Boneheaded Bear Breaks Bow… and Butt!

Sorry about the title, we were talking about alliteration in guild last night.

In case you were ever in doubt, I’m for it.

Todays topic is:

Tell me the one thing you ever did in a raid, ever, that was so boneheaded you still look back on it and think, “I can’t believe I did that. What was I thinking?!?”

I started this raid week down exactly one Sigil of Wisdom from completing that part of Wrathion’s quest chain.

That left me eager to run Heart of Fear to try and get it, before queueing for Terrace to down the Sha of Anger.

Thus began my night of comedy.

I did get my Sigil, but the groups I were with were… sloppy. Felt half awake, going through the motions. Perhaps just hitting that wall.

We downed trash and bosses, but we usually had multiple people die per trash pull, half the group dead by the end of a boss pull, and we flirted with enrage timers and sometimes even went over them.

Elegon… let’s just not talk about Elegon.

My boneheaded, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment came during Will of the Emperor in Mogu’shan Vaults.

You know, the dude what can drop the weapon upgrade for me.

We played as sloppy as I’d come to expect on the trash right in front of the control panel, and over half the raid died before the trash finally went down.

Some folks released to run back, others were waiting for a ressurection, and some moron decided to start the encounter.

Oh, joy.

This has no bearing on my mistake.

I did my best. I know the fight, I have plenty of tools to work on the adds, and all I wanted was to get the fight over with, see if the bow would drop, blow an extra roll when it didn’t, and then move on with my week.

So, I’m running around doing the add killing dance as fast as I’m able, when halfway into the fight most of my buttons go dark.

Like, ‘out of range’ dark. Or, ‘you’ve been stunned/silenced’ dark.

I could still use my Kill Command, Glaives, all that extra cooldown and pet stuff, but I’ve got no shots at all. 

What, I ran out of arrows? WTF? I know I got tagged by that one Emperor’s Strength, but that stun only lasts like, what, 3 seconds? 

It took me over 30 seconds of trying to figure out what happened to finally get it.

My weapon was broken.

I opened up my equipment list, and sure as hell. All my epics were fine, durability 100 out of 180, or whatever.

The only thing I had broken at 0 durability was my 463 blue Tempestuous Longbow.

Apparently, it’s weaker and more susceptible to breakage than epics? And hey, guess what… I died a lot in that raid.

So… halfway through the last boss fight I intended to do for the evening, I ended up with no weapon, reduced to telling my pet to attack that target, now that target, okay Bestial Wrath and go Kill Command that one. And after that… well, i still had my fists.

Paws. Whatever.

I was reduced to punching the adds.

For over half of the fight, I’m running around punching bad guys and waiting for pet attack cooldowns to wear off.

That’s a long time to feel embarassed.

One of the healers locked out of the raid by the early start began telling us all how much we sucked.

Specifically, how bad us DPS sucked.

In fact, he began talking about the worthless sack of shit Hunter that was so bad he should get out of the raid and kill himself for being so bad.

For over five minutes, and then past when we did finally wipe, he kept up the stream of venom, directed at sucky DPS in general, and the one horribad sack of shit hunter in specific.

I was embarassed because, yes I can’t believe I was in a boss fight with broken equipment, total fail move, but even worse, getting called out for it by someone that really, with that language and hostility, I’d have liked to kick square in the nuts for being an asshole.

Worst part? The feeling that, even though the way he went off was nasty bullshit, I felt he had a point. I was terrible, and I did feel embarassed. I won’t go so far as to say I was ashamed, but yeah, that was pretty fail. There was no good excuse for my not knowing what my durability was going into a boss fight. 

The healer’s tirade increased, and he started linking meters to the raid channel, and calling person such and such with blank DPS out, and such and such did blank…

I suddenly realized something even more horrifying.

He wasn’t talking about me.

As bad as I was in that raid, spending most of it with a broken weapon, punching adds and controlling my pet as best I could, little though it was… I still ended that one fight with a little over 22k DPS.

I wasn’t the worst DPS on the fight.

I wasn’t even close.

It turns out I wasn’t the Hunter he was swearing at like a deranged beast. I thought I was, but he’d never called anyone out by name before. I just assumed I had to have been, by far, the worst in the run.


The Hunter he was talking about had 12k DPS.

I still feel a little light headed thinking about it.

The healer, seriously, he could go die in a fire. Whatever moron started that run was the person to blame for our overall failure, not one DPS in the group. There is never any call to rant and rave and swear at someone else. You don’t like how someone else is performing, and if you truly think they are doing it on purpose, then you say what, and why, and who, and ask people to vote kick them. If enough people agree, then fine, you kick them and move on. If not, and you feel that strongly? Leave. Or shut the hell up and soldier on.

The swearing and venom? Shove a cork in your ass, I don’t want to hear it.

I feel okay about saying that now, seeing as how he wasn’t talking specifically about me. 🙂

I am still trying to wrap my head around that. With a minimum iLevel of 460, a Hunter (a Beastmaster hunter at that, same as me) did 12k DPS on a  boss fight.

I did almost twice that with a broken weapon, punching the adds. Yes, my pet does reasonable damage on his own so long as I am using all of my Kill Command oand other attack cooldowns, but still. The other person is a Hunter too!  

In other words, as bad as I sucked, how could there have been someone even worse?

I feel like I entered in a “who can suck the worst on this fight” contest, and came in second place.

This did not make me feel better about myself. I mean, if you’re gonna lose, at least lose BIG. If you screw up big enough, spectacularly enough, there is a story in that.

Did I wonder what that Hunter was doing? Yes, briefly. Then I moved on. it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

It’s not relevant in any way. What he did is what HE did, not what I did.

I’m the one that fought a boss with a Broken Arrow.

About that Hunter… here’s a hypothetical for you.

You sit down, queue for a raid, and it takes 45 minutes to get one, which is what it took me. You expected 20 minutes, that is what you’re used to, and that’s what your addon told you was the current average wait time, so that worked for you. You’ve got limited time to play before you have to get your kids tucked into bed, but this is workable.

For 25 minutes after that 20 minute ‘average’, the duration kept getting extended by a minute at a time.  You thought, ‘okay, what is one more minute”, but that was 25 minutes ago.

Now, 45 minutes in, and the hour and a half you budgeted for the run is half gone before the first pull.

You’re running out of time. There are things you have to do with your family. But you can take it to the wire. Maybe this group will get it done fast and smooth. 

But no. The group sucks. Wipes on trash, AFK people, early pulls, all sorts of things that serve to drag this out.

Finally, you get to the last boss, the boss you came for because you’re a Hunter and you need a weapon and he could drop your weapon. You really don’t want to have to do all of this over again later, you don’t have much time during the week to play.

But it’s time to tuck your kids into bed, past time really, so you’re up against it, and when game and famliy go head to head, family wins. Of course.

So, as soon as this trash pull is done, you’re going to tell everyone you need to be afk for a few minutes, so you can at least go tuck your kids into bed.

Then some asshole pulls early, before people have even run all the way back or been rezzed. There are healers locked out of the instance, five people still dead…

Well, that’s an obvious wipe, so you say to hell with it, set your character to auto-attack the boss, sic your pet on it, and go get your children tucked into bed, tell your spouse you’re sorry that the run went so long, and get back to your desk to recover after the wipe.

Sound reasonable? Sound like an outside possibility?

Yeah… I’m not going to judge, and I’m not going to assume anything. It does not matter why someone else had issues, what matters is what I did, what I have control over, and what I can do better next time.

Our second run? Everyone was there, healed, buffed and ready.

We killed the Will of the Emperor easy as could be, and everyone, including that Hunter, did a great job.

After our wipe, I teleported out, repaired, and ran back. I had to, not a single person there would drop a repair bot for me. Fortunately, I got back in time before the pull.

Oh, and the healer that spent all that time swearing and frothing at the mouth?

Didn’t heal a single person the entire fight. Just stood there, metaphorically with arms crossed, watching as everyone around them did their jobs while just afked through the fight.

Isn’t that just special. So apparently, he was so offended at how people didn’t do anything the last run (while he was safely on the other side of the doors, doing nothing), that it gave him the right to do nothing himself to, what? Get back at us? Prove he can intentionally suck worse?


Doesn’t matter. We won without him, easily, so the only thing that got proved was how nobody needed him around in the first place. he was not a value add. 🙂

What matters is, I have furthered the legend of the Huntard.

I haven’t felt so embarassed in a long, long time.

I’m in ur raids, punching ur mobs. 


So tell me, make me feel better. What is your “I cannot believe I just did that” moment?

37 thoughts on “Boneheaded Bear Breaks Bow… and Butt!

  1. I wasn’t at max level then, but in my first dungeon run (Scarlet Monastery Library) on my warlock, the concept of rolling on loot was new to me. Halfway thru the dungeon, my friend whispered me:”Man, why are you rolling need on everything?”

    Puzzled, I explained my rationale. Rolling greed means you are greedy and want the item, right? Whereas rolling need ensures whoever needs the item will get it?

    And so, I was saved from a group kick but not plenty of subsequent embarrassment.

    Fast forward to raiding in wotlk. Ran out of arrows in a fight? Check. Weapon broke during a fight? Check. Trying to click on the health stone dispenser but right clicking on the boss and starting the fight? Check. Looking forward to more memorable screw ups.


  2. Hey BBB,

    Nothing to worry about – we all have nights like that.

    While it wasn’t WoW, I did do something similar a week ago in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    Had a friend who needed some help on Karagga’s Palace (2nd raid) because her group was hitting enrage timers. I’m mostly DPS kitted out for the most recent content, so I said “Sure, I’ll help knock it out, this’ll be easy.”

    So I show up, and we start the fight as soon as everyone gets back from AFK. We stand around for 2 minutes before we pull.

    And then when we pull, I realize I don’t have Tracer Missile on my bar. (Tracer Missile is the key Mercenary DPS ability.)

    So… I look at my bar… and realize I’m still specced for healing.


    Still, they got the boss down to 28% before we wiped, down a DPS, with an extra healer.

    And I could have respecced while we waited. I have Field Respec on that character. (Can respec once every-so-often (I forget the cooldown) in the field without having to visit the respec guy.)

    It should have been a one-and-done once I got in there. Instead, I wiped us.


    My 2 yen,



  3. Bear tank, first brewfest. They took out the quest to get the dark iron ale mug on the first day because it was bugged somehow. I ran across someone who had the quest but wasn’t high enough level to do it himself, would I help him? Sho’ nuff, I want the quest, you can share it, and most importantly, you asked politely and in ENGLISH. So I grabbed the only guildie who was on and we grouped up and went and did whatever the quest was. Got the dark iron ale mug, woot. Went to brewfest, had some fun, danced on top of a keg in bear form. “I am the Beer Bear! I bear beer as a bear!” Lots of fun. Got bored, decided to do a Black Morass run. Went fine, a little slower than usual, I seemed kind of squishy. First boss down, yay. Go to eat (back when you couldn’t eat in forms)…where’s my mace?

    Tanked up through the first boss (Successfully, mind you) dual wielding the dark iron ale mug and the yellow brewfest stein.

    Hunter, in Nexus. The big white ghost boss. Disengage is next to rapid fire. The edge of the platform is less than the disengage distance away. It’s a long way down…

    Same hunter, some time earlier in Kara; kept getting whispers from someone’s mod saying I was using downgraded versions of some of my shots. WTH? I just hit 70, why is this…oh, yeah. You need to go to the trainer…

    Same hunter, some time earlier in Strat, dead side. The baron has an AOE that reaches outside his room, and when the pet is on defensive, it attacks anything that damages me. Door shuts in my face, leaving me, the healer and a DPS standing around going derp, as the baron eats the tank and other DPS, as well as my pet.

    Never did the divine intervention thing as a paladin, but I have ‘healed’ in my DPS gear and spec…

    The mage doesn’t get played enough to have anything funny happen. 😛


  4. Boomkins and Ogre suits – need I say more? Can’t see your gear… at least with a hunter, if you have a second weapon (transmog or whatever), you can flip to it in combat. Running around naked because you don’t have a visual cue that you’re not wearing armor… not so much.

    Many times, my guildie and I would run into that problem in Naxx. It got so bad, our main tank would actually inspect us before pulling.

    What can I say, I love me some naked time!


  5. These are some good stories everyone.

    Back in TBC days, running Kara, I remember arguing with guildmates that I couldn’t misdirect to the tank because I wasn’t spec’d for it. They kept telling me I had it and I kept telling them I didn’t. I kept checking my spellbook and there was NO Misdirection there. They didn’t believe me and kept razzing me about it. After the run that night I went to the trainer to change specs to get Misdirection…and lo-and-behold there it was just waiting for me to tell the trainer to teach it to me. My “derp moment”? Not going to the trainer after dinging 70 to learn my new abilities. What’s even more sad is that all spec’s got Misdirection. I was so clueless that I originally thought it was based on spec.



    • Ugh, you are so not the only person to have a “I forgot to train my max level abilities”

      But wait, there’s more!

      I… ONLY LAST WEEK finally enabled a “Heart of the Phoenix” macro button on my bar, so when my pet dies I can actually insta-rez it in combat without the long cast time!

      When Heart of the Phoenix was first introduced, I could never get it to work, because as soon as the pet died, the damn PET BAR DISAPPEARED, so there was no HotP button to press!

      Yes, I never, ever, ever followed up on that. I simply cast rez pet when my pet would die, standing there as long as it took, ususally during the “all dps blow cooldowns’ point of a fight.

      But why am I now a good Hunter and able to cast it on the fly and USE it?

      Brawler’s Guild. My pet dies so damn fast in the fights, and the fights themselves are such a burst DPS movement thing, that I had no choice but to research every single ability and figure out how to use it.

      Now, for the first time ever, if my pet dies in Ferocity spec, I can isntantly rez it and keep going without interrupting my rotation.

      Next up… figuring out how the F*(&^ to use Masters Call.


  6. Hoo boy.

    The first time I encountered Garalon. It was in Raid Finder, my first time doing that raid, I’d been pulled in on a 2/3 clear.

    So, obviously, there was a lot of waiting for more people to join, because that’s what it’s like in Raid Finder on a 2/3 clear.

    Personal habit: When I’m on my mage, I like to keep my shield spell (can’t remember the name — used to be Mana Shield or somesuch) active as much as possible. I’m squishy. I might not pop it during a boss fight, but I like to have it up going in. So, we’re waiting, hanging out near the boss, I’ve got a leg targeted for when we attack, and I keep refreshing my mana bubble.

    A note on my UI: It’s unmodified. I have the spells I use most often on the bar. I have other spells that I can’t fit there on bars six and two, so I have to click the little arrow to get to them. Yes, it’s inefficient; it’s also what I’m used to by now. Every time I refresh my shield, I click back to my main bar.

    Mana bubble is the third icon on bar six. Scorch is the third icon on bar one.

    You can see where this is going, can’t you?

    Yup … idiot mage goes to refresh, misses arrow, hits Scorch, tries to break the cast by walking backwards and realises the instant she does so that Scorch can be cast while moving.

    Yes, we wiped. Yes, I spent the next ten minutes apologising profusely.


  7. My biggest embarrassment, and, to date, only instance of being vote-kicked: I was doing DS LFR on my fire mage (my main, at the time, was my balance druid). We’d just finished the spine after a few (felt like dozen) wipes with idiots attacking extra corruptions and claiming “you get more bloods that way!”…lost a lot of folks who had had enough, kicked the asshats, got in a group that looked good for madness, rezzed the dead…all is a-ok, right? Raid leader calls for rebuffs…I go to hit my Dalaran Brilliance and what I got, instead, was Time Warp, because, on my druid, my buff buttons were on the right, but on my mage alt, they were on the left…

    I was mortified. And immediately vote-kicked. Needless to say, I’ve since corrected all of my characters to a standard set up for spell types. :-/


  8. During BC days, we were a strict 10-man guild, so Magtheridon’s Lair was the furthest we successfully completed. And because it was a 25-man instance, pretty much every raider we had was there – kind of a guild event. It’s real hard to start the fight by accident, since the guys on the cube stands are hostile, but don’t aggro until actually attacked, so the raid is usually able to preposition at leisure.

    As it happens, I had a spare Mr. Pinchy around, and while we were all accumulating in the hallway, I asked for a wish and got a “Benevolent Mr. Pinchy” guardian rather than the potions I was really looking for. Thinking he’d be an asset in the coming fight, I kept him around. So as we’re filing in to the boss room, me and my companion go right past the mob at the cube stand next to the door I entered through. However, as we get close to the boss, he has an epiphany – “Hey, that guy was hostile!” he thinks, “I’d better attack him to protect my new friend!” So he turns around, peels back, walks right past a couple guildies still on their way in, attacks the guy by the door, and starts the fight. Since we weren’t organized yet, we wipe.

    To this day, Mr. Pinchy is famous.


  9. General whatshisface in Ulduar. Last boss before Yoggy. Also on my hunter (I’m sensing a pattern here) and I’m standing exactly where I’ve been told to stand and I’m telling them in Vent “my bars are all grey!” … needless to say we wiped, and eventually we realized because dude has such a massive hit box that even though it seemed I was out of melee range, I wasn’t. Yeah, I got moved a bit further back for the next few attempts!


  10. Been there. And yes, bows break before everything else. Happened to me running my FIRST ever heroic with my FIRST ever guild. Swear to God I almost cried when my bars went dead. I had prepared so hard to not screw up. And it took one of them to figure it out. They were very nice understanding. Stayed with that great guild for 2 years until they quit playing.

    Could that lowly hunter have been someone’s kid that was driving while Daddy was dealing with aggro or something? Sure sign is if they didn’t respond to any of the flaming.

    I just ignore vitriol in LFR. When you do that, it seems to happen much less frequently. I may pay attention just for the entertainment value, but I no longer pretend that I can help or change anyone in this game that doesn’t ask.


  11. Dear BBB,
    The list is far, far too long. I can’t even remember how many embarrassing things I did early in my raiding career before I “knew better.”

    I do have something recent, though. My first “raid” boss on my shaman, the World boss Sha. I got teleported there and put “Thanks for the summon.” in /raid. Then some jerk blew hero before the fight. “Just like noobs in AV,” I joked.

    Then I realized my hero was on cooldown. And it was on my Shift-T key. As in T “hank you for the summon,” which is what I’d typed. Apparently I hit my shift -T a split-second before I hit “enter” to open the chat box. Ah well, in the end it took more than 10 minutes to actually pull the dang boss, so no harm, no foul. Still, I was a little embarrassed.



    • I did something similar, back around the end of Wrath when there were weekly raid boss quests in Dalaran and it was easy to get into T9-level gear from JP and dungeons. My shaman got into a raid for Patchwerk, who was the weekly. After jumping across the slime rivers about three pulls before him, I accidentally hit shift-R, which was my Bloodlust keybind, instead of just R for Stormstrike… I’d been holding shift to use a different spell and hadn’t quite released. This isn’t really one of my most embarrassing moments, though, despite the accident causing a couple people to go ‘omfg boot the idiot shammy’. We went on to kill Patchwerk in about a minute, with half the raid getting the Make Quick Werk of Him achievement. Before I left, I shot back, “Whew, can’t believe we made that enrage timer without bloodlust, it was SUCH a close thing.”

      Of course, I did fix my macro so Bloodlust wasn’t quite so easily accessible afterward, but still.

      The only time I really felt embarrassed was during a Firelands run where the guild was short a DPS and I was pulled in, despite not really having the gear or knowledge to be there. Twice I managed to facepull the two giant firebirds before Alysrazor, thinking I wasn’t close enough since the warlock’s healthstone well was reachable by everyone else without aggro, but as soon as I got into range to click it, combat ensued. Once would have been a mistake. Twice was just facepalm-worthy.


  12. Bear tank here. It was during BC … I was sitting out of one of my guild’s Karazhan runs, fishing in Booty Bay and enjoying quite a few beers IRL, when suddenly they lost a tank and needed me. I had nothing else going on, so I said “sure” and hopped in.

    We cleared the pre-Shade trash, downed Shade, when someone said to me “wow, you sure are squishy today.” I had a brief moment of panicked, horrified clarity, and pulled up my gear to confirm what, deep inside, I already knew …

    I had been tanking Karazhan, proudly wearing Seth’s Graphite Fishing Pole. facepalm


  13. Can I nominate the total accumulated shame from the fact that I never manage to have Righteous Fury on when I zone into a heroic? Every single time, total chaos on the first pull.

    I also took like, 9 pulls to realize what the raid leader meant by “tank the glowy one” on Stone Guard. Not my finest moment, I kept thinking it was a buff on the boss or something.

    And it took me a good 2 months before I realized I could use bubble / hand of protection against impales on Madness of Deathwing.


  14. Thanks for being honest BBB 🙂

    You said share your moment with me. How about 5 moments? 5 being the total amount of times in Cataclsym DS10 I realized at boss 4 or 5 that I had been healing with my Stormwind teleporting shroud on ><. Eek!


  15. Ah, memories! My big oopsie happens when I was raid leading in Ulduar10 back in Wrath. 80% of the raid had never been there before, and we had gotten to Kologarn. After everyone ooh’d at the boss rising from below (still a favourite moment of mine), I began explaining the boss. Well, this Holy Paladin also had an itchy Judgment finger, and just outside the door is well within 40 yards. After accidentally pulling the boss, everyone ran in while I ran out. And like many bosses if you get too far you just get killed. So that was kinda hilarious!

    The best part though? I finished my explanation while I was dead and the raid team one-shot him one healer short. So while I derped, my raid team rocked. Was so proud of them 😀 and to this day I feel dumb for pulling him like that.


  16. And Blizzard thinks hunters don’t need melee weapons. Just think how much more DPS you could have been doing with Raptor Strike. 🙂

    I figure you have to forgive the major brain farts – we all have them and at some point karma will nail you. In a guild group you’re stuck with the mocking until someone else trumps your screwup with their own blunder. In LFR, odds are that SOMEONE is having a brainfart of some kind on every pull.


  17. Two that most everyone has done…
    1. Ready to resto heal on the spine in Dragon Soul, equipped, buffed…here we go….whoops…still in feral spec from the boat fight. 😦
    2. Magmaw in feral spec equipped with a fishing pole, fishing hat, fishing gloves…
    LOL, thank goodness these were both full guild runs and my guild doesn’t accept any trash-talk shenanigans that aren’t in good spirit.


  18. Molten Core, back in Vanilla — I was a level 51 druid, resto spec, back then. The guild raid was down a healer and couldn’t find a replacement, so they pressganged me into the raid. They figured if I stayed in the back healing, I wouldn’t be able to heal enough to ever pull aggro, but could fill in with Healing Touch 4 (the standard, go-to heal Back In The Day). Seems reasonable enough, right? At the time we were the #3 Horde guild on our server, and not a bunch of scrubs; they could carry me, no problem. This was my very first raid, ever. We get into the instance, I start prowling and hug the wall, they’re killing trash mobs, I’m doing the equivalent of flinging bandaids on people who need tourniquets, but hey, I’m happy and excited to be included. First boss goes down like a cheerleader on prom night.

    Then we cross that bridge.

    I hear this great roar of BY FIRE BE PURGED! while footsteps thud in the distance and close on us. There is a stampede of monsters rounding the corner and directly at us: trash mobs, salamanders, core hounds, bosses, and a gigantic pillar of flame, Ragnaros himself. It’s a tsunami of firey angry death, headed for the entire raid team. Thirty-nine other people start shrieking in Teamspeak to RUN AWAY, RUN THE F%&*K AWAY! and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, this raiding sh*t is harder than I thought!’ as I shift into cat form and dash to the entrance. My raid team’s freaking out as they start getting eaten by… everything. My screen is just a solid wall of orange and red fire and damage numbers floating upward. It is the very definition of FUBAR. The raid team looks like what the Stormtroopers left at Luke’s place in Star Wars.

    Needless to say, the raid leader was… unamused. The 50 DKP MINUS guy had nothing on the spectacular bitching out we all got as he tried to figure out WTF had just happened. Eventually someone figured out that when we’d crossed the bridge, my prowl had broken from some fire damage… and because I was nine levels below the raid mobs, my aggro radius was massive. And I was in precisely the right spot to aggro Ragnaros, who brought the entire instance with him.

    This, kids, is why instances now have level requirements.


    • That… is truly an epic story.

      God, I wish you’d write that up in detail.

      Heck, I wish I could have been there to see it!


      • Why, thank you! If I write it up, I’ll send it to you. 🙂

        That story gets gleefully retold every time the guild members meet in person, by the guy who was the GM back then, after Beer #4.


    • Actually a hunter did a better version of that.

      We are clearing through the main area in MC with 2-3 bosses down.We had just wiped and are running back and a hunter joins us. About half way down he pulls out his pet. His brand new freshly tamed level 3x rare wolf. It seemed like whole instance just started walking towards him, I was behind him and all I saw was a wall of fire and mobs before I turned around and ran for the entrance.

      But maybe its a feral druid thing, But melee break their weapons, Tanks break their shields and hunters break their bows, Use causes durability loss. I have been carrying a backup ranged weapon on my hunter since nef was current content in bwl.


  19. I’m a pally healer. In original ZA, my small guild had just started running with another small guild who were better than us, and we were improving at our bear run. We had the Bird guy down and headed over to the Bear guy… and about halfway through the fight, I accidentally BoP’d the tank. The boss immediately took out the melee DPS, we wiped, and it was another week with no bear run success. I was so embarrassed.


  20. I believe my finest raiding moment came at the end of dragon soul while raiding on my hunter in a pick-up group. I was already nervous about being in there cause I knew none of them but the night was going rather well. we had managed to down everything and we were setting up for madness. We start the pull and kill the first platform. we jump to the next one, and I start going to town. then the tentacle pops and I look around and see no one, to my surprise, on the platform with me. I WENT TO THE WRONG ONE. I promptly apologized for the wipe i knew would happen and tucked my tail between my legs and hide in fear of retaliation. There was none however, they all just laughed at my mistake and raid went on.


  21. That was a great read!… People like that healer and the ninja puller are the reason I avoid LFR like a bad STD 🙂

    My “bonehead” moment is rather embarrassing, but I always believe you should be able to laugh and facepalm yourself if you are willing to laugh at and facepalm others so……

    Back in Wrath, my raid group moves into the room with Blood-queen. As we had a new guildie with us that had not done ICC before, I begin the “strategy sermon”, whilst we do expect everyone to watch the vids etc, we always had our own take on things and also with this boss, some needed the achievement of being bitten etc… so… I have a mobile headset that I use with Ventrillo, so whilst explaining the fight for our newbie, I go to the fridge, top up my wine, empty the ashtray etc etc…

    I get back to my screen and I cant see anyone…. so on Ventrillo

    Shammoz: Errr guys, I think I am bugged, I cant see any of you… in fact the boss isn’t even here…. I’m gonna try relogging or I will have to open a ticket
    Newbie: Shammoz hun…… you are facing the wrong way……

    Tuned 180 and there they all were… pointing and laughing.



  22. Been there done that. Hunter with broken gun at the start of the Gruuls Lair fight. Spent the whole time just running and dodging damage to keep the healers from wasting heals on my sorry dwarven hide. And that was NOT the annonimity of LFR…..


  23. 10 Man Scholo. Vanilla Days. No, I’m not trying to make you new people feel bad :p

    We all arrive at the entrance and the PuG Leader tells us we’re skipping the first rooms and going straight down, and so I need to jump, off the small wooden balcony to the room below.

    So I do, without dismissing my pet.

    Needless to say I was kicked from the group at the Graveyard 😀 It was fun to watch though… ^^


    • Oh God, Hunter mistake #1 in the Nexus at the platform jumping down to the Arcane Ghost dudes. Just, almost every time you know the pet is taking the right down the ramp.


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