Rare? I say Well Done!

As the weeks go by on Patch 5.2, I’m settling in and finding out what I like most by looking at how I’m spending my time.

Apparently, I like the rares on the Isle of Thunder best.

As a bit of background for those not engaged in this, on the Isle of Thunder there are many rare spawns that can appear. Each enemy appears in one specific geographical area, is a level 92 elite badass, and can be dogpiled by anyone and everyone.

There are a few different maps out there for who spawns where, MMO champion did one that is very good for the experienced hunter, but the one I used to start out came from WoW Rare Spawns, because Euphyley had notes for where they’d appear, which I needed to first get started.

Take a look at those maps. You can see there are a bunch of different rares that can spawn on what turns out to be a fairly small island, and more are coming as each phase unlocks. My server should hit phase 4 today, and who knows what THAT will bring? Aside from one new rare, that is.

The key to how awesome this is, is that they really CAN be dogpiled by anyone and everyone. You do not have to be in a group, you don’t have to be the same faction as whoever tagged it ‘first’.

If a rare is up and you attack it, so long as you tagged it you can loot it when it’s dead. Of course, there is a mechanic to prevent a simple insta-zerg. Each person who tags the bad guy boosts it’s health by 50%. The more people who jump in, the longer the fight can be delayed, which just gives more time for a bigger dogpile.

The rares all have one guaranteed drop, a Tome of Valor that grants you 15 Valor Points when you use it… has a two hour duration and is unique, so you can’t stockpile them beyond the week if you valor cap. You get it, you use it, you move on.

The rares also have a chance to drop the Sealed Tome for the Warlock Green Fire quest chain, and according to an update by Netheara on Twitter the Sealed Tome is ‘first come first served’, first Warlock to loot the body will get it if there is one there to find.

There are two other possible drops from rares that concern us. First is the epic Key to the Trove of the Thunder King, which seems to be an almost but not quite guaranteed drop from the first rare you kill in a week. Log in after server reset for the week, kill a rare or two and off you go to the Treasure Trove.

The second is a pet, which can only drop from the Haywire Construct, which can only ย spawn on the Skumblade beach.

Let’s recap, shall we? Warlocks can get the Sealed Tome but are in competition with every other Warlock to loot first. Everyone gets 15 Valor Points for every kill, MORE if another character on your account is capped for the week, money, and for Haywire kills a chance at a pet.

Rares can be found all over the place. But not every massive badass elite is a ‘rare’. Please don’t chain pull the giant dinosaur.

This is how I now spend my time.

I hunt rares.

Oh, I don’t camp them or just run the rotation. Well, sometimes I run the route, but there are usually plenty of quests to do too.

What I do is get on either the Warlock or the Hunter, start the daily quests on the Isle of Thunder, and then do quests while checking out the rare spawn points in the quest zone. If someone announces a rare is up, I drop everything and beeline there to help kill it.

I have grouped with Cassie a few times for dailies, and it’s driving her nuts. Quest, quest, quest, “Oh, Mumta is up let’s go!” and zoom off I go.

Mumta dies, a call in /1 announces “haywire is up!” and off we go right back to the beach! Goda? Gone. God-Hulk? I’m a backdoor man. (There is an easy way to get to God-Hulk by taking the beach and avoiding the mobs in the terrace area who could dismount you for precious seconds. The wall is broken there too).

I love it. The 15 Valor Points is just enough of a lure to make me drop what I’m doing and chase after a rare if I have a shot at it, while it’s not so much reward that I feel I should just spend my time doing nothing but rare hunting.

It’s what I’m doing. If I’m in the queue for anything, I’m likely to be on the Isle doing dailies and chasing after rares.

Now, here’s the funny thing. I’ve seen folks hang back when they are first to a rare, send out the call and wait for backup. When I’m on my Hunter, I do that because some of them (like Haywire) put out some serious damage and if you get a couple extra adds on you (like those god*(^% Seadragon Skumblade things with their damn traps) it’s a pain in the ass.

On my Warlock? If it’s up, I go for it, and if I have to, I solo it. No problem.

Destro Warlocks are… um, err, they’re not overpowered. Nope, not at all. Just right. Maybe a little on the weak side, right Blizzard? [wink wink, say no more]

Still, even though the Warlock is, yes, a little weak compared to other classes, through some amazing luck I just happen to be able to solo the rares as a Destruction ‘lock, enjoying all the self-healing the class has available. Which, um, makes up for the weak dps. Yup.

Okay, seriously for a moment… Destruction is god-like power for soloing stuff. As my friend Monstre said, it feels like how Ret Paladins did back in all their glory.

It’s amazing. But that’s a different story.

Whatever you think about daily quests, I highly recommend you at least try playing the rare hunter mini-game when you’re questing on the Isle.

Just follow one of the links, print out a map, and check out the spawn sites.

Then, the next time you’re at the Skumblade area, swing by the beach to see if Haywire is up, bounce on up to the mountain peak to see if the knockback saurok from hell is there.

If you’re killing Mogu, why not take a quick trek up the stairs to see if Mumta is home?

Coasting through the troll quests, go for a little ride along the beach, enjoy the waves. And didn’t that trip me out, the first time I saw there were these shadow wave things out on the water?

Yep, I’m enjoying hunting rares. It breaks up the quests, makes the Isle a place to hang out rather than endure.

And because of those rares, I capped on both my character for the week. Don’t underestimate how those 15 Valor Tomes add up over the course of a week.

If you’re enjoying them, or hating them, let me know.

When I first saw the map I was overwhelmed, but now I know it’s a GOOD thing there are so many. That means even if you miss one, another one is bound to be up somewhere else very soon.

14 thoughts on “Rare? I say Well Done!

  1. Those rares are the sole reason I’m back in general chat for the first time since BC. Lots of fun.

    For the record, my affliction lock can solo them just fine ๐Ÿ˜› I wait around a minute or two for other people to get there though, as it seems to be the protocol on my server to wait after the word goes out.


  2. Bear, if you want to see if Mumta’s up, you don’t need to go up the stairs. Just look at the top of the tower from outside. If he’s there, there will be a huge purple tornado of spirits.


  3. 5.2 has made me a happy camper. I always zoom over to help kill rates when on the island. I LOVE the mini pet. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hi! I am wondering how long it takes you and your wife to do the daily quests on Isle Of Thunder (along with killing a few rares along the way)? I am trying to figure out if I have enough free time to enjoy playing wow again. I have tried to find other games that didn’t feel so time consuming to accomplish improvements or a feeling of success. I am wondering if the new daily quests are time consuming like the previous daily rep quests were. Thanks BBB


    • Yeah, they are kind of time consuming. They take me on my druid or hunter (the only ones that have done it so far) about two hours each. If you just jump in and do it, it’d probably take less time, but like BBBear, I zoom off to go beat town rares any time someone says one is up for the valor, since I don’t get any any other way. (dailies and valor tomes)


  5. MII think I got it worse then you bear I do my farm.my heroics too many heroics I enjoy them. I still hate dailies. When I’m free I turn on TV don’t do dailies and chase ๏ปฟthe rares as they spawn fun too me


  6. Haha .. the first time I saw those waves, was out the corner of my eye — saw something big coming towards me and I legged it!! Didn’t I feel silly when i sat and watched for a while (from a safe distance, of course!)


  7. I’ve been doing the same exact thing since I resumed playing after my unplanned hiatus. It’s been way more fun than I thought it could be — questing around, doing my thing, when I suddenly see ” up.” I IMMEDIATELY stop what I’m doing, alt-tab into wowhead, look up the location for the mob, and I am ZOOM gone. I love, love, love that we no longer have to be in a group to get in on the goods — and as far as I’ve seen so far, few if any people take advantage of that to tag a mob and then just sit there waiting for others to kill it. (And if they do, so what? I’m having fun killing this thing!)

    Thanks very much for the overview of the value of various mobs, tho — I hadn’t bothered reading much about it before the patch dropped, and your 101 lesson was brief and superhelpful. Knowing that the valor drop is guaranteed makes me that much more likely to keep doing these. I really enjoy the feeling of urgently criss-crossing the island to kill stuff on a moment’s notice — and being on my rogue, it’s easy for me to get out of situations where I’m knocked off my mount while taking the direct route from point A to point B and aggroing a little too much in the process. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • If you use the coordinate mod Tomtom, look on Mumta’s page on wowhead. Someone put up a list of /way commands to mark all of the rares on the map.


  8. Sounds like the sort of thing that would be fun to use the Druid Flight Form for, zipping around the island, hunting rares. Is it closed to flying?


      • Yes but you do get saurok form.

        I have go into the habit of heading over to the isle a couple of hours before the reset. I grab a valor tome and go trove hunting since i never seen them at the start of the week.


  9. If you are loving Destro for soloing rares (I don’t have an issue with soloing _any_ of them, even Haywire, as Destro) try some PvP. I play on a PvP server and while my bf and I were killing the rare turtle this paladin and warrior tried to kill the bf (priest) they completely ignored me and I was able to take them down with two chaos bolts to the face.

    It was awesome!

    Even when they came after me, I popped my sacrificial pact and sent _another_ chaos bolt to the face!

    Man I love warlocks ๐Ÿ˜€


  10. I just returned to WoW and it’s posts like these that have me chomping at the bit to be 90 and enjoy what MoP endgame zones have to offer. ๐Ÿ˜€


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