Big Butted Bear – Super-Genius

I could say that my skill at Engineering dovetails nicely with Gnomes and Goblins, but the truth is I channel the spirit of an elder, wiser, vastly more experienced engineer;

Wile E. Coyote, Super-Genius.

Oh yes, yes indeed.

I present to you, exhibit A.

The Jeeves recipe.

I love the Engineering profession in World of Warcraft, and have leveled it to max on quite a few characters over the years.

When I changed servers a year or more ago, I left my most advanced and complete Engineer behind.

As I leveled my Warlock up recently, it occured to me that I didn’t have Engineering on any character I felt like playing. nobody has leveled it into Pandaria for the new fun goodies.

I have no Blingtron! I cannot craft a Depleted-Kyparium Rocket!

Oh my, this will not do.

I know! A Warlock Miner/Engineer.

What could possibly go wrong?

Ahem. Perhaps I did not say that loudly enough for the fates to have heard.


Ah, that’s better.  I can feel the forces aligning around me even now, having invoked the words of power.

Over the course of a few days, I power-leveled my Mining to max, and at each stage of ore I didn’t stop until I’d leveled Engineering past that point. It kept me from having to go back over and over. Pretty smart, right?

The two professions were about equal to each other up to Cobalt Ore. You need an ungodly amount of Cobalt Ore to level Engineering. Other than that one bottleneck, no problems.

Fast forward to now.

Level 87 Warlock, level 585 Engineering, max Mining. Just have the FUN stuff left to make to level. You know, Wormhole Generators for Pandaria, Dragonling pet, and at max a Blingtron. All stuff that takes Spirits of Harmony, and so all stuff that realistically takes a working farm at level 90.

But what can I do now?

Ah, I have just the thing! I can go back and get my Jeeves!

Oh right, going back to stuff I’ve leveled past and don’t have mats for. Brilliant, Bear. Just brilliant.

As i said, I’ve had many Engineers over the years, and across them I’ve had Jeeves at least four times now. Why, it shouldn’t hardly take any time at all for my 87 Warlock to drop on by those Library Guardians in the Storm Peaks and get the Jeeves recipe to drop. Why, I’ll also get the SCRAP-E recipe quest as a two-fer!

Ho yas.

“I intend to pursue, capture and learn this receipe. It’s as simple as that!”

How bad could it be?


There we go. [shudder]

I traveled to Storm Peaks and began to slaughter Library Guardians. It was quite easy, and I left their looted bodies scattered across the snow.

Five, six, eight at a time I’d dot ’em up, and they were just so helpful, running to me so as to be within close looting range once the dot finished them off. I could plop down in the center of a widely-separate assortment and pull them all to me with a measly dot a piece.

Ah yes, wintertime, and the killing was easy.

So I cleared the area, and cleared it again, and my wasn’t it nice that the respawn rate was so high?

And I cleared the area again, and then cleared some more, continuously burning through Library Guardians until I had many hundreds of Relics of Ulduar, hundreds of gold in grey drops vendored (gotta love the Tundra Travelers Mammoth), and a slightly sore mouse hand.

But no Jeeves.


Okay, I know the answer to this. I’ve been here before, many Jeeves have been learned and crafted, I know these Library Guardians have the best drop rate.

Random is just random. I have to bear down and deeps harder. MOAR DOTS!

Hmmm. Still no recipe? That is just damn odd.

I know it used to take a few days, but geez, that was when it took me a while to burn one mob down. I’m blowing through a hundred Library Guardians every fifteen minutes or so. This just seems doo de doo doo, doo de doo doo twilight zone time.

I wonder… did the drop rate change since the Pandaria expansion? Seems odd, I woulda thunk they’d increase the drop rate for something so necessary in old content, but maybe, just maybe, before I spend another three hours on this tonight, I should check WoWhead to be sure.


So… you’re supposed to, like, salvage the Library Guardians to get the recipe. It’s not a loot drop.


Salvaging. Oh yeah…. that’s right. That, like, Engineering thingie that us Engineers can do.


So, let this be a lesson to you.

Before you set your cunning plan in motion, make sure you check your facts and do your research, or you’re just gonna end up in the pot.

7 thoughts on “Big Butted Bear – Super-Genius

  1. A few days late, and several dollar short, no doubt… but yes, 2 engineers, both with Jeeves. And I’d say the most fun I’ve had is either running like hell from mobs, popping my rocket boots (and later, nitroboost on my belt) and promptly getting flung straight up into the air (and then down into the waiting mobs) … and using the world enlargener, climbing on my bike and having a friend with any of hte variety of “get bigger” pots jumping into the passenger site. Reminds me of Genie in Aladdin – PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER …. ittttttybitty living space.


  2. Having spent the better part of last saturday with those guardians I can say I feel your pain. Admittedly I did remember salvaging them – although I was not aware that was the only way to get the recipe. Still no recipe though – and for now I have given up. Maybe I’ll go back there some sunny day…

    And aye, Wile E. Coyote is the perfect engineer mascot. In fact – he is where my nickname comes from


  3. Wile E Coyote is the real engineer’s spirit animal. You’re not an engineer if you’ve never accidentally rocketed off a cliff.


  4. I did it back on my Engineer DK when I was farmiing Halls of Lightning for disenchanting mats. At the time, my Mage enchanter was a little too squishy to solo it a lot so I sent in the DK and surprised myself with it. Didn’t even know how to find it, but there it was. Of course, then I had to go find the recipe for the repair bot. Gotta love the WoW scavenger hunts!


  5. When Wrath first hit, and Dalaran had the ‘Engineers Only’ AH, I decided I wanted in on that perk, so I made two engineers. That was fun. But when Cata came around and everything was Org/SW centric, it didn’t matter, and I dropped it on my druid, picking up herbalism instead to feed the potion making needs. Now that 2M/7S has the engineer only AH again, I’m considering picking up engineering again… but the portals are so close and convenient to the AH (at least in Org, I assume in SW as well) – that that boon just isn’t as draw-worthy as it once was.

    Plus, I like my enchanter/tailor priest too much to go through all that pain once again.

    I am contemplating transferring my heirlooms onto a new server and starting up a new batch of 11 toons on Alliance side – maybe I’ll make them all engineers!


  6. Hey Big Bear;

    Love the blog, been reading it for quite some time now, keep em coming, thanks!

    Feel your pain on that salvage vs looting. I’ve got engineers all over the realms, all with Jeeves. Figured hey, I want another engineer on my current realm, so mining/engineering, gathered up and crafted much as you did, avoid going back. Kept my eyes on the prize as well, when it was time for Jeeves, I’d already gathered and crafted all the necessary mats, did the instance runs to gather the older patterns, ready, set, go farm Jeeves.

    Set down on the library plateau, start wailing away, killing by the score. Bout 20 minutes in, no pattern dropped yet. Hrm. LFD popped, so I enter the instance, have fun, and come back to the plateau again. This time, however, someone else was killing the mobs. Someone at level grinding away I guess. So, there’s a bunch of corpses lying around, and while waiting for a spawn I just happened to salvage a corpse, not sure why, just did. Jeeves pattern.

    Oh yeah. Right. Not looted, salvaged, like you’ve done at least 6 times before.

    I love WoW. Sometimes being dumb can be just as rewarding as being good. Not often, but once in a while….


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