I request your Plate Gearing advice!

Hey, I have a quick request if you’ve got a few minutes and some advice to share.

My son has reached max level on his Death Knight, his first newly max level character.

I got him decked out in crafted 450 plate PvP items, a crafted 463 double handed axe, 483 boots from Sha and a 480 necklace from the old Love is in the Air boss.

Even got a cloak and a 450 ring.

What I’d like are your words of advice on the easiest, fastest way to get him to the 460 line so he can get into Mogu’shan Vaults LFR with me.

I’m still running it on my Warlock, and he’s memorized the whole thing from the Dungeon Journal and tells ME what to do during the boss fights… he just can’t get in there himself.

He loved Dragon Soul LFR so much, and as a DPS was very good. But it’s all but impossible to get him geared through heroics. They just take SO LONG to pop for a DPS with limited playtime like he has, just for the off chance at a single drop, maybe.

So, any ideas, I’d really appreciate it. I would level my Blacksmith and try to make him the epic 476 items, but it’ll take weeks, maybe months, and from what I understand they take dozens of the Spirit of Harmony and the Golden Lotus rep for the patterns, so BS don’t make em so much anymore. Better things to do with Spirits, maybe?

Cassie and I haven’t leveled a single plate wearer this expansion, so we simply don’t know.

I thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have.

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  1. Same as with Galleon, Oondasta is up more often now (or at least, so say the hotfixes)
    I’ve heard of quite a high droprate on 522 items from him, if you can handle being dead more often than alive on that fight.
    My freshly dinged mage got some gloves off of him, which made 460 easily reached.


  2. Convert JP into honour, buy honour gear. The JP gear isn’t worth the investment in my opinion. Scenarios are definitely the way to go for people with limited time.


    • We did a scenario AND a heroic last night! And a grumpy start to a heroic with Goose, but we left the group after the first boss.

      The scenario was a blast, Alex enjoyed running the cannon while Cassie defended the beach adn I used my Warlock skills to quickly gather brew. He blew up a shark, and also a boat before it reached shore! He was very happy with the scenario.

      I ran a scenario on his character earlier before dinner, just me on his DK. Just for a quick one. Horrible gear, of course, but most people should be doing better than me, right?

      Fall of Theramore. With a healer Druid that refused to DPS to help… and a Hunter that did less DPS than me.

      33 minutes later, multiple deaths and the most miserable f’ing scenario ever, I was ready to get serious about gearing him past scenarios and heroics.


      • Um, that was a little unclear, it wasn’t Goose that made us grumpy, Goose was WITH us and he was fine, it was the pug tank we got that made me grumpy.

        I can understand wanting to have people in all epics run with you to make things faster, but the tank was in blues, and one minute into the pull he’s shaming my son for only having 15k DPS. Shaming.

        We left after the first boss.


  3. Take him to Isle of Thunder and get a few rares killed for the Key to the Palace of Lei Shen, so he can run through the solo loot chest scenario, this’ll give him plenty of elder charms. Then try Sha and Galleon, might get lucky there, 4 chances with the elders, plus the elder charms will help getting gear once you get him into LFR.


  4. Hey BBB, longtime lurker and fellow Azuremystian here.

    Hadn’t seen anyone mention it, but if he is on Azuremyst as well, getting in on a Galleon run should be cake. That guy is up more often than down, these days. I can hardly go to my farm without him tripping NPC Scan. Some 496 gear might narrow that gap a bit.

    Also, if he’s doing Isle of Thunder dailies and getting keys to the Lei Shen vault scenario, Elder Charms drop like candy in there. When he can get into the 5.0 LFRs, being able to bonus roll on every single boss won’t hurt on his journey to the 480s.


  5. Apart from all the good suggestions above, I’d say buying gear is the only way you’re going to get a boost outside of scenarios and instances. There are reasonable crafted items to be purchased in the Chest and Gloves slot for plate, and also some BoEs for Legs, trinket, and shoulders. It might cost a small bomb, but it will get you there fast.


  6. The 476 Gloves/Chest are the obvious bits; they’re actually not that horrible to make, 14 spirits between the two of them, so 6 days if you’re farming 16 motes/day. After that, the 522 neck from Shado-Pan Assault is 1250 valor and well worth it. If you can get him rep with Kirin Tor Offensive, they’ve got a 476 belt for a couple hundred gold as well at honored rep.


  7. if you have less than 30 minutes per day to play, go scenarios. >2 minute que, 20 minutes tops to run one, 50 vp and chance at 450, 463 or 476 items

    There is also a 463 account bound 1h sword from the new mantid archeology if he runs frost.

    Get the 476 hands and gloves crafted. if you can get blood spirits (anybody can now buy them for 400 vp or @ 1500 g ) get the 496 version

    If he enjoys dallies, the golden lotus grind ends in a 489 ring and the Klaaxi ends in a 489 neck

    there is a 476 belt for gold if he is honored with the new kirin tor. 3-4 days of dailies will get you to honored

    if you have a inscriber, a Darkmoon card set is 476


  8. Seems like you could make Scenario running a family exercise too! Get Cassie in on the fun and chain run a few. The trick about having higher-ilevel gear in the bag is a good one too. I used that back in the DS days to get over one of the humps using a combination of Moonkin and Feral gear.


  9. Other than what “everybody” says – how’s his rep with places like Klaxxi and/or Dom. Offense (or whatever the Alliance version in Krarasang is)?
    If he plays under your Battlenet account, would that make him eligible for rep. boosts via the reputation badge that you can buy once a toon is revered with a faction? Additionally, I think you can buy blood spirits with valor points now? (which goes back to crafted stuff)


    • The thing is I’m looking for non obvious valor stuff because the core issue is he does not have hours every night to play.


  10. I agree with these–the 522 valor neck was my first investment. If you have friendlies or can hire someone, the 476 hands and chest are decent. Although depending on drops might be soon upgraded. If it’s like the lw, I think one takes 6 spirits and the other 8? Plus metal.

    BB you mentioned getting a 450 ring; the jc ones aren’t unique so can wear two of those (I did that with agility on my druid). I used the dragonling trinket for ages and ages.

    Having BOE or non-equiped BOP gear in your bags will change your numbers for ilevel if you’re borderline.

    I have a question for everyone–I know that MV regular can be run with cross realm people. Can folks queue for LFR in a cross realm group? If it is possible, I have two healers and would be happy to offer a faster queue to BB and family or any other kindly folks with compatible schedules. šŸ™‚


    • Oh that’s a GREAT point … I would happily tank or heal (or DPS) a chain run of heroics with the Bearling for drops and JP/VP. All of my toons start with Gore, and I’m on BBB’s RealID list.


    • Suggestions:

      * New ilvl 476 PVP gear is available and PVP gear is no longer a detriment since the PVP stats are ‘bonus’ stats rather than taking part of the ilvl budget. You can still trade JP for Honor (at a 25% loss) in Stormwind so you can either do PVE or PVP for this gear.

      * Surf the AH … I have actually had an ilvl 476 pair of plate legs drop for me out in the world (on my warrior … and I could wear them no less, I was amazed). The relics from the Darkmoon Faire should be less expensive now and they’re FAR better than their base ilvl of 476 suggests to boot.

      * Perhaps a guild blacksmith has some spare spirits of harmony and can craft the ilvl 476 DPS plate gloves/chest (I believe you need Klaxxi rep to honored to get the patterns).

      * This was already mentioned but I want to reiterate–you can queue for a scenario and an instance and you’ll usually have the instance queue pop shortly after your scenario ends. You now get 100 JP per boss kill (120 with max level guild bonus) and I believe you get JP from the chest of treasures when you complete a scenario as well. This will make gearing up a lot less painful since you can convert to honor and buy ilvl 476 gear.

      One other cool plug for the scenario/dungeon queue … the first one of each you run each day can give bonus rep for one of the Pandaria factions.


  11. You can queue for dungeons and scenarios simultaneously. The scenario queue will pop immediately, while the dungeon queue will keep ticking. So you spend 15 min in Scenario, get a little valor and a loot bag that can contain items which might be upgrades at your level. Then when you finish the scenario, you will be much closer to the front of the dungeon queue. The dungeon queue will only pop once the scenario is finished.

    So in my opinion, your best bet is to do a dungeon, but do scenarios while you wait in the queue.


  12. One thing that really helped me hit 460 was running scenarios. You can run a few of them in a small amount of time and they drop 450s, 463s and the occasional 476 plate. Of course some will be equivalent to what he already has, but you should find some upgrades. The queue time is fast and you can play it with him, which will be fun. You’ll also build up a decent amount of valor to get the Shadow Pan necklace on the Isle of Thunder.


  13. >> Run him out to the Isle of Thunder. Go to the ShadoPan cave. He can buy a 522 Neck as soon as he talks to the vendor (it’s available at Neutral)
    >> Buy a Ghost Iron Dragonling. 450 Engy trinket than can be used by anyone. Needs the special Engy cogwheel gems. Fairly cheap mats IIRC.
    >> Here’s a little trick. Run a heroic (que with him if you can) and GREED on everything. The game only looks at if you can equip it, and if its in your bags. I got into LFR intially on the strength of an unequiped Leather helmet and cloth legs. You’re plate. Everything counts!
    >> Buy some 458 gear with JP. There is little else to do with them, and even though its not 460 gear, everything raises your average and helps the stuff that is greater than 460 push you over.
    >> Scenarios are a good source of Valor points and pop very quickly, even for DPS. The bag can potentially drop a 463.
    >> Check around to find a Blacksmith who already has the patterns. Blood spirits have come down in price on my server, and you can just pay the crafter for his SoH.
    >> Do the Klaxxi quests. The end of those chains award 450 gear, and you get a really nice ring for hitting exalted.
    >> Buy a Darkmoon Card. I think Xuen. My Paladin is a Tank, sorry.

    With all that 450 gear you already got him, he should be close.

    Actually I found the tougher climb was 460 to 470. At 460 you only get the two Mogu’shan Vaults LFRs. You have to have 470 to enter the HoF ones and you have to finish each HoF one in order to get to the ToES ones.

    You need 480 for the ToT LFR.

    Hope that helps.


  14. assume he would not consider switching to tank? i chain-run heros in lfg and got easily into the 460 bracket…
    There’s a nice wowinsider article on how to get from ding for 470 in 4 weeks (!).


    thank blizzy for making this the least alt friendly expansion ever… artificially gating raids behind ilvl requirements…
    have 9 alts and i play one every once in a while and get bored with it…


  15. BBB – You can get a little free boost to iLvl by just having BoE items in your bags (as long as you ‘could’ equip them). So for a plate wearer, any cloth, mail or leather epic BOE items that you may have give you a head start to the magic 460. As a second option, rolling Greed on heroic drops from the other armor types could get you a small boost even if you don’t equip them.


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