Settling Into a Cycle

Well, I never would have thought it, but I’m settling down into a very reliable cycle.

And I’m pretty happy about it, except of course, only so many WoW hours to go around.

Each week is getting to be a bit familiar. A pattern is forming. I have some priorities, and I follow them when I log in during the week.

Tuesday night, the instances reset. Time to begin queueing for Terrace of the Endless Spring!

Which I did, any time I thought I’d have two hours to be online. Yep, I want a shot at that damn gun. Obsessive? Me? NO! What could possibly have given you that idea?

It’s okay, though. This is a strictly limited obsession. I only get four shots at that gun each week, and once they’re gone, I be done til next Tuesday.

So, yeah, I might have stayed up late last night, but I managed to get in three Terrace runs since the server reset. That means four shots at loot rolls from Lei Shei, or whatever the hell her name is. That watery tart who doesn’t chuck a sword at you.

You did know that you can use Elder Charm bonus rolls on bosses that you’ve already killed in earlier runs, didn’t you? Yes, yes you can. And yes, you can win loot.

I have absolute proof. On my first run this week, I won loot from Lei Shei on the bonus roll, no loot from normal roll. Tier whatever the heck it is she drops. Last week, I won the Agility Trinket from her, but it’s not as good as the ones I have so it’s just in my bags.

My second run this week, used a bonus roll, no loot. Third run, used my last bonus roll, and WON… the Agility Trinket again. 🙂

So, I may not have won the Sha-Touched Weapon again, but I have absolute proof that you can use all your rolls on one particular boss, if you’re crazy enough to keep queueing up over and over again just to try.

Look, if Lei Shei didn’t have so many things useable by my class and spec, I’d probably have it already. I just have to fight double odds, first that I’d win something, and second WHICH item I would win.

Next week for sure. Bet on it.

Next priority, see if there is a Sha group forming, get that out of the way. No? Yes? Maybe later.

Okay, queued up for something, time to go do some dailies on one of the factions I don’t have at Exalted yet while I wait.

I truly admire the structure of the Operation: Shieldwall dailies. Different quest hubs randomized by day, and at certain points of reputation gain you get special story-driven quests to get extra (unplanned-for) reputation and also to drive the overall story forward.

If nothing else, I really hope they keep that concept alive going forward. Reputation grinds that have surprise new story-advancing content is what I want from now on. For me, I like having familiar dailies, but I also like having new story moving forward with them. 

Once the midweek rolls around, my thoughts turn to how I’m going to get Valor capped without too much time or grindiness.

It’s an interesting fact that you can queue for multiple types of random things now, without losing your spot in any of the queues, and while still accruing seniority.  Want some Valor for the night, but don’t like the long Heroic queue time sitting around as a DPS? Don’t want to HAVE to do dailies to pass the time in queue? Then queue for a random Heroic, and THEN queue for a random Scenario.

The Scenario will pop right away (usually), and all the time you are in there, you are building up time in the quue for the Heroic. When you leave the Scenario (and only after leaving the Scenario), you’ll be right back in line for the Heroic… and very likely at the head of the line!

I’m really starting to look towards how to get the most milk with the least amount of moo. Time is limited, and I’d like to do something other than run shit on my Hunter until I get capped Sunday or Monday, just in time for the server to reset the caps again.

I really want to regain the feeling that I can skip playing entirely for several days while still capping. WoW isn’t supposed to be a job where I have to punch my clock every single day or feel, subjectively, like I’m falling behind in my responsibilities.

Maybe Blizard is intending to structure things to reward those who log in every day. I’ve seen some blue moderator comments that do seem to indicate that they want to reward those that log in, well, every day. Consistently. For hours at a time.


It doesn’t matter. If I’ve got stuff going on, well, tough. Guess I’ll just fall behind, and if I start feeling bad because I’m falling behind on game goals because of real life, there is a clear way to stop feeling bad about it… stop playing at all. I don’t need a video game to set goals for me that I will feel bad about not meeting.

So far, I have been hitting the Valor cap on my main each week… right at the end of my play time Sunday.

That means my Monday night gets to be my ‘do anything’ night without the feeling I really should be earning some Valor with something.

I’m going to have to do something to change that. I want more of my week free to play the PS3, or read a book, or watch TV or just laugh as Alex makes stuff out of legos.

A single LFR that is fresh nets 90 Valor. less than 1/10th the week of Valor. Considering how long a damn queue and run takes, I’d sure like to see it be a minimum of 1/7th the cap. I log in, queue, get my run done, I should feel like it’s cool if THAT IS IT for the night. Committment met, good to go, free to do something outside Azeroth.

If I do the Scenario/Heroic trick, it’s 120 Valor in a night. If I did a single daily hub for 25 Valor (5 quests/5 Valor each), plus one random Scenario and Heroic, then I’d be a sliver past 1/7th of the weekly cap each day. 

Mah point is, this is silly. The rewards for reaching the Valor cap are too damn good to just blow it off completely, but I feel silly juggling things around trying to get the most Valor out of the least game time, because geez, this is starting to be a lot of damn time in game.

Moderation in all things, even in Warcraft, remember?

Well, this week is gonna be all about moderation.

I did my time in the grind, I did Terrace three times this week, and if I don’t hit the Valor cap, whelp, too bad.

Tonight is the night my son will be performing in the school Christmas concert, both singing AND playing the saxophone in the band! I have the battery for the camcorder fully charged, and I can’t wait. it will be awesome.

After that, I expect to be reading him some more of Terry Pratchett’s “A Hat Full of Sky” to Alex. My son loves the Nac Mac Feegle, and I do all the voices. A good time will be had by all. Crivens!

I am thinking that, as much as I love the game, and as much fun as I’m having right now and have been for months… it feels like a bad sign that I’m trying to figure out how to get the Valor I want with the absolute minimum time in game. because no shit, I feel shackled to the keyboard right now, and that’s gonna get old real quick.

12 thoughts on “Settling Into a Cycle

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  3. if you are done with game Big B. i understand..
    Family far more important.
    but if you can do me one favor. Dont stop writing.
    you havnt done a tank blog in years. I found you looking for bear tank blogs.
    I kept reading. cuase of your writing skills.
    If nothing else. when your book comes out link it ill buy and read.
    no game should feel like a job 😦
    A game is an escape not a job.
    you still my big guru of bear tankdom 🙂


  4. When I find myself thinking of something as “an unpaid job” in a resentful way, I take a break from it to give myself space to think, if possible. Most often, I come back to it and feel refreshed. If not, I guess I have time to try something new or to pick something up that I left behind ages ago. 🙂

    I got tired of grinding daily reps on characters that were not my main. So I stopped. I feel less stressed out. Now, I only do dailies on alts if I -want- to do them as something to do while waiting on a tank for a group. While I don’t have as much gold now, I’m feeling less cranky.


  5. im just slow rolling it. im still on klaxi rep. than ill move too operation shild wall.
    game fun as hell still.
    But i for one miss the old days. I tanked and healed. and could get 3 dps easy for bfd. but last spot hard too fill. But after spot finaly filled. you had a very polite run. was social. Alot of im sorryies. but alot of working together alot of fun,
    Game still feeling like a job too me. Wow is putting out so much stuff so fast. I for one cant keep up 😦
    I tried lfr. there is no vent. just go tank go. Followed buy wtf is wrong with you tank. Then boot 😦
    I for one dont have time to study tape. Miss well planed runs and vent bad.
    I also miss grp qusts.
    im gm of a family guild a few kids on. My job to protect them from ass hats.
    My 2 fav parts of game are dieing. i dont like lfr or lfg. those lead to ass hats. you dont have to work to run an instance any more. there is no comuniction.
    i pulled a heroic just now. I talked i tried to set points. And talk. i got go tank go.
    not fun.
    i so miss taling thru the 5 mans before the adds and cheats.
    and i deserved too get booted from my first ony run. but that was epic too. we had vent i fucked up.
    I guess point is. My very fav part of game atm. is the alex runs. its like old days. just like the old bfd runs.

    A very polite well mannered grp that comunicates.
    atm my fav part of game is the alex runs. i know alot of you in it.
    Now that fun too me 🙂


  6. I’ve been doing the Scenario/LFG thing from almost the getgo. Makes my DPS feel like they’re not just standing around waiting for queues to pop. The only time that’s ever caused an issue was an epic fail of a scenario run that had me dying so many times my gear was orange. Mercifully, the dungeon run that immediately followed was quick and flawless. But yeah, since that wasn’t my engineer, no easy way to repair between runs otherwise!


  7. On the subject of repeated raid finderings, I am doing much the same with Empress in Heart of Fear. Occasionally I’ll burn a coin on Lei Shi for the staff, but the mace from Empress remains my preference 🙂

    As for capping Valor, I’m at a point where capping valor each week feels absolutely mandatory, thanks to a certain achievement requiring 6k valor from scratch. So, I’ve capped it out each week with little effort involved, or at least feeling like there was little effort. I run all the raidfinders, usually with guildies. That’s 450 valor right there. I get another 90 from two more runs of the last half of HoF on raid finder as well, bringing me to 540. The rest of it comes from doing 1, sometimes 2 factions worth of dailies plus a random heroic or two or scenarios. And so long as I ignore LFR chat, it’s pretty easy on the blood pressure as well 🙂


  8. You can queue for a scenario while in the LFR queue, I ended up running 4 scenarios while waiting for my LFR to pop. I haven’t bothered to make the effort to cap valor more than twice since I hit 90,a nd that was when I was doing allt he rep grinds. My raid group isn’t the type to be uber anxious about capping VP fortunately.

    They have made MoP more of an effort to progress, and I think it will come back to bite them badly if they don’t take steps soon.


  9. Oh wow, I did not know about being able to try a boss repeatedly in a week with a bonus coin each time. This is… extremely interesting. Thank you! 😀

    As for feeling like you have to log on every day, I am there too. I have decided to just stuff it. There seem to be enough people in the same boat as me on my server who can’t (or don’t want) to grind out their main everyday that there will still be “progression” groups weeks and months from now.

    Besides, been leveling a monk and its the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in recent memory.


  10. Ummm any chance you could stick a mic somewhere near you as you read and record that. I’d love to hear your voices! Awesome book though – although I’ve found when reading Pratchett out loud that it is difficult to follow (an half of the funny stuff happens in the footnotes), but we’ll see when my kids get to that age.

    On a Pratchett note – did you read Dodger? I got it home before I realised it wasn’t actually a Discworld novel – still a good read.

    But I should be hitting up Lei Shei too… my rogue needs daggers… I can’t say I’ve been dedicated enough to run terrace multiple times… but I have avoided your problems by just not committing that hard – and so I only occasionally do dailies and charms are not a common commodity for me. The thing that annoys me is that I really want my daggers for PvP. It is so frustrated that there aren’t honor weapons so I’m still sporting 1 heroic dungeon dagger (upgraded) and the one from arena of annihilation.
    Mind you pvping is also a great way to spend your time in the Queue. I queued for bgs/dungeons/scenarios and LFR all at the same time the other night. The one thing you need to remember if you are chain running is that you need to queue for the next one before you enter the one that has popped.


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