Oh PLEASE Let Me Kill My Guild Leader!

I was just reading the latest post by Rohan, which is about new the PvP quests and zone in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

He grabbed my attention with these words;

“The PvP area is interesting. It’s a free-for-all zone, so you can attack your own faction. Only 4-person groups are permitted in the area. Larger raids get disbanded automagically.”

Oh my God.

Rohan’s post title asks the question, Genius or Madness?

He also goes on to make it clear that, yes, a four player group CAN and in fact WILL attack other groups of their own faction, and kill them. Happily.

I’ve long had the opinion that Blizzard looks to other games for inspiration at times. They let some other game company be the test bed for new or wacky concepts in MMOs, wait to see what gets attention or works out successfully, then adopts parts for World of Warcraft.

Just my own opinion, and I don’t see anything wrong in it. Why not try and learn from success to grow your own offering?

Here is a perfect concept to steal… I mean, be inspired by.

If a Battleground were added that wasn’t faction based but group based set up as a free-for-all, and you could attack and kill teams of your own faction as well as the opposite, I promise you I would start playing it.

It wouldn’t even be difficult to justify in the lore. Both factions are already familiar with Adarrah and her mercenary band, and journeyed with them on a hunt for treasure into Uldum.

How hard would it be to have a Battleground where teams were ‘recruited’ by Adarrah to go in, hunt for and ‘secure’ priceless artifacts as sub-contractors for the mercenaries?

You put together your own merry band of cutthroats and head off to some forsaken island in search of ancient Mogu treasure, and once there you find you’re not the only crew that had the same idea. Suddenly, you’re fighting the island fauna and the other teams of BOTH factions to be the first to find and hold the treasure, winner take all.

I would love to have the chance to run across some particularly obnoxious player of my same faction on another team, recognize them, hunt them down and kill them.

Or, better yet, have the guild set up multiple teams and all queue at the same time, hopefully to end up in the same Battleground and hunt each other down for keeps.

Awww yeah.

Oh, and mighty master Rohan?

Genius. Sheer genius.

9 thoughts on “Oh PLEASE Let Me Kill My Guild Leader!

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  4. In fact, Gurubashi has the potential to attract participants with an event every three hours. Short John Mithril shouts out a zone wide message to let folks know he’s dropping a treasure chest in the Arena. Go fight for it. There’s a shot at relatively low level gear and an achievement.

    Maybe the “low level gear” part is the problem. Not much reason for the majority of players to go there. So it’s kind of off the beaten path. You’re probably not gonna’ just randomly running across those same faction jerks you really want to beat up on.

    What might take this option from “yeah, it’s available” to “I love this!” would be to put the PvA area in a currently active quest zone or farming area. Kinda’ like a Wintergrasp or Tol Barad type zone.


  5. I don’t know if that’s still the case, but the arena in Dire Maul was set to Free-for-all pvp (with the exception of group members).

    It was not uncommon to get a boss spawn in there and suddenly another party would jump in (same faction, no less) and then stomp you while you were busy with the fight. It was hillarious and great fun!


  6. BBB you’re describing arenas and rbgs they aren’t faction specific you organize your group a queue up.

    It’d be different if it was group based and in the world however but as others have said they do exist in gurubashi and the darkmoon arena.


  7. Not sure if you’re aware, but there are actually areas where you can ‘kill your guild leader’ today. Lure him to Gurubashi arena or one of the other PvA areas, where, except for players in your party, everyone is fair game.

    PvA areas in WOW : http://www.wowwiki.com/Player_vs_All

    I can’t imagine WOW implementing dailies in a PvA area like TOR has, we have people on our PVP servers complaining about too much PVP with the cross-realm zones. Making people on a PVE server do this would cause quite a bit of teeth gnashing I am guessing. I play on a PVP server now, and personally would love this type of area, but know I’m in the minority.


  8. That does sound like it would be fun. There used to be quite a few Alliance players years ago that I would have liked to have faced in a battleground like that.

    I wish we’d get a battleground similar to how Star Wars galaxies used to have. It wasn’t anything you “qued” up for. They were battles that had a set times and locations on a few of the planets. The battle was held at one of the planet’s major cities and it was your faction’s job to either defend or attack the city (depending on who held it at the time). The defending faction would have like 15 or 30 minutes (I forget) to set up defenses (structures like turrets and battle robots/NPCs and such) at predetermined locations throughout the city. For the same time period, the attacking faction would have its own set of attacking NPCs and stuff that it would set up at various predetermined locations along the cities outer edges.

    When the battle began the defenders would have to protect the defensive structures/robots as well as attack the incoming attackers. Their job was to maintain control of the city until the timer ran out. The attacking team would have to try destroy those defenses, as well as attack the defenders, and then hold the city until the timer ran out.

    The cities were HUGE…think of Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Darnassus and Silvermoon combined. The actual battles, however, would take place in an area maybe the size of Ironforge…but the attackers had many areas they could come from. A few of the cities had areas that could be used strategically as choke points and could result in some epic battling. The faction that won would then be in control of the city, until the next battle, making it a hostile city for the opposing faction. It was a lot of fun.


  9. I like this idea! Sort of like an open 4v4 or 5v5 arena without the strings attached of having to actually have the arena team. I would definitely pvp more if I had the chance to kill certain …special people on my server. :3


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