I Can’t Do It All!

I’m back from vacation with a burning desire to do ALL the things, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

This latest patch had so much awesome in it for Hunters and Warlocks, it’s hard to pick who to do what with.

Yeah, you know me. I’m trying to do it all with both. Ain’t gonna happen.

My Hunter Beartrap is a very happy Dinolord, running around with his buddy Barry. Such a joy to play. I really want to just hug him and squeeze him and kill things with him all night long.

Then there is my Warlock, who… well, I have a limerick to describe where my Warlock is at.

There once was a Warlock called Buttflame
whose gases were the source of his name.
Chilis that made him perspire
let him cut loose with red fire.
The thought of GREEN made him fear insane pain!

I think anything worth saying is worth turning into horrible doggerel.

I bought a jar of special jalapeno salsa in honor of my Warlock and the quest for green fire. Every day that passes that my Warlock doesn’t get the Sealed Tome, I have to eat some chips and green salsa.

This better not take too long or there’s gonna be more than one Buttflame running around here.

In other news, the Sealed Tome can only be looted by Warlocks from the rares on the Isle of Thunder… but they’re not BoP. A Warlock who already has one can loot another, and then give it to a friend… or put it up on the Auction House. Β There were two up on my servers’ Alliance AH last night for 40k buyouts each. If I had mad money, I woulda bought one.

Remember the true formula of worth is money = time. You can always spend time to farm something yourself, but at some point you’ll find that your time is worth a certain amount of gold… and you’d rather spend the gold than spend the time.

I ain’t there yet.

If I had to get the tag on a rare, it would be a different story.

The rares on the Isle of Thunder are awesome. You don’t have to be grouped with someone who tagged it, you don’t have to be the same faction as the person that tagged it. As long as you join in and go for it trying to kill the boss, when it dies you can loot it.

Now, I know this still isn’t perfect. Every additional person that tags a rare causes it to increase it’s total health pool by 50%. So, some griefing is still going on with people running up, hitting a rare once to make it increase health, and then standing back and /popcorning. Dicks.

But it does mean that if you run up and you really want to kill it and loot it, by God it doesn’t matter what the composition of forces or if it’s Horde or Alliance, just wade in and fight.

And try to watch for more people who are flagging PvP so AoEs flag you and make you a target. Again, dicks.

I’ve killed a lot of rares on my Warlock this last weekend, at least 15 kills, and it’s been fun. I’m not even sad that I didn’t get a Sealed Tome drop, I’m probably not skilled enough to finish the warlock chain if I got one anyway, lol. It was fun just to run up and let loose on the Haywire Construct or Mumta. Mum-Ra? Whatever. And each rare kill, every single one, gives you a Tome drop that is worth an instant 15 valor points. Tasty. πŸ™‚

Anyway, circling back around, there are just an amazing list of things that can be done this patch, and I want to do them all, on two characters. No way. Uh uh, not happening.

What I’ve decided I can do is to run the Throne of Thunder LFR on both characters each week. Then I can run Terrace on my Warlock. And I can try to do dailies on both each day.

Yeah, that’s about it. That’s probably too much, really. I know that I alternated doing dailies this last weekend, one day for my Warlock, the other for my hunter. It’s not that there are LOTS of dailies, it’s just that I’m having fun instead of blitzing ’em.

Oh yeah, and I was fortunate enough to get one of those Loot Run Scenario keys on both characters. First run, disaster. I watched a few videos, but I underestimated the power of the trash mobs in the second room.

The second run I did, I focused on scouring the perimeter of the first room from the ledge, and looking into all the nooks and crannies and walked away with four big boxes, two keys and 14 Elder Charms. Since my Warlock didn’t have any Elder Charms to start, that was very welcome for the Terrace run that followed.

So I know what I’ll be doing, but what won’t I be doing that I’d like to?

I’d love to kill Oondasta on my server. I helped a friend kill him on another server, and it was a white carpet skeleton ride. It would be great to do it for real, where I could get loot. Why won’t it happen? Well, I have too much stuff to do to park on Isle of Giants and hope to be there when it spawns. I’ve got stuff to do in the playtime I have, I can’t just sit there.

I’d love to go look for the new rares in Pandaria that can drop a dino mount, but I don’t really NEED a dino mount, and other people really want them, so I don’t want to compete with them and steal their potential kills. It’s enough for me to know I will get a Golden Dino for sure once I’m exalted with my Kirin Tor Offense faction.

Hell, I’d love to just spend more time exploring the Isle of Giants, but with all the action being on the Isle of Thunder, I can’t find the time to get out there. Definitely something I’ll be trying to get to, once the Thunder dailies are all maxed and the stages are complete.

It’s amazing, even daunting to think how much stuff there is to do right now, and then consider that we haven’t even unlocked all of the Throne of Thunder on LFR, or all of the stages of the island. There are still world bosses we have yet to see.

Simply amazing.

I know I feel overwhelmed, but I’ve got my goals down to a bite-sized piece of Pandaria, so it’s not too bad. I just have to hope something else new and shiny doesn’t get released before I’m caught up with the core fun stuff, right?

Oh, and lets not talk about the new Legendary pet battles. Time, time… ask me for anything but time!

So, now that I’m back, please tell me… what have you been enjoying the most since the patch hit? What are your priorities?

12 thoughts on “I Can’t Do It All!

  1. “Every additional person that tags a rare causes it to increase it’s total health pool by 50%. So, some griefing is still going on with people running up, hitting a rare once to make it increase health, and then standing back and /popcorning. Dicks.”

    I do this fairly frequently…not to grief people, to HELP people! Ok, not the ones actually killing the rare right that moment, doesn’t help them, but it does help the people frantically rushing over to get to the mob in time to tag it and share in the loot, I figure it’s faction tag, why not let as many as want to get their 15 valor, stone/key/chance at the pet off haywire/lock green fire book? Often people are being nice and announce the rare then wait to pull it while people have a chance to get there, but when I see 2 or 3 just pull it without saying a word and pop cd’s to kill it faster, my reaction is the same as yours when you see people hit it once and stand back. Dicks. So I call it out in general then tap it to increase health, maybe let a few more people get their loots πŸ˜‰

    My priorities are the same as every patch…new achievements!? I must get them all! I’m 109th US for nerd points, it’s an addiction. Next pets and mounts, then I relax from all the grinding, frantic attempts to kill stuff in certain ways and searching for stuff by peacefully and tranquilly slaughtering everything in sight in a few bg’s.

    Katzbalger-Arthas (US)


    • Sadly, Netheara has just confirmed that when it comes to the Warlock quest tome, it’s first clicked first won. So, yes, there is a valid reason for a Warlock who would like the tome and who is spending hours trying to get it to want to try soloing a rare.


  2. I really wish I could get the red triceratops mount as an alliance hunter. It’d go so well with my red trico pet Tongari… /sad

    Has been actually fun doing the new dailies… been doing them on the hunter because I started it with her on the Isle of Giants farming for the book to get the triceratops pet… Took over 300 kills, with the help of a guildie. Two days later, another guildie hunter, whole guild (all 7 of us. :P) go out to help farm for the book; drops on the first kill. Was out farming dino bones for the mount, got asked by someone else if I wanted to join so we could take the bigger ones, ended up in a group of 5, and alternated between killing the dinomancers for the other hunter to get his book, and dinos for the bones. The little tricos I can get myself, the big ones two shot my tank pet, and the little t-rexes one shot her. Haven’t dared to try the big ones…

    Did get Oondasta, the same day we were farming for the other hunter. Four full raids from at least six servers, plus various hangers-on like my 7 person group. I got killed like 15 times, ended up with a 2 minute respawn timer repeatedly because I kept trying to fight, while my guild hung back and waited. Finally killed him after several wipes and a lot of zerg rushing (pulled him down to the beach so you could run back more quickly)… this was before the change, and everybody got loot, but for all of us, it was just gold. A couple of people got some gear, but nobody got the mount, according to general chat.

    He’s got a 200k all around AOE roar, in addition to the frontal fire wave, so you really need to get healing.


  3. I have fallen in love with LFR now that the drop rate is increased and Elder charms are easier to get. I raised 3 more toons to 90 last week and got them ready to raid this week. My shaman, mage, hunter, warrior and druid are all raiding LFR now.

    The warrior is my most surprising toon. I got him to 460 yesterday morning and raided the 2 LFR raids that I could twice. Just queued as DPS ’cause I didn’t want to jump in tanking. My tank set is my 460 set and my dps set is ~443. I jumped into the first raid and started putting out about 35k DPS. Once i got in the groove, it was 40k-45k max at iLVL 443. Are these numbers getting ridiculous? I got 2 pieces of gear from my first run and was holding 45k steady in the second one. It’s crazy. I’d hate to see what arms can do when I get his iLVL up to 485-490 like my druid. LOL


  4. So glad you’re back! I hope you had a good vacation.

    “Doggerel” is an excellent word – I will endeavor to use it in a work meeting today.

    There are indeed MANY things to do. A short while back, I determined that I had the strength of will to work on about 1.5 characters a week. My main *has* been my affliction warlock, and she OWNS, but… At the end of the day, I want to pug into raids where I can, and that means healing.

    So the Scepter of Main-osity has been passed to my disc priest, who also can spriest. In 5.2, they redid the talent “Solace and Insanity,” which makes an element of shadow feel more affliction-y, which helps. My priest’s ilvl now is 484, which is still a way’s under my lock at 492, but it shouldn’t be too long, and a disc/spriest looking for an MSV or HoF has a better shot at pugging into a raid at 484 than a ranged DPS at 492, right?

    The two bothersome things are legendary quest progress and green fire. Last week, I ended the previous tier of LFR raids with 10 Sigils of Wisdom… and NINE flippin’ Sigils of Power. There were 4 opportunities for the bugger to drop, too. Grr. This week, the very first thing I’ll do is try to get one from a MSV run and then to Terrace for the Sha claw and getting “A Test of Valor” going. Then the priest will only be six weeks behind the lock. >.<

    Re: green fire – I would LOVE to do this chain. I'm just not sure I have the strength to do those dailies twice on any day. The fact that the gear from the Kirin Tor Offensive isn't really needed for progression purposes takes a lot of the urgency out of getting those done, and normally, once my priest is VP capped, I would probably just switch over, but I find I'm just as happy to instead switch to doing the PVP quests instead on my priest. πŸ™‚ 577 honor points (with the guild bonus) are to be had! Between that, and farming the three horde rares in Krasarang (which each drop a 250 honor token) and converting JP to HP at 3:2, I can gear up for pvp in last season's tier without much difficulty. So, there's that.

    Green fire someday for me. Sorry for the long post!


  5. Still wOrking on the Beasts of Lore. I have two left, and I’m sure they’re just as hard as the others were! Then, I’ll work on the spirit trainers, who seem stupidly hard (me being the stupid part).

    I accidentally queued as healer on my prIest yesterday. Thankfully, i only messed up on the Rattlegore fight. Smite heals FTW πŸ™‚


    • That seems like the worst fear ever. Queueing for a spec in a big raid you are compeltely unprepared (or ungeared) to fulfill. Done that as a tank more than once.


  6. Glad that you’re having tons of fun!

    I’m making sure my druid healer is geared up enough to help out a friend’s once a week group if they need a sub. We did MV reg and were working on Elegon–that wretch–friday. Besides that, dallies and scenerios with friends and 5 man friendly group runs with our level 80-85s.

    Lots and lots and lots and lots of pet battles! Did the Fable Animal chain, and working on the Pandarian Elementals. . . . I also want to get some friendlies together and go into the old raids for the pets there soon–naxx, AQ, BWL. I have some of the pets but my friends are getting hooked and everyone wants them now.

    And yeah, way too much things. So I’m only trying to do stuff that is fun for me.

    Hope everyone else is having a blast. πŸ™‚



  7. We have a channel for oondasta on our server /oon. Still means you need to be online and fast. I logged off about 30 mins before the last kill on saturday night:(

    But yea I have more then I can do atm. I want to do more brawlers, I want to work on nat pagle, I really really need a ton of meat for Nomi no 3 and my Monk is not yet created 😦


  8. I’ve been concentrating on reputation/dailies/LFR. I feel a certain sense of responsibility as the main tank of my group to get every drop of gear I can between our raid nights. I’ve upgraded my Neck with the 522 you get at Neutral and I got lucky with a chest from Council LFR (THAT fight is going to be CR-AAAAA-ZZYYY on Normal).

    I’m still trying to put some time on my Hunter, but I haven’t even had a chance to get him out to pick up the new dino pet.


  9. I maximized my Sunreaver rep, getting my crimson direhorn mount Saturday morning. Ran the LFR once, saving my mogu coins for tomorrow and the second set of bosses.

    My guild took a few turns at killing the Warbringers – had one drop a mount, but I didn’t win it. Soloed the scouts for a while, but as I’m maxed on everything but Shado Pan Assault rep, and the scouts don’t drop that coin, I stopped farming them.

    Have done Galleon a few times too – the increased spawn rate really rocks. Hadn’t even seen him up, once, pre 5.2 – now he’s almost always up.

    Stopped doing 5.0 LFRs, though my guild got up to Elegon on 10m normal. Locked out (no point in going for the gear, this is just pure raid fun) – hopefully we get up to the Heart of Fear Friday. That’ll be epic.

    Other than that, not much on my end. I have been leveling my monk – swapped to Mist at 83 and have been questing Mist up to 88 so far. Tried healing a dungeon or two, but I don’t have the gear for it- I’m OOM within 20 seconds of a boss pull. Sadly, I think he’ll end up being my flask maker and nothing else. Don’t really foresee raiding with it, and pvp is so over the top these days, I have found no joy in it.

    Hope your vacation was most excellent, Mr. BBB – welcome home πŸ™‚


    • I’ve found monk healing to be pretty tricky. I was considering swapping my monk into the role my Druid normally plays, but I can’t quite grok most weaving or brewmastering, though the DPS spec feels leaps and bounds better than feral right now.


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