Say Hello To My Little Friend

Everyone, please say hello to the newest member of my family, Barry!

Because he's blue... yeah, I know, I don't care, I LOVE the name, so bite me, or gore me, but just don't bore me.

The one thing I really wanted when this patch went live was to visit Dinosaur Island.

Okay, sure, they’re calling it the Isle of Giants, but we all know what we’re getting, and the island doesn’t disappoint.

What I didn’t have a clear idea of when I logged in was just how to get there, or what to do when I did.

I had a breadcrumb quest to send me to the Island of Thunder, but other than that, nothing.

Well, kiss my furry butt, I saw someone mention the Isle of Giants was north of Kun Lai Summit, so I figured if I flew far enough, well, I could figure it out.

Sure enough, I flew due north of the center of Kun Lai, and there across some fatigue-laden water was an island… and it must be the right one because I was dismounted and dropped into the ocean before I reached shore.

When I did come ashore, there were flight points centrally located on the southern shore where I swam up, and a bunch of big honking elite dinosaurs.


So… first order of business, how do I get me hands on one of them suckers?

Well, the REAL first order of business was to get a rare drop book which will teach me How To Tame My Dragon… er, I mean Dinosaur.

The dinos here aren’t exotic, so you don’t have to be a Beastmaster like me to tame one… but all hunters have to get the book first.

Technically, it’s the Big Book of Dinos, or the Ancient Tome Of Dinomancy, or something.

It does not drop from the dinos, it drops from the trolls that are worshipping the dinos… the Zandalari Dinomancers.

The same Dinomancers that have a chance to drop one of the four possible battle pet drops on the island.

I shall present to you a map. These are pictures, here on my blog, so be properly appreciative. I hate adding graphics to my blog, it feels so, so dirty. Pandering to the man. Damn the man! I don’t care if ‘the book’ says you need pictures on your blog to catch the eye. Telling me what I ‘should’ do is the perfect way to get me not to do it.

But I still like pretty pictures. I’m so torn! Conflicted bear is conflicted. šŸ˜¦

damn there are a lot of freaking elite badass dinosaurs on this island. I'm so happy!

The way this works is, I landed where the red trail begins, and worked my way left. Where the red trail ends, at the arrowhead, is a cave, and within the cave is the vendor to whom you can give the Giant Dinosaur Bones you collect.

I found the hatchlings dropped between 7 and 9 bones per kill, and the trolls dropped one, yes ONE per kill. I did not live through any of my solo attempts at the big dinos, so I have no idea what they drop.

I only came across three Dinomancers along my red route, so I continued on with the yellow route, exploring. I found lots and lots of awesome colored dinosaurs that made me grateful to have Camouflage, and I got ate a lot, but Ā  no trolls.

Let me tell you, the feel was of Vanilla Un’goro Crater on CRACK. I’d pull a hatchling and be fighting it, and huge honking T-rex comes stomping up from behind without my noticing, and next thing I see is a foot bigger than I was stomping on me, and boom! Dead ass panda.

It was awesome. Stealth T-Rexes are BACK!

Anyway, I followed the yellow route through the black tar pits and along the edge of the cliffs until I came to where I have the yellow trail ending, and the orange area circled.

That there is a Dinomancer village, about 6 to 8 spawn points of Zandalari Dinomancers, and it felt remote enough that I could farm some trolls to try and get my book in peace.

My biggest fear was drop rates, and mob rarity. I have a feeling everyone is digging into the Isle of Thunder dailies right now, and before too long every hunter in the game is going to come here to farm their own Books of Dinosaur Awesomeness.

My family and I are leaving for a weeks vacation tonight, and will be offline for the entire week. I could feel the window of opportunity racing to pass me by. I figure, I come back, and this is going to be the Island of Overfarmed Trolls.

I did mention they drop pets too, right? Yeah. Cute ones.

So I dug in and decided I wasn’t going to quit until I had the book, and had tamed my two favorite dinos, the blue Direhorn pictured above and the black t-rex with golden stripes that can be found in the central tar pit area.

Obviously, I got the book. Spoiler alert.

What isn’t obvious is how long it took me.

Fighting the trolls solo, just me and my Decoy pet, it took 155 Dinomancer kills before a book dropped.

In that time, I had 19 of the new Zandalari Hatchling style pets drop for me. Enough that I had the complete set of 4 for myself, mailed the Cub and Cassie each their own complete sets, and still had, um, LOTS to put on the Auction House.

I also, and this was funny to me, got 100 Red Blossom Leaks and 100 Juicycrunch Carrots as drops. No meat. Troll Dinomancers are vegetarians!

That drop rate was what I experienced, your mileage WILL vary. Tamiel told me his team averaged about 40 minutes per book drop, so just remember… random drops are still random. Patience, hopeful Dinomaster, patience.

Dinomaster should totally be a title for taming one of every type of Dinosaur on the island.

A word on the Zandalari Dinomancers.

When you’re fighting them, they can cast a dark mending-style self heal that is interruptible… and they shapechange mid-fight into a dinosaur from the island and fight with a +50% damage buff!

So if your pet suddenly has his health dropping like a stone, now you know why. Don’t forget how easy it is to flip any pet into Tenacity mode.

If my Druid were able to get a book drop that taught me how to turn into a Direhorn for my tanking form, or a T-Rex/Raptor for my DPS form, I would absolutely return to my Druid, whether the playstyle was fun or not. Just saying.

In all of this wandering, I never did run across any quests or anything. I know a Primal Egg can drop from the dinos (including hatchlings) that will grow into a mount, Pumpken got one and is happily waiting for it to hatch as we speak. And the Cub knows that you can get a beautiful mount by farming 9,999 Giant Dinosaur Bones, to which I said, “pack a lunch.”

Still, other than pure fun and flavor items, and hey, GIANT DINOSAURS, and Oondasta someday, I don’t see any other purpose to the Isle of Giants.

God bles you, Blizzard. It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Fight fight fight wait, wtf ARGH GIANT T-REX!!!!

God, I love Blizzard.

I want to be the Big Dino Butt.

16 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend

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  2. You can actually solo the BIG devilsaurs as a hunter fairly easily, the main tactic for this? RUUUUUNNNNN! Yes, pet tanking is out (cos turtle dies) and kiting is back in. They can’t be slowed, have to do this in cheetah and best to have the glyph so if it does it’s aoe ‘piercing roar’ and you’re a bit too close it just knocks you out of cheetah instead of dazing you, which is almost certain death ;p Have to plan out a route for kiting these though to avoid pulling anything else!

    These are the best mobs, looking at the drop rates, to farm for both bones which you mentioned and another little item you didn’t…Primal Eggs. These are like the old Oracle eggs from Sholazar, they take 3 days to hatch, are unique and can contain 1 of 3 different primal raptor mounts. My plan is to farm up my primal egg every 3 days and collect my bones that way, 2 things at once, efficiency!


    • Thanks for the wealth of info on dinos. I haven’t had much of a chance to check out the isle.

      Don’t be down on the “man” about pretty pictures. I’d use them even if he said they took away from the content. I still come here for what you have to say. Pictures are a bonus!


  3. That looks SO awesome! It makes me sad that I don’t have time to play my hunter these days. Ah well, maybe things will be less camped and cramped this fall?


    • Yeah, seriously. šŸ˜› I’m totally full, I had to abandon my orange core hound and my first moth (Grabbed it to complete my Kaiju collection, Gojira the devilsaur (had him since level 71, when you were first able to tame them. He was in Netherstorm), Ghidorah the hydra, the fire turtle from the Cataclysm area, and picked up a random moth… then Mothran appeared in Pandaria.) to get the new devilsaur and triceratops.


  4. I’m sure we’ll get around to hitting the Island of Giants at some point – just having too much fun on the Isle of Thunder. While running around as a direhorn sounds fun – I haven’t had more fun in game than running around as a saurok – with levitate, you can float quite a ways when jumping off the larger peaks.

    Plus the devilsaur, Kroshuk? I think.. he’s pretty. and tameable to boot.

    All in all, I like this patch.


    • Kroshuk is indeed tamable. And you don’t need the dinomancer book to tame him.

      I ended up abandoning him in favor of one of the ‘blue’ devilsaurs with the lighter blue stripes. (Colors approximate; I’m colorblind. Petopia called the skin I have ‘blue’, but it looks gray to me… and the one it called black looks red with yellow stripes.)

      A mage friend helped me get the book, and I tamed one of the red triceratops (with the bright blue eyes, looks nifty) Been trying to find out if the giant, armored Zandalari Battlebeasts are tamable. Have only seen one, and it died shortly after, at the cave where you go to run the solo instance.


  5. Yay congrats on your two dino pets BB! Whoot!! I ended up with the blue tri top, and a black/purple trex with white striping. They are cute, and quite stompy sounding.

    Second the recommend the intact direhorn skin–you can carry more than one in your inventory, and each time I used it, I turned into a different colored direhorn. Skinning will knock you out of the disguise. The dinos and trolls are still hostile to you, just less interested. . . It was totally a fun way to explore the island. Does anyone know if there anything up in the mountains above the tar pits? Or is that area just decorative?

    Try and get friends or guildies to farm with you. As bear mentioned, it took us an average of 40 min per hunter dino book drop. We were there 2-2.5 hours. Bear also got many many many more pets than us. Although we got two and a half complete sets.

    I went with 2 other hunter friends, and we staked out the small camp right off the beach with 3 spawn points (it is below the 7-8 spawn village bear mentioned). We were all under geared, but only died a couple times when folks dragged some dinos over our heads and once when all 3 spawns happened at once. Use freeze traps for the extras, silencing shots for the casters, and multiple tank pets if they transform.

    If you have a group of 4 or more friendlies (maybe 3 could work), I read on another hunter blog that you can sneak onto the troll boat just offshore. There are some jumping on tricks, and have to avoid the dino but it’s quieter and the chance of folks training dinos through your camp is much reduced. šŸ˜‰

    I saw people farming the dinos for bones as well. It seems safest/most efficient in teams of 3-5, depending on gearing and composition. It seemed like a fun guild activity.

    Have fun! Gooooooo dinoooooos!!!!

    Tamiel (not a he; is a druid and hunter and altaholic)


  6. Was farming dinomancers (well, i’d killed 2 of them and working on my 3rd) when another alliance hunter ran by me with a bunch of elite dino mobs on her tail. pulled them through my trap and they all killed me. I was soooooo pissed. I came back after rezzing and she whispered me “sorry for getting you killed” and offered me some gold. I said “no worries. it happens. I’ll probably get killed a lot more before I get that stupid book” ’cause at that point I knew that she wasn’t being an asshat and I’m ok with mistakes. Got my book on the very next kill.

    Thanks, karma!

    Not easy to do on a hunter with an iLVL of 424, btw. šŸ™‚


  7. Is it wrong that my first reaction to “dinomancer” was coolest word ever? Second thought: if anyone deserves this title, it’s Harry Dresden.


  8. It only works on the island, but there’s a vendor at the little Alliance group named Agrant Sharpshot (Horde group probably has a similar vendor) that sells an “intact direhorn skin.” With that, you can run around the island as a direhorn for 10 minutes at a time so that you pull aggro at a far shorter distance and can explore relatively unthreatened. Plus, it’s just cool to be a dinosaur. šŸ˜€


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