Beartrap the Big Game Hunter

My pet battling enthusiam has brought me to the edge. I got my Safari Hat, and also took down all of the official Master Pet Tamers, including Grand Master Aki.

I have a sad related to this.

I am a Pandarian Hunter, and I do not like any of the mail sets that are out there right now.

I am a Hunter, and not just any Hunter, a Bear Hunter.

No, not a beer hunter, a bear hunter.

I keep browsing mail armor sets in the hopes I’ll find something that grabs me.

The flame set from Firelands was good as a human, but as a panda, I find I’ve got too much surface area to be attractive while on fire.

Plus, you know, the smell of burning fur. Ugh.

In looking over the mail sets out there, the one thing I keep running up against is that none of them say “I go out there and hunt things that would hunt me back.”

There aren’t any camouflage outfits, no gillie suits, nothing of a muted pattern that has any real style.

On the more romantic side of things, we don’t have any archer-style robin hood outfits, or anything I could see a Dungeons & Dragons style ranger wearing.

Instead, Hunter sets seem to say “I went out, killed something, then hollowed out its skull and wear it like a hat. I’m very emotionally balanced.”

Is that what WoW Hunters are? Beings who go out, kill something, then take the carcass and make clothes out of it?

As one style of armor, sure, it’s something that touches on the old D&D idea of being a hunting dragonslayer, going out to seek out materials resistant to dragonflame in order to survive hunting other dragons. Dragons don’t hurt themselves with their own flame, so we’ll make a set of armor out of dragonscales. It’s reasonable, it makes sense.

But for everything? As a concept it’s gone way too far.

What I want is a set that I can wear that feels like I am a Hunter prepared to go out into the wild actually hunting things. Like, on a safari.

Cue the Safari Hat.

Have you seen the Safari Hat? If you defeat 40 Master Pet Tamers, you get the Safari Hat mailed to all of your characters.

It is not transmoggable, not now. It confers 10% bonus to leveling XP for your battle pets.

As soon as I saw it, I loved it.


The Safari Hat is exactly what I want as a Hunter to inspire the set I wear. I am, and play as in my role-playing heart, an old-fashioned Big Game Hunter eternally out there on safari, exploring the wildest places in the world for the new, the amazing, the challenging.

Can you imagine it? I can.

I can picture my Pandarian Hunter, with the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle from the Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan, wearing the Safari Hat and a safari set of armor looking like a set of linens with a ‘vest of many ammo pouches’, seated on the back of one of the new honking huge Triceratops mounts.

That is how I want to roll.

I want to be a bear, wearing safari threads almost like I mauled a human hunter and stole his stuff. With a massive rifle… riding a dinosaur.

If that doesn’t say TOTAL BADASS, I don’t know what does.

You can keep your freaking laser beams.

I’d like to add, and this is a key thing to consider, I don’t want to be a bear hunter that looks like he killed a human, and then made armor out of the human to wear. Just the safari clothes are fine, aaaight?


Found a couple of pictures of exactly what I’m talking about, the Van Pelt look from jumanji, who even has a big ass cape/cloak and the honking big gun. Even his whiskers are panda-like!



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  1. Thank you to everyone that has replied, especially to those of you who have offered suggestions and advise on finding a good set.

    The project is kind of on hold, I have the idea of taking the suggestions of Joonces when it comes to the legacy Arena PvP shoulders and gloves, and building a set from that starting point. The shoulders especially appeal to me, when placed on a muted chest and legging style. You can only understand this if you play WoW, but the massive spikes don’t seem that big in somparison to most other shoulder options.

    The reason it’s on hold is, I foresee being too active on other things in game to be able to spend much time flipping through MogIt or cruising old isntances/raids looking for gear pieces for at least the next few days. Plus, I’m reading Hard Magic by Larry Correia, and it’s entrancing. if I’mr eading that, I ain’t playing.

    Plus, I have the first Batman game on the PS3, and I haven’t been able to paly it while Alex is up, because, hey violent, but I’m intending to get into it after he goes to bed tover the next few days.

    All of these plans are subject to change without notice, of course.


    • Batman: Arkham Asylum? I really enjoyed that game. I have the sequel on PC, but haven’t played it yet. Still… much fun roaming around as Batman, beating up thugs.


  2. This isn’t really a ‘safari’ look but it’s a practical ‘real hunter’ outfit imo, no wierd sticking out things and black as possible:-;90845&l=85

    It’s almost the same as my own transmog, except I use Bloodmail Legguards which were from old scholo and can’t be obtained anymore, plus warsong battle tabard, doesn’t seem to be any black tabards at all for alliance. The head does have a bit of color, but I actually think for a panda (I’m an orc) the replica shado-pan helmet looks really good. If only alliance had a black tabard…unless your guild does ofc, or you can talk your gm into changing it to one! ;p

    Katzbalger-Arthas (US)


  3. “What I want is a set that I can wear that feels like I am a Hunter prepared to go out into the wild actually hunting things.” Exactly! Thank you for this post! I’m glad someone agrees with me! My hunter was the first toon I ever rolled (way back in 2005… yikes! It’s been that long?!) and has always been my main. I have long been critical of hunter armor sets. I am wishing for something that looks practical (and badass). I’m done with the giant horns; wouldn’t those just make actual hunting a lot more difficult? I can’t see my character quietly prowling the forest for prey with all those pointy things snagging on branches and a top-heavy helm of horns slipping down over her eyes. Maybe if I are bad huntar and melee it, I would need that kind of protection, but that’s what my pet is for! I was able transmog something a little sleeker ( : ) Probably not suitable for a panda, but I am so loving the safari idea and suggestions for da bear! ^_^


  4. It has been my experience that if you want a subdued look for your character, you have to hunt through the various green sets of your armor type and find one you like. Then spend time in game tracking them down. Some Blue sets will be nice for detail fleshing.

    You linked a site on Twitter today that’s a good start, WoWhead also has a Transmog Sets feature as well.


  5. For my Hunter, I just found a few mismatched pieces in muted green or blue, and tried to keep the shoulder armour, gloves, and boots as small as I could. The result doesn’t look like an outfit, but it *does* look like she expects to have to move a lot, very quickly, and doesn’t want to trip over herself. And expects to get muddy in the process.


    • I love that bow (and the outfit)! You’ve reminded me that I’ve yet to pick an outfit to go with it!

      I’ve got too many hunters, but my latest transmog is on the Night Elf:

      Which I like a lot.


      • that looks very good, as well.

        I think there are a lot of looks that can be very attractive, certainly.

        What I would like is the option to have the safari outfit, for a non-fashion, “out in the jungle wearing something I can get bloodstains out of” attitude.

        If you ever saw an old movie called “Sniper” with Tom Berenger, there was a hilarious moment where old grumpy dirty sniper living in the field meets the young, freshly trained hotshot sniper flying down from the big city in the latest threads and fancy camo bandannas made out of silk, and at the odl snipers inquiring glance, the young sniper calls it ‘gucciflage’, and the disgust… the whole “where the hell are your priorities at, your mind is on fashion and looking good instead of how to be invisible in the jungle. WTF.”


  6. Ooh, I really like that chestpiece. The shoulders are a bit much – I’d go with something a lot more subdued, like the low level green ones that look like leather plates. I am also a huge fan of the pandaria rifles. I’ve gotten 3 so far from quests – a blue, red and green one. They’re much more ‘big game hunter’ and less ‘Rambo’ but of course, YMMV.

    Don’t the Nesingwary lackies wear some Van Pelt type garb? In Sholazar? or Nagrand… not sure, but my mind wants to put them in khaki… Anyway, point being, if they exist on NPCs, maybe we can petition Blizz to add them as hunter articles for transmog.


    • I did try different shoulders, but finally went with ones that had more of a “hunter trophy” look — the full Talhide set is the most subdued, leather-looking of all the mail gear. Hemet Nesingwary has a great outfit but it looks like mostly cloth and leather. Annoying!


    • Thank you for the link! I am excited to see it, but for now my work computer can’t handle Wowhead. I’ll have to see it once I get home.


      • Just saw the pictures you added of Van Pelt. I WISH there was an outfit like that!

        Since you can’t see wowhead, let’s see if it lets me load a screenshot…



      • I can certainly see that screenshot, and hmm… I really like that. I’m thinking the chest is a teeny bit much with the gold trim, but all the rest of it really rocks!

        I like that a lot, I can’t recall ever seeing those shoulders before, certainly not in that context. I like them!


      • Check out the transmog section on if you want to see pictures of all the mail chest pieces, then go try it on at wowhead. Easy way to lose hours of your day. 😉


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