Tests of Warlock Soloing

I have reached level 82 on Das Warlock, and it’s been mighty fine, mighty fine.

While leveling in Northrend, I found myself in Icecrown for the level 77-78 range.

Specifically, I was level 78 while clearing the Knights of the Ebon Blade questlines in the Shadow Vault.

I like those quests. Good sense of humor, fast pacing, lots of variety.

Fast pacing. Did I mention the fast pacing?

Once I’d completed those quests, I had some breadcrumb quests, and I started to dump them from my journal before heading out to Storm Peaks, and the inestimable Goblins of K3.

Hmmm…. one of those breadcrumbs was to go out to the ledge of Death’s Rise.

I remember going there… but I don’t remember any of the quests.

Oh, what the heck. I’ll go check it out. They probably suck if I don’t remember them.

I headed to Death’s Rise, which was a shelf with a flight point, and a bunch of Death Knights wanting to get revenge against  the Scarlet Crusade/Scarlet Onslaught.

The Scarlet Onslaught, who are located in force, at Onslaught Harbor.


The what to the who?

Onslaught Harbor?

Where the hell did THAT come from?

In all my years of playing this game, how did I never visit, or even see Onslaught Harbor?

This makes no sense. I had to have at least flown BY the damn place once at some point. WTF?

Okay, fine. Maybe I’ve truly gotten so old I can’t remember shit I’ve done anymore. Whatever.

I took all the quests, and headed out to Onslaught Harbor.

We’re all OP now, this will be some easy XP.

Wow… the skies were black with Gryphon Riders. The grounds were thick with guards. And they were all ranged caster/archers, no easy melee trash pulls.

What a pain in the butt.

Still…. new shit to do in Icecrown! Yay!

I did all the quests, and while doing a daily to open chests and steal communications I got another breadcrumb quest, the Note from the Grand Admiral, which started a new quest chain…  to find and kill Grand Admiral Westwind.

Grand Admiral Westwind… that bastard that pops bubble and hearths out after I kill High General Abbendis for the group quest in the cathedral of New Hearthglen.

Every character I’ve ever leveled through Dragonblight had killed High General Abbendis, and this was the first time I’d ever found a trace of what became of that bubblehearthing little bastard.

Now, here was a chance to finish the job?

Hallelujah, and pass the fel ammunition!

The quest chain led me to go beat information out of a couple of Captains… all good so far.

Then, I was sent to kill Archbishop Landgren in the Crimson Cathedral, and summon a death knight gate near his corpse so he could be interrogated from beyoooonnnnnd the graaaaaavveeeeee.

Oooh, spooky! Don’t look, kids. Scary.

The Archbishop was hiding INSIDE the Crimson Cathedral, but I’ve been down this road before. High General Abbendis was a group quest too, and she was inside a cathedral. That wasn’t exactly a stiff challenge. Sneeze and you’ll miss it.

So what if the quest recommends a group of five people? That was OLD Wrath of the Lich King. Back when shit was hard, yo.

So, I swooped on into the entrance and… holy shit, that’s a LOT of Scarlet Onslaught!

Okay, stay calm and HOLY SHIT!!!!


Okay, keep calm and DPS HARDER. Self heal, corruption, corruption, corruption, dot dot dot dot bubble, bubble, holy crap, that’s really a lot of…

Okay, I’m inside. Whew!

I can do this.

There are fewer on the inside, no problem. Just pull the packs, clear them out, take the boss. No sweat.

5 minutes later… I’m still working Archbishop Landgren down.

He had a not insignificant amount of health.

I killed him, no question, but this fight bore no resemblance to the fight against High General Abbendis. It was actually… a challenge, requiring the use of every ability I had to heal faster than he did DPS.

The rest of the chain was similar.

I found myself getting vaguely resentful. I mean, these were hard quests. This was taking a lot of time, and all for the sake of just one quest reward. I could be making a lot more XP.

What the hell am I saying? These were five person group quests! I’m sitting here soloing them all, in melee battle AoE tanking as a cloth-wearing Warlock, and I’m bitching because they were taking a while to finish?


The point isn’t that it’s taking me a while to kill everything, it’s that I’m able to solo a five person group quest in the first place.

Those were pretty amazing, and from now on when I level a class, the yardstick I’m going to use to judge how strong they are is by how tough that quest chain is to solo.

Oh, and can I just say how satisfying it was to find out the truth about Grand Admiral Westwind?

The whole thing was intensely satisfying.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to continue questing through Deepholm.

What solo fights have you done that tested you to the very limits  and made you stretch out your class abilities?

5 thoughts on “Tests of Warlock Soloing

  1. Back before Cataclysm, there was a quest chain in Ashenvale that had you finding medicine for a sick child. The final fight of that quest chain was pretty nerve-wracking. This was because, due to my immersion in the storyline, I had failed to notice that the quest was flagged red — as the mob I was after was five levels higher than me. Also, given my level of newbieness at the time (I didn’t learn what stats meant until I got invited to a dungeon in my late 30s), odds are good I’d equipped a few greys and other non-optimal gear. I survived, barely, thanks to my pet, but you’d better believe it took a while for my heart to slow down.

    Second place goes to Dar’Khan in Deatholme. I don’t know if they’ve downgraded it since then, but when I did it, my hunter teamed up with a couple of warlocks and it was very much a case of ‘burn him down and loot before the adds kill you’.


  2. I was *that* close to soloing the Deadmines on my free WoW account as a level-capped lv. 20 Dwarf Paladin. I keep thinking I should go try it again. That stupid last boss (not counting the optional Cookie fight), I almost had him.


  3. i loved ampathiater of anguish. that pushed me to limit. but was long time ago. when i could dps and tank as a bear. kitty and bear ftw. it prob easy walk thru now. but was so much fun. i wish they still made 5 man qsts like that. threre was a grp of horde there. when i was done. one of them switched to an aliance toon to beg me to stay and help. i did . oh the good old days 🙂 i was on the edge of my seat whole fight breathing heavy . the feeling when it finally ended. and i couldnt even see my health bar any more but was still alive by a few health. dam i never had a funner more nerve racking pull .. that my fav. but im old school. i dont like lfr or even lfg. im acctually sick enuff. to miss spending 2 hours too build a bfd grp. those were epic too. no vent no cheats and. every body so nice. nobody wanted to wait to build another grp. the good old days:)


  4. Bringing back bad memories of those dailies out there – the drop rates were horrible on… you know, I can’t even remember, I had blocked them out because I hated them so much. The keys I think to open the chests? Ew, not my favorite dailies, they make golden lotus look like cake.


  5. I was doing a similar thing yesterday – trying to solo Temple of the Jade Forest at level 86 on my brewmaster monk as a training exercise. I managed to get down Wise Mari – it wasn’t so hard just took forever! But the trash the other way beat me up soooo quickly.

    But normally my yardstick with a class is doing Nagrand Arena. My DK did the best – did all but the last boss at level 68 (in cataclysm).


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