Can We Foretell the Fate of Garrosh?

I’ve just been musing on the raids we’ve had so far, and some of the spoilers we had from the last Blizzcon.

We were told that the final raid boss of the Mists of Pandaria theme will be Garrosh.

Perhaps ‘final raid boss’ is too strong a term. Towards the end of this expansion, we will be going in to take Garrosh down, irrespective of faction.

We saw his willingness to use weapons of mana destruction against Theramore, the worrisome rise of high-placed assistants that come from the old Blackrock Orc clans, splintering within the Horde factions and covert assaults murdering those that dare to show their uneasiness or dissent.

What I’m wondering is, what would bring things to the point that a raid of destruction would be required to unseat Garrosh.

Yes, he is currently the Warchief of the Horde, but that doesn’t make him supreme dictator and overlord of all the peoples that make up the Horde.

The Horde is an alliance of disparate cultures, bound together for survival and mutual benefit. At a certain point, if the leaders of races other than the Orcs were to band together in opposition, what exactly will the Orcs do? Are the Orcs truly felt to be as powerful alone as all of the other Horde races put together?

Maybe so, but if things truly got to the point where Garrosh simply must go, and a coalition of the other Horde races allied with Thrall or other neutral factions confronted him, there need not necessarily be all out war.

Except for one worrisome thing. Garrosh has brought the Warlocks together into a solid force of destruction, used so far against the Alliance very effectively.

Are we seeing the seeds of what we’re going to face?

We know what happens when powerful emotions, especially negative emotions, are allowed to run unchecked in Pandaria. To give in to powerful negative emotions is to open your own heart to infestion by the Sha.

If you give in to your rage, your anger, your fear, you can become infested with and overcome by the Sha.

What are the Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring raids showing us? That a powerful Sha being can infest and control another soul against their will, even beings that are truly good, and direct them against us.

We have seen, especially in Terrace of Endless Spring, that the beings so controlled by Sha may by their nature try to fight the control, and not want to do what they are doing, but the greater Sha are so powerful that it takes an outside force to break the control and purge the being of the influence of the Sha.

We also know one other thing.

We know that a long, and fairly deep quest chain for the Warlock class, going into and through the Black Temple, will play a part in this expansion. And who is noted for the sudden use of Warlocks and the Dark Arts in war?


So, are we seeing what will come?

Will the current war between Alliance and Horde in Krasarang result in Garrosh coming to the shores of Pandaria, bringing the organized use of Warlcoks with him, and will his incredibly powerful negative emotions lead him to become infested by, and merged with, one of the Greater Sha?

Garrosh merged with a Greater Sha, supported by Sha-infested Warlocks with ties to the Black Temple, with a previously unknown surviving black dragon, Malkorok, posing as an Orc from the Blackrock Orc clans and manipulating events from within just as ‘Lady Prestor’ once did?

Is this what will tie Wrathion and his Legendary quest chain into the picture? Will Malkorok turn out to be pulling a Lady Prestor, and if so, will he be an assistant TO Garrosh, or is he the true ‘big bad’, a black dragon infested with Sha energy? Or are evil infested black dragons in an expansion something someone will be looking at and saying, “Dude, too soon.”

What happens if a Greater Sha infests and overcomes Garrosh… and is carried outside the bounds of Pandaria to the shores of Kalimdor, where the Pandarians are but lately come?

Would the Greater Sha slowly infest and consume all those around him, and cause Ogrimmar to become a dark place, filled with beings tainted by the Sha exactly as the Terrace of Endless Spring once was?

Will we see the last raid be an assault on a Sha-infested Orgrimmar, defended by those who were once friends, allies and even family to the rest of the Horde, and now standing in the way, protecting Garrosh and the Greater Sha within him?

Will we see major boss encounters of a Sha-infested Warlock Council, perhaps Malkorok the Sha-touched Dragon, and culminating in the attempt to break the bonds between Garrosh and the Greater Sha that infests him, freeing Orgrimmar from the evil influence?

Will we have to work with powerful, balanced Pandarians that can bring a calm, peaceful influence over those touched by the Sha and even purge them, in an attempt to free the Horde ‘trash encounters’ rather than just kill them all?

I’m just spinning ideas here, but it all seems plausible, and you know, I’m a geek. Speculating about this stuff is fun all by itself.

I can see an expedition making its way to Orgrimmar, having to fight their way into the city, trying to pin down the citizens and purge them of the Sha, destroying demons unleashed by the Warlocks, struggling against Demonic Beings that are infused and suborned themselves by the Sha…

I mean, you can see that coming, right? It’s not just me? Demons merged with Sha?

I mean, you know that’s eventually got to be a thing.

One last thing. I like the feeling of synchronicity and growth involved in having an almost-mirror of Stratholme… but instead of giving in to expedience and killing everyone infected, this time a group bands together to risk all to actually SAVE those who were infected, even though it is far harder, and the risk is even greater? 

How about you? Does it seem too obvious, or in keeping with what’s happened so far, or do you see other clues telling us we’re in for something completely different?

What do you think we’re leading up to?

12 thoughts on “Can We Foretell the Fate of Garrosh?

  1. I’m really liking where the lore as a whole is going. With the Klaxxi basically fleshing out the insectoid races of Azeroth and how the ancients are connected with everything, to the Mogu and their transgenetic manipulation of the native species of Pandaria – and how, with the raids, it becomes clear just how – from a certain viewpoint – insane both the Old Gods and the Titans really were/are.

    @TyphoonAndrew – I think that’s exactly why the only “bad guys” in the game are corrupted good guys. Neither the Horde nor Alliance, despite individual attempts (and hundreds of hours of forum posts) are inherently good or evil. But the Old Gods and their morphic powers certainly are. The Burning Crusade and it’s corruption inducing fel energies certainly are. What Azeroth needs badly are Hobbits. But, without Hobbits and their innate immunity to Corruption, we get humans and orcs – very fallible creatures. With hubris to match.

    I’ve enjoyed these conspiracy theories very much, and they’re all plausible. Though I have faith that Blizzard can go off into a completely different tangent too, and it’ll make sense. Where ever it goes, it’ll be fun 🙂


  2. As a member of the Horde, as you gain reputation with the Dominance Offensive you unlock quests that send you to go meet the other faction leaders who are doing things in Pandaria. A couple of the quests send you to meet Lor’themar who is leading an archaeological team to research the Mogu and their ancient weapons by order of Garrosh. Garrosh has his eyes set on an item called the Divine Bell that, from what I understand, allowed the Mogu to control the Sha. He’s become obsessed with the power he thinks the Sha can bring to his people and at one point during the quest line he infects some of his Grunts with Sha energy hoping to make them stronger.

    If you’re interested wowhead has a list of all the quests you unlock. You can look through those here:


  3. I’d really like the fight and downfall to be removed from “external corruption” as an excuse for behaviour. Meaning that Garrosh does his questionable and evil things in full awareness, and is not corrupted by anything. Yes, he might use black dragons, or Sha, or demons/warlocks, or whatever – but the choice is his.

    Too many of the old baddies have used the trope of “been corrupted, not their fault” in the past – time is ripe for a bad guy to step up and actually be Bad. A true dark heart. Vanquishing a true bad guy is more fun than a corrupted good guy. Even the Lich King was quasi-heroic, and he was ruling an empire of Undead.


  4. I’m still holding strong with my theroey that politics are going to be the main downfall, and that not just Garrosh, but King Wrynn are going to go SO far in their hatred for each other that it’s going to shake the political landscape and shake up people’s allegences. King Wrynn is gonna end up dead by the end of the Xpac.

    The sha will definately play a potent role, and perhaps will give Garrosh the power needed to defeat the King and go even more so off the deep end… or the sha might merely be a symptom of the problems that the two faction’s war has brought onto the isle of pandaria.

    Either way, I still predict that next xpac will have a mechanic in which you may choose to join a nuetral faction, or eventually work your way over and join the other side. Gnome punting for ALL!


  5. I feel like A’dal showing up would be such a massive trump card on the Awesomness scale that they’d hold it in reserve for some sort of final battle against Sargeras. Garrosh is already in Pandaria; horde players fight with him to clear off the island for their dailies hub. He even shows up in the Vale, asks “who built this magnificent place”, hears “the Mogu”, and begins scheming. He’s also got the Reclaimers of Silvermoon digging up Mogu artifacts.

    Prediction: He begins building his own cadre of flesh-shaped Mogu-orc super-soldiers, which pisses off most of the orcs (“what, are we not good enough for you now?!”) and horrifies pretty much everyone else. He hears of this dissent, and has his new guard execute the Kor’kron overnight to prevent a military coup. He institutes martial law, and the new warlocks plus the artifact poisons everyone who remains in the city. If they really want to jangle the drama strings, he could kill Thrall when he shows up demanding an explanation. I’m sure that would get even Sylvannas on board with the coup.

    Saurfang for new Overlord, for sure. Maybe Vol’jin, but I feel like it’s gonna still be an orc. Nazgrim maybe, but he hasn’t done anything interesting in game since BC.


  6. Have we seen Saurfang since he carried his son out of Icecrown? He has no love for Garrosh, and is respected by pretty much everyone. Man, just saying the words “Warchief Saurfang” got me all excited.

    Also, it’s about time A’dal got off his shiny butt and got involved.


  7. Malkorok’s story has been addressed in 5.1. I understand you mostly play Alliance but if you have a horde lvl 90, do play through the “Dagger in the Dark” scenario, its one of my favorites so far. It is horde only and I don’t think you can do it if you’re alliance.

    I like the idea of a Sha infested Orgrimmar. I think Garrosh is already possessed. Sha… or demonic leading to a tie in for the next expac. The quests and mobs in Ragefire Chasm under Orgrimmar have all changed (since 5.0) and are far more “warlocky”. The other thing is the rumblings about Illidan’s return. I don’t know enough about warlock lore or BT lore, but seeing him in game again would be great. Seeing him redeem himself would be even better.

    We live in interesting times. 🙂


    • I did not know that at all… I haven’t heard anyone address who the f Malkorok was since the Jaina Proudmoore novel.

      Now I will definitely be reading about what happened in Dagger in the Dark, and thank you VERY much for telling me about it!

      I did think a black dragon infestede with Sha would be a bit much so soon after Deathwing, but I couldn’t see where the heck else Malkorok came from to get into Garrosh’s good graces so fast.


  8. Forget Sha-Garrosh, what about Sha-Gamon?!?

    The main obstacle I see in the plot’s path is there still has to be a solid reason the orcs would turn against Garrosh, which would be necessary to really go against/defeat him at all. And so far, from the orcs’ POV, Garrosh is kicking ass. Solid victory in Theramore, kicking ass in Pandaria. So what if he’s utilizing this “Sha” energy for? It’s helping the Horde destroy the Alliance, so it’d be a-ok in many orcs’ books. He’s going to have to do something explicitly counter to orc tradition/culture to lose them, or do something truly unforgivable (like what happened in that fic you got us to write ;D).

    Can’t wait to see though! This expac’s story is really engaging so far.


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