiest thing for us colorblind people to catch. 😛 But once you see one you’ll know better what to look for.


      • Congratulations, Kemonojin! I did notice the tracks were always level, it made searching frantically for the next one tense.Where? There? No, there!


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