It’s a Rental

The big news this week is that I managed to qualify for and run all of heart of Fear and Terrace LFR on Monday, before the reset, thereby getting a bonus chance.

How that happened? Ah, therein lies a tale.

When my Warlock reached level 90, it didn’t take long to get iLevel 460, which grants access to the first range of LFR; Mogushan Vaults.

That was great, and I even got a belt upgrade on my first full run, but it’s a long road from there to 470, the threshold for Heart of Fear and Terrace of the Endless Spring… you know, where the GOOD shit is.

I spent much of my play time for the week running heroics and doing Operation: Shieldwall dailies, but when Monday night rolled around I was still a few iLevels shy of that blessed 470.

A bunch of great guildies were willing to do some Heart of Fear LFR with me that night, if I could just get over the hump… so I pulled the trigger and bought an iLevel 489 Valor Point cloak.

That did the trick, and off we went.

So, what do you think dropped during the run through Heart of Fear?

That’s right, of course… a cloak. An iLevel 483 cloak, and good lord, what are the odds. Right? Well, there went some good Valor Points, used at full face value instead of after the half-priced sale, pissed right down the drain. Should have bought a ring instead. Oh damn, I could have bought an Operation: Shieldwall 496 ring, the Shieldwall stuff didn’t show up on the universal Valor point vendor list at the Ox Temple so it didn’t even occur to me. Ugh, what a dumbass!

But wait… is it possible?

Maybe, just maybe, I has me an idea.

When you buy items from the Valor Point vendors, the items come with a built in timer, telling you that if you were to sell back the item to a vendor within 2 hours of the time of purchase, you’ll get yourself a full refund.

That run was about an hour long… but I used it hard in that raid. You don’t think…

I approached the vendor, and I imagine the conversation went something like this.

“Hey, how’s it going? Remember me?”

“Yes, I do. You were the one with the large purple horns and glowing circle under your feet reminiscent of the most foul of sha energies. How could I possibly forget.”

“Um, yeah, right… right. Hey, you remember that cloak you sold me? The one you said I could return within two hours if I wasn’t completely satisfied? Yeah, I’d like to return that.”

“I see. Do you mind if I ask what was wrong with the cloak? Was the fit a tad off? Were the spells not up to snuff?”

“Oh, no… no. Nothing like that. Perfectly fine cloak, nice thread count, good stuff. I just found something I liked a little better, that’s all, more in line with, um. You know, my budget sort of thing.”

“Ah. Of course, I understand. Looking at your current attire, I should have known. Let me just take that off your… wait. What is that? Is that a stain?”

“What?!? Oh no, it couldn’t be…”

“It is, isn’t it! And that’s blood! And those are black sha energies dripping from the fabric, do you have any idea how hard those are to get out? You have to Martinize. You fought Empress Shek’zeer wearing this cloak, didn’t you?”

“No, of course not. I’d never wear something once and then return it, not me!”

“Uf course, of course. And what do you call this, then?” [holds up a corner of the cloak, from which dangles a broken off mandible, piercing the hem and dripping green gore].

Accessories. Haven’t you heard of swatches? It’s foreign. Ups the value, very trendy. Straight edge all the way.”

“Sigh. Very well. Take your Valor Points and go, and don’t let your shade darken my door anytime soon.”

“Hey, thanks, you’re swell!”

“See you next patch!”


10 thoughts on “It’s a Rental

  1. BBB I do this all the time. Especially with PVP gear like rings etc when I’m saving for a bigger piece. I’ll buy a conquest piece, use it for an hour and a half and return it (this is 2 hours elapsed logged in time, so you can still return it the next day as long as you’ve not been playing for 2 hours since you bought it).

    The best part? You can return it to ANY vendor, even the ones on your mammoth for a full refund. 🙂


  2. Sadly; enchanting, reforging or any other means of modifying the item negates the return policy.

    Priceless story Bear.


  3. roflmao!!!

    Working in retail (unfortunately…I must have done something really wrong in a past life), I see and hear some of the strangest return whines. I really enjoyed yours…lol!

    “Of course, of course. And what do you call this, then?” [holds up a corner of the cloak, from which dangles a broken off mandible, piercing the hem and dripping green gore].

    Accessories. Haven’t you heard of swatches? It’s foreign. Ups the value, very trendy. Straight edge all the way.”

    Simply priceless!


  4. After that, you could buy the cloak again, to reset the 2-hour timer and then run Terrace as well.
    And then, of cousre, you’d sell it right back! Brilliant!


  5. Excellent work! And now you can hold on to those VP for next week, when the same cloak (and almost everything else) is half off.


    • On a related note, managed to get my priest from 460 to 470 within the week thanks to the inscription BoA staff, the 496 crafted chest and gloves, a VP necklace, and some very good luck from heroics (though no love from MSV LFR, and couldn’t get a Sha group going on my realm to save my life). The crafted gear set me back about 16k – I had the chest recipe on my lock, but had to buy the spirits and the gloves. Worth it though! The Sha-touched staff dropped on my first run through Terrace.

      Also, disc rules! At 470, I was consistently 2nd or 3rd on the meter, desire being 6th or even 7th for overheating done. I know meters aren’t everything, but it IS fun, and it makes sense the spec is getting some “corrections.”

      Keep locking on, BBB! Based on your experiences, I definitely plan on giving demo another go.


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