Running With The Wolves

Before going further, I have an important (to me) announcement to make!

Tonight, my son will be attempting to play his Unholy Worgen Death Knight in his first Mogu’shan Vaults LFR.

I will be running with him and offering tips and encouragement, and Cassie might be able to go as well.

If you would like to join us, you would be very welcome! We’re planning on running the first half of MSV for sure, possibly the second half was well depending on queue times.

I know that quite a few of you have run with the Cub and his Death Knight in Icecrown Citadel, Firelands, Black Temple and Sunwell. I would be delighted to have you join us while he takes on what is in my opinion a hellacious step up in difficulty when it comes to getting out of the big bad.

I can’t really give you a specific set time when we’d be going. The best I can say is tonight, and we would probably try to start around 6 PM to 6:15 PM Central standard time.

It kinda depends on how long his homework takes. Such is life in the pint size bracket.

Oh yeah, and since this is Alliance side cross-server LFR, if you’d like to go and haven’t done the Battletag stuff with me before on the fun runs, just send me a Battletag friend request atΒ BigBearButt#1737

I hope you’re able to make it tonight! It would be fun to chat with friends as we steamroll some LFR together.


In other news, the Cub got a Key to the treasure trove yesterday, and went in for his first shot at the vault.

Up to this point I’ve done it for his character to ‘maximize’ his chances at Elder Charms.

Yeah… he blasted through the first room clearing more chests in less time than I usually do. And that is with the first BIG chest bugging out on him, lid opening but not giving him loot, just like you sometimes see with serious lag spikes in game while looting corpses.

I told him to leave it behind and keep going and all the rest opened fine. It was just that first big one that bugged. Go figure.

In the final chamber, he loves having Burial Trove keys to use. He loves the random element. He looks around, and says “That chest looks like it was being protected by that dead mogu, I’ll try that one.”

It’s fun seeing him create stories about what might have happened, and making his decisions based off of that. I know it must seem silly, but when you remember your children as the small little handful that could sleep on your wife’s lap while she played Spyro or Animal Crossing, to see him engaged in a fantasy game, thinking about what he sees and naturally imagining what might have happened and having fun…

It’s the best.

I just keep counting the months until he’s old enough or at the right maturity level to appreciate the things we love…

Like, on the edge of my seat waiting until he’s old enough to see The Lord of the Rings movies and enjoy them as exciting without being scary. Y’know?

I do have a sad, though.

I can’t convince him that The Princess Bride would be a cool movie to watch. He’s just old enough to need to be bedridden and unable to move before he’ll allow me to put any movie on that has the word ‘Princess’ in the title.


“But… but it’s the GOOD PARTS VERSION!!!”

I used to have that book years ago, the good parts version. Maybe I need to get another copy and read it to him to suck him into it. Grrr.


24 thoughts on “Running With The Wolves

  1. I forgot to add – ditto re “LOTR” – can’t wait until I can show mine all my favourite movies without having to make them close their eyes and fast forward the scary bits πŸ™‚


  2. Glad I’m not the only parent out there that likes to have their ‘cub’ alongside…I have to try hard though, not to try and influence my cubs choice of professions though…ones that would benefit me….hehehehehe. Although I will say, I pay well above market rates for mats πŸ™‚


  3. I have followed your blog for many years now, and can’t get over how interesting and from the heart your stories and commentary about wow are! I am so gland your run in lfr with your son went well. I am only sorry I am based in Australia and the time is way to early for me to have tried to join you guys! Hope you never stop writing your blog, fellow retired military man, who rely enjoys your blog!!


  4. At this place I worked at many years ago, the field engineering staff figured out that if a prospective field engineer couldn’t extensively quote from The Princess Bride, that they wouldn’t work out as they wouldn’t be a “good” field engineer. We’d still give them a chance, as none of us were the boss, but when someone would start, and they couldn’t quote from The Princess Bride, then inevitably customer complaints would come in: wasn’t on time, left the equipment with cosmetic damage, couldn’t perform the repair at all, took way too long for simple jobs, didn’t have the correct tools or parts and needed a second (or third) trip, etc. It was almost frightening how accurate that simple test was.


  5. If you can’t tell from my name, I’m a huge Princess Bride, so I’m hoping you can convince him to watch it. πŸ˜€

    Maybe you could tell him it’s the story of the Dread Pirate Roberts? Or use the grandad’s speech – “fencing, fighting…” – to sway him? πŸ™‚

    Alternatively, just start watching it when he’s home and playing. Say you’re watching it for you. If he wanders through several times and doesn’t get sucked in eventually, I’ll be really surprised.


      • Thanks for the invite! Bot and I had fun. Everyone seemed like cool peeps and cub was adorable when we could overhear him in vent. Glad that he got loots!

        We were especially amused, that most of our group went healer since it is un-fun to healer queue a lot of times solo. . . I liked having a non-afk, everyone actually engaged heal team! whoot! Perhaps we can bring our own tank team? That would be lovely.

        I think I need to write some macros for certain fights though. I made some when we were doing LFR Dragon Soul for my own entertainment. “stack on the tank, and stay out of bad” “break people out of arrows/mind control” “kill add phase please” “floor despawning in 6 seconds. Move or fall to your doooooommmmmmmm!!!!!”



    • Um, we don’t watch Game of Thrones.

      I, um, well… I read all of the books that were out, and I didn’t like them.

      They were, well… I felt like there should be more fantasy there, and they felt to me, purely my own subjective take, that it took bloody forever to get anywhere, and by the time you go there, there was no there there, just the promise of a new ‘there’ to move towards.

      I never felt like anything ever got tied up or resolved. Didn’t enjoy it. So… I don’t watch the show.

      It was a series that put into stark contrast the truth that fiction, and how enjoyable it is, is truly in the mind of the beholder. It is clear Game of Thrones is extremely good and has created lasting ties and deep connections with millions of people.

      In my case, I wasn’t one of the ones who it clicked with.


  6. I think I will be on and would be happy to come along on one of my healers to give you folks a faster queue. πŸ™‚ I can even focus target on cub and toss extra heals that way.


    • I second the princess bride recommendation. I fence (western/olympic) and the fight scenes are some of my all time favorites from movies ever. And definately the lord of the rings when he is up for them.

      Hm there are some older swordish movies that might work for him. The original 3 musketeers, scarlet pimpernel, different ones with errol flynn, willow, the recent animated puss in boots, clash of the titans (I like the old one and the new one).

      I’ll check my library and see if there are any other “cool sword movies appropriate for that age group.” Does he like anime? There are some good stories out there.


      • Hmmm…. Willow.

        What a terrible choice to make.

        On the one side, Val Kilmer and Wee Free Men, a badass villain daughter, good fight scenes.

        On the other… that annoying peck.

        Damn. You’re evil.


      • Most any thing Errol Flynn I saw all, take with grain of salt tho I, was named after him my mom was a huge fan


  7. Enjoy! I likely won’t be on until later, otherwise I would love to insta-queue you guys with my disc priest. Perhaps some other time. πŸ™‚


  8. That’s probably a little early for me to be able to join you. I can only play after my kiddos are in bed. Maybe another time!


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