It’s a Mystery

I have something special to show you, something really neat.

I’ll show you pictures, I’ll do a big reveal.

When you see it, you will laugh, you’ll cry. It’s not a hoax, not an imaginary tale.

It’s real!

But… you’ll have to wait.

For now, all I will say is…

Whatever it is, it’s in the box.

Closed carton, marked this side up.

It’s a Mystery. Ooh, spooky!

17 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery

  1. It’s the latest 2013 road runner catch-o’matic from ACME.

    “Rocket propelled in-line skates, with new bird-seeking sensors. Based on costumer’s request, this kit also comes with a parachute.”

    Meeep meeep…


  2. Hmm… well, judging from the positioning of the box, and taking into account the height, weight and width of the box, calculating by exponentially dividing the dimension of the box with a sharp pointy object…

    I know! The content of the box is – a THINGAMAJIG!


  3. Is it…

    Gah, that’s a pretty big box, so probably not the custom model of one of your characters. Looks to be almost the size of a Kitchenaid mixer. Hmm…

    Maybe one of the Mega Blocks WoW kits on back order for the Cub’s birthday?

    I know that those must be at least a third as much for you as they are for him! My 2 yr old is already loving the big mega blocks, and I’m hoping that she’ll stay interested in “boy” toys for this reason.


  4. It’s totally some exotic brand of giant gingerbread men (bacon flavored, obviously). I can see the decorating kit in the background! So, what do I win as a prize?


    • This comment took me back to my childhood. Thank you.

      There was a time when those of us on the . . . Less wealthy side of life used to use the stove oven as heat. I remember many a morning sitting in a chair in front of the stove with the door open and the oven on high while waiting for the school bus.


  5. I love a good mystery!

    But what is NOT a mystery is the fact that you eat oat bran bread.

    It’s ok. Us old guys have to stick together.


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