Team Wanda Calls Up A Raid Rookie

I haven’t spoken much about raiding recently.

The reason being, I haven’t been doing it. No, LFR doesn’t count. If it did, I would not simply be a raider, I would be it’s king.

I finally gave up on being part of a regular raid team to cut down on how many evenings I had where I simply had to be sitting at my desk all night. I don’t need to go into that again, you know the deal. Most of the time, my character may be logged in, but I’m not actually at my desk. It could be argued that even when I am sitting there, I’m not really there, but let’s not go there.


So, I stepped back from being part of a regular raid group or schedule.

Instead, I’ve became one of the ‘backup’ DPS players on the bench for Team Wanda, the progression raid team in Band of Misfits. Nothing can go wrong there, right? Backups never get called up from the bench. Right?


I expect this will mean I play less in the future. Someday.

In the short term, I’m spending more time playing than ever before, because I feel the need to do everything I can to be geared, prepared and ready to step off the bench at a moments notice.

Yep. That means I’m trying to Valor Cap and get full clears of all three Throne of Thunder LFRs as early into the week as possible.

Good news! At this rate within a few weeks I’ll be about as geared as I can from LFR, and I can back off the push.

And then comes a new patch! Gah! Okay, just kidding. The next patch won’t have raid gear. Whew!

It is nice, though. All kidding aside, I only have one commitment in the game; Being as ready to go as possible on my Warlock, and waiting for the call.

As long as everyone in Wanda is good to go each week, I might never get called up off the bench. Right?

You never know when the lightning might strike. Check my Twitter, check my Texts, am I raiding tonight? Do they need me? Or can I log off and read The Man Who Saved The Union; Ulysses Grant in War and Peace by H. W. Brands?

You just never know.

Case in point.

Last night I’m strolling along, minding my own business, and about 45 minutes prior to regular Team Wanda raid time, I get the whisper. “Super can’t make it, he’s got something really important happening, can you step in for raid tonight? 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM your time.”

Um… sure.


Stepping foot for the first time into a fresh run of normal Throne of Thunder felt amazing. To see it somewhere other than LFR. To put into practice the good advice and strategies learned from Fatboss videos and by listening to the Convert to Raid podcast.

And of course the most important bit.

The stress of hoping you’re not the reason the raid wipes by standing in bad.

A two hour normal Throne of Thunder run, and in that time we blasted through the first five bosses, each killed in one attempt. Nice and smooth.

The thing that stood out for me was how calm everyone else was in vent. It was farm content for them at this point, what you have to plow through to get to the good stuff; Flight Team Alpha and nest smashing, maze dancing and blood pool soaking.

Wednesday night was what they had to get through to get to the good stuff.

For me, last night WAS the good stuff. 🙂

You know what cracked their jaded voices, and sent a surge of enthusiasm through vent?

We were entering the Megaera area, and just past Tortos in the tunnel was a massive gold explanation point meaning a quest was there to be had, a quest called Rocks Fall, People Die.

It was a quest… to kill an NPC in the Megaera trash area, an NPC named Rocky Horror.

That’s right, the ICC weekly random raid quest challenges are back! Genuine enthusiasm was felt at the prospect of killing Rocky Horror.

Chron had a horrible pun… so I’ll repeat it.

He said that while fighting Rocky Horror, the monster fears people, and that fear should wipe away our buff cooldowns so, yes, you guessed it, we could all do the Time Warp again.

Yes, I know. I suffer, so you have to suffer too.

Okay, secretly I think that would have been a great idea. Shh, don’t tell him I said that, it’ll only encourage him.

Looking back on the crazy that was last night, I don’t have a recap so much as a few flashbacks.

Whirl Turtles are either a LOT slower on 10 man normal than in 25 LFR, or they nerfed the shit out of them. In LFR I move my butt as fast as I can, and it seems like I get hit no matter what I do. There I am running like hell, and boom, Whirl Turtle right up the butt. Normal, not so much. You have a chance to move if you are actually trying to, like, move.

There is just too much trash on the bridges. We could stand to have two fewer of the hags on each stretch of bridge. Plus, holy cowpatties the floaty trolls knock you back on normal, stay out of those blue circles, I kid you not. Respect to the trolls, I thought they were just silly in LFR.

Horridon is a lot of fun on normal, as long as you remember to target the mobs that JUMP DOWN and burn them down first. The guys running in through the gates? I swear those scrubs are LFR bait to sucker you into targeting the wrong stuff at the start.

Does Blizzard hate healers this expansion or what? Or does it just seem that way to me?

You can tell what a raid leader fears most by what gets called out on vent. Most of the run was fairly laid back without much in the way of announcements. On Council, Every time that Loa Spirit was up, it was called in vent. No exceptions.

Megaera… ah, Megaera. Green Red Green Red Blue Red Green. Or something. I hear tell you can have fun switching up the order any way you’d like to get different effects, depending on your groups strengths. Just doing it on normal one particular way was fine with me. Cinders on you! Run away, little girl. Run away.

An amazing night, lots of fun, good times with good people.

So, I was called up off the bench, did my job, now I’m back to the minors again, satisfied that whatever else can be said… we never actually wiped.

Better yet, I don’t believe I ever once heard anyone exclaiming “bear! bear!” in that “I’m calling you out for not doing what you’re supposed to be doing without saying what you’re doing wrong” way. Always makes for a good night.

5 thoughts on “Team Wanda Calls Up A Raid Rookie

  1. Yeah, I feel like they hate healers too.. It’s more ‘fun’ (in the Dwarf Fortress sense) to not have sufficient mana for most of the fights…


  2. But did you win any loots!?! That’s the best part of joining a ‘farm’ team when everything typically gets sharded… free loots!


    • Indeed – what did you come away with? 🙂

      Today, the unhappy realization that there are few to no worthwhile pieces in the LFR version of the raid sunk in. Through gold, guile, and a lot of time invested, I’ve arrived at the point where I mostly have gear that’s competitive with anything 502 that’s offered, and 502 seems like it’s really far behind 522, to the point that I’m reasonably sure set bonuses in 502 wouldn’t compete with 522 pieces from VP, which definitely ratchets down my excitement level. I’ll still have to run LFR for the rep gain, but I’m finding that my charms would be better spent on Nalak and Oondasta, and otherwise banked on the off chance I can pug into a group that might make it past Horridon.

      I think that when VP becomes your most meaningful progression, the game definitely loses a bit of its luster. If they had made LFR gear 13 item levels lower instead of 20 (which they did in the first tier of Mists), I think I wouldn’t feel as glum about it. I know that this would make it competitive with HoF and Terrace heroic gear, so I guess we can’t have that! Don’t want “hardcore” raiders feeling like they HAVE to do LFR! Why, that might make other people want to do it more, and we can’t have that. 🙂

      Normal raiding feels better because even when an encounter is on farm, you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and that your group is really working. I get this sensation even when I pug into a group of people I don’t know. Why is that? I’ve felt personally proud at times in LFR when I know I’ve done a great job healing. Is it purely a matter of difficulty? Or is it the comradery, even in a group of nine strangers, because they were willing to take a chance on me?


  3. The normal modes this tier are a lot of fun. Many of the fights require that individuals execute properly, but also have much looser DPS requirements, which I think is great for situations like this, when a good player –who doesn’t necessarily have all the gear– comes in for an evening.

    Oh, on Tortos, 10 man turtles do move slower. This was hotfixed on the 10th.


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