It’s Funny But It’s True, Damnit

I’ve been raiding one night a week with some folks in the guild, I wasn’t able to stay with a weekend team but I’ve been lucky, these folks can raid on a weeknight late enough that my son is in bed for most of it.

How much can you get done in one night a week, though, when it’s just two hours? I say two hours, because we are scheduled for two and a half, but I need a break in there to get my son tucked into bed.

Yes, I know. I’m that raider on your team you would hate. It’s okay for you to tell me you’d hate to raid with someone like me, I know. I know all too well. There you are, your team is flying high, everything is in the groove, you are just getting cooking, and here comes this dude an hour in, “Hey guys, sorry, gotta go get my son brushed teeth and tucked into bed, sorry for the buzzkill. Be back soon.”


I’ve said it before, I may look like I’m logged in for 6 hours straight, but most of that time I’m afk… no, I wasn’t ignoring you, I was showing my son how to make a new design for a paper airplane. Or looking at a cool scene he wants to share from Transformers; Dark of the Moon. Since when does Optimus Prime have lips? Or watching him take on a pet team two levels higher, and taming a new rare quality Tundra Penguin. Those penguins are badass. Or I’m wandering around upstairs, wondering where I left my book. Is itin the bathroom? No? then where the hell… Or leaving the game on to go eat dinner and watch Top Chef or Chopped, because, hey, why even bother logging out? It’s not like there are people waiting in a queue… and ever since Mists of Pandaria released, it takes about 10 minutes for me just to log into the game, what with waiting for shit to decide if the game is up to date or not. Every. Single. time.

Okay, that one time, I was just ignoring you. But I don’t make a hobbit of it or anything.

With all that distraction, only two hours to raid one night a week, what can you really get done?

Well… for starters, you can clear Mogu’shan Vaults and also take down the first boss in Heart of Fear. πŸ™‚

We’d been consistently clearing the first four bosses of Mogu’shan Vaults, then taking a couple runs at Elegon before switching over to Heart of Fear each week.

Last night, we cleared through Mogu’shan to Elegon as usual, had a rocky start with the first few Celestial Protectors dying inside the ring when Total Annihilation went off… but despite that we still went on to one shot it for our first Elegon kill ever!

I’m not sure how many attempts we’ve had over the last few weeks… maybe 7 or 8. More? Still, I think we were all a little surprised that after a weeks break, we came back and killed it on our first try of the night.

From there, we went straight to our first-ever run at the Will of the Emperor in normal mode, and we encountered the Convert To Raid effect;

“Yay! First ever kill of Elegon!”

20 minutes later…. “Yay! We’ve cleared Mogu’shan Vaults!”

It’s just like the guys at Convert To Raid say… once you’ve got Elegon down, the Will of the Emperor isn’t quite at the same level of challenge.

One thing that’s interesting is we had two healers for Elegon, but Tom had us switch to three healing on Will of the Emperor. He said that the healers may be bored for a lot of the fight, but once Titan Gas hit, they’d be going into overdrive.

True or not, I know that we one shot Will of the Emperor, but I felt we were right on the edge of having enough DPS to handle the adds, but not a smidgen more. I enjoyed how the fight feels, I felt challenged as DPS to get the adds down fast enough to be able to switch to the bosses when Titan Gas comes up without distraction. Hustle your butts! Keep calm and DPS HARDER.

What a crazy night. We cleared MSV for the first time, all in one night, and had enough time left over to travel to Heart of Fear and get a kill in there as well, making it seven bosses in two and a half hours.

All the cool kids may be off doing heroics and nibbling on the TOES, but I’m pretty impressed with our progress. I’ve been in LFR groups that killed fewer bosses in that time.

Sadly, yes I have.

Grats to Team Dippy for clearing the first raid in Mists of Pandaria!

8 thoughts on “It’s Funny But It’s True, Damnit

  1. Our raid leader has toddlers, and his wife is one of our healers – so, we don’t progress until their kids are settled down. Recently, their elder son has gotten into the habit of walking into their office mid-fight. We’ve wiped a couple times due to their rushing up to get the kid back to bed – but their comments over skype are worth it. (Kind of a spin on Cosby’s ‘Jeffrey on a plane’ routine.)


  2. Gratz BBB – my crazy raid group is still working on the guardians. One of our best nights last night… I was dpsing instead of healing and kept pulling off the tank. It’s easier to see what’s going on when dead!

    Anyway if you want to avoid all those update checks etc – don’t run the launcher. I just run the WoW.exe directly and you skip all that fluff and get straight to the login.


  3. My time online has been pretty much this way since I started playing. People would assume my /played was because I had my nose pressed to the screen THE ENTIRE TIME and wouldn’t grasp there was childminding and cooking and cleaning up and washing and laundry breaks all inside that window. Our raid times, even now, are pretty much wrapped up around getting two kids asleep before we go. The great thing about my Guild as well as yours is the fact people don’t take this as an issue and are happy to work around us, for which I will be eternally grateful.

    It isn’t about where you are, it’s whether you’re happy or not. I wish more people grasped that and didn’t just keep steaming on towards the Shinies.


      • I’m perfectly happy to! Being able to take the time to put our son in bed has always been a must for us. Our son’s usual bedtime is 30 minutes into raid but it seemed silly to break then and then again 30-40 minutes later so he gets to stay up a little late that evening [I just try and make sure he has a short nap that day].

        But yeah, like you I’m logged in a lot, just almost perpetually AFK


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