BBB Cross-Server Raid – Ulduar All The Things!

Wrath of the Lich King – Patch 3.1: Secrets of Ulduar

Good morning!

With the addition of pets in old raids, I’ve had to change up my plans for what we can do that would be more than a 5 second snack for a decent sized team.

Thus, I’m skipping straight to an Ulduar 25 person Achievement run. 

I’m planning on a two hour run, starting at 6:00 PM Central Time.

As has been the case in the past, if you are already on my Battletag or friends list, I’ll send you a reminder announcement on Sunday afternoon, and you’re very welcome to attend.

If you would like to take part and are NOT on my Battletag friends list, or are not a friend of someone who is, email me your Battletag info at and I’ll add you.

We have a special treat this week, as Askevar (of You Yank It, You Tank It of course!) told me she and her husband Venoym would be able to go along with!

So we are totally going to Ulduar ALL the things!

Alex is going to freak. He’s only been in there the one time, and only halfway through, but he loved it. Loved loved loved it!

Sidenote – We will plan on two hours this Sunday. It is a school night for my son, so assuming we don’t clear the whole bloody place, we’ll pick up where we left off the week after. Our goal – the mounts and achieves, of course!

5 thoughts on “BBB Cross-Server Raid – Ulduar All The Things!

  1. omg omg omg I can go! I will have to use the clock feature on the computer to figure out what time on “Monday” that is for me…


  2. Kasmina and ireally want to go on this!

    I will send you a msg in gmae but we are excited, if there is room for us 🙂


  3. Only problem I see is tat some achieves seem like one or the other, oh yeah and yoggy no keepers, the sanity might still be a problem. I would so send ya my battletag but I work evenings so meh. Good Luck to ya all and get em done.


    • It’s no problem. Just means that, just like with ICC, you can’t do the whole thing in one shot from scratch. Gotta have a second or even third go before it’s all done.


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