Late to the Party

Last night, I was called off the bench to join Team Wanda in their first serious attempt at Iron Qon normal 10, and in the process we killed both Iron Qon AND The Twin Consorts.

I then had the pleasure of dying at the hands of Lei Shen.

I can’t wait to see these released on LFR. I think they’re going to be fun for 25 people, but easier to grasp than Drurumoomoo.

Of course, I might also be huffing paint, so we’ll see tomorrow.

This post isn’t about that. 🙂

Instead, I am just gushing to talk about PET BATTLES!!!

I did get a team to level 25 a while back, got a bunch of achievements, I even added several more pets up to 25 so as to have some variety.

What I didn’t do was ever finish the Pandaren Spirit Tamer quests, the elementals.

Seemed to be tough, legendary pets, you know. Something to save for when I had some free time. Something to look forward to.

This last weekend, my son saw the Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer sitting on an island as I flew past to collect ore, and asked me if I could fight him.

Picture of burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer from Wowhead

Picture by Cymre and posted on Wowhead!

Well, okay. Sure, I guess.

I checked on Wowhead to see what kinds of pets he had, and they recommended a Humanoid, specifically the Anubisath Idol that drops from Twin Emperors in AQ40 to go after the Dragonkin, a pet with Aquatic attacks that wasn’t actually water for the Fire Elemental (like the Rapana Whelk), and then whatevers to take on the flying one.


I have an Anubisath Idol, I got it from the AH. Still level 1, though. And I have a Rapana Whelk, but it’s only level 24. My go-to Aquatic pet is the Emperor Crab, with the instant Aquatic attack, Shell Shield and Healing Mists.

I do have a Humanoid, though… the Kun Lai Runt. He was an easy humanoid to ge to 25 late in the leveling game, because you can capture one at about level 22 in the Kun Lai Summit area.

Meh, a humanoid is a humanoid, an aquatic is an aquatic, let’s kick this pig.

So, smash the humanoid attack over and over, Dragonkin dies. Elemental insta-kills my Kun Lai Runt, then my Emperor Crab soloes both of the last two pets easily with Shell Shield and Healing Mists keeping me at full the entire time. Not even remotely a chance of losing.


So, I won! The elemental fire spirit is cute. I’d like one of those. I should finish that quest someday

Something about that made me remember, back in the day, people were talking about this tamer being an easy faceroll to use to quickly level pets. I can see what they meant, I didn’t even have an Anubisath Idol and it was easy.

That made me wonder, just how fast could you level a pet that way? Was it nerfed?

I took my Kun Lai Runt and Emperor Crab, plus the level 1 Anubisath Idol, to Terokkar Forest and fought a Skunk. Anubisath Idol dinged level 4. You’d expect that, with a level 1 pet getting XP from some level 20’s.

Okay, so then I took the Anubisath Idol as first pet, Kun Lai Runt as second and Emperor Crab as third to the Burning Pandaren Spirit Tamer.

The first pet he uses is always the Dragonkin, and the first attack the Dragonkin uses is ALWAYS the Tornado, which calls up the whirlwind but doesn’t actually do any damage in that first round. Low level pet is assured to survive that round.

So, level 4 pet, Dragonkin summons a whirlwind, my Idol walks up and punches the Dragonkin on the snout and bravely runs away.

Swap in the Kun Lai Runt, and proceed to spam my humanoid ‘punch in nose HARD’ ability.

The whirlwind did a lot of damage to the overall team, but nobody died, not even the level 4 Idol. I can see why people say the Anubisath Idol at 25 is good for this, because that sandstorm ability nefs the damage done by the whirlwind to the ground, preventing your cowering low level beasties in the back row from taking too much damage.

Can we get through this round?


Dragonkin died, Kun Lai Runt died, Emperor Crab finished off the last two same as before.

Anubisath Idol dinged level 11.

Really? Level 11? One fight?


Okay, try a second fight.

Wait, level 16?

Holy crap.

My Anubisath Idol was level 25 in about a half hour to an hour of fighting… because I don’t have any bandages, I didn’t look up where the nearest Stable Master was for quick heals, and my Kun Lai Runt died every time so I had to wait out the 8 minute rez timer.

I had pets go from level 23 to 25 in one fight. Pets need about 2000 xp to go from level 24 to 25, and you get around 3000xp or more for beating the Spirit Tamer. One fight, and you ding from 24 to 25. That’s pretty nice.

So, sure I swapped some of my other ‘almost but not quite’ 23s and 24s in to top them off.

The thing is, I never finished the original quest. I was lazy, so I’d do it ‘someday’.

So, now I can go up and fight him over and over in a chain, instead of him being a daily quest giver.

I am so late to the party on this it’s not funny, but all I can do is make sure to share this with you now.

If you have at least three 25’s, and you haven’t completed the quest for the Pandaren Elemental Tamers yet, you can go grab a high level Emperor Crab from the Dread Wastes water area where the Saurok hang out, you can grab a Kun Lai Runt from the Kun Lai Summit, and they’re already pretty close to 25. It shouldn’t take too long to finish them off.

Then, once you level those two to full, you can take them and level ALL of your other pets from 1 to 25 pretty darn quick.

If you were the early bird that got the worm, already did the quest and have been doing the dailies, then it’s too late…

But, well, sometimes it pays to be the procrastinating buzzard that eats the roadkill.

On the positive side, doing the dailies got you lots of chances to get those awesome Pandaren elemental pets! So it all works out. Right?


15 thoughts on “Late to the Party

  1. I just noticed something in the 5.3 PTR notes that’s a fairly substantial change to the new Legendary pet battles, any of you who haven’t done that yet might want to get it done and put time aside to do it daily also if you want to collect all the panda pets.

    Predatory Strike no longer deal damage as a percentage of the target’s health. The ability now deals a flat amount of bonus damage instead.

    If you didn’t know about this ability already, what it currently does is deal damage (~420 from my Snowy Owl on the aquatic pets) and if your target is below 25% after that, it kills it outright. This is pretty effective vs the Legendary pets which all have 4k+ health, a Predatory Strike on one with <1420 hp is a kill. With the PTR change, it'll now just do bonus damage instead if they're below 25%, which is probably aimed at nerfing the effectiveness vs the legendaries. While most of them aren't very difficult and they all give really low pet xp so you won't be leveling lowbie pets vs them anyway, it's a real drag doing a daily that makes you fly all over Pandaria for 1 bag which may or may not contain a pet and any increase in how long the battles take isn't good, so it might be something you want to get done now before they make that change!


    • Hey Katz, I did get the pet you mailed me yesterday… and instead of giving it to my son, I learned it myself.

      then I quickly leveled it to 19, caged it and mailed it to my son so he will be able to use it with his pet team right away.

      I told him when i was tucking him in, and he is very excited. As he has told me several times, that is the most awesome pandaren spirit, and now he will have a fire and I’ll have a water.

      I suggested we name it “KrazyKatz”, and he was all “oh heck no.”

      Apparently, he wants to name his fire spirit “BlazeNBurn”, and then he wants me to name my water spirit “DrenchNQuench”

      No, I’m not making that up. He didn’t have to think about it, either. Apparently, he has plans. Many, many plans.


  2. No problem. 🙂
    I’ve been procrastinating on leveling my toons; none of them are 90 yet, so I haven’t knocked out the Spirit Tamer in the Jade Forest or the one up at the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I think I’ll use the method you described to powerlevel a bunch of pets before finally finishing the quest.

    On the plus side, the method I outlined works for any toon. There aren’t any dangerous beasts around those areas in the Vale, so even a level 1 toon could run around on a PvE server safely, and rack up xp for themselves AND their pets.


  3. Awesome info, thank you!
    Shoot, and I was proud of myself for figuring out the way below…..

    In the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, there’s 2 areas where teams comprised of mainly Aquatic pets congregate. The lake in front of Mogushan Palace has several pets waiting to battle, right by Master Aki. Also, the pond south of the Golden Pagoda has a lot too. My method is to make a team of a level 5 pet, then 2 level 25 Moths. If you don’t have any, Gilded Moths are flying around the zone, so no worries. Once you start the battle, have your low level attack once, then immediately switch out for your Moth. The reasons why I advocate using a Moth is because they’re really fast, and have hard hitting Flying abilities like Alpha Strike and Moth Dust. With Cocoon Strike to absorb potential large damage attacks like Pump, you can last several battles without switching to your second Moth. Once both of your Moths have been killed or severely damaged, use your free bandage in the pet battle journal to heal them, and go for more battles. You can get a level per battle for your low level pet up to like level 13, and pretty frequently thereafter.

    I suppose it would be useful if you DID want to finish up the Pandaren Spirit quests finally, yet still have a way to level up pets fairly quickly. You could probably level 2 low level pets this way, though you wouldn’t have a fall back moth if you needed it.


    • That sounds like a wonderful method to use, especially since I expect most avid pet battlers long ago completed their Pandaren Spirit quest, just as I want to so I too can have a chance at neat spirit pets.

      Thanks, Rich!


  4. Personally I do Nishi with 2 lowbie pets and a Water Waveling from Zul Drak. Lowbies 6+ so they survive a few sunlights, pop them in first vs sunflower for 1 hit each, then waveling spams tidal wave til the back row is dead, then finishes the sunflower with water jet. Wavelings very easy to farm, there’s tons of them with a fast respawn around Drak’Sotra fields in Zul Drak so getting a rare is a breeze.

    You can do most of the lower pet trainers easily with 1 lvl 25 pet and a couple lowbies, most of the pandaria and spirit ones with 2 25’s and a lowbie if you have the right 25’s, there’s a thread on WOW’s pet battling forums which lists what pets to use and how to do it vs each trainer.


  5. The bear did’nt have his safari hat on?,

    I have been using nishi in the valley for the same purpose for months and I have all my elementals. They best thing is those and other boe battle pets are just about instant gold for alts on remote servers.


  6. The pet tamer circle is how I’ve leveled the majority of my pets. I can usually cruse through all of them in about 30-45 min. The elemental pets sell quite well as do the various panda pets from the legendary pet quest. I’ve made close to 40k gp selling pets. That may be chump change to real AH warriors, but it was fun. I’ve got a team for every tamer set up to make leveling lowbies easy.


  7. You really want to see experience pour in? Take a lower level pet up against Farmer Nishi in Valley of the Four Winds. Nishi sends out a Singing Sunflower that will chain cast a HoT on itself, save for casting Sunlight (Elemental hits all of your pets for about 180 damage) every 5-6 turns (starting turn 1). I send out my 25 Terrible Turnip with Tidal Wave, Inspiring Song, and Sunlight. Use the Song on cooldown to heal my team, Sunlight and Tidal Wave to attack Nishi’s backline. Once the two back pets are taken care of, I swap in the lowbie pet to hit the sunflower, then a DPS beatstick third pet to wipe it out (I use Lil Deathwing, but the Kun-lai Runt should be fine). With the Safari hat bonus, the lowbie pet gets 4800+ xp, gaining anywhere from 2-5 levels (usually starting in the mid-teens). It’s crazy and a daily, and I get a bag as a bonus!


      • You forget to put it on (Assuming you have it). Me? I forget I put it on with my alt for a tamer I was passing, then my dungeon queue pops and two dungeons later I realize it’s still on… on my lowbie alt… who was tanking… and dinged 4 levels already without that heirloom helm…


  8. I’ll try this… eventually. I’m not a fan of the pet battles. Heck, I have a guildie (who LOVES them) leveling up my rares. I hopped from 10 to 17 using 3 rares she leveled for me – then leveled them to 17… but I’m stuck there – just not interested, to be honest, and killing stuff over and over… uh

    I can pet battle maybe 4 or 5 times before I’m completely over it for a couple weeks. The leveling is just SO SLOW. But I’m glad there are those who get a kick from it 🙂


  9. Right!

    Funnily enough I didn’t have any issues with the avalanche of dailies when I was subbed. I think it’s because I was giggling like an idiot the moment this expansion was announced, and still am, and it seems I don’t care what they throw at me in this particular setting. If this was Wrath or Cata I’d probably have said “No” very quickly.


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