Firelands is Really Heating Up!

I have to think about that title for a bit. I aim for a certain amount of cheese to mix with my spicy sarcasm, but there is cheese, and there is shit.

Why am I thinking of peppery cheese? Oh right, game day this Sunday.

It’s game day this Sunday!

This is very exciting to me, Firelands on heroic has been a lot of fun so far, and this Sunday it’s going to be EPIC!

… what?

Oh, really? There’s some other game on this Sunday?

Good to know, good to know. Probably won’t affect our Firelands run, though.

After all, what kind if silly git would waste their time watching someone else play a game when they could do all the playing themselves?

Fine, whatever. I guess I better ask just to be on the safe side.

This Sunday, at 6 PM Central Standard Time, we’ve got a heroic Firelands 25-person run going on.

The run is pretty pro. We’ve pushed the raid ID, so we only have three bosses left;

Heroic Baleroc, Heroic Majordomo Staghelm, and Heroic Ragnaros.

That’s right. This is srs bsns.

Since this will be the same day as Superbowl Sunday, I’m asking for you to let me know in the comments here if you are really committed to be there for the run.

I ask that you ONLY comment to this post if you truly intend to be at this Sunday’s Firelands run.

If we don’t get enough commitment, heck, I might just watch the Superbowl myself. Beats sitting there with a half a group trying to pull in strangers to fill it out who don’t care to be there in the first place.

Again, please only comment if you ARE going to intend to be there. No “Boy, I wish I could”, it won’t really help figure out if we’ve got a solid group or not.

Now, if you don’t see a full twenty people commenting, and YOu want to go, by all means, say you’re coming. I’ll add you in.

Why twenty? I have confirmation that I will be there, along with Alex, Cassie, and our two tanks, Askevar and Venoym. So, five down, twenty spaces to go!

Sound good? I hope to see you there!

13 thoughts on “Firelands is Really Heating Up!

  1. I”ll be there as well. I had some guildies come too last week and I’ll steer them here to make sure they are coming this Sunday as well.


  2. Ill be on and ready. Even if it dosent happen.
    And i have a tv next too computer i wont miss. Raid or game.
    I even put my check in bank so should be no game shut downs im good too go


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