Brawler’s Guild Bugout!

A funny thing happened while fighting in the Brawler’s Guild…

A whole bunch of guildies were in there tonight, Askevar, PissyPenguin (um, I mean Zealot), Venoym, Chrondeath, Mashedpotato…

Well, we were queueing and fighting and chatting in vent, when we noticed something odd down below…

Is that… wait, are there two players in there?

There are! And two bosses as well. At the same time!

And then a third person got sucked in while the first two were still fighting, and then the third boss…

It was crazy, and everybody died in shock.

As you can imagine, we all got really excited. This went beyond normal fun, cause now… will your fight work, or will suddenly everyone be Kung Fu Fighting?

Oh, it happened again. We had all sorts of theories. It happened when a Paladin was second in the queue. It happened when someone cast a taunt. You name it.

But one thing became clear. If the bug happened, and extra people got pulled into the fight, their assigned bosses would ALSO start, but if just one boss died, everyone would get credit for defeating their current target.

This…. this is not a good bug. This means it’s possible to have two people gang up on one tough boss and kill it before another bosses’ mechanic kicks in.

Right about the time we figured this out, it seemed to stop. We spent another hour happily winning (or in my case wiping) in the Guild.

And then Chrondeath started one of his fights, against Crush the giant yeti…

And I got sucked in, along with my designated target, Leona, the Druid!

We both dug in and burned down Crush before Leona’s adds got too busy, and both got credit for victory. And before that happened, I think a third person got sucked into our fight, too!

I have no idea what caused the bug, but it left me not really all that eager to queue again.

I talked briefly to Chron, and I think we both felt the same way. The whole point of the Guild is to enjoy working out your own solo strategy and feel the accomplishment of winning on your own merits. Bringing someone else in to finish your fight, no matter that it be totally random and uncontrollable, goes against what the Brawler’s Guild is all about.

Whatever the core of the problem may be, I certainly hope it gets fixed soon. The last thing we need is for people to start accusing others of reaching rank 7 by cheating, instead of their own merit.

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  1. It started today for me… glitched and I got a win but then I started getting pulled into matches and others would be pulled and bang losing… so I left and bang early maintenance so I cant do anymore tonight


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