When Do You Regret Good Luck?

I follow blogs and listen to a few podcasts related to WoW, and it’s occurred to me I’ve really been blessed.

It took me forever to get my Sha-touched Weapon.

Months of pain, of striving, of crying in the night, cold and alone without my bang-bang.

Running week after week with a rare 463 bow, I began to take extraordinary measures to try and up the chances of a drop, multiple runs a week, chanting and burning incense, rolling my D20’s over and over until they all showed 1’s before a run just to use up all my bad luck and up the chance my next bonus roll would be a natural 20, you name it.

What reading other blogs, listening to podcasts and talking with other guild members in raids has made clear is I am not alone.

Oh no, far from it. And those of us who are sharing the troubles of our times, we carry with us scars that will last a lifetime.

What I’m realizing is, this strife, the struggle, the quest for the Sha-touched weapon for all classes has taken on a larger than life meaning.

The item itself? For Hunters, the Sha-touched weapon is ultimately meaningless. Like every other combat item in the game, it’s as relevant and enduring as navel lint. It’s as ugly as the north end of a south-bound rhino, too.

Looks aside, a year from now, will I still be using my Sha-touched weapon?

Not only won’t I be using the Sha-touched weapon, I might not even be playing the same character anymore.

You never know what the future holds, but one thing is certain; there will be content upgrades with more powerful gear, ALWAYS.

Whatever we are using now will someday soon be taken off, examined for transmog opportunities, and dumped accordingly.

In the end, it’s not the drop that matters.

The true value of the Sha-touched weapon is the community that has grown up around it.

Those of us who have sought the Sha-touched weapon in vain for months at a time are digital adventurers, striving against the fates and an unfeeling Content Programmer on the trail of a myth, a legend, a tantalizing glimpse of life-changing treasure.

We endure extremes of playing and queue times, blow extra rolls and run dailies to earn tokens, all to feed our passionate quest for the ultimate prize.

We are Allan Quatermain, searching for King Solomon’s mines, only when we get the gold his team craved to us it is as ashes in our mouth compared to the wondrous glory we seek and never find.

You who walk into an LFR or raid and have Sha-touched weapons fall easy or early are the ones who are left out.

You will never have had that experience that we few, we few, we band of unfortunates have shared that will bond us into a community for years to come.

We are the ones who won’t be able to tell you what  upgrades we picked up and tossed aside along the way, but our memories of striving for the Sha-touched weapon and failing over and over will last a lifetime.

When we sit in vent waiting for raid to start, we will be the blessed few with tales to share with each other of failed extra rolls and pity-gold by the thousands.

We will feel that bond that only comes from sharing a common pain  as we look back on all the times we queued up hesitant and hopeful, only to suffer through the fail pugs and utter idiots to hold gold in our hands once again.

You, with your easy Sha-touched drops will not be one of us. You will be an outsider, and we will shake our head in sadness to your stories of running Attumen the Horseman for three years, or all the runs into Tempest Keep for a phoenix, but inside it won’t be the same.

There are mounts and other vanity items, but for those of us who sought a best in slot raiding weapon tied to our Legendary questline and came up with nothing, it’s just not the same.

We know what it is to seek in vain, to hope and be crushed, to strive and fail, week after week after FUCKING WEEK without getting that one damn drop while our raid team moves up the charts without us, and worse yet, without truly appreciating how lucky they are to have it, those bastards.

Oh yes, we know how it feels to earn thousands of valor, to have a legendary gem and gem socket just sitting in our bags, waiting for that day that one goddamn weapon we want drops for us, only to get nothing.

We know. We’ve been there.

That gives us an experience that will last long past the point the gear itself is meaningless.

Just like any adventure… it sucks while you’re doing it, omigod it sucks, but someday in the future, these memories will be priceless.

Either that, or just one more thing to bitch about, I honestly can’t tell you which.

15 thoughts on “When Do You Regret Good Luck?

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  2. For me, every expansion it’s shoulders and a shield (pally tank). I killed Blackhorn on LFR something like 31 times before it dropped the raid finder version… in that same time I also killed him on normal 23 times. Guess what? 4 weeks later it drops the bloody shield on normal. Yea, that’s 27 weeks of killing Blackhorn on Normal to get the shield, and 31 weeks on LFR. Right now, I’m working on EVERY fsck’ing week since MSV opened for LFR, and probably the last 6 weeks on normal… and no shield. (p.s. thank you to Askevar who worked a deal to get me the BOE 476 shield!)


    • I can relate. Blackhorn’s “shield”… En par with Lich King’s Axe (I’m an Orc warrior tank!) – which I got to enjoy for almost two weeks before the agility-/>dodge nerf bat hit and made the entire axe worthless.

      fsck /dev/wpnslots (and a nod to another *nix admin, I presume)


  3. So my guild ran LFR last night, and I’m convinced there is a dichotomy of luck. Our off tank won his fourth set of tier gloves, and a lot of gold. Our hunter won hats – both non-tier and tier. I won two more items I already had (yay sha crystals). Everyone who has won tier didn’t get their sha weapon. The one person who got a sha weapon last night hasn’t won tier (just like me). Our resto druid got her 4th tier piece… and she’s spent every coin on the empress to get a weapon for 3 weeks now.

    It’s odd.


    • After your first kill you can still get a bonus roll (if you have the elder charm for it) on subsequent (LFR) kills the same week. You can do this until you run out of charms or sanity, whichever comes first, usually the latter.


  4. I too am in the ‘got my sha weapon early.’ I think it’s a curse – for as erroll noted, I have not gotten any tier or non-dupe item since. One reason I’m hopeful our guild will finally start running 10M normal – just for better drop chances.

    I’m tired of the fail LFR.

    See bear, it doesn’t matter what the shiny is – we’ll bitch about not getting it. 🙂


  5. I guess I’m lucky in that I have had not one, but three sha-touched weapons drop. But on the other side, I have run ToES over and over in hopes to get the head or shoulder tier so that I can have a 4-piece set. In fact, just this Tuesday, I literally closed my eyes hoping that my good luck charm would bring me the shoulders. And then I heard not the sound of gold, but the sound of a drop. My heart beat jumped and I opended my eyes. And there it was….another waist piece that I didn’t need. And my dream was shattered again knowing that I would have to wait a whole another week before I could try again.

    The worst part was hearing a priest say in raid chat, “What the heck Blizzard? Two shoulder tokens?!?” I almost hit my head on the desk 😦


  6. Now i feel bad. i got the weopon. But does anything else ever drop? were are the trinkets the armor. Ill take a ring anything


  7. You know how we always say its about the journey more than the destination? Well I guess it’s just like that really bad car trip with… The in laws and their dog that is always farting.


  8. “It’s as ugly as the north end of a south-bound rhino, too.” – Delightful!

    I got the sha touched weapon on my first time on Empress in LFR on my Paladin. But I only PvP on that toon so its useless. I have zero rep with anyone, including the black prince, so I don’t even have a gem for it.

    My warrior is where I wanted the weapon and it continues to elude me. I came to the same conclusion as you alluded to – I might not even be using this weapon in a few months so I just stopped caring.

    Pure RNG for desired drops sucks and to me it feels like lazy game design. I don’t like it at all.


  9. I’ve never been fond of game design that ties important desirables to the whim of the RNG deities. It always plays like a case of the devs stringing me along, and I get tired of that fast. Maybe suffering builds character (there should be a “uphill both ways, in the snow” equivalent meme for Sha-touched stuff), but I don’t play games to build character. *shrug*


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