Trained Compy is the New Fatty Goatsteak

Last night, right as I was ticking the timer to log off in exhaustion from daily quests and hunting rares on the Isle of Thunder, Stage 3 unlocked. To the damn second.

A responsible person would have logged off anyway.

So, I went to see what was new, and… what? Oh shut it, you know damn good and well it’s a coin toss whether I’d play or sleep.

The walls were down, and the new rares were up and ready to be destroyed. Some fun was had by all.

Oh, the best thing EVER about hunting rares? Skumblade form truly has NO fall damage. I love climbing to the top of the mountain where Progenitus spawns, and then jumping off the peak and ALMOST making the beach where Haywire can sometimes be found. Well, not quite, but with the leaps it feels that way. And no fall damage!

The other great thing about hunting rares is ENGINEERING. I love me some rocket belt tinkers and the hang glider. I cannot tell you enough how much I love that rocket belt. Use that damn thing on cooldown, yes I do.

Right, back to Stage 3.

Going back to visit Jaina, sure enough a new solo scenario was available, and finishing that gave a new additional daily quest hub for Alliance in the Beast Pens.

A word about the Alliance version of the solo scenario for Stage 3. We’ve been ‘assaulting’ the gate for two weeks, and the reason we have not succeeded was because we lost the explosives? The explosives that are sitting in a broken wagon right on the main road?

I think I would have noticed the big pile o’ boomies sitting on a wagon in the swamp. In fact, I think I killed a Giant Dinosaur right there. Several times. Chased a damn pterryduckle right across that spot, too. What, the wagon has stealth? Fucking ninja wagon, I want that cloaking technology for my dinosaur mount when I get it.

I’m your worst fucking nightmare, I’m a Hunter riding a black stealth triceratops.  

Yes, I did all the quests that were up. Bonus dailies, bonus rep, and doing it all actually valor capped my Warlock for the week, right under the wire.

I know you’ll find out for yourself soon enough. I know.

I just have three things to say about the Beast Pens area in Stage 3, three things I am positive you’ll find out for yourself (if you haven’t already).

First, the Beast Pens are a different… density. Mobs be crowded close together, yo. You’ve seen the Mogu area, but this is a bit… overcompensating.

I ran over to kill a mob, and by the time I extracted my non-Feign Death ass out of there, I’d killed ten mobs (competing a kill quest) and I didn’t WANT to. No, I’m not kidding, my Warlock started with just one mob to try it on and test mechanics, and by the time I crawled over to a corner and licked my wounds I had ten chain spawn on top of me, while I furiously tried to extricate myself from the respawn point from hell.

Individually they weren’t tough, but quantity has a quality all it’s own.

The second thing was the quest to kill Trained Compys.

Trained Compys are mini dino-pet pack critters that are quite cute. You get a quest to kill 6 larger dinosaurs, and 10 of the little Trained Compys.

Trained Compys, much like Jaguar Warriors, are few and far between with a much slower spawn rate than other mobs in the area. I like to think of them as the Fatty Goatsteak of Beast Pens though, because there are, yes, Fatty Goats in cages all over the Beast Pens, and I think we know what they’re feeding the Trained Compys to make them special little snowflakes.

Early on last night, Beast Pens got cleared of all mobs, and what you had left were players camping spawn points for Trained Compys, waiting for pack spawns to finish their quests, and other players riding their mounts around in paths looking for unclaimed spawn sites…

I’m trying to avoid saying we were camping Compys. But it’s HARD. Say it three times fast. It’s fun. No, no, gotta get back to the article.


Camping Compys, camping Compys, camping Compys. Ahhhh, that feels almost as good as saying Oondasta with a Lion King voice. Oondasta <shivers>.


You THOUGHT you could tell an unclaimed Trained Compy spawn site by seeing the dead bodies of Trained Compys lying there all in a pile.

And this brings me naturally to point three… not all Trained Compy spawns are Trained Compys. Some are LOA infused Compys, and while they look different when alive, dead lizard bodies are dead, Jim.

I found myself a nice big pile of dead compy bodies, nobody around, thought I had it made… and boom, the group that spawns were all Loa-infused Compys, and no, they don’t count for the quest, and yes, they swarm pretty darn annoyingly when you Rain of Fire their scaly butts.

They act much like the lizard pits of eggs from this one quest in Uldum you know? Like, there was this quest? And it had crocolisks and stuff? And you drag the boss across eggs? And they spawn, like, these little lizards that grab your biscuits and bite them? And you run really slow because your biscuits have lizards hanging off them? And you run around screaming “They’re biting my biscuits! They’re biting my biscuits!”? And this was written this way to show how incredibly fucking annoying it is to work with people who make every sentence a question like my coworkers do?

But yes, Trained Compys grab your biscuits and hang on tight. That’ll put a crimp in your day, and change your walking style all at the same time. Assuming you have biscuits. I’m sure the effect is the same if you have muffins instead.

Yeah, I said that. You can add your own muffin tag line, that’s a line I won’t cross today.

Beast Pens weren’t nearly as fun to me as the Skumblade area. I love the gimmick of skumblade bouncy hoppy form. That being said, it felt about on par with the Mogu quest area in terms of mob density.

You’ve been warned. When you get in there, prioritize your kills. If you see a Trained Compy, KILL IT, KILL IT WITH FIRE, and then move on to other mobs on your quest list. Save yourself some time.

Tonight, tonight the new Throne of Thunder wing in LFR opens up. I can’t wait to see how high we can push the wipe bonus!

So much to talk about, so much to do, so much fun to have.

See you in Azeroth!

8 thoughts on “Trained Compy is the New Fatty Goatsteak

  1. The compys reminded me of Jurassic Park. They’re the ones that eat the IT guy iirc. The Beat Pen daily area is definitely not ‘fun’. I didn’t have that particular daily, but the whole mob density, plus the loa infused guy on the raptor that pounces for half my hitpoints at a time…unfun. More like a chore.


  2. “Compy” instead of “Compsognathus” because if it sounds cute you don’t remember it would be happy to eat your face.


  3. Am I the only one who experiences a “falling sensation” when jumping around as a saurok and falling farther than I know my toon would otherwise live?


    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! That feeling. I do it all the time with my druid – jump off a high perch (it doesn’t work as well just flying up high – probably need the sensation of impending doom) and flight form just shy of dying.

      Recently, I took my monk and flew as high as I could above Org and dropped like a stone, hit zen flight at what I thought for sure was too late – but there I was, blissfully floating, literally a cockroach’s height above the ground.

      For being… wise enough 😉 to not jump out of planes or tied to bungee cords, I sure do love that stomach flop of cliff diving in game.


      • Heh. When I first got flight form, I happily leapt off high places and shifted into flight form and flew away…

        …Thunder Bluff probably still has me-shaped craters around the base. (LONG before you could fly in the old world)

        I once did something similar to you and lagged… so Faaaaallllll-hit flight form and continue faaaaaaallling… and splat. And stand there. And stand there. And now I’m 50 feet off the ground in flight form. And now I’m a plummeting corpse in tauren form.

        I just imagined all the guards around in Shattrah going ‘What the hell was that?’


      • But 5.2 changed flight form physics! I loved, loved, loved flight form paradropping. Head out from Shrine, clear the Vale mountains, pop out of flight form for a beautiful long arc down into the Valley, and swap back to bird at the last minute. Now your forward momentum is lost and you just drop almost straight down. To where your corpse is inaccessible… >.> <.<


  4. As a priest – most fun, I’ve EVER had in WoW. Skumblade form + Levitate. You fly, over ALL the things. Jumping from Progenitus into the ocean waves. Past the waves, past the boat… into fatigue. Yeah, that’s a blast.

    I didn’t check out Isle of Thunder since Saturday morning when I got exalted with Sunreavers. I’m curious now if the third stage is unlocked on SOE. Well, I had planned on grabbing more sha crystals from LFR before doing ToT with the guild this evening. Now it looks (hopefully) that I’ll be doing new dailies for funsies.

    Thanks for the heads up on the compys. I’d seen them in the Sunreaver area, hiding in the bushes, looking so cute.


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