Because Trolls Didn’t Have Enough Toys

I ran the new LFR with a bunch of experienced raiding guildies last night.

I have a bit of a war warning for you. A notice to be attentive on the Twin Consorts.

There is this incredibly fun mechanic in Twin Consorts.

There are four celestial pedestals, one in each corner of the room. On these pedestals is one of each of the four Celestials in miniature, crane for DPS on the boss, tiger to slow down the boss attacks, ox to increase the raids health and dragon to grant health and mana regen.

No Life at 90 once again did an outstanding write-up on LFR mechanics that makes perfect sense once you’ve done it once and have seen what they’re describing. I’m delighted to link to their post, so if you’d like some excellent details on how to do the fights, you can find them there.

I’m here to talk pedestals.

These pedestals are awesome.

If you run to one and click on it, it takes you out of phase to the rest of the raid and bosses, and the chamber clears out to be replaced with a shadowy replica of the room, and seven stars in the center.

You have a pattern appear over your head, and you must run through the stars in the room to duplicate that pattern, starting with the brightest star. If done correctly, you are returned to the raid chamber to the fight already in progress, the celestial appears and the effect begins.

Here is an image from our ten normal run on Sunday to show you exactly what I mean.

Twin Consorts celestial small

As you can see from the picture, there is a little picture over your head that shows the motion of your projected path through the stars. You can also see that I am just completing the “W” path, and the beacon of light over the star that you must use as your starting point.

If you fail to do the pattern correctly, the star that you ran through that was wrong pulses red. You have to start over. If you take too long, then you are booted from the phase just as if you’d done the whole thing correctly… and after a couple of seconds the pedestals all reset and you (or someone else) can try again.

Since I did it successfully on normal, our pre-made peeps on vent nominated me to take control of this mechanic and lock anyone else out from using it at the wrong times. Perhaps my having the lowest DPS among our guildies in the pre-made also had something to do with it. šŸ™‚

Here is why this is a concern in LFR.

When one pedestal is clicked, the player that activated it is taken out of phase. While in there, nobody else can interact with or use any pedestal.

There is a limited amount of time to correctly do the pattern, and if the person fails they are returned to the raid. But they take no damage while inside, and they are not blocked from immediately trying again.

If you take too long, if for example you just entered the phase and /danced, then at the end of the time allowed you are returned to the raid, where you can immediately click the pedestal in front of you and try again.

I’ll say that again. Whoever is the fastest to click any pedestal when they come to life will be the first and only person to enter the phase, presented with the pattern for that pedestal, and the game waits for you to successfully duplicate the pattern, locking out all others. If you fail, there are no consequences to you the player at all. You are simply returned to the fight.

Once a celestial effect is successfully activated, the player is returned to the raid, and while the effect is live, all the pedestals are inert. So, there is a short period of time you can use to get to another pedestal and be ready to click on it to activate it as soon as the last celestial effect wears off.

There are four pedestals, one for each celestial effect. You can use each effect only once totalĀ spanning the night/day phases, and then they all reset when dusk phase begins.

Think about that for a second.

There is a mechanic in Twin Consorts that lets someone click a pedestal, be taken out of the raid area to a special place where there is NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER, where they can do whatever they’d like until the timer runs out. Then, they are returned to the raid standing in front of that pedestal, which will reset in just a few seconds for them to click it again.

This is LFR we’re talking about. How long will it be before someone simply clicks a pedestal and stands there phased out doing nothing for the entire fight, preventing anyone else in the raid from using any of the special effects while they were at it?

I would strongly have desired there to be an LFR-only lockout, where if Ā a player goes into a pedestal, when they came out it would prevent them from interacting with any other pedestal again.

That would give eight players out of twenty-five the opportunity to use and experience the phased space every pull, while preventing any one player from bogarting the celestial kingdom.

Maybe it’s not a perfect solution, but I think it would solve more problems than it would cause, and encourage people to learn the mechanic. I’d be happy with it.

As I said at the beginning, our pre-made players nominated me to do all the celestial pedestals, and let everyone know in raid chat I’d be handling it, so not to worry about it.

Even so, we had an arms Warrior that wanted to fight me for them, without actually activating them.

Yep, that fast.

At the beginning, I took the Tiger and activated it. Our intention was to use the Tiger in night to slow down the green mists that put you to sleep, give you a chance to duck away from some of the AOE damage.

Then I would leave them all alone until day phase, where I would in sequence use Crane for the direct DPS against the Sun boss, Dragon for the healing and mana regen because OMIGOD flame buff and ignored Ice Comets, and then I’d ignore Ox and just DPS.

What actually happened was, I activated Tiger, and then proceeded to DPS. While doing so, I kept an eye out for the pedestals, just to see if anyone else intended to play with them.

I saw the arms Warrior go over to Ox, and sure enough, he clicked it and vanished. After a while, he reappeared but there wasn’t an Ox. He failed to activate it.

Then he vanished again.

Huh. Well, let him play say I, because we weren’t planning on using Ox anyway. Who cares, if he wants to learn the mechanic instead of DPS, well, it’s LFR.

Day phase hit, and now we needed more celestial action, so off I went to get the Crane, and look at this, I’m in a race to activate it before the Warrior got to the Crane and clicked it first. Will he activate it if he goes inside? Do I risk it?

I won the race, activated Crane and came out, to rocket off towards the Dragon.

From that point on, I was in a race against the Warrior to see who would reach the pedestals first. Fortunately, I had the advantages of Engineering rocket belt and Burning Tendrils to get to the next one before the previous effect wore off, and I knew when I would be coming out and which ones were going to be dead.

Mind you, we had announced in raid chat that I was going to handle the celestials, so not to worry about the bloody things. And the whole time this is going on, I’m DPSing at range on the run while getting to the pedestals while the Warrior is just running around screwing with the corners of the room, accomplishing nothing, hoping to get in before me.

I managed to get them all anyway except for Ox, and then DPSed until Dusk, where I was under strict orders to activate Crane immediately to get maximum DPS on both bosses at once.

I got that off, but before I could reach tiger, in my Warrior buddy went.

In my defense, I had to avoid some Flames of Passion to get there, that routed me around the long way. Pedestal Defense FAIL!

In he went, but if he activates it, it’s all good, right?

Nope, no effect. Out he comes, accomplishing nothing, and there I am frantically clicking the dead air.

I’ve got Tom cranky on vent wondering where the hell his Tiger is, and I’m all “Damnit, give me just a sec here” and I managed to get in and get it done.

So, was the Warrior trying to get practice on the mechanic, and just really bad? Or was he trying to afk out of the run and screw us over at the same time?

I couldn’t tell you, but the effect was the same, and he might as well have just died on the stairs with the other three who got locked out behind a wall on the pull for all the DPS he did.

So, you’ve been warned, right?

Twin Consorts; because trolls didn’t have enough ways of being a pest before.

4/17/13 – updated with added picture

6 thoughts on “Because Trolls Didn’t Have Enough Toys

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  2. Same thing happened to me we were wiping on the last boss and this were not we’ll give you a determination buff for your troubles wipe it was a random player pulls the boss before anyone is ready because he’s bored…. so quick wipe no determination buff and bigger repair bill… oh the joy!

    So quickly searched some lFR tips for the fight and made a macro with the bare essentials a couple of decent wipes later we had it for all my troubles I was rewarded with yet another bag of gold like the previous 2 he had from the earlier bosses.

    Swear Blizzard is trying to make me quit wow.


    • It’s funny, because in a normalize raid, spell plate and agi mail, or any tier token but mine, can drop week after week, and I don’t feel as lousy about it, since I see the loot. Maybe if I saw that other people were coming away with something, I wouldn’t feel as bad about it. The pleasure of the group gaming experience includes celebration and commiseration over loot too, I think.


  3. Last night , I queued into a raid that was at two stacks of determination, and *no one* was talking. No one had been there before. Hating silence, I decided to step up and fill it, because *someone* has to try and organize that one, right?

    So, I read through the raid guide while the next two attempts were made and failed at the transition. Eventually, I figured out that we needed to split the raid into four groups to make certain that all four platforms had coverage to prevent adds from spawning. My third and fourth attempt, we were barely making it to the second phase, the next two were getting us to the second transition, and the seventh one was success. The whole while, I was spamming raid warnings and encouraging people to stay optimistic, that we would figure it out. The group was remarkably cooperative and positive. In the end, it probably had to do a lot more with the fact we all had +40% everything – my priest had 600k health – so mechanics were essentially nullified, but man, the victory felt good. I came away with a caster offhand, too, which I like to think happened because I stepped up. Probably just RNG though. Probably.

    I requeued to take on the first two bosses, and the experience was night and day. Again, no one was talking at all, and I got concerned, so I asked what the strategy would be. Someone had a canned explanation, for which I was grateful, and it included that hero should be saved for the end. Well, we started the fight, and some Mage immediately fires off Timewarp. I make some comment in raid chat to the effect that I hope whoever it was didn’t doom us to a wipe by ignoring the strategy.

    The boss is taken down handily, way too easily, I thought, for the effort groups I’ve been part of have put in on all other bosses the first week LFR has been available for them. I then get a whisper to the effect of “I bet you feel pretty stupid for shooting off your mouth now, huh?” I replied “No, since it wasn’t evident at the time we knew what we were doing, and no one except you have said anything.” Dude then said something unpleasant to me with expletives, and alluded to the fact that his whole guild was carrying the raid. I inspected this guy, and sure enough, he was decked out in probably average 530 ilvl gear, and there were 12 other member of his guild there, including both the tanks.

    So, on the one hand, it made for a breezy two encounters. On the other hand, their gear clearly outclassed the level of the encounter, to the point that mechanics and strategies were safely ignored, and I ended up learning nothing about the fights. Twin Consorts literally felt like a tank and spank. I look forward, sort of, to it kicking my behind next week


    • At least that will feel better than putting up with condescension from people who have clearly spent a lot of time previously wiping on and completing the encounters in normal mode. We who almost entirely are limited to raiding LFR haven’t had the opportunity to run it yet, nor accrue such powerful gear. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t good players; it just means that we don’t have as much time to play, and of necessity are new to these encounters. Everyone is new once.

      Yeah, I could have been less condescending in my own remark about Timewarp. Clearly, it rubbed him the wrong way. But lording his experience and gear over me and cussing me out? Not classy.


  4. I didn’t even know that mechanic existed (I’m one of the fail healers who likes to just go in and play with the new toys before figuring out what went wrong).

    I ended up in a 4th wing raid with 22 people (4 different guilds) from Hyjal server. I didn’t even notice until we were porting onto Lei Shen’s platform. The raid went so smoothly, we one shot everything – I didn’t get a chance to even suss out the mechanics of any of the new fights.

    Which made me sad, when I went back in with guildies… the second time around, much fail was to be had. I eventually dropped out of Lei Shen as I had to get to bed… 5 stacks of Determination, and they were still failing.

    My favorite thing about the 4th wing though – minimal trash. So glad they didn’t keep the long corridors of ugly trash pulls like the first two wings.


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