Come Get Some!

I was stuck on the last stage of the Wrathion legendary questline for a week and a half.

I say stuck, what I mean was, I had no interest in doing it.

I had Warlock freshness enticing me to play, so I blew it off. Bah, a gem socket, who gives a shit? I’ll get it done sometime before the new quest stuff unlocks in Patch 5.2.

Not saying I don’t like the legendary quest. I am enjoying having an overall goal to continue to pursue over the life of the expansion. Each patch advances the quest storyline a little further, with mini-rewards and such, and I like it. Well, I like it because I’m only focusing on one character. If I were serious about two or more, I think I would cry. But with one main to advance… it’s all good.


Blizzard, how DARE you place a PvP requirement in my PvE questline!

What’s that? You’ve created some fresh new PvP battlegrounds, and you want to get people in to see them, maybe find out they are fun, get us to try something new, broaden our horizons?

Damnit Blizzard, if I want to be closed-minded and ignorant, that is my right as an American! It must be, I see so many people exercise that right every day of their fricken’ lives.

All good procrastination must come to an end sooner or later, and the Bear Gods decreed that yesterday the stars and Moon aligned, the wild hair alighted up my ass, and the white elk was spotted in the high pass.

That’s right. I was in the mood to PvP.

So, Wrathion wanted me to go kill some Hordies in two Battlegrounds, huh? I’m a true WoW player, let me just queue up without a clue what the hell I’m supposed to do.

The two battlegrounds you have to win, not just take part in but WIN, are the Temple of Kotmogu and the Silvershard Mines.

I queued for Temple of Katmogu first, and was told it was a 10 vs 10 battleground, ‘capture the ball’ style.

I’m sure that tells everyone else volumes, but it didn’t tell me shit… other than there will be balls, and we must capture them. Seeing as it’s people fighting each other on the internet, the idea any of the involved HAVE balls in the first place is indeed news to me.

Maybe that is why Blizzard has to supply them? And why the players are fighting over them?

Okay, that might have been a joke, as opposed to my usual sarcasm. It’s hard sometimes to tell the difference around here. Sarcasm; it’s the water we swim in and the air we breathe.

Come at me, bro.

Temple of Katmogu wins as the battleground I least want to play again, ever.

There are four balls, starting out on posts at the four corners of a multi-terraced arena, and you know what? I played it twice and I just don’t give enough of a shit about it to even try and recap it.

I played and lost, I played and won, and I ain’t going back.

I can see how, if your group is coordinated and communicative, like a pre-made, and you had certain people with extremely good survivability pre-selected to be ball carriers with other players selected as their point defense, and a core group as offense to focus on striking at the enemy carriers, it could be a great concept with lots of fun, tactical give-and-take, all good.

With ten random schlubs, none of whom (including me) knew what the goal was, not so much.

Ah well, we also serve who stand and give free HKs.

On the second game, as I say, we won because, yes, our group had more balls than the other.

Really? This is what we’re reduced to, designing BGs to give us an opportunity to make balls jokes? Sigh.

Still, a win by any other name is still half a quest done.

The second battleground, Silvershard Mine, I also zoned into blind.

But… hold on a minute here. This seems… different.

First, the area was new and fresh. We were in, and hold on tight this will come as a shock… a MINE.

Go figure, right? The whole place is inside actual, like, mineshafts.

Blizzard scores for fresh ambiance, I really liked it.

Second surprise, the concept here was immediately apparent to even the most ignorant of players, namely me.

Mine carts appear in the center, with a big circle around them. They start heading for ore collection points at the end of various tunnels.

The carts move slower than a normal walk.

Hey, maybe we need to… get in the circle of a cart, capture and hold the cart for our faction until it dumps it’s ore. Maybe?

Wow, that IS the goal!

Easily understood objectives for the win.

So, what I’m seeing here is, if I grab a cart, and shunt it to the far tunnel, and stay with it the whole way… in order to take it away from me, the other team has to come TO ME? And to make a difference they have to enter the circle?

Oh, this is going to be sweet.

I am a Hunter. I have ranged attacks, traps, angry dinosaurs, Stampede, oh yeah, go ahead, I dare you to come at me, bro.

You’ll get my ore when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

Shit, that was fun. No, really, that was fun. I had the miraculous feeling that as a Hunter, I was fighting in a BG with goals that played directly to my strengths.

You want this ore? You come and take it. No climbing above me and jumping down, no line of sighting over edges to make my stupid Pet AI come running the long way around, just a tunnel, an ore cart, and a channeled avenue of approach.

People must HATE that BG.

I say that, because I was all by myself on one ore cart, and a Horde came to take it away, and I killed him long before he got to my circle of ore cart supremacy.

Then he rezzed, and brought a buddy. Um, no.

Then he brought two buddies. Yes, it takes the cart that long. Um, Stampede, traps, silence, pet. So, no.

My cart, bitches.

My cart finally dumped its ore into the resource bin, and I went and got another cart.

This time, I had a few more people come to give me a hand… and the same three came to contest my ownership of said cart.

I said MY cart, bitches. Go away. Have fun, wave hello to the spirit healer for me!

I was having so much fun the other players of my faction left me to it, and went off looking for some fun.

The Horde came down my tunnel, and they were looking for some ore to steal, they were in a bind and way behind and needing this Hunter to flee.

Um, what part of MY ORE CART BITCHES didn’t you understand? NO. /newspapersmack

I have finally found a BG I enjoyed. I understood the objective, understood what I had to do to complete the objective, and I had a class that had the tools to succeed.

Or, as Baddmojo said, “Must be nice to have a viable class in PvP.”

Shit, it is, isn’t it? Go figure!

For just a few short minutes… I had fun in a BG.

I feel so cheap.

That must be how Gnomeaggeddon feels ALL THE TIME.

I’m going to have to do that again some time.

I cannot believe I just said that.

Well played, Blizzard. Well played.

16 thoughts on “Come Get Some!

  1. Minos, that actually counts for both the new BG’s! After years of complaining about people who ignored the objectives and fought in the middle (ie Warsong Gulch) or on the roads (Arathi Basin) they made Silvershard where you fight on the road and Temple where you fight in the middle! So, naturally, when I do randoms I get people in Silvershard fighting in the middle and people in Temple fighting out on the roads /sigh. ;p

    Kay, I know what you mean about abuse in BG’s, sure it happens a lot and honestly, I do a lot of it myself. Thing is, I see it as somewhat justified. Have you ever played any team competitive sports? Or watch them? If you have or do you’ll see exactly the same thing to a lesser extent. Someone does something stupid, their teammates shout at them. They want to win, the one doing the wrong thing is reducing their chances. The big difference and why the abuse sometimes escalates so much in WOW random bg’s is that there’s no coach, no selection procedure, no ‘well if they keep screwing up they’ll get sat/subbed/sold to a lower league team’, you’re stuck with the idiots who won’t listen to advice, actually think they’re being useful fighting pointlessly in the middle of nowhere while you lose or just plain don’t care. So, yes, that makes me angry. I do something competitive, I want to win or at least do my best and I really don’t understand people in BG’s who don’t feel that way, if you don’t want to compete or work as a team, why are you doing a competitive team-based activity?

    Basically things happen for reasons. If you’re getting trash-talked in a bg or a pug raid, odds are it’s because you’re doing something wrong. Now you have two choices; either you can focus on the insults and feel aggrieved, or you can focus on your performance and rectify whatever mistakes are causing people to yell at you.
    Everybody was new to PVP once, I went in and ran around like a headless chicken getting called an idiot, noob and many other things I won’t repeat here. I don’t like getting insulted anymore than most people, so I took what few bits of constructive advice appeared amongst the vitriol and worked with them. I learned. I improved. And now, years later, I’m one of the guys telling people to ‘get out of the middle and go after their fc’ and after three or four times repeating it, I’m the guy saying it in all caps with added profanity and insults because they didn’t listen and I doubt they will and until the technology is invented that lets me reach through a computer screen and punch someone in the face, capslock and profanity is my only recourse after reasoned argument has failed.

    Bigbearbutt, you want to really have some fun in silvershard, glyph explosive trap for the knock-back and go for the top cart, I honestly have had more fun with that glyph since 5.0 than any other ability since they removed my beloved eyes of the beast. Ahh the days of sitting underwater with my waterbreathing caster staff from gnomeregan walking my crocodile along the shore scaring lowbies.


  2. I’ve just about got you where I want you…

    With the gear changes coming next patch, things might be a bit easier to join mid-patch… but realistically, only if you are going to dedicate time to it.

    I like both of them, but as I never seem to see you in there BBB, most of them are loses.


  3. The real brilliance of Silvershard Mines is that Blizzard designed a battleground where the objective is actually to fight on the roads (certain parts of the roads, but still…).


  4. For me that’s just another proofpoint that Blizz DESPERATELY wants people into PvP. Even though IMHO this approach only creates more people going there without DOING anything. In the end it’s just one more “bot” – and if you queue often enough, you will finally win something, simply because the other side has more bots.

    As melee or healer without PvP equip I find random BGs simply horrible, because I’m so squishy and basically a free kill. The current gear distribution seems to work at the start on the expansion (aka PvP gear can get you started in PvE and vice versa), but while PvP upgrades continue to make you more powerful in PvE, this – at least in my experience – the missing resilience can not be replaced.

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  5. See, I had the opposite reaction. I absolutely loved Kotmogu, went in in tank spec and our team completely dominated. It’s one battleground where the ability to shrug off a lot of damage is pretty vital, plus as my stacks mounted I became a fairly significant damage dealer.

    For me, Silvershard was a confusing mess, our team kept going in all 5 directions, I have no idea how we won that second time through.


  6. Great to see you stepping into and enjoying PvP BBB. It gets even more enjoyable with more gear and a better feel for the flow of the maps.

    Hope to run into you out there sometime!


  7. I’m a healer. There’d be no way to get me in a battleground anyway, but there’s no way I am going into a battleground as a healer, so that point in the questline is where I stop.

    Not just no, but HELL NO.


    • You get 40% base resilience even in PvE gear now. More resil helps a lot but even in high end PvE gear, you’re not super squishy. Healing in PvP can be a great way to flex your muscles and play your class in a way you just never play it in PvE. It can be a lot of fun, but you have to get over the PvE mindset of dying being a terrible thing.

      And as a healer you need to start using your CCs on cooldown in PvP, which you never really do in PvE. 🙂


      • I also hate the whole PvP trash talking, red-is-dead culture, so it’s unlikely any amount of resilience will encourage me… I realize not every person who enjoys PvP is like this, but I generally view the vast majority of PvPers as pathetic losers whose only joy in life is bullying people slower and weaker than they are. I don’t want to listen to them in /bg or even put my character in the same instance with them. Nine times out of ten, when I run into a foulmouthed abuser in LFD or LFR, if I check where they are from, they’re from a PvP server.

        I used to love PvP back during Classic, because of the community my server built, and when that started to go away (just about the time that server transfers became available), I discovered that I HATED that part of the game without the people. Flat out hated it. I briefly enjoyed it again during Wrath when I could sit in a tower cannon and take potshots at distant figures on mounts. I missed a lot, but at least it kept them moving! But then they “normalized” the battlegrounds and I was taking space from someone who really wanted to be there, so I stopped.

        Personally, I think Warcraft would be better off without PvP altogether. It would mean losing a lot of subs (which is why I will never see this dream become reality) but it would also mean losing the worst and most immature section of the community, which could only be a good thing.

        Plus, I’m tired of having cool abilities nerfed because some weenie abused them in PvP.

        (yes, I have a strong opinion on this. I think the behaviors encouraged by PvP –bullying, trash-mouthing, ganging up on the weak– are a large part of what is wrong with the game and the world in general. Your mileage may vary. Sorry, Bear, this is a chronic sore point with me and I was already resentful about it. Will keep my rants to myself from here on out!)


  8. Silvershard I liked, temple sucked. Maybe their is supposed to be some back and forth. But from what I could see, one team would dominate the start get 3-4 balls in a loohse group and that was it game over. Pugs give up once they are behind, people dead/slow to res means you might have 3-6 attacking 9-10. If you stop 30 seconds to get yourself organised thats 30 seconds of time ticking up. It really did not help that I zoned into game after game in progress and already lost.

    Say 20 games to win, 16 of them in progress, 3 fresh starts with either Blackrock or tich, horde premades or both against us. Then we win 1600 vs 77 .

    As for pvp itself, I like to pvp, I even run into Gnomeaggeddon now and then. but I decided between valor upgrades, conquest upgrades and dailies I don’t have the time to pvp this season and was planning to get back into it in 5.2. Except the gear gap between pvp gear and non-pvp is the biggest its ever been. I really don’t like being fodder:(


  9. Even if I didn’t already know I’d know for absolutely sure from this post that you played Alliance.

    My personal anecdotal evidence points to Alliance being *slightly* more organized in BGs. While Horde tends to live up to their name. Have a BG where the Horde can kill all the things? Good game, we won! Have a BG that requires people to be a bit more strategic? Enh, maybe someone forgot to defend that node they capped and we might lose.

    So as Horde I just love, just absolutely adore, Temple of Kotmogu. Grab a ball, stand in the center, kill any Ally you see. Get the achieve for holding the ball for a minute straight. Well that last bit might be due to being a DK, but regardless, ToK is a lovely lovely BG to just stomp around in.

    In contrast, Silvershard Mines is less successful for the Horde, in my experience. There is confusion about what carts we’re going for. Someone always runs off before their cart turns in its ore. Cue the recriminations and then it’s a slow loss.

    So I see your comment about killing opposite faction before they can get to your mine cart, and raise you a mass of Hordies with all four balls standing in the center plaza of Temple of Kotmogu


    • I was about to say EXACTLY this.

      As horde, ToK is all about “Come at me bitches” while carrying the orb and pureeing anyone who comes into melee range (warrior here). I think I’ve only ever lost two ToKs as horde, usually we win by a landslide. I think ToK is biased towards plate DPS orb carriers though – with the orb we hit so very hard and can duck into alcoves, run up stairs to break LoS.

      Silvershard Mines drives me to tears. No horde comes to the carts or they go single file to a cart and get blown away by the escort, first come first served. As melee, just like BBB said, the lack of any LoS is just terrible if you’re up against hunters, mages, locks or shadow priests. Two ranged defenders will just stand apart and shred you, without you having any opportunity to reduce your damage taken by LoS etc. In a way, I think that map is a good primer for those very new to PvP but for melee and healers at least, it teaches you bad PvP habits – not using terrain and LoS being the main ones IMO. With a good group it can still be fun (read pocket healer + ranged buddies) but its definitely no picnic for melee.


  10. I accidentally click ‘pvp’ when I really mean ‘df’ and I’ve seen the two new BGs sitting there, taunting me. I’ve yet to take the plunge. I’m still 3 weeks out getting Valor for Wrathion, so still a ways from being forced to play them. Should I build some PvP gear and go try them to get to know them, or just play them blind like you?


    • Personally I think it depends on your class. Generally Ranged DPS can be okay as Glass Cannons (no PVP gear), but Healers tend to get beaten up pretty bad by any half-decent PVP-er, and melee DPS take a pounding. So your survival as a non-RDPS might be a lot tougher without PVP gear.

      It’s only two wins though. You probably don’t need to go full out and deck out in PVP just to get them. Getting a PVP trinket would be good though, at least.


  11. Silvershard Mines is my new favorite Battleground too. I love the mobile node style, it really lends itself to quick-thinking decisions and guerrilla-style attacks. And I like how small it is! You can go from one end of the map to the other really fast, probably fast enough to actually reach and back up/re-take a cart that’s in danger.

    The only thing I don’t like is how you can be Typhooned off the bridge on the western cart track, because I find gimmick hazards like that just annoying.

    In any case, grats on getting the two BG wins you needed! I dislike Temple of Kotmogu as well, but at least it only took you two tries to get your win!


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