Shut Up About Warlocks Already!

I know, I know. I’m accused of having a crush on Warlocks.

It’s what I’m doing most right now. I’d talk about my Hunter, but aside from raid night on Friday, where we entered Terrace of the Endless Spring normal for the first time and successfully downed the first boss fight, I haven’t been on my Hunter much.

Until 5.2 comes out, I’m pretty cool on my Hunter. That’s what’s giving me the freedom to do other weird shit.

So, a new Warlock update.

I have apparently gushed enough that now Cassie is trying one as well. She’s up to level 32, Demonology with Dark Apotheosis. The hardest part for her? Trying to find someplace to level that she’s not sick of.

I don’t care how great a game is, there is an upper limit on how many times we can play the same stuff. Azeroth, even with the revamp, well… I think we’ve milked that tauren dry. And Outlands lies like a big turd right in the middle of questing progression.

‘Nuff said about that.

I was Valor capped on my Warlock by Friday. Then I ran heroics and did dailies all weekend anyway. I ran heroics even though I wasn’t getting anymore Valor Points at all. Yeah, I know.

It feels really strange to be running dailies and heroics just because, hey, it’s fun.Β It feels wrong. I’m supposed to have to be bribed to do stuffs with strangers.

I know I’ve been sidetracked by Destruction and chain running heroics, but what did I say my whole point with the Warlock was going to be?

Oh yeah… soloing old raids!

I fired up that Demonology spec, trained the Mannoroth Talent for +500% AoE range, and went into Molten Core.

Molten Core was cleared ridiculously easy. The hounds especially, I ran through all the packs and popped Hellfire for a complete burn. All packs dead, none bursting back to life.

I didn’t get a single piece of Warlock tier on the run, but I did get two of the pets to cage and send to Cassie. Which I just realized I haven’t done yet, I was distracted at the mailbox by a heroic queue popping.

Um. Right, note to self, remember to cage new pets before queuing tonight.

After Molten Core, and I was in the area anyway… why not go do Blackwing Lair?

Really, why not? What’s the worst that can happen? So I fail to get past the first boss, Razorgore the Untamed, that would be nothing new.

I spent about four hours on it one night about a month back, on both my Druid and on my Hunter trying to get past the first boss. I wasn’t able to swing it. I just couldn’t get all the eggs destroyed before the adds killed my mind-controlled Dragonkin.

I tried timing it, 30 seconds controlling, 20 seconds add clearing, controlling again…

I got close a few times, but just couldn’t close escrow on the bastard.

I felt like a failure, to tell the truth. Other people seem to have no problems soloing the first boss in Blackwing Lair, it’s ‘just tricky’.

Well, I wasn’t getting the trick. I could kill the adds easy enough, I just couldn’t kill the adds AND keep the boss alive until all the eggs were destroyed.

I even tried Spirit Beast healing the boss on my Hunter. Couldn’t get that to work right either.

I felt pretty dispirited about the whole thing at the time, I’d like to farm pets in there to give to Cassie and Alex. And gear from there looks so, so sweet.

So, enter the Warlock.

After getting my UBRS attunement so I could get into Blackwing Lair via the Orb whenever I wanted, I stood there, hands on hips, and made sure I was prepared.

Mannoroth Talent all trained for maximum AoE range? Check.

Demonology aspect up? Check.

Dark Apotheosis on for maximum survivability while being pounded on by adds? Check.

Improved Drain Life tier 1 Talent? Check. πŸ™‚

Glyph of Sacrifice for more personal AoE DPS? Oh, heck yes. Check.

Soulstone? No, I did not have a Soulstone, I’m a moron. I started it without one.

All right, let’s kick this pig.

Cassie walked up when I was about 30 seconds into the pull, and she mocked me for trying it on my Warlock solo. She knows how bad I sucked at this the first time around on my Druid and Hunter. And my Warlock, while fun, has nowhere near the gear my Hunter does.

She started out laughing at my impending doom, but her chuckles fell into silence as the fight went on.

Here is how it went.

The Warlock in Dark Apotheosis puts out enhanced threat. Hellfire with the Mannoroth talent puts out an insane ring of AoE fire, and the meteors spawned by Hand of Gul’dan are pretty impressive, too.

I took control of Razorgore, and the mechanic let me stay in Dark Apotheosis form. Sometimes, some mechanics kick you out of forms, this mind control did not.

As adds came in, they would take one or two shots at my mind controlled Razorgore, but then they’d lose interest and come running to my character on the platform. The increased threat was working.

I worked my way down one side of the room, destroying eggs, until Razorgore was close to the far platform, then dropped mind control and popped Hellfire and a few meteors.

All the adds died instantly, and I went back to controlling.

It was just that simple. Easy, no muss, no fuss, I finished the encounter with Razorgore never dropping below half health the entire fight, and the adds for the most part ignored Razorgore in favor of eating my Warlock.

How did my Warlock stand up to the pounding of all those adds?

My health bar barely twitched. I could have stood there forever, if all we were worried about was health. The spell and physical damage reductions of Dark Apotheosis, plus the high health levels really make a difference.

Victory on my very first try! And the pet dropped, WOOT!

Cassie just shook her head in sadness. I think she said something like “that’s just wrong” before she left the room.

What? If killing all the things with fire is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

I then proceeded directly to Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, who killed my ass stone dead.

Wait, what?

Oh, Burning Adrenaline kills suckers dead as roadkill in a cookpot. Percentage based, not flat health value. Whoops! Better deeps harder.

Dead again. Aha! I has a Soulstone! Whoops, dead times three! Soulstone means die faster!

Okay, maybe I need my pet out.

Dead again.

Umm… maybe in a more boomy spec?

Destruction spec activated, captain… ah NOW Vaelastrasz is dead… quick, loot the body! And then dead again.

Sigh. Okay, I’m an engineer… Jeeves up!

Okay, next boss… oh shit, those pillars of stupid slowing.

Oooh… Demonic Leap, a Demonology ability, WORKS! Leapfrogging through the slows, mua ha ha ha… and AoE ALL the whelps!

Hah ha ha, screw you guys! Revenge!

Okay, now to the room where I can get some Elementium Ore off the Blackwing Technicians if I’m lucky… I’m even a Miner, I can learn to smelt Elementium. Just because.

Wow, this Blackwing Spellbinder is kicking my ass. What is he, he’s just some add, wtf… huh, he’s still at full health.

Wow, he just won’t go down, what the unholy fuck… wait, is this guy immune to ALL MAGIC?

Shit, what have I got that ain’t magic…

Well, I guess let’s try smacking him in the face with my staff.

Oh my god, he IS immune to magic. I have to smack him in the face with a stick. I wish I had a fishing pole to equip, if I’m going to derp it up this bad, I should really do it up right.

Wait… what the hell is wrong with me, I have PETS, damnit. I’m a Demonology Warlock, I can haz Felguard and AoE bladestorm.

Ahhh…. THERE we go. Punk ass Spellbinder.

Just in time to pull my head out of my butt, the next room is full of Spellbinders, and yay. Felguard for the win! If I would have had to auto-attack with my staff to kill them all, I would have pulled the cord on my router.

Okay, time to kill Chromaggus… oooh, no problem at all. I wonder why I remember it as being important to have that dust of time stuff? I don’t have any bronze debuff… oh shit, I have 10 minute long WHAT debuffs? Oops.

Well, shoot. Now I’m taking fire damage, losing mana, have healing reduced by half and slowed casting time for the next ten minutes.

Screw it, pull Nefarion anyway, I’ve got some friends that are willing to chain run some heroics, I don’t have time for this. How bad could it be?

Yes, I said “How bad could it be”.

The answer? I was punished appropriately.

The kill itself was easy as hell, even with all the debuffs. No problems at all.

Then I chain ran heroics with friends for a few hours and didn’t get a single usable drop. Giggity.

Blackwing Lair, done. And of course, me being me, the one boss I expected to be a problem was easy, it was everything else that kept killing me.

Lessons learned. Next step, me and my Felguard soloing AQ 40.

What’s that, Twin Emperors? Did I hear you say one immune to magic, the other immune to physical? I have you covered THIS time.

Oh, and by all means, bring the adds. I like adds. I eat ’em like candy.

And, you know… I’m durable. You gots to be durable. Most ain’t.

12 thoughts on “Shut Up About Warlocks Already!

  1. Demo lock with dark apoth really is pretty op ;p My lock at 86 soloed onyxia easier than my 90 mage, prot war or feral druid, thanks to being basically a tank + ranged damage for flying phase.


  2. Heh. This post made me interested in dorking around with my warlock again. Put three levels on her last night. Enjoying the heck out of being half-demon with the glyph of demon hunting and dark apotheosis. May have to dust off the 71 Horde warlock too… poor thing’s been twiddling her thumbs in Borean Tundra since Wrath…


  3. haha, we’re being totally opposite right now. I was playing my lock but have put her on the bench for the past month or so as I level up my Hunter πŸ™‚ Hunter seems to be soloing rares in Pandaria a lot easier, which is one of my favorite things to do at the moment.

    Green fire will bring me back to the lock, even if only for a bit in 5.2. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


  4. I have now soloed Ruby Sanctum as affliction, and am working on tier 7 of brawler’s guild at ilvl 489, having had to go demo for Yikkan Izu, but otherwise all affliction. It really is a class with genuinely different ways to go – possibly their greatest success to date for a “pure” class’s design, possibly for all classes. I just can’t quite get the swing of demo – so much to remember! – and destro doesn’t feel quite right.

    I did get the priest up to 90 last week, outfitted him with the inscription 476 staff, and look forward to gearing for/learning disc as soon as shadow becomes a little less fun. It’s no affliction, but the versatility combined with only having sufficient playtime to cap valor on one toon a week is kind of calling to me. No where close to as elegant as affliction though. πŸ™‚


  5. Me on my hunter (with my pet bear) and my friend on her holy pally (the bear is her focus) clear through…pretty much whatever try. We’ve got up to Yoggy in Ulduar before we got our asses handed to us. We brought in the rest of our guild (the other two members….yep) and took down Yoggy/Algalon and poor little Arthas. Still, I like soloing old content on the Hunter. I’m probably going to start trying the troll dungeons shortly for mounts. And I love me some mounts!


    • You can definitely two man a bear run in ZA, but it might be tough. A blood DK and my Afflock did it with a ton of time left, but that was mostly because he could hold stupid large amounts of trash at once.


      • Well my favorite pocket pally would gladly go along with me…if I was smart, I’d finish leveling up MY bear, and face-tank my way through those Troll dungeons. But there’s something about putting all your faith into your pet, in knowing that if you fail to keep them alive, you’re toast. My hunter’s bear is her buddy, her semi-constant companion. I may give it the old college try before I concede and bring in the pocket pally.


      • Go for it! πŸ™‚ We had a lot of time to spare at the end, so it’s entirely possible I could have managed on my own within those ten minutes. And you probably can avoid more of the trash than we did with camouflage, right? Potions of invis would work well, too.


  6. Just leveled up a warlock myself (largely triggered by a similar “killed my ass stone dead” experience with Vaelastrasz on my pally tank, amusingly enough). I will have to take him back to BWL and see if it might go better this time.


    • Big update from Poneria instead of Dark Apotheosis and Mannoroth, you can use the level 90 talent Archimonde’s Revenge to ensure you always get aggro on any mob attacking Razorgore, taking the uncertainty out of it.

      I’m not sure if I’m going to try that next time, or stay with what worked. πŸ™‚


  7. Ahh… I want to try this. I don’t have time to raise a Warlock, though. I *do* know what I’ll be doing if they ever offer a “come back to play, have a free level 80 character”, though. πŸ™‚


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