Winner of the “Best Idea I Heard Today” Award

I just got an email from someone wanting me to check a website out.

I get those a lot, people wanting me to let them post content on my blog, post ads, and of course I get spam on the blog.

Ah, spam. Thousands of spam. A day. If we didn’t have a filter, we wouldn’t have comments, I shit you not.

This email was different.

It was successful because he cleared the table and dropped his pitch right there in front of me.

This is what I got, and this is what it does. Check it out.

He gave me his website purpose in one simple sentence, and holy shit, are you for real?

RepCheck auto-magically™ summarizes all the faction items your character has the reputation to purchase.

Wait, what?

Imagine the tears of joy when you discover the mounts and other cool stuff you didn’t know you could purchase!

That’s a BOLD statement. I have a lot of reputations on Bigbearbutt, hard earned and full of tasty items. Surprise me.

I checked it out. It’s true.

You put in your server and name, RepCheck checks your character reputation levels from Vanilla all the way to right now in patch 5.2 up to date, and it will show you every single item in the game your reputation would let you buy.

Better yet, if you play with the filters it’ll show you everything you COULD buy, everything any other profession could buy, all the stuffs for all the expansions.

Holy crap.

There are a lot of expansion out over the last whatever it is, decade, I dunno how long, and I’ve forgotten more than I remember, ye ken.

I had, for example, forgotten there was a vendor for Hydraxian Waterlords. Just as one example.

Or that there were so many Blacksmithing recipes scattered around the factions.


I can see myself using Rep Check a lot, and having it drive my next rep grind. I can see logging onto my Blacksmith and checking to see who has what, and where I can go to get ’em all… and in one easy place so I can be lazy and let the website do the research for me.

Well done, Namzad. Well done.

10 thoughts on “Winner of the “Best Idea I Heard Today” Award

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  2. An unrelated note, but I really like the new look of the mobile version of the blog. It’s a cool, cleaner and sleeker look.


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  4. Indeed a niftiness. Once I found the filters (and figured out that it resets the expansion choices when you change them) it’s very nice. Thanks, Bear!


  5. Looked it over, pretty nifty. Now when I get home, I’ll have to open 11 tabs for each of my toons so I can browse everyone all at once to see what I can get.


  6. Agreed with Tazor, but I suppose that would be difficult/pointless for many of the items from the old reps/tiers. Good for mounts and professions though. Altogether a belter of a resource though!


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