An Open Letter About Hunter Loot

My Hunter is now my main, and as I’ve played him consistently since shortly after Pandaria launched, I’ve found myself at the great position where I’ve got everything I could want from LFR and from Valor vendors… so I don’t have to do a damn thing if I don’t want to and still be good to go in raids.

I even finally maxed my 6000 Valor for Wrathion the idjit punk kid last week, and I’m in no rush to do the PvP battlegrounds. Sooner or later, sometime this week, I’ll do it. I’m not looking forward to it, but I’m sure eventually I’ll get the wins I need. Even a blind bear gets the honey sooner or later.

As you may or may not know, I spent many weeks frustrated at the lack of a weapon drop.

I’m not going to belabor the point. It sucked. I had a Legendary gem and desired a weapon with a Sha-touched gem slot, and didn’t get diddly. Not for lack of trying, but random is random, you rolls the dice and you takes your chances.

Which would be fine, except other players on other classes had no problems at all. “Oh yeah, I’m duel wielding ’em. No worries.”

Many, MANY Hunters feel that pain. Some of them have been trying even longer than I did, and all I can say is, I know, I understand, and I hope and pray you get your Taoren too. I know the Godmother is about ready to take an axe to her monitor, and I don’t blame her one bit.

So, on behalf of Hunters everywhere, I’m going to send out this little note to Blizzard.

Blizzard, I like your new LFR loot system.

I know many people whine about large sacks of gold, but I’m not here to whine about your large sack.

I like the lack of loot drama, and am glad to wave farewell to the bitching about who deserved the drop more that used to break out in Dragon Soul.

Also, thank you for the bonus rolls. It’s a nice extra reward for doing daily quests. I appreciate it.

The problem I have is NOT with the loot system.

My problem is with the loot distribution.

Your loot system offers me loot based on the class and spec I am on. When a boss dies, the only loot I might win is what the boss has that I could actually use.

Great idea. Love it.

The problem comes in when the boss has multiple things that could be used by my class and spec.

In the future, please do not place THREE items that a single class and spec could use on ONE BOSS.

Placing three items on a boss that a single class and spec can use means that even if you only need ONE of those items as an upgrade, using your bonus roll could get you any one of those three, or nothing at all.

This is annoying enough in normal circumstances, but bearable, even kind of fun when there are other options.

Like with trinkets, even if you’d really like that one drop, there are alternatives from Valor gear vendors and from BoE Inscription items. You have multiple options, and sure one item might theorycraft out to being the best, or be a Tier piece, but even so you’ve still got choices.

When you place a classes only possible Sha-touched weapon on a boss that has two other usable drops for you, it’s horrible.

If you’ve already got a low chance at winning ANYTHING, and then finally you get lucky and do get something, now you have to hope like hell it’s the one thing out of three you actually need.

I’ve been there, frustrated as heck.

In my case, after enough weeks of failure I took the step of running Terrace of Endless Spring THREE TIMES each week, saving my bonus roll for each of the three Lei Shi kills to maximize my chance of winning the weapon.

All to get four chances at one piece of loot from a boss every week. And it still took more than three weeks after implementing that plan to see the gun drop. Not from a lack of drops, I won gear. Just, not the one piece I wanted from the three possibilities.

For Hunters, Lei Shi has the Ranger’s Chain of Unending Summer (Mail Agi belt), Terror in the Mists (Agi/Crit trinket) and Taoren the Soul Burner, our Sha-touched weapon.

Three different drops useable by Hunters, and very nice items, too.

Just… don’t do that again. Please, don’t do that again.

One usable drop yes, two maybe, three OH HELL NO.

I know distributing all this stuff for so many slots is a pain in the ass. I understand.

But please, please don’t do that to us again.

18 thoughts on “An Open Letter About Hunter Loot

  1. I’m thinking the LFR drop fairies have a twisted sense of humor. I run a war/lock/shm through LFR each week. My warr got the sha touched axe after a few weeks of effort. Yay! My warlock has not gotten one spec of anything for ToES yet! Boo! And my shaman? Well… I got the sha touched agi hand-to-hand weapon, the sha touched staff AND the sha touched healer mace in one week…. without using coins. Oh, and three tier hats off the sha. Just… wtf?

    Or in other words, random is random.


    • Scratch part of my comment, I just remembered, I’d gotten the mace from a coin, as I had re-run that LFR as a heals to help a guildie get a faster queue pop.


  2. reposting from forum … interesting that LFR loot is quite a hot topic:

    IMHO it’s not so much a question if LFR is fair or not, it’s the psychological difference of SEEING or NOT SEEING loot. No matter if you got loot in the old system or not, you knew it was there, it was an open roll and you had at least some indication that no one cheated. In the current implementation I always get the feeling that I’m cheated, especially if more than 30 chances for loot go by without anything dropping.

    The current system also set’s you up for a disappointment due to the gold-bag. There is absolutely no excitement about opening a bag that contains a ludicrously small amount of money.

    You feel even more cheated by the system if something drops that you already have – or absolutely do not want (maybe because the trinket is crap for your style of play…). In the old system you at least could feel good by not rolling – or by rolling and handing it to someone else.

    IMHO worst is the problem of SHA touched weapons. So you got this epic reward, and no chance to use it because it does not drop. There should be at least an alternative way (like collecting 50 shards – if you do LFR for 3 months you really have earned it no matter lucky drops). Otherwise the complete quest chain is simply a huge joke of the devs. (note: the 2 ways to get a weapon do not need to get you the same ilvl; the dropped weapon could be a touch higher to make a difference).

    There should not go by a week clearing all 5 wings without a usable drop. You should not open 19 bags finding only a predetermined amount of gold. You should see a list of drops after every boss (not necessarily who got it though). You should see how good your own chances are and not have to rely on a hidden roll. And finally – you should not have to rely on a 5% chance to get a Sha touched weapon (at minimum introduce a way to get a 473 lvl blue)!

    Rauxis, chosen of cAT


  3. BBB… it’s actually 4 items off that one boss – you didn’t include the shoulder token in your list!

    I was doing similar things to you – killing Lei-Shei multiple times a week and using multiple coins. Depending on how you look at it I was lucky and unlucky. Lucky in the sense that I now have 2 of my sha-touched daggers from about 14 rolls total maybe? But I was lucky in the last two weeks – got the dagger with my last coins and the reruns of the boss. Now unlucky because out of all those rolls the only other thing I have is the belt from Lei-Shei, no luck with the Shoulder or Trinket.

    I’m so grateful I have my daggers now because it was a particularly sore point because like BRK I hadn’t managed to get a dagger at all (not that I had the same dedication as you running the heroics) – I was sporting a heroic dagger fully upgraded… and the 450 from arena of annihilation. Couple this with the fact that I was really only wanting the daggers for casual PvP … I’m just glad the second one followed quickly after the first as I’m not sure I would have continued being so dedicated to it… but Lei-Shei will continue getting my coins (although I won’t be rerunning it) mostly for the trinket and shoulder token.

    The biggest thing I feel here – exacerbated because of the legendary tie-in – is that particularly for physical dps classes (so hunter included) – so much of our dps is tied into the the weapon dps. And bar feral/windwalker (that is assuming you have an max level scribe that can get motes – it is the reason my DK was my third 90) there isn’t an easily available epic level weapon (outside of seasonal events… I didn’t realise till too late that the christmas tree had been upgraded… rogue’s actually got a couple from seasonal sources that way – I got lucky and snagged 2xHorseman Sabers.. but I don’t like combat – ranged/strength got none)


  4. Three pieces? I wish it was only three. I have been after the tier shoulders off that boss for months. Gotten the gun 3 times, the belt umpteen times, the belt. Never seen the shoulders. We can hope this doesn’t change, but it likely won’t.
    Jaffle-cenarius US


  5. lol maybe pay back from old days when everything was hunter loot.
    Kidding changeing the drop rules would be good for all of us.
    But i do still rember the days. When everything was a hunters 🙂


  6. Im doing the same thing, running Terrace three times. I’ve started to get loot yes, if you count three copies of the trinket and the belt. Ranged weapons of all kinds refuse to drop for me.


  7. I think in one of the latest tweets or posts they mentioned that they were going to look into the loot drops… I am not sure if it is specific to getting the same piece of gear a bunch of times, people not getting gear for weeks on end or giving people the ability to get gear for offspecs though. Now would be a great time to give them as much feedback as possible on this sort of thing though if they are specifically looking at changing the loot rules. You may give them some insight that they may not have thought of.

    I hope they do tweak the rules for everyone’s sake. I have had a bunch of friends mention how frustrating it is to get the same gear over and over and over. Or worse, to go weeks and not get any gear at all. I have felt that pain before. Several years ago, it took me 157 solo runs of Heroic Sethekk Halls on my Druid to finally get the Raven Lord mount. My OCD forced me to go until I got it but once I did I had to take a prolonged break from the game….


    • It’s too late for this tier of LFR. They’ve already announced that when 5.2 comes out, the drop rate is going to be increased for the existing LFR fights.

      If I may, let me point out that is exactly what I suggested they were going to use the new LFR loot system to do, way back in a previous post? Yes, I told you so. They can tweak the numbers to increase or decrease loot drop chances on an individual basis, because they’re not locked to x number of pieces per kill to spread around the group.

      I called that one.

      No, I don’t expect them to change it, and I imagine increased drop chances will ease a lot of pain for folks.

      I just hope that they’ve had a lot of feedback, and understand how loot distribution is going to be affected by the new system now. Two pieces of loot per spec/class, no more please. PLEASE.


  8. One Bonus Roll per boss each week, which I believe is specific to each difficulty. So once on LFR, once on Normal, and once on Heroic.


    • No, it is not. As I said, I did it myself for weeks. You can run lfr three times in one week, get normal chance at boss loot and use one bonus roll the first time, and then use a bonus roll on that boss each of the next two times.


      • It’s what Bear is saying – you can use your Elder Coins as many times as you wish – you won’t get the first chance at loot again, or a bag of gold, or the Valor Points, but you can use those as many times as you wish. You still may end with gold, though.

        I really love the new loot system, too. What I don’t love is the infrequency of loot that I A. Actually need and not a duplicate; B. No loot at all (which has been the majority of times on the three characters I run through LFRs regularly) or C. Not a means to choose what is needed with any flexibilty and finally D. Weapons and shields….beginning to think these are as rare as hen’s teeth. But perhaps this is what you’re saying, that there aren’t a lot of choices per class per boss. If I don’t win the shield on one boss, I’m done, unless I’ve done 9,897 dailies for enough elder coins.


    • No, you can actually used a bonus roll on a boss even if you’ve killed him before. As long as you have coins, you can keep running bosses to use your bonus roll to try and get loot. (The first time you kill a boss though is the only chance at “regular” loot, after that you have to use bonus rolls if you want to try for loot.)

      I hope that makes sense. Not sure I’m explaining that very well.


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